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Unofficial Dragonlance Campaign Setting Errata

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Tobin Melroy

Editor's Note: This document is completely unofficial. The following is the introduction from the first page of the PDF document.

This is the errata as compiled by myself for the Dragonlance Campaign Setting book by Margaret Weis, Don Perrin, Jamie Chambers, and Christopher Coyle, published by Wizards of the Coast®.

For the most part, these corrections do not include any spelling mistakes. I wanted to try and capture mistakes that would allow for a more clear understanding of the Dragonlance® world, and I didn't feel that spelling errors, per se, contributed to this. I did however try to find and correct all the spelling mistakes of proper nouns. Also, as indicated by the title, this is only the first version. If anyone sees this errata and find mistakes that I may have missed in the book, or see mistakes within my own work, I encourage you to e-mail me with your suggestions so that I may compile them and create a new version, if the need arises.

These entries are in order of their appearance in the book. I tried to label them as clearly as possible with page numbers, column numbers ("1" being on the left, "2" being on the right), paragraph numbers (paragraph "1" being at the top whether it was a full paragraph or not), and sentence numbers. Occasionally, for figures, tables, and sidebars, I just mention the name of said insert.

Lastly, any entry in italics indicates an entry that may be construed as an issue of canon, and as such, is most likely subjective in nature and if one so desires, may be ignored.

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