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Si'Nuir: The Elves of Takhisis

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Ogre Bane

"I saw 'em! They looked like 'death' himself had come to take us all to the Abyss! They looked like the dead and fought like the devils they are. I'll never go back, you can't make me!"
—Sir Arthur Chaster, Knight of the Crown

Si'Nuir, literally translated from Silvanesti, means, "White over Black". This is the name given to these fierce and cunning warriors that came about as a direct result of the alliance between the Silvanesti and the Knights of Takhisis.

Seeking to exploit the woodland skills and talents of their new allies, the Knights of Takhisis set about to take and adapt the Silvanesti elite soldiers and scouts known as the Kirath into scouts for their armies. Immediately it became clear to the Knights of Takhisis that not only were the Kirath untamable, but that their woodland skills became nearly useless in such harsh winter conditions. Somewhere in the depths of darkness, a plan was formed to create a new warrior-scout out of these elves. The exact details as to how this was achieved are known to few, lost in myth, but the end results are devastatingly real.

To see a Si'Nuir for the first time is to see a living ghost, a creature devoid of natural color, with slight, gray eyes. Pale, flat white skin, on a slightly smaller, perhaps hunched elven frame. They travel in groups of 2 to 9, usually scouting out ahead of main battle elements. Looking for their enemies, easy targets, or anything within their path that is worth their efforts. They are masters of the frozen wasteland that now covers most of civilized Krynn. Their coloration, training, and innate abilities make them nearly unbeatable in the icy fields and frozen forests they stalk. They answer only to their dark commanders, but have been know to kill for sport, act independently as needed, and even attack and kill other Si'Nuir groups that have encroached into their territory or stolen a victory in battle.

Early on, those Knights of Solomnia that encountered the Si'Nuir, found their ambush techniques lacking valor and honor. Reports have it that these "demi-elves" bleed a black sludge when cut, and fight with the fury of the barbarians. The Si'Nuir use scimitars, bows, and a unique throwing dagger. This dagger has become highly prized by the Knights of Solomnia as well as others, as a token of survival of an ambush from these cunning and sly Si'Nuir. Not many have lived to own one, and those that have speak not of the events that led to their prize.

It is commonly held that most Si'Nuir came about through some sort of demonic possession. This accounts for their skin tone and eye-color. Most of these candidates were Silvanesti rangers before being converted. It is uncommon, but some have said that a few Silvanesti actually volunteered to become SI'Nuir. These few were of questionable ethics and generally considered evil in the first place. So their choice was not a big surprise. What was a surprise was their almost immediate physical change. They had the same pale skin and light gray eyes right after their initiation ceremonies.

The majority of Si'Nuir were ex-elven rangers of Silvanesti, although it is not unknown that fighters, rogues, and even monks of Silvanesti blood (including Half-Silvanesti) have become Si'Nuir.
Hit Die: d6


To qualify as a Si'Nuir, a character must fulfill the following criteria:

Race: Silvanesti elf. Believed to be a bastardization of the Silvanesti race.
Alignment: Neutral evil.
Base Attack Bonus: +3
Skills: Gather Information 6 ranks, Hide 5 ranks, Intuit Direction 4 ranks, Knowledge (nature) 4 ranks, Search 2 ranks, Listen 4 ranks, Move Silently 6 ranks, Spot 4 ranks, Use Rope 2 ranks, Wilderness Lore 6 ranks
Feats: Alertness, Run, Track

Class Skills

The Si'Nuir's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Gather Information (Int), Hide (Dex), Intuit Direction (Wis), Knowledge (nature) (Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Search (Int), Spot(Wis), and Wilderness Lore (Wis).
Skill Points at Each Level: 6 + Int modifier.

Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special
1 1 0 2 0 Armor/Sildor, Exotic Weapon Prof: Sildor, Stealth, First Shot 1d6, Armor Cold Resistance 5
2 2 0 3 0 Living on Ice, +1 AC
3 3 1 3 1 Stealth +1, Animal Tracks, Armor Cold Resistance 6
4 4 1 4 1 Stealth +2, Territory, AC +2, First Shot 2d6 Extra Healing (2x in frozen wilds) Fire Vulnerabiltiy: 1d6 extra damage from Fire based attacks
5 5 1 4 1 Stealth +3, Armor Cold Resistance +7
6 6 2 5 2 Scent, AC +3
7 7 2 5 2 Stealth +4, Armor Cold Resistance +8, First Shot 3d6
8 8 2 6 2 Stealth +5, Snow Blind, AC +4, Possible Daze vrs. Fire Attacks
9 9 3 6 3 Stealth +6, Armor Cold Resistance +9
10 10 3 7 3 AC +5, Frost Bite, First Shot 4d6

Class Features

The following are class features of the Si'Nuir prestige class.
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Si'Nuir are proficient with the following weapons: Scimitar (favored), Long sword, daggers (all types), clubs, slings, and whips. Any other weapon that is used by a Si'Nuir is considered as non-proficient. Armor used by the Si'Nuir is a special pelt, fashioned into a type of hide armor. Each Si'Nuir crafts his own armor form the skin of some great Icewall beast they have slain. The Si'Nuir are constantly modifying and perfecting their own armor, and as such it has special qualities. (see below for exact specs.) Si'Nuir are not proficient with any other armor type nor do they use shields. At first level, all Si'Nuir are taught to create their own "Kuir Desir" armor and "Sildor" dagger. The 1st level Si'Nuir gets bonus skills of Craft(armor): Kuir Desir and Craft(weapon): Sildor at 1 skill point each. These skills allow for the natural progression of their armor and dagger.

Si'Nuir Armor: This hide-style armor is unique to these fighters. The Silvanesti name for this armor is, "Kuir Desir" or in common, "cobbled-together". Crafted by the Si'Nuir himself from parts and pieces, it is custom-fit to each individual body and likes and dislikes. Anyone other than the creator/owner of the armor tying to use such armor is given only a 5% chance per level of the Si'Nuir that owned the original armor to put it on without destroying it. If they succeed, the armor acts simply as standard hide armor for them.

The basic set of Kuir Desir acts as Studded Leather in terms of protection and penalties for the Si'Nuir that designed it. At 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and finally 10th, the armor of a Si'Nuir gains a +1 to AC due to its constant improvement and specific tailoring to its user. The basic set of Kuir Desir hide has a cold resistance 5. It will absorb cold damage up to 5 points per round. At 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th, it receives a +1 resistance bonus to cold.(i.e.- at 9th level, the Si'Nuir armor has a +9 cold damage protection innate ability.)

Si'Nuir weapons: Most of the weapons used by the Si'Nuir are pretty standard weapons. One might come across some magical weapons on higher level Si'Nuir, but in general, they are pretty basic. All, that is, except for the famed Si'Nuir Dagger. Also known as its Silvanesti name of, "Sildor" or "white death". The Sildor is a finely crafted throwing dagger. It is normally hewn from onyx or granite, polished to razor sharpness, balanced, and inscribed with the owner/crafters' name. Each Si'Nuir is proficient in its use and will have only one such dagger at a time. These daggers perform at such high levels in the hands of a skilled Si'Nuir. Anyone else attempting to use this dagger must take the Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Sildor to utilize it's full benefits. Although these daggers are black in color, the excellent shine and finely polished finish reflect the snows and ice from all angles. This, it is believed, why they were once believed to be white.

Sildor: Masterwork throwing dagger:
  Range: 30
  Provides a non-magical +1 bonus to Melee attack rolls and a +3 bonus to Ranged attack rolls
  Provides non-magical bonus of +1 to damage
  These bonuses do stack with magical bonuses. This weapon can be imbued.
  Damage: 1d4 +1

Stealth (Ex): Like the Kirath, the Si'Nuir are primarily a scout group. They need stealth to be effective. At 1st level, the Si'Nuir natural color and armor give them a +4 to Hide checks. At 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, and finally 9th level, they receive an additional +1 to this check. These bonuses only apply if the Si'Nuir is in it's natural surroundings of snow, ice, snowy forests, ice caves, or even on a frozen tundra. These bonuses apply at all times when in their natural surroundings.

First Shot (Ex): The Si'Nuir pride themselves on taking the first shot. The element of surprise is their best ally in a fight. As such, any Si'Nuir gains additional damage on any successful attack during the surprise round. At first level the Si'Nuir adds 1d6 to his damage, at 4th level 2d6, at 7th level 3d6, and at 10th level 4d6. This ability is not the same as the rogues sneak attack. The Si'Nuir only adds this damage on a successful attack during the surprise round. If the Si'Nuir does already possess the sneak attack ability, this extra damage stacks during the surprise round, but not after.

Living on Ice (Su): Si'Nuir have known only ice and snow. Therefore, at 2nd level they move at a normal pace, without any penalties, in any icy, stormy conditions. They have the innate ability to run on ice. Even the ability to stop suddenly and turn while running in snow or ice. No balance checks required. The get a +5 to climb checks when it is on ice or snow –covered mountainsides.

Animal Tracks (Su): It is not uncommon for anyone who has been ambushed by the Si'Nuir to believe that the Si'Nuir hid in among small herds of elk, deer, horses, etc. This is due to the animal tracks these survivors have spoken of seeing before the ambush. This is an outright lie. Similar to the Kiraths ability to leave no tracks, the Si'Nuir have learned to use their armor and hunting abilities to hide their movements. You see, hey have developed some way of leaving animal tracks as they move. How they achieve this is not known for sure. Some say it's as simple as attaching dead animal feet to their boots, still others say its magic. One thing is known for sure; You will not find Si'Nuir tracks in the snow, only animal tracks of some sort. Can you follow them, you ask? Sure...but do you want to?

Si'Nuir can leave these animal tracks where and when they want to. At 3rd level, they use this supernatural ability at will and can move their base speed while doing so. Tracking a group of Si'Nuir while they are using this ability gives the tracker a –5 penalty to the appropriate Track skill check. Tracking one Si'Nuir while he uses this ability gives the tracker –10 to his Track skill check roll. This ability is usable only on snowy, icy, or frozen ground. On all other surfaces, such as wood floors, stones, and stonework, the tracks of the Si'Nuir appear as normal boots and there is no extra penalty to track.

Territory (Su): At 4th level, and having been given a territory to scout by their commander, the Si'Nuir feel and act as if it were their own. Any intruders that can be dealt with by the Si'Nuir, will be. The range of the Si'Nuir can be as large as 2 miles and as small as a series of caves. Either way, they know what's going on at all times. Once given a territory, and having operated within that territory for the length of at least 1 week, the Si'Nuir have an innate ability to detect subtle movements and incursions into their range. DC15 Wilderness Lore check to detect. This means that any one person or group entering into a Si'Nuir territory will almost always found out. As the Si'Nuir are pushed forward into new areas, the DC becomes 25 for the first week and 15 thereafter. Each time a Si'Nuir returns to an area he had previously been to for the required 1 week, his DC for the first week back will be 20, and DC 15 thereafter until he leaves again.

Within an established territory, the Si'Nuir gains the ability to move from one location to another at twice the normal rate. That is to say that if you were chasing a Si'Nuir within his territory, the Si'Nuir would be able to move at twice his speed due to his knowledge of the area and shortcuts. This does not mean that in combat, the Si'Nuir moves a standard 2X his move. This only applies to moving great distances, running a message, or retreating. The Territory ability is a supernatural ability.

Fire Vulnerability (Su): Si'Nuir are elusive and careful not to be caught. That said, it has been known that fire based attacks do more damage to them than normal. Any Si'Nuir of 4th level or higher takes an additional 1d6 points of damage from a fire-based attack. Conversely, any Si'Nuir above 4th level actually gains healing from the cold and will heal at 2x the normal hit points of damage per day if he is allowed to rest out in the frozen wilds. The Si'Nuir resting must not do anything else except rest for a full 8 hours to gain this extra healing ability.

Scent (Ex): At 6th level the SI'Nuir gain the innate ability of Scent. This greatly enhances their ability to track down their prey. This is a supernatural ability.

Snow Blind (Ex): At 8th level, the Si'Nuir become what is called "Snow Blind". That is, they gain a type of darkvision that allows them to see body heat against the cold snowy environment. This ability adds a +5 to their spot checks when made for looking for a warm-blooded person/animal against their natural surroundings. It is also used to spot old fires (or their embers) even under sand or snow, or to follow fresh tracks via the heat signature left by a warm-blooded creature. When tracking in this manner, the tracks must have been made within 30 minutes of the Si'Nuir following them. If so, the Si'Nuir gains a +4 to his track skill check. This ability can only be used within their realm of extreme cold. It would not work in a dark, warm room of a castle or dungeon. However, this ability does come with a cost. At 8th level, high flashes of heat (as from a fireball) will cause the Si'Nuir to become dazed for 1d4 rounds. The Snow Blind ability makes it hard for the Si'Nuir to avoid this. The SI'Nuir must make a Reflex save (at the casters DC) to avoid being dazed.

Stone Cold (Su): At 9th level, the Si'Nuir takes half-damage from any cold-based attack. If there is a save for ½ damage, and the Si'Nuir makes his save, he incurs no damage.

Frost Bite (Su): At 10th level, the Si'Nuir have developed their affinity to their cold climate so well that they are now able to call upon the freezing cold itself as a weapon to inflict cold damage. The Si'Nuirs "Frost Bite" attack targets one individual for 3d6 cold damage. It is a ranged touch attack and may be used at ranges not to exceed 30 feet. The target is allowed a Fort save (DC 20) for half. If the target fails his save, the extreme cold causes him 3d6 cold damage and makes him under the effects of Slow, as the spell, for 1d4 rounds. This is a supernatural ability and may be used 3 times per day

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