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Platinum Blade

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Ogre Bane

The history of the Platinum Blade goes back to the origins of the Knights of Solamnia. The sword was first discovered in the year 1774 PC, when Solamnus first founded the Knighthood. The blade was recovered from a temple of Paladine that was sacked by its enemies. The founder of the blade, Erus Firsthand, used the blade to vanquish his foes. He was a dedicated member of the church of Paladine and often traveled with Knights of Solamnia on missions of the church. Erus founded the holy Order of the Platinum Dragon during his last years of life. The order was one dedicated to the vanquishing of evil, often on very aggressive terms. Erus used the blade as his symbol, a holy artifact of the Order of the Platinum Dragon. The sword is lost to time from that point on, but it makes another appearance in the year 250 PC in the hands of Eliarthus Firsthand, a descendant of Erus. By this time, the Order of the Platinum Dragon was disbanded in the favor of making an order of knights completely dedicated to the Istarian Empire. Thus, the Knights of the Devine Hammer were founded. The blade was used by a captain of the Knights of the Divine Hammer during many of the missions set forth by the kingdom of Istar. The blade disappeared from the annuals of history again right after the Cataclysm. It has been lost since, assumed at the bottom of the Blood Sea of Istar.

It recently showed up among the Plainsmen barbarians a few years after the War of the Lance. The blade could not be used effectively by anyone in the tribe, so they buried it in a holy site of their gods, the Screaming Rocks.

This magnificently made long sword is about 45 inches long. It has a beautifully engraved hilt that resembles the maw of a dragon and the cross guard being the wings extending out as if in flight. The hilt is completely made of platinum, and therefore weighs quite a bit more than normal steel. The blade has several runes engraved in it that all have the meaning of "Paladine." The blade acts as a longsword +1 in the hands of anyone. However, in the hands of a cleric of Paladine, it is much more.

If used by a cleric of Paladine, the longsword acts as a longsword +4. It also has the ability to cast bless, as the spell cast by a 15th level sorcerer, once per day. The blade is made of dragonmetal, and is very durable. It cannot be harmed in any way, by acid or the effects of a rust monster. The blade also weighs one and a half time more than a normal blade because of the beautifully carved platinum hilt.

Should the sword be found again and used in the forces of Paladine, it is a good sign that the holy Order of the Platinum Dragon is returning.

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