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Irda (High Ogres)

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by André La Roche

Originally the Ogres of Krynn were the most beautiful, and the wisest of races, enjoying a large fruitful empire. However, this was not to remain forever. Seduced by their inherent evil, they descended to become the stupid grotesqueries that are common all over Ansalon today. However, there was a group who rejected Takhisis, not wanting to fall into such a hideous barbaric lifestyle as their kin. This group of ogres turned the Paladine. These ogres are known as the Irda.

Personality: Irda tend to be loners, even from one another. They may live all their life in a community, yet unless there is an urgent need to meet and discuss the welfare of the community, they seldom ever interact with one another. This very same aspect of their beings nearly led to the extinction of their race once.

Physical Description: Irda usually stand about 6 feet tall, and weigh in at roughly 150 pounds. All Irda are extremely beautiful, moreso than even elves. Their skin hues range from midnight blue to a deep sea green. Often Irda possess black, silver, or white hair. Irda usually wear simple, lightweight clothing, such as linen smocks or silken gowns, in shades of white, beige, light blue, and other pastel colors, occasionally decorating them with one piece of jewelry that stands out from the rest.

Relations: For the most part, Irda are quite a forgotten race. Yet, due to the shame they feel about their history and relationships to other ogres, they keep to themselves and do not get involved with other races, fearing their wrath and hatred. If there was a race for the Irda to fear, it would most definitely be ogrekind, as their fallen cousins think of Irda as weak bags of flesh, worth nowhere near the glory of an average ogre.

Alignment: Irda are always good, usually neutral or lawful good. They know that if they were to descend into evil and barbarism, they would soon find the curse which they left behind so many years ago.

Irda Lands: The Irda live on the small island Aianatha, an island protected from discovery by many magical powers, not the least of which is a permanent hallucinatory terrain spell that makes the island seem to be a calm stretch of ocean. During the High Sanction of Solinari, the Irda hear a telepathic call that allows them to find Aianatha.

Religion: Irda worship Paladine and the other gods of good, feeling extreme gratefulness for their preserved state, and act in the best interests of the pantheon of good.

Language: In addition to common, Irda most often know an ancient, nearly dead language known as High Ogre, and due to their observances of other races usually know Elven and Solamnic.

Names: Irda have given names, but should one possess a position of great authority in their society, they henceforth go by that title as though it were their name in all regards. There are no family names amongst Irda, as the concept of family is alien to this loner race.

Male Names: Nerrinth, Delfano, Gamol, Vendur, Gerysh, Keryl, Asdrel, Bemuul, Draleth, Ressal

Female Names: Amberyl, Fonaa, Bellana, Aliish, Siondel, Areel, Pedara, Usha, Tieriel, Neama

Adventurers: Occasionally Irda desire to tour the world of Ansalon and see what it has become, keeping up on the recent happenings of the races and peoples. Such Irda are careful not to reveal their true identity, often assuming multiple personas to go by.

Racial Death: The Irda were wiped out during the year 383 AC when they released Chaos from the Greygem. It is plausable that a few members of the Irda were not on the island and thus survived the fate of their kindred, but such Irda would be only a handful.

Irda Racial Traits

+2 Dexterity, -4 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma: Irda, being brilliant and graceful creatures aren't exactly the heartiest of races.

Medium-Size: As Medium-size creatures, Irda have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size. Irda Base Speed is 30 feet.

Low-Light Vision: Irda can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. They retain the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.

+2 racial bonus to Disguise checks: Irda are adept at hiding any aspects of themselves.

Polymorph Self: Irda may assume any humanoid form, being able to change their height by two feet in either direction. Due to this ability being innate in nature, Irda do not suffer the penalties usually associated with polymorphing.

+2 racial bonus to Knowledge (any) checks: The knowledge passed down throughout the Irda's life span is far superior and more detailed than those of other races.

+1 racial bonus to Profession (herbalist) checks: The Irda are vegetarians, and as such are quite well versed with the use of plants.

Automatic Languages: High Ogre, Common, Elven, Solamnic

Favored Class: Sorcerer. An Irda's sorcerer class does not count when determining whether she suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing. Having knowledge that spans millenia, Irda are amongst the most gifted magic-users on Krynn, indeed, powerful rare spells among the other races in Ansalon are of little consequence to an Irda once she gains enough knowledge in the subject.

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