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Fifth Age Krynn

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by André La Roche

Krynn has changed a great deal over the ages. Cataclysms have reshaped the continents. Gods no longer fight for control, now the land belongs to the dragons.

The arrival of Malystryx, a great red dragon, was almost as shocking to the lives of the people as the second cataclysm. Malystryx hunted the lesser dragons and fed on their life energy to become stronger. Native dragons did not compete very well, only a few were able to survive the power struggle. One blue, Khellendros(called skie) was the first to master the outland dragons. For reasons one he knows, Skie chose the Vingaard Mountains, Northern Wastes and northeastern plains of Solamnia as his realm. Five dragon overlords got enough power to shape the land as they pleased and bring suffering to the mortals who lived there.

Dragon Realms

Beryllinthranox the Green:
Beryllinthranox the Green fought dozens of wyrms during the Dragon Purge and hopes to get enough power to defeat Malystryx. Beryl's attempt was by infusing the spirits of elves into implements, but this was foiled. Now Beryl rivals Malystryx in domain size, but not magical power. She claimed the land from Qualinesti to Kharolis to Torbardin and controls it through the Knights of Takhisis and elves' Speaker, Gilthas. She lacks the thing that made her desire this realm: the key to Wayreth, the elusive tower of high sorcery. She was not the only dragon to follow Malystryx west. With her 150 ft body and 300ft overall length, she is weak compared to many of her green comrads. It's her crafty intelligence that won her battles during the Dragon Purge. The dragon finds ineptitude in other, lesser races, like humans and elves, quite entertaining. She takes out her rage against her people and the elves will be in trouble if they do not soon locate the Tower of Wayreth. If the elves could locate her lair, they would likely make the first strike.

The elven nation of Qualinesti seceded from Silvanesti more than two thousand years ago, under the visionary Kith-Kanan. The fortress Pax Tharkas(a monument to peace between humans, elves and dwarves) is not far from the New Sea. It now stands as a symbol of hope that someday the people will again be free. South of Pax Tharkas stands Skullcap, once a great tower of sorcery, but ruined when the Evil mage Fistandantilus unleased a magical barrage that melted the stone into the shape of a skull. Powerful items are supposed to still lie in the ruins.

Gellidus the White:
In the Fifth Age, the fourth dragon to seize a realm in the Dragon Purge was Gellidus, whom men call Frost. Gellidus searched and found that satisfaction would be attained through ruling a temperate area where the human capitol resided. He resembles a long, snaky ice burg with green eyes and a blunt head. He is not very smart and resents humans and other dragons for their intelligence. He also despizes heros who use magical abilities because of the intelligence required to do so.

Holds the cities of Daltigoth, Zea harbor, Pontigoth, Qualimori, Silvamore, Foghaven Vale, Castle Eastwatch and the South Sirrion Sea Isles. Inhabbited by elves, ogres, humans, dragon spawn and white dragons. This temperate zone suffers from constant blizzards for most of it and high winds because of the diverse weather system.

Khellendros the Blue:
Known as "Storm Over Krynn", Khellendros darkens the skies. First dragon to adopt the evil ways of Malystryx, Skie, as he is also known, is driven by a vow he once made to his human rider, Kitiara uth Matar. He is a very sleek dragon with colors ranging from azure on his belly to a dark indigo on his back with large steel blue horns. Khellendros is noted for his honor and loyalty to his former Highlord partner, Kitiara. Skie thinks of Kit as his daughter, and will do anything to bring her back into the mortal world.

Holds Coastlund, Elkholm and Hinterlund along with the Northern Wastes, Palanthas, Tanith, high Clerist's Tower and the Vingaard mountains.

Palanthas was ruined by the ocupation of the Knights of Takhisis. It is thought to be strange how Khellendros wanted Palanthas so much, but hardly ever goes there, instead he rules through human agents. The terrain is slowly becoming desert, Skie's favorite climate. Summers are long and winter is not identifiable. Khellendros works very hard on maintaining smooth trade within his realm and for the most part keeps out of the lives of his subjects. The area to the north is known as the Blue wastes. It contains a circle of stones which interest Khellendros and has been known to harbor the blue dragon minions, Khellendros' draconians and some knights of Tekhisis.

Malystryx the Red:
Malystryx controls a large area of eastern Ansalon. Malystryx took the land by force and ravaged it completely. She then rebuilt the land with volcanos and large mountain ranges. First dragon to come to Ansalon from across the sea. She is the most powerful of the dragon overlords and has the largest realm. Her only weakness is her ego, she is a very vain wyrm who looks down on all others, considering them, at best irritating. Her land is dry and desolate. Only along the coast is there enough rain to support tundra. The inlands are all deserted.

Onysablet the Black:
She shaped her realm into her favorite terrain like the other overlords. She made her land swamp, only a few places of high elevation remain dry. Sable is very strong willed and independent. She considers herself a "scientist". She is constantly researching the creatures of the swamps and hides well in them. Her victims do not realize her presence until it is too late.


Steel pieces are used as the basic monetary unit. Steel was in high demand since the second cataclysm and thus became valuable. Gold, which is far too soft for tools or weapons, is only valued for its ornimentation.

1 steel = 2 iron or bronze
1 steel = 20 silver
1 steel = 40 gold
1 steel = 100 copper


Everyone speaks a common language but there are racial and terretorial dialects.

Human: Abanasinian, Ergot, Estwilde, Ice Barbarian, Kharolian, Khur, Lemish, Mountain Barbarian, Nerakese, Nordmaaran, Plains Barbarian, Saifhum, Solamnic.

Elven: Dargonesti, Dimernesti, Kagonesti, Qualinesti, Silvanesti

Dwarven: Gully Talk, Hammertalk, Zhakar

Other: Bakali, Centaur, Draconian, Dragon, Giant, Gnomish, Goblin, Kenderspeak, Kyrie, Minotaur, Ogre, Thanoi

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