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Staff of Magius

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Tobin Melroy

Game Statistics

The staff can strike as a magical quarterstaff, +2 and does 1d8+2 points of damage. The staff also acts as a ring of protection, +3.


The Staff of Magius looks like an ordinary walking staff, made from the wood of an ash tree, that is about six feet in length. The only feature that sets it apart from a normal staff is a golden dragonclaw grasping a crystal sphere that adorns the top of the staff.

Unique Properties

The Staff of Magius can cast Featherfall (invocation Pveatherfall) and Daylight (invocation Shirak/Dumak), once per day.

The above mentioned abilities are known to the spellcaster right away. However, the following is not, and is only discovered through experimentation. In the hands of a 6th level mage, the staff has a few more unique features. The staff can double the duration of spells involving light, air, and mind influance. Any spell that requires concentration, the staff holds the spell for one round after the concentration ends. The staff also adds +2 points of damage per die of any spell cast.


Not much is known about the Staff of Magius's past. Legend says that the staff was a gift from Branchala to one of his followers, a sorceress in the house of Silvanos named Shadra, sometime during the First Dragon War. The staff was to be used in battle against dragons. Shadra died during the First Dragon War defending Silvanost, but the staff survived. The staff was passed down through the years to only the mightest of mages, and eventually it came into the hands of one of the most power wizards who ever lived and close friend and confidante of Huma Dragonbane, Magius (for whom the staff is currently named). Magius was instrumental in the defeat of the Armies of Takhisis. Whether or not the staff was actually used in the final battle against Takhisis and her minions, however, is anyone's guess.

It is known, that after Magius's death, the staff was given unto the protection of the Head of the Conclave until such a time when it was needed again. Par-Salian deemed that time was when a young mage named Raistlin Majere passed his Test of High Sorcery. Raistlin used the staff to thwart Takhisis's plans, not once, but twice! And after Raistlin's entrapment in the Abyss, the staff was locked up for all time in the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas, or so the mages thought.

About 20 years after the staff was locked in Raistlin's Laboratory, another young mage came to the tower to take his Test. That young mage's name was Palin Majere, Raistlin's nephew. Upon completing his Test, the spectral minion (who was supposed to be guarding Raistlin's laboratory) presented a gift to the young mage, under order of the ghost of Raistlin. That gift was the Staff of Magius. Again the staff was used to defeat a god, this time the one that called himself Chaos. After the battle, Raistlin claimed that Palin's last spell had drained the staff. Raistlin apparently left Krynn with the staff after that, and that is the last time anyone had seen the staff.


Raistlin Majere
Palin Majere


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