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Knight's Blade

AD&D (1e/2e) Rules

by Matt

The Knight's Blade is a powerful weapon, forged in the Age of Light for Vinas Solamnus, founder of the Knights of Solamnia. This is rumored to be the blade which this great warrior carried into his first and subsequent battles against the Ergoth empire. However, after his death, the weapon strangely disappeared from Solamnus' funeral bier, not resurfacing for many centuries.

Half a millenia later, a finely wrought two-handed sword resembling was found by the bandit leader Seth in a long-forgotten cave. The sword was used on subsequent raids on the costal villages near Caergoth, resulting the pursuit of the outlaws by Solamnic forces. When Knights finally caught up the bandits, they were ambushed and set upon by the raiders. Early on, the Solamnics took most of the casualties. However, a newly initiated Knight of the Crown, Sir Perdian, defeated Seth in individual combat. He retrieved the defeated bandit's sword, having broken his own, and upon touching the hilt the true nature of the Knight's Sword was revealed. It is rumored that this Knight, with the power granted him by the sword, defeated the remainder of the outlaws singlehandedly.

Sir Perdian died many years later, after having attained the rank of High Defender, a Paladin-Knight of the Rose. Again, the sword disappeared following his death.

It has reappeared every now and then, always ending up in the hands of a Knight of Solamnia. The last recorded apparance of the sword was in the Battle of the Vingaard, during the War of the Lance, when a Knight of the Sword, Sir Alastar led a suicidal charge into the flank of the Dragonarmy, brandishing a gleaming two-handed sword. After the battle, agents of the Knights searched in vain for the weapon, but it could not be found. Since then, the sword has been lost to the river of time.

When discovered, the Knight's Blade will be a finely-wrought two-handed sword, with a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls. If Detect Magic is cast over the sword, the true nature of the sword will not be revealed unless the spell is cast by a cleric of Kiri-Jolith or until the weapon is touched by a Knight of Solamnia. When wielded by a Knight of Solamnia, the weapon recieves a +5 bonus to attack and damage rolls, and a bonus of +10 against beings of chaotic evil alignment. None of the additional powers of the weapon, aside from the +2 bonus, work unless the sword is used by a lawful good Knight of Solmania.

The sword is of lawful-good alignment, granting powers to the wielder, but only while held. The wielder can cause the sword to emit a blueish light, half the power of the 1st level priest spell, at will. In addition, the wielder may cast the following spells once per day: Cure Serious Wounds, Dispel Magic, Cure Blindness or Deafness, Cure Disease and True Seeing as a priest of the same level as the Knight (though never lower than the minimum level required to cast the spell). While worn, the blade gives the Knight an aura of Protection From Evil, identical to the paladin's ability (if the Knight is also a Paladin, this ability functions at twice the strength).

The Knight's Blade also imbues its possessor with two major powers. When held, the Knight's Blade gives it's wielder a 70% magic resistance against all spells of the Enchantment/Charm and Necromantic schools of magic, and a resistance of 40% against all other spells. The sword also gives its owner the ability of Foresight, as per the 9th level wizard spell, once per day. This ability works at double the Knight's current level, up to a maximum effective casting level of 40, modified as follows: if the Knight is of the Order of the Crown, he recieves no bonus. Knights of the Sword recieve a +1 bonus to the effective casting level of the spell; Knights of the Rose recieve a bonus of +2. Paladin-Knights recieve double the bonus their Order.

To destroy the Knight's Blade, a Knight of Solamnia must take it to the volcanoes near Sanction, known as the Lords of Doom. At the top of the highest peak, the blade must be placed upon a specially constructed ceremonial altar, made from the blackest marble, valued at not less than 10,000 gp. A high priestess of Takhisis must petition the goddess' favor and corrupt the blade through the casting of an Unholy Word, after which the Knight must toss the blade into the volcano of his own free will.

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