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by Khaisai

To the tune of 'Crying,' with apologies to Aerosmith.

There was this time when I was so broken-hearted
Lust made me weak and I lost my mind,
For Mina stopped by—yeah—wish she'd finished what she started!
Her kind of love was the killing kind.

Now she is all I want, she's someone I can't resist
I lost my life and my soul by the way that I got kissed

I'm undying since I met her
Now I'm trying to abet her
Her love is sweet misery.
My lips lying, my lips burning,
Women crying as they're turning
Into Beloved 'cause of me.

Now I'm not breathing and I'm doomed
To this pleasurable pain
But I'd die with one toddler's touch—
Innocence is my bane.

Down by the Blood Sea—yeah, I think that's where I'm going,
Her voice fills my mind, says to go that way,
And I can't decline (she's got that certain something)
What she did to me took my breath away.

Now the word out on the street is that death is in her kiss
If her love means we're all damned guess I'll see you in the Abyss!


Cause in her amber eyes
Is where I want to stay
Yeah—I know this love ain't love—
Still, I gave my heart away

I'm undying!

{Chorus to fade}

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