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Raistlin O' Majere

by Crown-Keeper

To the tune of 'Baba O'Reily,' with apologies to The Who.

Out here in the Abyss
I cough, don't get meals
I put my back into my casting
I need power to fight
To take the Dark Queen's might
I need to be believed in yeah yeah yeah yeah
Don't cry
Don't walk my night
It's only teenage Raist land
I'll have to use my staff
To travel south cross the land
To light my inner fire
And don't look at my brother
The spellbook must be here
But I'll be warm down here
Let's kill together
Before my eyes get golder
Teenage Raist land
It's only teenage Raist land
Teenage Raist land
I'm just Raistlin!

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