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The Chanukah DL Song!

by Crown-Keeper

With apologies to Adam Sandler.

Shut up your gnomikah, here comes Chanukah
So much funikah, to handle with kenderkin
Chanukah is the festival of lights
Instead of one day of inn hopping fun, we have eight, crazy nights!
When you feel like the only Knight in town without a Yuletide tree, here's a list of dudes who are
Jewish, just like Bupu and me!
The famed Lord Soth, burns up the menorah
So do Palin, Usha, Ulin, and the great Dram Feldspar,
Guess who kills together at the Krynnian Deli?
Cyan Bloodbane from the Nightmare and Mirror rapping Nelly,
Alhana is half Jewish, Laurana is too
Put them together, what a royal elven Jew!
We don't need thirteen Cataclysm days or the Whitestone rock,
Cuz you can spin a dreidel with Sir Markham and Gnosh, both Jewish,
Shut up, your gnomikah, it's time for Chanukah,
The owner of the Inn of the Last Homikah, celebrates Chanukah,
Bakkard Du Chagne- Not a Jew.
But guess who is- Grand Master Gunthar Uth- Wistan!
We've got Tasslehoff Burrfoot, and his Uncle- a bit flabby,
Tanis is a quarter Jewish- not too shabby!
Some people think, that Takhisis the Scourge is,
She's not- but guess who is?
All the druids!
So many Jews, have steel and are famous,
Vinus Solamnus isn't- but I heard his squire is!
Tell your friend Veronica, it's time to celebrate Chanukah.
You won't forget bards who play harmonica
On this love happy Chanukah
So drink your dwarf spiritikahs
And take your magic tonikah
If you really really wannika
Have a happy happy Chanukah,

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