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Customization & Help

Welcome to the Nexus help pages. Please look through the topics below for help in answering your question or troubleshooting problems with the site.

Font & Size Issues

If you are having trouble displaying the fonts on the Nexus, please reset your font size to 'normal'. This will improve the readability of all site pages. In Internet Explorer, go to the View menu and choose Text Size, then Medium to reset the font size.In Firefox, go to the View menu and choose Text Size, then Normal to reset the size.

Browser Requirements & Compatibility

The Nexus uses some of the latest layout and design techniques to present its pages to its visitors. By using XHTML and cascading style sheets, we've improved the site's machine readability, reduced the download time, and improved usability and accessibility for visitors using other methods (such as cell phones and PDAs).

However, some of these changes have come at the expense of older web browsers that do not support advanced layout techniques. While the Nexus's pages are accessible in any web browser, including text-based browsers like Lynx, some users will not have the same experience as others that are using the latest browser technology.

The Nexus layout has been tested and works correctly in latest version of both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Internet Explorer 6 does not correctly display alpha transparency, resulting in gray boxes around some images and page elements. This will not prevent you from using the site, however it does cause the layout to look blockly. Upgrading to Internet Explorer 7 resolves this issue. Internet Explorer 5.x is also supported, though there may be some bugs in the layout due to in incorrect implementation of the CSS standard.

Unfortunately, we have no plans to support Netscape 4.x now or in the future; the site is perfectly accessible to Netscape 4 and older browsers, but some advanced layout features are hidden from these browsers. For more information on why we do this, please see the explanation on the Web Standards Project web site.

Voting & Fan Ratings

The Nexus uses cookies to enable its visitors to customize various areas of the site, participate in online polls, rate the submissions in the Fandom and Products sections, and interact with the site in a number of ways. While the site is written to function with or without cookies, we use cookies to enhance your experience with the site.

We use cookies to store preferences that you set when you visit the site to customize how pages are displayed, to track voting (to eliminate flooding, where a person submits hundreds or thousands of votes in a short period of time), and to participate in the interactive features of the site such as the message board.

How do I know if my browser supports cookies?

We attempted to set the site's cookie in your web browser, and were unable to do so. This is either because your browser does not support cookies or because you have disabled them. You will need to enable cookies in order to use any cookie-based features on the site.

I voted for an item, but the number of votes didn't increase. Why?

If you submit a rating for something on the site, the system will restrict you from voting for that same item again for 24 hours. If you submit a vote and it does not appear that the vote was scored by the system (the rating or number of votes has not changed), then the time limit has not yet expired and you will have to wait before attempting to rate the same submission again.