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The Lost Folk


Aarakocra are the bird-men of the tropical and mountainous areas of Krynn. They have humanoid bodies, the head of an eagle/parrot and a large feathered wingspan. Aarakocra live in large tribes and are devout worshippers of Chislev. They have a love of treasure and will often parlay with adventurers who are carrying shiny objects in exchange for information. If forced to fight, aarakocra will use their claws and talons, and also wield javelins.


Chilkits are giant lobster-men. They dwell in the ocean and are the mortal enemy of the Dargonesti. Chilkits speak their own language and do not communicate with any other sentient race. They are vicious, barbaric and not overly intelligent. Chilkits use their large claws and brute force in combat, and are extremely powerful fighters. It is believed that they worship Zeboim, however since communication has never been possible with a chilkit, little is truly known about them. In later times they have been hunted down to extremely low number by the deep sea elves, and their settlements are few and far between.


The disir are a vicious race of underground humanoids. They are green to white skinned creatures that stand at six to seven feet tall, and have an odor of decay constantly around them. They once dwelt upon Ansalon in ancient times, but vanished much like the Bakali did. It is largely believed that the disir are either in extremely small numbers in Ansalon or died out during the Age of Might. Upon Taladas, the disir are in stronger numbers however. They live in tribes, far underground. The disir tribes never war upon one another, however they will willingly attack any other race they come into contact with. Disir are essentially scavengers, and can kill other disir that no longer hunt, or are of any other discernable use to the tribe.


The kuo-toa are a race of fish-men. They dwell in the oceans of Krynn and are a vicious, cunning people. Kuo-toa despise all surface-dwellers and the surface itself. The only time they will spend any time on the surface itself, is to raid surface-dwelling colonies and enslave surface-dwellers to become their workers. The kuo-toa have a short, squat humanoid body which is covered in scales and they have the head of a fish. They have long webbed hands and feet. Kuo-toans can wield all kinds of weapons, and are quite skilled with spears and nets. They have their own language and can communicate with most other aquatic life-forms. They are considerably intelligent and have many clerics amongst their community leaders. Kuo-toans worship Zeboim and commit treacherous acts in her name.


Kyrie are also known as the hawk-men. The kyrie are a reclusive, nomadic race of bird-men, that live in aeries in either the Blood Isles or upon the Dragon Isles. They have humanoid faces and torso's, and are covered in feathers from head to toe. They have a large wingspan and a birdlike tail. The origins of the kyrie are widely believed that they are another product of the Graygem. It is commonly believed that they were once mountain folk who longed to fly, however no-one knows for sure. The kyrie are mortal enemies of the minotaur race, and each will attack the other on sight. Kyrie are highly intelligent and quite adept at using their own nature magic. They are also great hunters and powerful warriors. A kyrie's life span can reach around five hundred years.


The Magori were the unholy servants of the Coil, which was the great beast that served Ionthas (Chaos). The Magori were unknown of before the Chaos War, and were believed to have created at some stage by the Graygem. They are seven foot tall giant crustaceans, with five eyes and massive pincers with which they can use weaponry or just crush enemies. They have no established civilisation as such, and live only to serve the Coil. The Coil itself, perished during the Chaos War, as did many of the Magori, so it is uncertain what the survivors will do. The Magori are known to reside in the depths of the Blood Sea, yet they have not been seen since the close of the Summer of Chaos.


The Phaethon are a race of humanoids who live in the secluded and mountainous regions of Ansalon. Phaethons have the curious ability to be able to summon a pair of fiery wings into existence, which they can use to fly. Phaethons are short, slender creatures which are around five feet tall, and have bright reddish-coloured hair. They all wear simple clothing and sandals, and are predominantly a peaceful people. They are aloof from most other races, and prefer to remain neutral in all things. They are devout worshippers of Gilean. The phaethons will only actively work with outsiders when their territory is being encroached upon, or their home is under threat somehow.


The Razhak are a curious race of rock-men. They can alter their texture and color and blend into any rocks they are near at the time. The Razhak are a peaceful folk who live in Chorane. They live for thousands of years and have a great interest in the other races of Krynn. Razhak like to disguise themselves and spy on other races, and they will rarely aid adventurers when it suits them. Razhaks are difficult to anger, and will only rarely attack if they pressed into it. The razhaks are difficult to injure, due to being comprised completely of rock, and are very powerful. It is unknown as to how razhaks came about, but they are not an inherently magical race. It is possible that they were formed by the Graygem, however it still remains a mystery.


Scions are in short, golden dwarves. The scions can create illusions that make them appear to be any other type of creature, and are also believed to be ageless and near immortal. The scions are yet another product of the Graygem. They were created in the early days of the Age of Might, and convinced the Smiths (the other Chosen of Reorx) to flee in giant barges towards southern Ansalon. After a hard voyage, the enraged Smiths threw most of the Scions into the sea (inevitably wiping all but thirteen of the Scions out). The remaining thirteen scatter to the winds and one returns to participate in the Second Dragon War. Throughout the rest of time, the scions have appeared every now and again, and it is believed that some of the thirteen survive to this day. They are a mysterious and elusive race, and avoid revealing their true natures to most people.

Shilo-Thahn (Shadowpeople)

The shadowpeople are a race of mammals that dwell primarily within Sanction. They live underground and suffer greatly in the light of the sun. Their bodies are covered with smooth, dark fur and a long membrane connects their arms to their flanks. This membrane allows shadowpeople to glide through the air. Shadowpeople are a close, clannish race. The young are cared for by all adults present, and the adults are comprised of two groups. There are the warriors who patrol and protect the tribe. And the councillors who educate the young, and manage the survival of the tribe. They communicate using a primitive squeaking language, and also via ESP. They often use this skill to "speak" with other races when encountered.


Taer are the wild beastmen of Ansalon. The Taer are shaggy brown and grey-haired apes, who live in small clans. Taer are cunning and can set traps, but are not overly intelligent in general. They move throughout Ansalon in their small clans, living a fairly nomadic existence. Taer are generally happy to just amble by, but will attack anyone whom they feel threatened by. The Taer live in mountainous areas. Those whom live in arctic regions are also known as yeti. Yeti are basically white-haired Taer, there are no other discernable differences.


The Taylang & Taylings are a curious humanoid race of creatures. Taylangs are bestial humanoids who are telepathically linked to a Tayling twin. When one twin is separated from the other, they can become suicidally violent (or just waste away). If one twin is killed, the other soon dies. The Taylang stand at seven feet tall and can assume the form of any woodland creature. Taylings are short and fragile in appearance, and have very pale skin. Both types of humanoids are highly intelligent creatures and taylings can cast basic-level magic. They live in small villages on their own jungle island in the Courrain Ocean, to the east of Ansalon.


Thanoi are known as the walrus-men. The Thanoi are humanoid creatures with large padded feet, and powerful arms that can easily wield most weapons. Their head is that of a walrus with large tusks that protrude downward. As a race they are immune to the cold, and will only live in arctic regions. The Thanoi have always been in large numbers in Icewall, and with the coming of Gellidus, have also migrated to Southern Ergoth. They work in large tribes and are led by the fiercest warrior amongst them. Thanoi are a brutish race who enjoy fighting and dominating others. They are almost always aligned with the dark forces of Krynn, seeking to dominate the icy realms.


Ursoi are also known as bear-men. The Ursoi are essentially a race of bears that are intelligent and live in tribes. They stand upright and more defined fingers than regular bears, so they can utilise tools and wield weapons. Ursoi stand at nine feet tall, are fearsome warriors who will rarely back down from a fight. The Ursoi live only in Chorane, and only in the remote caves that surround Chorane. They are led by a chieftain and have shamans in their tribes. Ursoi speak their own language, but it is widely believed that they understand Common. They can magically be communicated with, if necessary.


Yaggol are the mind-flayers of Krynn. However unlike mind-flayers of other worlds, their minds degenerated and their psionic powers are non-existant. Yaggol live in the jungles of Neron in Taladas, and stand at seven feet tall. They can change their skin color to blend into the background and have a squid-like head. Yaggol attack any humans and elves that they come across, and consume their brains for food. Yaggol speak their own language and also that of the Cha'asii elves.

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