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The Draconians

Draconians are the human-sized corruptions of good dragon eggs. By using captured good dragon eggs shortly before the War of the Lance, Wyrllish the cleric, Dracart the mage and the ancient red dragon Harkiel developed the process for corrupting the eggs into draconians. For a long time, it was believed that draconians could not procreate, nor that any female draconians were ever created. However the female draconians were secreted away and discovered by male draconians, led by the wise Kang, during the Summer of Chaos. Now female draconians live alongside their male counterparts.

Draconians were the crack troops of the Dragon Highlords. Because of their connection to the dragons, draconians are immune to dragonfear and seem to worship the evil dragons. Draconians are more likely to follow orders than the typical ogre or goblin (or mercenary, for that matter), some types can use magic—clerical and magic-user spells, and when they are killed each draconian has a special attack that is carried out at the end of their life. Draconians are immune to human diseases and live to be 1,000 years old. (The maximum age of a draconian can only be estimated, as draconians haven't been around long enough to test it by dying of old age.)

The five standard types of draconians are as follows: Baaz, Kapaks, Sivaks, Bozaks and Auraks. The Aurak draconians are the only draconians without wings, and the Sivaks are the only ones who can truly fly.


These draconians are the smallest of their brethren, and are used as common ground troops. They are of chaotic alignment for the most part, and as a result are interested in getting what is best for them individually. Baaz wear disguise often, concealing their wings and scales underneath large hoods and masks when traveling through non-draconian lands. When a Baaz is killed, its body turns to stone and then to dust, but remains in solid form long enough to trap whatever weapon killed it within its stony remains. They are created from brass dragon eggs.


Kapak draconians are generally the assassins of the group; they use their venomous saliva to coat their weapons, which makes them perfect as assassins. Like their copper dragon parents, Kapaks lure their targets into traps and use any way they possibly can to gain an advantage. When killed, a Kapak dissolves into a pool of acid.


These silver draconians are the only ones who are able to truly fly (the others may be able to glide, but not fly). These draconians are second only to the Auraks in power. They generally attack with huge two-handed swords, as well as their claws and armored tail. In addition to flight, Sivaks have a unique (but limited) ability to shape-shift. When a Sivak kills a humanoid-size or smaller creature, it may polymorph into the shape of the victim. Once it shifts back to its regular shape, however, the ability to take the shape of the victim is lost—until, of course, they kill again. A Sivak will also assume the form of someone who has slain it: the "death shape" will last for three days, after which the body will decompose into black soot.


Bozaks are perhaps the most magical of the bunch, with the exception of their "enchanted" Aurak cousins. Created from the eggs of bronze dragons, the Bozaks are able to cast spells like a 4th-level magic-user. Bozaks are cruel warriors, only sparing a life when it is to their benefit. Bozaks explode when killed, injuring those unfortunate enough to be near it.


The Aurak draconians are the special agents of the Dragon Highlords because of their intelligence, cunning and magical abilities. Auraks appear to be 7 feet tall, with thin limbs and no wings. Auraks have the ability to cast Dimension Door three times a day. They also have to ability to exert some mind control over their victims. When fighting Auraks, they must effectively be killed twice. The first time their hit points are depleted, the Aurak goes berserk and attacks when melee attacks only, forgetting their magic spells. When slain, the Aurak becomes "enchanted" and immolates itself and those around it, though it is immune to harm. After several rounds, the Aurak explodes, injuring anything near it.


Outside of the main five species of draconians, there was also the failed Ophidians. The Ophidians were a magically created draconian that was to be a super-draconian, which would lead the regular draconian forces. The first two prototypes were incredibly powerful and much more gifted and intelligent than regular draconians. Thouriss, the first Ophidian was slain by the plainsman, Riverwind. Riverwind then destroyed the second Ophidian and the maker died at the hands of the draconians afterwards. The experiment was deemed a failure and the Ophidians ended as a race, just as swiftly as they had come into creation.

There are also two different types of draconians that dwell upon Taladas, the other continent of Krynn. They are the Sesk and the Traag.


The Traag were one of the first ever created draconians. Takhisis created them from brass dragon eggs and they have faces with long crocodile snouts, rather than the more lizardlike faces of their Ansalonian cousins. Initially Traag proved to be good fighters, and many were bred, so their numbers were quite large. Over a testing period though, it was discovered that the Traag were inherently cowardly and also had a tendency to suddenly go berserk. Thus they were relegated to the lands of Old Aurim in Taladas, where they could serve as a sort of shock troops for Erestem's (Takhisis) forces there.


Sesk were one of the early creations that followed directly after the failed creation of the Traag. They were formed from silver dragon eggs and their bodies were twisted during their creation. They were far more cunning and evil than other draconian races, however their twisted bodies proved them to be poor fighters. Their innate cunning caused them to question orders and be more creative than Takhisis desired. Takhisis also deemed these draconians to be failures not worthy of her Dragonarmies, and left them to roam the Steamwall Mountains and Conquered Lands on Taladas. The Sesk dwell in villages around these areas and are loosely allied with the hobgoblins of the region.

Even rarer than usual draconians, are the curious beings known as noble draconians. Near the end of the War of the Lance, Ariakas commanded that the corruption process be used on chromatic dragon eggs, as his armies were being pushed further back towards Neraka. However the corruption process turned the spawn of chromatic eggs into goodly warriors, in a similar pattern as the spawn of metallic eggs turned evil. The few noble draconians who escaped from the war, fled into isolation, surviving the Chaos War and also the War of Souls. There are five types of noble draconians, based on the egg they were corrupted form. The five types are: Frost, Flame, Venom, Lightning & Vapor Draconians.

Frost Draconian

Hatched from white dragon eggs, frost draconians are wanderers, who usually stay in isolation. These draconians do not usually even mix with their own kind, and possess the limited intellect of their dragon forebears. Frost draconians have a short temper, however they are inately driven to the path of good, and will often try to protect goodly folk from afar from danger. Immune to cold and susceptible to fire, frost draconians freeze on death, and shatter into sharp shards shortly thereafter.

Venom Draconian

Venom draconians are the spawn from black dragon eggs. Like frost draconians, they prefer no company, and tend to stalk evil opponents, as well as use any kind of trick to bring their foes down. Venom draconians have a poisonous bite, as well as considerable abilities in stealth. On death, their bodies dissolve into pools of acid, which eat through armor, weapons and most other materials.

Vapor Draconian

Children of green dragons, vapor draconians are amongst the wisest of their kind. They prefer to dwell in forested areas, and will only raise arms against those who threaten the harmony of their environment. Preferring the wilderness, they will almost never go anywhere near a developed town or city, and have mastery over both weaponry and mystical spells. If a vapor draconian is slain, it dissolves into an acidic cloud of vapor that will affect anything within a 10 foot radius.

Lightning Draconian

Lightning draconians derive from blue dragon eggs, and are as fierce as the blue dragons themselves in battle. They often cover themselves in heavy armor to disguise their forms, so that they can be accepted by other goodly races, and will throw themselves into combat, to fight evil at any opportunity. Lightning draconians revere the gods of good, devoting themselves to any goodly cause, and they have numerous abilities. Other than being mighty warriors, lightning draconians can fly, possess a paladin's aura of good permanently, can heal wounds, are immune to fear and disease, and can turn undead. If ever there was a draconian paladin, lightning draconians would be them. In death, a lightning draconian explodes in a fierce electrical charge, which turns into a lightning bolt striking all those nearby.

Flame Draconian

Temperamental and fierce combatants, flame draconians are created from red dragon eggs. Possessing extremely short tempers, flame draconians are known to burst into a berserker rage on evil foes, with the slightest of provocation. With the ability to draw on a berserker, throw fireballs at their foes or breath fire, flame draconians are fearsome opponents. They craft their armor and weapons themselves, through use of their breath weapon. On death, a flame draconian explodes and becomes a fireball which effects anything within a 40 foot radius.

Future of Draconians

Draconians, led by the infamous commander Kang, have formed the nation of Teyr, turning it into a safe haven where draconians can dwell peacefully without threat from other races. The future of the draconian race is uncertain, however it seems to be more stable than ever in the post War of Souls period.

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