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Chambers of Astinus

The Age of Starbirth

The Time of Creation 10,000 - 9,000 PC

The Beginning: The High God awakens. The Tobril (book that contains all the knowledge in the universe) is created.

The First Gods: Ionthas is created by the High God. The High God then calls forth other beings from Beyond. Paladine, Gilean and Takhisis are called to serve the High God. Gilean is awarded the Tobril, with which he can record all history, and also maintain the balance between Paladine and Takhisis.

Birth of the Pantheon: The three new gods calls others from Beyond.

  • Mishakal, lady of healing arrives and becomes a trusted advisor to Paladine.
  • Majere, master of the mind and of meditation arrives and befriends Paladine.
  • Branchala the Bard King enters Krynn and allies himself with the chief god of good.
  • Sargonnas, lord of vengeance makes himself known to Takhisis and becomes her consort.
  • Morgion, the master of disease links himself to the mistress of evil.
  • Takhisis rescues Chemosh from the Void of Chaos and he offers to serve as lord of the dead.
  • Hiddukel, prince of lies appears to serve the forces of darkness.
  • Reorx the Forge appears to aid Gilean in the creation of the world.
  • Zivilyn, master of wisdom arrives to serve as Gilean's advisor.
  • Sirrion, god of fire is summoned to serve the Balance.
  • Chislev, lady of nature is brought forth by Zivilyn.
  • Shinare, mistress of industry is summoned by Sirrion.

Birth of New Gods: At the Dawn of Creation, the gods and their consorts give birth to new gods. Paladine and Mishakal first give birth to the twins Kiri-Jolith and Habakkuk, who later become the gods of justice and marine life, respectively. The two then give birth to Solinari, god of white magic. Takhisis and Sargonnas produce Zeboim, mistress of the seas, and Nuitari, god of black magic. From Gilean, Lunitari is formed, mistress of neutral magic.

Creation of the world: The gods gather to create the world, under the governing hand of the High God. Reorx creates the universe with his hammer, and the sparks from his forging become the stars. He then shapes the world from chaos, and the gods bring order to this creation.

Birth of Flora, Fauna and Dragonkind: The High God creates the plants and animals for the new world. Ionthas and the High God begin creating dragons to rule the animal kingdom. (It is believed that their first creations were the astral dragons, Deion and Procene)

Fall of Ionthas: Spirits are discovered lying dormant in the newly-formed stars, as Ionthas turns an eye to the gods' creation. Ionthas attempts to take control of Krynn (the new world) and almost defeats the gods. However the High God grants Paladine the power to defeat Ionthas, with the aid of his fellow gods. In defeat, Ionthas then curses them all to constantly war over control of Krynn. He is then cast beyond creation by the High God, where he drifts into madness. He casts off his identity and names himself Chaos, the Father of All and Nothing.

All-Saint's War: The gods covet the spirits and a battle erupts between the gods over control of them. The war ends after the gods of good and neutrality forge an alliance in which they vow to never allow evil to achieve a complete victory.

Gifts of the Gods: The High God bestows a gift upon each group of the gods, which they may grant to the spirits. The gods of good give the spirits physical bodies, the gods of evil give them desires, and the gods of neutrality give the spirits choice and free will.

Birth of Animal Lords: The High God then creates animal lords to rule each of the animal kingdoms. Bast the Catlord and the Forestmaster are two of the foremost animal lords upon Krynn. Around the same time, Bakali came into prominence with the creation of animal life on Krynn.

Birth of the three races: Mishakal and Morgion combine their talents and harness the power of Starstones with which they create physical bodies for the spirits. The gods of good create the elves, the evil gods create ogres and those of neutrality fashion humans.

Birth of Chromatic and Metallic Dragons: Paladine and Takhisis join forces to create their first five dragons. Takhisis then traps Deion, where she tempts him to join her. Deion renounces his mate Procene and allies himself to Takhisis. Takhisis then continues her plotting by corrupting the first five dragons. These dragons become the first chromatic dragons. Paladine and Mishakal are distraught by the loss and entreaty Reorx to create five statues. Paladine then breaths life into the statues and creates the first five metallic dragons.

All-Dragon's War: The All-Dragon's War begins when the five chromatic dragons attack the five metallics. The four metallic dragons are cut down, however the gold Aurora escapes and defends the metallic eggs. Aurora destroys four of the chromatics, and finally engages in battle with the red dragon Furyion. Furyion and Aurora kill each other in battle, however both clutches of eggs remain safe.

Survival of the Bakali: The post devastation of the All-Dragon's War nearly destroys the Bakali, who believe they were being punished for worshipping the dragons. Chislev and Habbakuk aid the fledgling Bakali to survive.

Creation of the Graygem: The three gods of magic have Hiddukel trick Reorx into creating a way to bestow magic on Krynn again. Hiddukel is paid with a magical coin and then entreaties Chislev about the Balance being in jeopardy. Chislev then turns to Reorx to create the Graygem. Reorx agrees and takes a part of Chaos to create the gem. This then inadvertently traps Chaos completely within the Graygem. Reorx will not give up his fellow neutral god, and later swears that Morgion was the one who convinced him to make the gem. He then loses the Graygem in a wager with Lunitari.

Civilisation!: After the war, Krynn is populated with the gods' creations. The ogres claim the mountains, the elves take the forests, and the humans claim small, desolate plains and regions for their own. Animals, dragons and magical beasts are spread across the world also.

(All information is adapted from the following sources: Dragonlance Adventures, Leaves of the Inn of the Last Home, Tales of the Lance, DLCS, Dragons of Krynn, Dragons of Summer Flame, 'Aurora's Eggs'- Dragons at War, Dragon Keep, Wings of Fury.)

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