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Chambers of Astinus

The Age of Mortals

383 AC - Present

383 AC/0 SC

The Age of Mortals: The Summer of Chaos is over. Chaos and the gods have left the world to the mortals. Arcane and divine magic is now gone with the disappearance of the gods.

Merek and Dariot's Honor: Sir Dariot, a Solamnic Knight, is distraught over failing to defeat the Knight of Takhisis, Sir Merek, in battle. The result is that the nearby village is near starving after the dark knights claimed a large portion of their food and supplies. On returning to the village, the knight finds that Sir Merek has been left behind to guard the grain, for his failure in defeating Dariot. Each knight finds that their holy swords have no effect on their opponent and swears to fight the other to the death to regain their lost honor. Again the two knights fight fiercely, and again neither can defeat the other. Dariot comes to the realisation that the gods have left the world, and makes the dark knight an offer. Dariot asks that Merek claim ownership over the grain, but that he helps in distributing it and keeping the village strong. The dark knight agrees to work with the Solamnic knight. Source: The Cost (Relics and Omens)

The Bloody Trenak Banquet: For another year, the Trenak Clan has their family banquet. Vrass notices that this year, he cannot feel the presence of Sargonnas. Vrass attempts to speak to his family about it, however his family members take offence, and he is accidentally killed. The clan banquet ends in yet another massacre. Source: Sargas' Night of Revenge (Rebels and Tyrants)

384 AC/1 SC

Tomb of the Last Heroes/Coming of Malystryx: The Tomb of the Last Heroes is built in Solace to commemorate both the Knights of Takhisis and the Knights of Solamnia who fought and died during the Battle of the Rift. A council is called between the two great knighthoods and a peace treaty is drawn up. Much of the eastern lands of Ansalon are granted to the Knights of Takhisis, whereas the Knights of Solamnia maintain their domain in the western lands. Ancient artifacts lost in Istar are found on the shores of the Blood Sea. In Palanthas, Astinus disappears and takes much of his work with him. The huldrefolk Fissure approaches Khellendros (formerly known as Skie), telling him that with magical artifacts they can open a portal to the Gray, where Kitiara's soul is believed to dwell. The Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas also mysteriously disappears, as the great blue dragon Khellendros attacks the city, attempting to claim the magical artifacts in the Tower of Palanthas. Dragons of all types emerge across the world, making their mark upon the world once more. An enormous red dragon called Malystryx is sighted near Misty Isle. (Source: Dawning of a New Age)

The Treasure of Rockhaven: The thief Harri Gundervall, learns of a large treasure that has been amassed by the red dragon Auris, after the beast has raided the town of Rockhaven. Harri finds one of two markers that lead to the treasure and searches for the other. He makes his way to the town of Peacedale where he is attacked by bounty hunters, who are trying to claim the price on his head. The thief evades his foes, stealing their money in the process. A young woman called Gem notes his bravado, and joins Harri on his quest in order to also claim a bit of the treasure. On the way to Rockhaven, the pair are attacked by a large group of bandits, led by the fearsome Robled. Harri shows Gem two vials which contain gnomish powder. One can cause memory loss, however when the two are combined, they can cause a massive explosion. Using the two powders, Harri causes a landslide which buries Robled and his men. In Rockhaven, Gem reveals that she is actually the town sheriff and also has the other marker that Harri has been searching for. The pair journey towards Auris' cave and recover the treasure. Harri also learns that Robled is actually Auris in human form. The red dragon tracks down the pair, and Gem throws Harri's vials at Auris. The resulting explosion drives Auris far out of the cave and also causes him to lose his memory and forget about the treasure, Rockhaven ...and pretty much anything else. Gem convinces Harri to return the stolen treasure to the folk of Rockhaven. Source: The Magnificent Two (Dragons of Chaos)

A Solamnic's Honor: The blind Rose Knight Brinon, comes across Kal, a Knight of Takhisis, on Redstone Mountain. Brinon claims to travelling to the summit to ally himself with the dragon, whilst Kal claims to be travelling to the summit to kill the dragon. Kal injures himself, breaking his leg, so the two decide to call a temporary truce until they reach the top of Redstone Mountain. On reaching the top, they find a red stone that has the vague shape of a dragon, but nothing else. Kal learns that Brinon journeyed to Redstone Mountain to reclaim the favor of Paladine, after he fled during a battle in the Summer of Chaos. Brinon believes that if he can turn Kal to the side of good, that Paladine will forgive him. The Solamnic Knight draws his sword and turns it toward himself as Kal rushes him. The two knights collide and a surprised Kal drives Brinon's sword into the blind knight. Source: The Noble Folly (Dragons of Chaos)

Caramon the Mage: Tika hires a new barmaid by the name of Jassar Lathhauser, for the Inn of the Last Home. Caramon grows increasingly annoyed with the girl, due to her clumsy waitressing. Tika tells Caramon that Jassar is griefstricken over the state of her husband Gemel, who believes himself cursed ever since losing his arm in the Chaos War. Caramon finds Gemel and takes him to the battlefield where he lost his limb. Gemel relives the battle, watching his commander killed by the minions of Chaos. Caramon and Gemel then return to Solace, where Caramon creates a makeshift wizard's robe. He then advises Gemel to place his arm in a box where he will perform 'magic' to exorcise the demons from his arm. Gemel places his arm in the box and sees his missing hand again. Caramon then performs his 'spell' and tells Gemel that he is free from the demons. Gemel thanks Caramon and returns happily to his wife Jassar. Once the couple have left, Caramon explains the use of a mirror in the box to give the image that Gemel's hand was restored. Source: Demons of the Mind (Relics and Omens)

Protecting the Draconian Eggs: Commander Kang continues to lead his Dragonarmy Engineers to find their true home. During their travels, they find themselves being dogged by a large force of goblins, who are carrying out organised attacks. The draconian regiments flee into the safety of an abandoned Temple of Paladine. Slith reports finding six human females in the cellar of the temple, as Dremon reports that the female babies are growing listless. Kang goes to speak with the women, and talks to their leader Sister Hana. Kang has the draconian babies left in the cellar, so that the women can hopefully take care of them. Sister Marsel tells Kang that he is protecting the babies 'too much' and needs to not smother them so much. Slith infiltrates the goblin ranks, and whilst they are in disarray, Kang leads his troops to crush the goblin forces. However Kang and his men learn from Dremon that Sister Hana has decided to take the babies hostage. Kang faces Sister Hana, offering himself in exchange for the babies. The maddened Hana attacks Kang, however Sister Marsel knocks Hana aside. Kang and his men reclaim the babies and continue to search for their true home. Source: To Convince the Righteous of the Right (Heroes and Fools)

Demial's Wish: Former Thorn Knight Demial, uses a magic staff to clear a mine in the village of Toral. Using magical aid, she hopes to win the affections of Quinn, the village leader. Tara, a childhood rival, returns to the village. Demial fears Tara revealing that the former Thorn Knight betrayed Toral to the dark knights before the Chaos War. Quinn appears distraught over Tara and frets over her, passing the reins of leadership over to Demial. Tara awakens from her fever and begs Demial to kill her to end her pain. As requested, Demial grants Tara's wish and also destroys her staff. Quinn reveals that he has truly loved Demial all along, and is as devious as she. Demial gets what she wanted, power and love, but wonders if it was truly worth it. Source: The Perfect Plan (Heroes and Fools)

Disappearance of Magic: The powerful mage Laudus plans to travel to the Tower of Wayreth, in order to discuss the disappearance of arcane magic. Just before leaving, the kender Halivar Wizardslayer arrives in his home, claiming to have destroyed all magic on Krynn. Laudus tells his apprentice Cedwick to get rid of the pesky kender. Laudus comes to believe that Halivar somehow accidentally cast a spell which destroyed all magic. Shortly after a group of gnomes arrive and claim that they have captured magic in one of their devices. Last of all, the Aghar dwarf Helg arrives and tells the mages that he has magic trapped in a dessicated frog. Cedwick thanks the gnomes for their efforts in sacrificing their tinkering to study magic, and thanks Halivar for giving up his wanderlust to help restore magic. Both promptly make excuses and leave. Helg shrugs his shoulders, leaves the frog with Cedwick and then departs himself. Cedwick and Laudus leave to visit the Conclave and discuss the true disappearance of magic they intended all along. Source: Much Ado about Magic (Heroes and Fools)

An End to the Trenak Curse: The Trenak Clan banquet begins for another year, young Vrass begins by honoring his family members. The family note the disappearance of Sargonnas, and Uncle Hlell almost draws Lekcress and the other family members into a fight. Vrass calls on clan leader Trenak to help him stop the fighting. Trenak calls an end to the fighting and honors Vrass for his wisdom. The banquet ends without any fighting for the first time in the long centuries that it has been held for. Source: Sargas' Night of Revenge (Rebels and Tyrants)

385 AC/2 SC

Ulin's Birth: Palin and Usha Majere give birth to their first child, which they name Ulin.

Malys learns of Chaos War: The red dragon Malystryx sets forth from the Misty Isle. The monstrous dragon sets about killing several chromatic dragons and is stopped by a daemon warrior. The chaos warrior tells the dragon about Ansalon and the mortals who dared to fight Chaos. Malystryx quizzes the warrior before consuming him, making her own plans to conquer this continent and proclaim herself the ruler.

Malys' Egg/Plans to conquer Kendermore: Malystryx takes a mate in the form of the dragon Hekhorath. Hekhorath is pleased to be of service to Malys, hoping to escape her wrath as well as manipulate the red. Malystryx then launches an attack on the kender town of Woodsedge, wiping out most of it's inhabitants, including the kender hero Kronin Thistleknot. Riverwind journeys to Solace with his daughters Brightdawn and Moonsong. Riverwind visits the Tomb of Last Heroes and also goes to speak with his friends Caramon and Tika. The plainsman tells Caramon that he is dying from a wasting disease. Two kender, Kronn and Catt Thistleknot, children of Kronin, approach Caramon and Riverwind asking for their aid against Malys. Ogre raiders, led by the warrior Kurthak Black-Gazer, grow dissatisfied with the lack of good slaves in the Balifor area. A tall scarred woman called Yovanna speaks with Kurthak, introducing herself as Malys' envoy and asking that journeys to Bloodwatch to speak with the great red dragon. Kurthak pays fealty to Malys and she promises she offers him Kendermore as his reward for serving her. The ogre warrior then returns to his tribe and challenges the ogre leader Roug. After a brief fight, Kurthak kills Roug and claims the mantle of hetman of the ogres. After Kurthak leaves Bloodwatch, Malys ensures her eggs will survive and hatch before she kills her mate Hekhorath. (Source: Spirit of the Wind)

Riverwind aids Kendermore/Ogres attack: Riverwind, Brightdawn and the warrior Swiftraven, travel with Catt and Kronn to Kendermore, as Moonsong remains behind in Que-Shu. They encounter the pirates of the Red Reaver, but manage to escape and leave the ship in flames. The group reaches Port Balifor, where they take refuge in the Pig and Whistle Tavern, run by William Sweetwater. The party then arrive outside Kendermore, where they find that several outlying villages have since been destroyed and that the kender seem to be getting herded towards Kendermore. A young kender called Billie Juniper speaks to the group and show a very un-kenderlike trait: fear. Billie is one of the first known afflicted kender. Kendermore is under siege by the ogres and during the group's flight, Catt is injured. Kronn safely leads the group into the city via underground tunnels, where Catt is taken directly to the healer Arlie. Moonsong is struck with nightmares and grows concerned over her sister and father's welfare. She determines to travel from Que-Shu to Kendermore and takes her fiance Stagheart with her. Riverwind meets Paxina Thistleknot, eldest daughter of Kronin and the nominal leader of Kendermore. Kender warrior Brimble introduces himself to Riverwind and pledges to help him in any way possible. When Kurthak learns that Riverwind and his companions have arrived, he takes his third-in-command Borath and travels to Bloodwatch to speak with Malys. She magically links herself to Kurthak, so that in future he need not leave his army to communicate with her. Kurthak and Borath return to the ogre horde to resume attacking the city. Stagheart arrives in the city, badly wounded, reporting to Riverwind that Moonsong was captured by ogres. Kronn and Swiftraven lead a raid and rescue Moonsong, however Swiftraven is struck down and killed in their flight back to Kendermore. In retaliation, the ogre horde throws itself upon the city once more, almost defeating the defenders. However Brimble leads an attack and throws himself into the ogres below, driving back the horde at the cost of his life. During the fighting, Borath is captured. The kender Giffel interrogates Borath and with Riverwind they learn that Malys has ordered that no more attacks will occur until her egg is hatched. Malys' plan is that Kendermore will be destroyed on New Year's Day. Riverwind releases Borath, and the ogre flees the Balifor area, fearing that he will be killed for revealing secrets. (Source: Spirit of the Wind)

Blister the Scout: Paxina gathers a team of brave kender to elude the ogre horde and warn the Knights of Solamnia of Malys' plans. The kender assigned are Blister Nimblefingers, Deft Stubbletoe, Kevere Makepiece, Barker Mockingbird, Dare Stoutheart, Squirrel Stonefall, Crystal Dreamchaser, Tucker Plentiful, Pattifor Illfaring and Myeki Thrillseeker. As the group set forth, progressively each kender is chased down until only Blister remains. She makes it to the ship Lucky Son, and stows away as it sails towards Sancrist. Source: Mission from Kendermore (Dragon #227-228)

Evacuation of Kendermore: After the kender party has been sent to warn the Solamnic Knights, Riverwind speaks with the kender leaders about evacuating the city. The kender agree to evacuate and turn the city into a fiery trap when the ogres enter it. At the same time, Riverwind plans to journey to Bloodwatch and destroy Malys' egg. (Source: Spirit of the Wind)

Abrena leads the Knights of Takhisis/Sara rejoins the Dark Knights: Sara Dunstan is troubled by dreams sent by the blue dragon Cobalt, former nestmate of Steel Brightblade's dragon Flare. Sara finds Cobalt and nurses him back to health. Marauding goblins find Cobalt's lair, so the pair move near to Sara's home town of Connersby. Sara hears word that the Knights of Takhisis have formed their headquarters in Neraka and are rebuilding the knighthood. Curious, Sara goes to Palanthas to find out more information about the dark knights. Sara meets with Crysania who offers her information on Steel's final days as a way of granting her peace. As Sara leaves Palanthas, she is captured by dark knights, but is quickly rescued by Cobalt. On returning to her hometown, the residents start to find small traces that a dragon might be nearby. Sara decides to leave the town with Cobalt and make the trip to Neraka. Sara goes under the guise of Knight Warrior Sara Conby, and meets the new leader of the knighthood, General Mirielle Abrena. Abrena places Sara in charge of the Sixth Talon, and must report to the rather ineffective commander, Guiyar Massard. Sara makes a curious friend in the dark city, in the form of the Aghar dwarf Fewmet. Sara grows fond of her new charges: Derrick Yaufre, Kelena, Saunder, Marika Windor and Jacson, as well as the talon's two blue dragons: Squall and Howl. Abrena stages a plot in which she poisons the Lord-Mayor of Neraka. As Abrena takes control of Neraka, an attempt is made on her life, however Sara thwarts it and saves the general's life. As Sara grows into a more influential position in the knighthood, Commander Massard seethes. He then realises that Sara was Ariakan's mistress and must therefore be a spy. The commander tries to blackmail Sara, however she in turn learns that he is stealing temple artifacts and keeping all the money for himself. Massard throws her into a pit leading into the temple grounds, so that the horax can finish her. Fewmet finds Sara in the pit, and goes to find Knight Officer Morham Targonne, an advisor to General Abrena. Targonne returns and rescues Sara from the horax. Sara returns to the Sixth Talon and directly challenges Massard to a fight, to claim command over the Sixth Talon. The challenge takes place in the Arena of Death, where Massard arrives drunk. The two fight viciously, but eventually Sara defeats and kills Massard. General Abrena immediately promotes Sara to commander of the Sixth Talon and supplies her with three more recruits, Treb, Argathon, Kazar, and the blue dragon Tumult. Sara uses various trials and tricks to build her talon into a united and strong fighting force. (Source: Legacy of Steel)

General Maranta: Kang leads his regiment in search of a safe haven, after continually being dogged by goblin forces. They turn aside one force, through the skills of his lieutenant Slith and that of his new standard bearer Granak. Gloth and Yeshik, commanders of First and Second Squadrons, respectively, lead the safe retreat of the entire regiment through the aid of Fulkth's Support Squadron. Two of the females, the bozak Fonrar and the aurak Thesik, grow increasingly curious about the males activities, and more and more tired of being coddled. The pair pique the interests of the other eighteen females, who also seek to learn about warfare and to not be coddled any longer. Whilst driving back a larger force of goblins, Thesik and Fonrar sneak off and run into another draconian force. The new force, led by the kapak draconian, Subcommander Prokel, comes to their aid and offers to lead them to their fort. The force, the Ninth Infantry, is further strengthened by another force, the Third Infantry, who rout the goblin army. Vertax, commander of the Ninth Infantry, and Yakanoh, commander of the Third Infantry, present themselves to Kang and the surviving Dragonarmy Engineers. They explain that the various forces are all led by General Maranta, an infamous Aurak draconian from the War of the Lance. On reaching the fort, Kang is taken inside the Bastion, Maranta's fortress within the larger fort. Kang is astonished to discover that the general is guarded by the Queen's Own, an elite draconian fighting force, believed wiped out during the War of the Lance. Maranta speaks with Kang, learning about the draconian females in Kang's Regiment. Whilst the other officers are skeptical, Maranta accepts his word, revealing that he knew of Dracart and Wyrllish's female creations which were hidden away. He also informs Kang that his regiment must stay and help defend the fort, against the regrouping goblin hordes that are preparing to assault them. Finally General Maranta reveals his desire to repopulate the draconian forces in the fort, but not through the use of the females. Confused, Kang leaves the Bastion and returns to his regiment, telling them that they are staying, at least temporarily within the fort. (Source: Draconian Measures)

The Dark Knights' Betrayal: The females begin to be formally trained in warfare, first in secret and then under orders from General Maranta. Kang and Slith note that several draconians from their regiment go missing. They are accused of desertion, however Kang and Slith suspect something else, knowing each of the draconians in their regiment, and that any deserters would have fled a long time ago. Kang and Slith try to investigate the disappearances, but find that they are blocked at almost every turn by the Queen's Own. An approaching force of dark knights is spotted, General Maranta requests that Kang and some of his men, parlay with them to learn of their intentions. Kang and his men meet with the dark knights, where they speak with the leader, Groupcommander Zeck. The dark knight turns out to be a veteran soldier from the War of the Lance who recalls Maranta, and offers his force to aid in pushing back the goblin army, who it seems is still bent on destroying Kang's Regiment. Later in the camp, Kang is approached by Talon Leader Huzzad, a dark knight he knew from the Summer of Chaos. Huzzad warns Kang that Zeck has betrayed him, and it is the Knights of Takhisis who have been arming and training the goblins to kill them. Huzzad tells of how the dwarf Selquist told the dark knights about the female draconian eggs, and how the knighthood wants to exterminate the females and stop the growth of the draconian race. Kang and his men flee the camp, whilst Huzzad is attacked by her fellow knights for her betrayal. Kang returns and rescues the defeated Huzzad, unsure of whether she lives or not. The draconians take Huzzad back to Maranta's fort. Huzzad is taken care of by the females and nursed back to health, whilst Maranta, Kang and the other commanders formulate a plan to defend the fort against the goblin hordes and the dark knights. Slith grows curious about strange draconians who are appearing around the fort and goes to investigate. Maranta accosts Kang over Slith's cowardice for fleeing, as the sivak's disappearance is noted. Kang almost kills Maranta in a rage, causing the aurak to flee deeper into the Bastion with the Queen's Own. (Source: Draconian Measures)

The Heart of Dracart: Kang leads his men into the Bastion, defeating any of the Queen's Own who oppose them. Deep in Maranta's lair, they find the aurak performing a ritual to create new draconians from the bodies of true draconians, that have no soul. Through the use of the magical artifact 'Dracart's Heart' he can create legions of soulless draconians to fight for him. The ritual disturbed, Kang's men defeat the Queen's Own and free Slith, as Maranta flees. Kang chases the general but is captured by a pair of the Queen's Own, as Maranta discusses killing the females and turning Kang into a soulless slave. Thesik appears with Granak and Slith, where she casts a powerful spell to strike down Maranta with magical fire. Kang and his draconians flee as Maranta burns, trying to escape the Bastion before his body explodes and takes out the building. As the group leave the building, they are set upon by the remainder of the Queen's Own. One of the elite draconians shoots down and kills Huzzad with a crossbow. As Thesik, Fonrar and the other females mourn Huzzad's death, Kang and his men capture the Queen's Own. Kang leads the entire draconian force against the goblin forces in a fierce battle, where Granak is injured and Commander Yakanoh is killed. Kang locates Dracart's Heart and destroys it, causing it to power an illusion he creates to make the goblins think a dragon is attacking them. Using tricks and wise battle tactics, Kang leads his forces in a complete victory over the goblins. On the following day, he promotes Slith to Commander of the Dragonarmy Engineers, and decides to step down as leader, and Fonrar is chosen as Subcommander of the regiment. Granak chooses to forsake his role of Standard Bearer, and becomes Kang's personal head bodyguard. Commanders Prokel, Vertax, Trok (Yakanoh's replacement) and Mitrat (Commander of the Queen's Own) come to see Kang. They offer him the role of general of their fort, which he politely refuses. Kang voices his desire to journey with his regiment onto Teyr, to finally build a home for themselves. As the Dragonarmy Engineers march out of Maranta's Fort, the other draconian armies file out also, having made the decision to follow Kang and Slith to Teyr, where all will live together. Even the soulless draconians follow the others, while Kang hopes that one day they might regain their memories. (Source: Draconian Measures)

The Dark Knight's Gift: A silver and a blue dragon fight over Darken Wood. The silver defeats the blue, who plummets to the ground with it's dark knight rider. The knight survives the fall and finds his dragon Bolt is already dead, and that he is trapped under the body. A dryad appears before the knight, pleading that she is slowly dying from lack of water. The knight however wishes to use the water for himself, so that he can keep alive long enough for his fellow knights to find him. Eventually the dark knight decides to give the dryad his water, after the tree spirit falls unconscious. The dark knight perishes, however as the dryad awakens she finds herself recovering somewhat from the drought and thanks the still form of the honorable dark knight for his kindness. Source: Tree of Life (Heroes & Fools)

A Banquet's Peace: The Trenak Clan again hold their annual banquet, with Vrass beginning before anyone by toasting his uncle as a great warrior. All the minotaurs agree and their banquets are held in peace forevermore. Source: Sargas' Night of Revenge (Rebels and Tyrants)

Qualinesti Rebels: Ardian Crystaltust actively works amongst the Qualinesti elves to undermine the Knights of Takhisis. Soon after he is taken captive with other rebel elves and all word of him is lost. The Crystaltust's Kagonesti maid Linnet also disappears and is suspected of joining the rebels. (Source: Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls Vol.1)

386 AC/3 SC

Malys destroys Kendermore/Fall of Riverwind: On the dawn of the new year, the ogre horde launches a full blown attack upon Kendermore. At the same time Riverwind, Kronn and Brightdawn reach Malys' lair, where they are discovered by Malys' envoy Yovanna. The vicious female attacks the trio, cutting Brightdawn with her dagger before being knocked into the lava pits and killed. Brightdawn succumbs to the poison from Yovanna's dagger and dies in her father's arms. Kronn and Riverwind wait for their opportunity to destroy the egg. The kender defenders of Kendermore taunt the ogres and lead them into the centre of the city. At the same time Paxina orders the building to be covered in pitch. As the ogre horde reaches the centre of the city, the pitch is ignited and most of the horde are consumed. Kurthak Black-Gazer finds the evacuation tunnels however and warns Malys through their link. Paxina launches an attack on Kurthak and kills the ogre leader, however a burning building collapses on her and Moonsong shortly after. Paxina perishes and Moonsong barely survives, although she is horribly burnt and scarred. Whilst Malys rages over the ogres defeat she flies towards Kendermore to burn the kender in their tunnels. Riverwind takes the opportunity and destroys the egg. Malys hears the cries of her child and quickly returns to find Riverwind has completely destroyed her egg. She incinerates Riverwind and continues to terrorise the area. Moonsong, Stagheart and Goldmoon journey to Solace where they tell of Catt and Giffel's marriage, as well as the kender flight to Hylo after Kendermore's total destruction. Caramon tells Goldmoon that Riverwind left a final gift, he tells her that he will wait for his beloved in the afterlife. (Source: Spirit of the Wind)

Malys claims the Ran-Eli: Now that Malystryx has claimed most of the Goodlund area as her domain, she looks beyond her borders. Noticing the small island of Elian Wilds to the west, she sends an Emissary of her to speak with the warriors. The Emissary defeats the leader of the Ran-Eli, the Superior Master, in combat. The Ran-Eli swear allegiance to Malys, offering their services as warriors and assassins. Malys accepts, coming to the realisation that these warriors are amongst the most skilled upon Krynn and will undoubtedly prove useful. (Source: Odyssey of Gilthanas)

The Herald Appears: Amidst all the destruction, a curious bard appears calling himself the Herald. The Herald has no memories of his own, but knows every tale of Krynn and journeys throughout Ansalon spreading these tales.

Founding of the Legion of Steel: Abrena, now titled Governor-General, orders an attack on a crossroads village between Neraka and Sanction, to be led by Subcommander Torceth. The Sixth Talon serves as the rearguard in the assault. Sara is disgusted with the barbaric massacre of the villagers and sees her squire Jacson killed. Sara tells Governor-General Abrena about the disgraceful attack, however Torceth only receives the slightest of reprimands for his actions. Shortly after all of her squires are promoted to knights, which surprises Sara since under Ariakan's rule, squires were strictly tested before promotion. Governor-General Abrena speaks with Sara, concerned over whether Takhisis will ever return to Krynn. Abrena privately asks Sara to journey to the Tomb of Last Heroes, in the hopes that she will be granted a vision from the Dark Queen. Sara takes Derrick Yaufre with her and they ride Cobalt to Solace. During the trip, Sara tells Derrick that she is truly a spy and asks him to abandon the knighthood. Derrick leaves Sara in disgust, trying to make his way back to Neraka on his own. Sara makes her way to the tomb and sees a vision of Derrick and a Solamnic Knight fighting against a giant and then each other. She next sees Steel Brightblade and his starjewel. A pair of kender find Sara near the tomb and lead her to Caramon and Tika. Sara tells Caramon and Tika of her visions and dreams of starting a new knighthood, and then races off to find Derrick. True to her vision, she races to the spot where she saw Derrick and finds him wounded. Sara saves Derrick and tells her about starting a new knighthood. Derrick fervently pledges to join Sara and offers the name, the Legion of Steel. Derrick stays in Solace as Sara and Cobalt return to Neraka to recruit her other squires in the Sixth Talon. However Kazar and Treb are angered over Sara's news that she is a spy. Treb reports to Abrena, causing the Governor-General to challenge Sara to a duel in the Arena of Death. Sara and Cobalt fight Abrena and her dragon Celium. After a vicious battle, Sara and Cobalt emerge victorious, sparing Abrena. Her squires Kelena, Saunder, Argathon and Marika all join her and Derrick in founding the Legion of Steel in Solace. (Source: Legacy of Steel)

Tarris' Vision: Tarris Canrilan, a former weaver and now self-proclaimed seer, receives his fourth vision from 'dragons'. The dragons tell him where to dig for water, to save the town of Gurnn during their three year drought. The town gossip, Reldonnas Flitter, tells the other townsfolk of Tarris' visions and they demand that he be exiled. Tarris starts digging at the site where the dragons told him he'd find water. In anger, the townsfolk throw rocks and tease the man, as poor Tarris dies under the assault. The town mayor Elothur arrives to stop the stoning, only to find Tarris dying and a small spring of water surging up under him. Elothur tells the crowd that they have doomed themselves by killing this good man, now that Tarris' blood has tainted the precious water. Source: The Dragon's Well (Dragons of Chaos)

Return of Fistandantilus: The former red-robed mage Alantine works to restore the Library of Tarsis after the loss of magic. Whilst working in the library he witnesses a spectre and is quickly joined by the former cleric of Paladine, Eltam. Alantine shows Eltam that he has uncovered a hidden third level to the library, which contains a spellbook of Fistandantilus that details wild magic. Alantine uses the book and Eltam grows increasingly concerned. Alantine tells the former cleric that he has been visited by the spectre of Fistandantilus and that he will take the book to Palin Majere. As Alantine goes to leave the library with the book, an undead Solamnic Knight rises up and demands the return of the book. More undead arise to claim the pair, however Eltam uses a strange inner magic to create a holy light that destroys the undead. The former cleric is stuck in the lower levels of the library with the remaining undead due to his broken hip, as Alantine flees with the spellbook. A curious voice tells Alantine that Fistandantilus has been returned to life and will not be pleased with the theft. Source: The Restoration (Relics & Omens)

The Bard's Tale: A wandering bard named Dayn Songsayer travels to the village of Gotstown during the temple festival. The local cleric of Paladine grows annoyed when a boy starts eating berries before the festival even begins. The villagers turn on the cleric and then against Dayn who sings of heroes and the gods. A warrior called Kresean intervenes, claiming to having fought and survived the Battle of the Rift. Kresean then suggests that Dayn sings and tells tales about heroes of the new era, and that he needs a chronicler for his own exploits. Dayn and Kresean travel off to kill a dragon which is marauding the nearby village of Feergu. Dayn is disheartened when the dragon is just a giant lizard, and when Kresean uses pigs and a landslide to kill it. Kresean tells Dayn that it is not about the deed itself, but rather about the tale which people want to hear, so in short...embellish it. Dayn returns to the village and sings a grand tale of Kresean's exploits. The villagers are impressed and gladly offer the reward money to the pair. Source: Songsayer (Heroes & Fools)

387 AC/4 SC

The Dragon Purge Begins: Malystryx continues to kill more dragons across eastern Ansalon. She soon learns that she can use the lifeforce of her victims to create a totem. The totem serves initially as a monument to her might, but also to harness enormous amounts of magic to change the environment around her. Malys transforms eastern Ansalon into the Desolation, changing plains and forests into fiery mountains and volcanic craters. The shores of the Bay of Balifor are changed into boiling waters, and in the centre of the Desolation rises a gigantic mountain, becoming Malys' lair. With this new domain, Malys proclaims herself the Red Dragon Overlord. Khellendros also learns how to create a totem to harness magic, and kills off dragons in the Northern Wastes. With his totem, Khellendros transforms much of northern Solamnia into a great desert, and titles himself as the Blue Dragon Overlord. With the vast amount of dragons being killed by Khellendros, Malys and other dragons seeking power, most metallic dragons flee to the safety of the Dragon Isles as the Dragon Purge begins.

Allies of the Overlords: The Knights of Takhisis decide to ally themselves with both Malystryx and Khellendros to ensure the survival of their knighthood. As the Knights of Takhisis strengthen their knighthood through draconic allies, the Legion of Steel blossoms in Solace, receiving many squires from disgruntled knights of both the Solamnic and Takhisis orders.

Birth of Linsha: Palin and Usha Majere give birth to their second child, Linsha.

Threat of the Overlords: Sir Kellin and his blue dragon Dusk head to Evermark Keep, disregarding Governor-General Abrena's summons for all dark knights to form in Neraka. Kellin served under Ariakan, was taught the tenets of honor and has no desire to see the knighthood in it's current deteriorated state. A huge red dragon attacks them on their way to the keep, however Dusk throws Kellin clear before being consumed. Kellin awakens after his fall and is alarmed over the threat of the dragons. He rushes back to the Knights of Takhisis, to warn them of the overlords and the threat of standing against them, unaware that his knighthood has already formed an alliance with them. Source: Homecoming (Relics & Omens)

Stealing the Dragon's Eye: An elf is blackmailed into stealing the magical artifact, the Dragon's Eye by a chaos spawn and it's lackeys, in exchange for his wife. The elf, formerly a white-robed mage, battles monsters and a former red-robed mage to reclaim the Dragon's Eye before returning to Palanthas. On return to the city, the elf sneaks into the city sewers to meet with the chaos spawn and gives the Eye to the creature. The spawn is paralysed on touching the Eye, since the elf, actually a Dragonbane hunter, coated the Eye in poison. With the spawn disabled, the elf and his "wife" Mara defeat the spawn's cronies. The pair then take the spawn into custody for study, as directed by the Dragonbane leaders, and then start to concoct a way to return the Dragon's Eye to the red-robed mage that the elf stole it from. Source: The Dragon's Eye (Dragons of Chaos)

388 AC/5 SC

The Green Dragon Overlord arrives: A great green dragon called Beryllinthranox begins her assault, starting with Qualinesti and the High Kharolis Mountains. Beryl grows in size and wreaks terror throughout the humans and elves in the region.

The Sage Appears/Goldmoon learns mysticism: Goldmoon is met by a mysterious figure known as the Sage. He tells Goldmoon of a new magic called mysticism and departs shortly after. Goldmoon travels to the Inn of the Last Home, where two fighting dragons cause the inn to collapse and the young dwarf Jasper Fireforge, nephew of Flint, to be struck down. Goldmoon looks within herself and finds the power to heal the dwarf.

Legion of Steel grows: The Legion of Steel expands and plants legionnaires in almost every major city of Ansalon. They grow to become a powerful knighthood and a rival to both the Knights of Solamnia and the Knights of Takhisis.

R'vagho healed/Gair learns spiritualism: A gnoll called R'vagho finds himself freed from slavery when the slaver ship he is on, the Hope of Kothas, sinks. R'vagho manages to make it to Schallsea Isle along with a few other gnolls. Goldmoon and Jasper Fireforge, along with their new companion, the Silvanesti elf Gair Greymist, journey to Schallsea Isle. On searching the area, the three come across the Silver Stair, which Goldmoon decides to climb. During the climb, she receives a vision about mysticism and founding a school of learning for the art. On her return, Goldmoon announces that she will found a school of mysticism on Schallsea. Months later, Goldmoon has established a camp on Schallsea and has amassed a loyal group of followers. The camp receives protection from a local force of Solamnic Knights, led by Rose Knight, Camilla Weoledge. Gair requests that Goldmoon show him more about mysticism, so that he can contact the dead and speak with his dead father. However their discussion is soon ended by a party of gnolls that appear. One of them, R'vagho, is injured and Goldmoon heals him. R'vagho returns to camp with Goldmoon and Gair, as Goldmoon decides to teach Gair about spiritualism, a form of mysticism. Initially Gair uses the newfound magic to contact his father, and he uses his spiritual contact to help save some children lost in a snowstorm. As Gair's status in the camp rises, so does the relationship between him and Camilla. (Source: The Silver Stair)

Darkhunter's Plot/Gair's Downfall: Gair's spiritual talks have moved from his father to speaking with the Que-Nal spirit Darkhunter, who hates all Que-Shu. After Goldmoon's settlement burns down, Gair learns that the Que-Nal shaman Shadowalker is the culprit. However Gair is concerned about passing this on, since Goldmoon will not approve of Gair's consistent usage of spiritualism. As the fire rages, R'vagho is invaluable in aiding those in trouble, saving both Jasper and his dwarven comrade Redstone. Gair sets foot on the Silver Stair and causes a step to crack. Teams of dwarves begin contructing a great citadel for Goldmoon from the crystals in a nearby mine. Camilla and Gair, lead a team of knights and the elf Iryl Songbrook to request blankets for the settlers, since much was lost in the fire. However the party is ambushed by Que-Nal barbarians. The Que-Nal kill the knights, just as R'vagho arrives to aid the group. Iryl, Gair, R'vagho and Camilla finally drive off the Que-Nal. Camilla herself is mortally wounded from the fighting, but Gair uses mysticism to heal her. R'vagho learns of Gair's necromantic experiments and is almost killed by the elf. Deciding that Goldmoon will only try to stop his burgeoning necromantic powers, Gair throws in his lot with Shadowalker and the Que-Nal. Shadowalker and Gair muster a force of Que-Nal warriors, as well as summon spirit servants to launch a massive attack on Goldmoon's settlement. Camilla makes the choice to climb the Silver Stair and receives a vision of Vinas Solamnus. As the battle rages, the Que-Nal chief Skydancer rouses his loyal warriors to defend Goldmoon and her followers against the rogue Que-Nal. Jasper stops Gair from destroying the Silver Stair, whilst R'vagho claims Gair's sword to destroy the spirit of Gair's father. Goldmoon uses her own powers in conjunction with the Silver Stair to banish all the spirit servants, whilst Gair himself falls from the Silver Stair and is killed by R'vagho, before the spirit of Darkhunter can claim the body. (Source: The Silver Stair)

The Lokhar: Following events of the Chaos War, a new clan of dwarves have emerged in the mountain kingdom of Thorbardin. All those who have been affected by the war and lost their memories have formed the Lokhar, the Unclanned. The Lokhar have their own settlement in the kingdom, called Lobardin. Morvik Narrowshaft tries to help his beloved Shard, who lost her memory in a fight against a shadow wight and is now a Lokhar. Shard believes she was part of the Ironsmelt clan, who were wiped out during the war. Shard learns of a rumor where a human who lost their memory was able to regain it by capturing a shadow wight. Morvik tries to convince Shard to not take this course of action, however she persists, and they end up finding two shadow wights in Hroldeg's Delve. Shard kills one of the wights and captures the other, however Morvik is wounded and the wight has the ability to kill him. Shard is forced to choose between regaining her memory or saving Morvik. Shard chooses to save her love, by killing the wight. Source: Shard's Memory (Rebels & Tyrants)

Lord Sandy's Uprising: The young lad Roder is appointed the task to deliver a message to Lord Laobert, a Knight of Takhisis, by his liege Lord Burnond, also a dark knight. On his way, he aids young Teffen and learns that Teffen's sister Renny has been captured by the bandits of Lord Sandy. Roder learns of rumors that Lord Sandy ruled the area before the dark knights claimed it, and has been undermining their operations ever since. The bandits capture Roder, and in turn dark knights then capture Sandy and his men. Roder tackles Sandy to the ground and learns that Sandy is a girl of his own age. Roder grows increasingly annoyed when he learns that Burnond will never promote him to be a knight, considering him to be far too low class. In turn, he notes that Sandy considers him to be an intelligent spy. As Sandy's execution approaches, Roder watches her escape with the aid of some comrades. Roder does not raise the alarm and allows her to leave. Sandy kisses Roder and promises to meet him again in the future. Source: Nobless Oblige (Heroes & Fools)

The Second Coming of Reorx: A sivak draconian tries to make his way through dwarven lands and into the safety of the Qualinesti forest, where he can join up with fellow draconians. He ambushes a Neidar dwarf and takes the form of his victim to travel through without being attacked. During his travelling he comes across the town of Neidarbard, who are in the midst of their town festival. One drunken dwarf mistakes him for the god Reorx, and the other dwarves take up the cry. Soon the disguised sivak is drunk on mead and filled with roast meat, and just before trying to sneak off, he is asked to rescue two drunk dwarves who are trapped in a giant beehive. The sivak goes into the hive and first rescues Mesk and then supposedly rescues Uldred. Uldred appears reporting that Reorx disappeared into thin air after saving him. The festival continues as Uldred sneaks off towards the direction of Qualinesti forest. Source: Reorx Steps Out (Heroes & Fools)

389 AC/6 SC

The Black Dragon Overlord Arrives: Onysablet, a huge black dragon arrives from across the sea and claims eastern New Sea as hers. After killing all resident dragons, she then alters both Blodehelm and the New Sea into a vast swampland.

Teyr founded: The Knights of Takhisis prosper and expand their knighthood further, extending their influence beyond Neraka and into the surrounding lands. Many draconians flee Neraka and form the free nation of Teyr in the north.

R'vagho's Faith: The gnoll R'vagho takes a leap of faith and chooses to climb the Silver Stair. R'vagho is blessed and succeeds in climbing the magical wonder, becoming the first known enlightened gnoll. (Source: The Silver Stair)

390 AC/7 SC

Development of Magic: Goldmoon further develops mysticism, the new healing magic, and forms proper classes so that she can teach her followers. Palin is made Head of the White Robes and all but leads the Conclave, which is now severely depleted in numbers, due to Chaos War deaths and the loss of magic.

Sosti's Flight: Sosti Crystaltust, brother to Ardian, vanishes from Qualinesti to learn of the world outside and to try and get aid from the Solamnics against the Knights of Takhisis. (Source: Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls Vol.1)

391 AC/8 SC

Citadel of Light built: Dwarven workers complete the Citadel of Light on Schallsea Isle. Goldmoon founds the school of mysticism, as pilgrims from all over Ansalon start to journey to Schallsea Isle to learn the healing arts.

Pyrothraxus claims Mount Nevermind: The red dragon Pyrothraxus arrives in Mount Nevermind and tries to claim the domain for himself. Naturally the gnomes take offence and a war breaks out between the two. Pyrothraxus kills all the attacking gnomes and rests after the battle. However more gnomes sally forth from Mount Nevermind and start to tinker around him. Pyro goes from enraged to insane, as he realises that he has failed to defeat the gnomes.

Ardian's Letter: The Kagonesti elf Linnet appears and delivers a letter to Genin, youngest daughter of the Crystaltust family. The letter tells of Ardian's imprisonment for years by the Knights of Takhisis, and how he has again rejoined the rebels. (Source: Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls Vol.1)

392 AC/9 SC

Beryl's Failure: Malys, Khellendros and Sable expand their realms as their totems increase with each kill. Beryl continues to hunt dragons but still fails to create her own totem.

Gunthar dies/United Knights of Sancrist: A council is called in Castle Uth Wistan over the lack of honor displayed by many of the new knights. The council is chaired by Quintayne Fogorner, High Warrior of the Crown Knights, Meredith Turningdale, High Clerist of the Sword Knights, and Liam Ehrling, High Justice of the Rose Knights. Even though he retired just prior to the Summer of Chaos, Gunthar still holds the title of Grandmaster and presides over the council. Gunthar tells the others to be more lenient of the new knights, whilst reprimanding Sir Limpole for attacking the master of his hounds, the Aghar dwarf Uhoh Riprap. Gunthar then reveals that he has invited a group of Knights of Takhisis to come to the castle to join in talks of unifying the two knighthoods. Shortly after the announcement, the dark knights arrive on blue dragons. The three dark knights Tohr Malen, Alya Starblade and the exiled Silvanesti elf Valian Escu introduce themselves. The skull knight Trevalyn keeps aloof of all introductions. Gunthar begins work on revising the Oath and the Measure, however Liam is worried that the revision is incomplete. Several days later, Gunthar announces a boar hunt, to track down the legendary boar Mannjaegar. Whilst hunting, Gunthar is ambushed by draconians. As the Grandmaster lies dying, he tells Uhoh to warn the Solamnic Knights. Fearing for his life, Uhoh flees to the Aghar colony called Town. The knights find Gunthar's body and deduce that he died in a hunting accident. The great knight's body is returned to the castle and he is buried with full honors, with Revered Daughter Crysania presiding over the ceremony. As Gunthar's will is read, all present are surprised that Uhoh is named as his beneficiary, since Gunthar's sons and wife have already passed into the afterlife. Solamnic Knight, Lady Jessica takes Lady Alya and Sir Valian with her to her garrison in Isherwood, so that the newly titled United Knights of Sancrist can determine whether Lord Ehrling or Governor-General Abrena will become their new leader. (Source: The Rose and the Skull)

Gunthar's Murder Revealed/Revising the Measure: Uhoh meets with his Aghar friends Glabella and Lumpo, and bumps into Nalvarre, a former cleric of Chislev. Uhoh tells Nalvarre about draconians killing Gunthar, and the cleric rushes to the nearby town of Isherwood, where he encounters and informs Jessica, Valian and Alya. The three knights and Nalvarre return with haste to Town, and find that draconians have already abducted Uhoh. Valian, Jessica and Nalvarre return to Isherwood, whilst Alya makes a reconnaisance mission with Highbulp Mommomose I to the draconian lair. She learns that the draconians are led by the Aurak assassin Iulus, who has self-styled himself as Grand Master Iulus, and his offsider, the sivak general Zen. Iulus and Zen parlay with the mad red dragon Pyrothraxus, who eagerly attacks the town of Isherwood at their beckoning. Lord Liam Ehrling continues his work in revising the Measure, whilst noting that Abrena is heavily favored as the new Grandmaster of the United Knights of Sancrist. Valian arrives to inform of the destruction of Isherwood, the murder of Gunthar by draconians, and implicates Trevalyn and Tohr as assisting the draconians in the murder. As members of the two knighthoods grow hostile, any chance of the two knighthoods working together quickly dissolves. Tohr leads the dark knights away from Sancrist, leaving Valian and Alya behind. Pyrothraxus is driven back by silver dragons. A force of Solamnic knights and Valian launch an assault upon the draconians lair, Castle Slagd, learning that Alya is also allied with the draconians. General Zen cuts down Lady Meredith during the fighting, before betraying Iulus and escaping. Glabella and Highbulp Mommomose strike down Iulus with a magic wand, as Sir Ellinghad grabs the dying Iulus and pulls him away from the rest before he explodes and kills them all. The valiant knight is killed in the blast. Valian finally defeats Alya, ending the draconian threat and their allies. Later fighting against the dark knights in Xenos, leads to High Warrior Quintayne's death. Liam, now in the role of Grandmaster of the Solamnic Knights, reveals to Lady Jessica and Sir Valian the revised Measure. And also requests that his part in creating it be kept secret, to honor Lord Gunthar. Liam also asks Valian to join the knighthood, however the elf declines. Uhoh is given his inheritance from Lord Gunthar, and finally mourns the death of his 'papa'. (Source: The Rose and the Skull)

Glep's Great Flying Machine: The inventor Klaus uth Elester rides on a flying machine over the Sirrion Sea. During the flight the machine crashes on Sancrist, and he finds himself near Mount Nevermind. Klaus meets with the gnome Zeeber, fiance of the gnomish inventor Glepstickglogger. Klaus tells of how Glep crashed into his house a while back and Klaus adjusted the machine and took it on a test flight. The gnomes of the Draco-Gnomish society (spies for Pyrothraxus) try to interrogate Klaus and Zeeber, however they are rescued by Glep's teacher, Professor H. The professor sets off the flying machine which causes a red dragon to chase it. Honey is dumped from the machine, which reacts with the dragonfire that the red dragon spews forth, causing an explosion that fires the trio to Solace. The trio land in the house of yet another inventor, who offers to repair the machine to take it on a test flight. Initially Klaus vehemently refuses until the idea of wings is mentioned. Plans for the flying machine continue.... Source: Flight of Fancy (Rebels & Tyrants)

The Mountain God: In a small village in Northern Solamnia, the young girl Mirta is forced into marrying Darthis. Upset over being forced to marriage such an unlikeable man, she flees into the mountains. In the mountains she walks into a cave, directed by a voice claiming to be a god. On returning to the village, she tells of a mountain god and wields an odd talon. On thrusting the talon into the ground, a spring appears, causing other villagers to whisper about the powers of the mountain god. Darthis is enraged over the foolishness of people believing in the mountain god and journeys to the cave. In the cave he finds the green dragon Jade, who consumes Darthis. Mirta returns to the cave and uses the talon to wound the dragon. The dragon thrashes in the cave, bringing the mountain down upon it as Mirta flees. Mirta returns to her village, and leads the small village from that day onward. Source: Mirta's God (Dragon #230)

Jarrad's dreams of knighthood: The young pig farmer Jarrad Borfson, decides to become a Knight of Solamnia, and journeys to the Whitestone Glade to make his pledge. On the way, he is attacked by two Knights of Takhisis, however he bests both of them. A Solamnic patrol comes across Jarrad and leads him into Castle Uth Wistan where he sits before the high council. Jarrad receives a vision of himself as a knight, and also learns of true honor. He returns to where the injured dark knights lay, and binds their wounds. Solamnic Knights watch Jarrad, and Lord Liam Ehrling offers him a place in the knighthood. Jarrad decides that he is better suited to being a farmer and defending his village in the local militia, politing declining the offer. Source: Measure of the Home Guard (Dragon #231)

393 AC/10 SC

Riva's Tale of Wistan: Fleeing from a draconian patrol, Riva Silvercrown, weakened by a kapak's poison, leaves her dead dragon Ktarrh behind. She comes across a small house, which is inhabited only by Darial and Shaya, two children whose parents were recently killed by draconians. The children bury their parents before Riva falls unconscious. Darial and Shaya hide Riva in a hay wagon as draconians search for her, then take her to a local healer. The healer draws the toxins out of Riva's system, bringing her into an awakened state. Riva and the children are forced to flee again, as the draconians find them. Riva tells the children the tale of Wistan Dawnbringer, before a flight of bronze dragons ridden by Solamnic Knights appear. Riva delivers a scroll to the knights, allowing them to uncover the draconian hideout and defeat them. The knights deliver the magical scroll to Palin Majere, who uses it to weaken and transport the draconians to his tower where they can be easily subdued. Riva finishes the tale of Wistan for the children, telling of the end of winter so that spring can dawn. (Source: DC DL Comics #17-20)

The Forestmaster Imprisoned/Battles of the Centaur Tribes: Dezra Majere causes havoc through Solace, stealing and brawling. Tired of her antics, Caramon throws her out of the house. The suddenly destitute Dezra is approached by the centaur Trephas, who offers her a large amount of steel coins to aid him in Darken Wood. Dezra agrees and leaves with Trephas. Caramon worries that the centaur has abducted his daughter, setting forth to find her and bring her back. The bard Borlos and young Uwen accompany Caramon on his quest. In Darken Wood, Dezra and Trephas are attacked by a group of strange-looking centaurs. Caramon, Borlos and Uwen arrive and aid in driving off the centaur warriors, who Trephas refers to as Skorenoi. Trephas then explains that he hired Dezra as bait to draw Caramon into the forest, so that he could help the centaur warriors in defeating Lord Chrethon, who has captured the Forestmaster. He goes on to explain that Lord Chrethon is aiding a servant of Chaos, the daemon tree Grimbough, who is corrupting the forest and has already altered Chrethon's tribe into the evil Skorenoi. The group begins to journey to Ithax, meeting place of the centaur chieftains. En route to Ithax, Skorenoi ambush the party again and Uwen is killed in the assault. The group defeats the Skorenoi and reach Ithax, where the surviving four chieftains ask Caramon to bring back the magical axe Soulsplitter, to destroy Grimbough. The corrupted satyr Hurach, spies on the meeting and reports back to Lord Chrethon. The Skorenoi chieftain determines to locate the axe and use it on the Forestmaster to kill her. (Source: Dezra's Quest)

Grimbough and Chrethon Undone: Caramon and his group find themselves before a group of dryads, who aid them in journeying to the land of the sprites, who are believed to be the ones to last possess Soulsplitter. The king of the sprites, Laird Guithern, tells the group that his ancestors left the axe in an old tower, protected by a stone golem simply called the Guardian. Dezra manages to get into the tower and recovers the magical axe. In the meantime, Chrethon and his Skorenoi attack Ithax, cutting down chieftain Menelachos and a large number of the centaur forces. Caramon and his group return, and are soon joined by the sprites Fanium and Ellianthe. Learning of Ithax's destruction, Trephas leads the group to the secret centaur hideout Lysandon. Hurach tracks the group to Lysandon, steals Soulsplitter and flees back to Lord Chrethon. Dezra decides to take her money and leave Darken Wood to it's fate, however Borlos tells the selfish girl off for her callous behaviour. Dezra, somewhat cowed, joins Caramon, Trephas and Borlos in making their way to Grimbough's Vale. As the group leave, the Skorenoi launch an attack upon Lysandon. However Fanium and Ellianthe lead the sprite army to aid the centaur defenders, and the combined forces defeat the Skorenoi. Lord Chrethon uses Soulsplitter on the Forestmaster, weakening her. Arriving in the vale, Caramon kills Hurach, and then Trephas slays Chrethon in battle. Caramon grabs at his chest, whilst Grimbough tries to claim Trephas. However Dezra takes up Soulsplitter and kills Grimbough with it. Caramon dies from a heart attack, however the Forestmaster is freed and uses her horn to bring Caramon back to life. With the fighting now over, Borlos decides to remain in Darken Wood, whilst Caramon and Dezra return to Solace, offering a farewell to Trephas and the centaurs. (Source: Dezra's Quest)

394 AC/11 SC

Freedom from Sol-Fallon: General Konnal returns to Sol-Fallon to finally execute Gilthanas, however a group of griffins rescue the prince and fly him out of Silvanesti. Gilthanas is later discovered by the wanderer Amam Daun on the edge of Gal Tra'kalas (the Missing City). Aman takes the elf to a healer and introduces him to Falaius Taneek, leader of the local Legion of Steel unit. Falaius aids the elf, once he is fully healed, in making his way to the town of Purstal. (Source: Odyssey of Gilthanas)

The Silvanesti Shield/Inn Rebuilt: After Gilthanas' escape, General Konnal orders a magical shield to be raised over Silvanesti, to prevent anyone entering or leaving their realm. A mysterious green dragon is rumored to be trapped inside the shield and Silvanesti elves start to disappear. Caramon rebuilds the new Inn after the destruction of the first, years earlier.

395 AC/12 SC

The White Dragon Overlord: The large white dragon Gellidus arrives in Southern Ergoth, wreaking devastation and killing off both elves, humans and other dragons. After a short time, Gellidus creates a totem and changes Southern Ergoth into a huge glacial region, proclaiming himself the White Dragon Overlord.

The Heretical Playwrights: The former cleric Daev works with his assistant Kael to create a book about the stars for their patron High Cleric Tiranus. Tiranus warns Daev to adher to the ideas of Paladine's followers that the world is shaped like a flat shield, rather than the ideas of Takhisis' followers that the world is shaped like a bowl. Worried that the Joyous Faithful Guard will burn them as heretics for their book, the Notorious Booke of Starres, the pair travel on the side of caution. Kael inserts his mathematical essays into the book as it is distributed, much to the delight of the kender associate Frenni. The essay is viewed as being heretical, and Daev is soon imprisoned and marked for execution the following day. The leader of the Joyous Faithful Guard, High Cleric Palak, prepares to burn Daev at the stake, however a pregnant woman demands that Daev must marry her before their child is born. The crowd calls for the marriage to go ahead, and an unwilling Palak presides over the marriage whilst Frenni (under Kael's dress) unlocks Daev's manacles. Women in the crowd toss flowers in the fire, causing a smokescreen to be created, allowing Daev, Frenni and Kael to escape. Free from danger, Daev learns that Kael is actually a female called Kela, who hid her gender so that she could become a scholar in the church. Kela reveals her love for Daev, and she also reveals her inventions, mechanical journals and the concept of a printing press. Daev determines to turn to writing plays, and Frenni offers to help them as an actor. Source: The Notorious Booke of Starres (Relics & Omens)

Meeting at Stone Rose: Gilthanas arrives in the garden of Stone Rose, where he speaks with Tam Granger, the garden's keeper. Tam speaks to the elven prince of duty and love, before Gilthanas departs. (Source: Odyssey of Gilthanas)

396 AC/13 SC

Belladonna leads the Hylo kender: Belladonna Juniper (also known as Billie), takes the reins of leadership over the kender refugees in Hylo. Goblins to the south of Hylo makes threats against the kender, causing Belladonna to raise the defenses and lead her people wisely.

Solamnics learn mysticism: Revered Daughter Crysania journeys to Sancrist, where she offers her wisdom to the Solamnic High Council. Now versed in mysticism, Lady Crysania convinces Grandmaster Liam Ehrling to send representatives of the Sword and Rose Knights to learn mysticism from Goldmoon, to strengthen the knighthood in the new age.

The Frozen Past Arch: Gilthanas trudges across Icewall, encountering some vicious thanoi. After fighting with the thanoi, the elf jumps in a mysterious boat and finds himself drifting off to sleep before mumbling about wanting to go to Elian Wilds. (Source: Odyssey of Gilthanas)

The Playwrights and Samael's Recipes: The new playwrights Daev, Kela and Frenni journey to Xak Faoleen to perform their first play. On their travels Frenni has acquired a dog which he names Tasslehoff, and have also picked up the alchemist Samael. The alchemist hopes that the playwrights will print his herbal recipes with their printing press to make him famous. Daev grows increasingly jealous of Samael, as Kela pays him more attention than to Daev. However as they reach Xak Faoleen, word reaches High Cleric Palak that Daev is still alive. He sends the assassin Tulean to hunt the playwright. As the group prepare their play, they discover that Frenni has altered Samael's recipes to spice them up. Horrified at the potential results, Samael tries to stop the spread of the recipes. Tulean arrives and tries to kill Daev during the play, however some powder gets spilt on the assassin, causing him to fall in love with Elayna, a rather burly villager. Tulean is knocked unconscious by Elayna, and the playwrights escape Xak Faoleen. Daev realises his foolish jealousy towards Samael, when Kela kisses him and proclaims her love for the silly playwright. Source: A Pinch of This, a Dash of That (Heroes & Fools)

397 AC/14 SC

Gellidus' Blizzard: A centaur from the Red Wand tribe tracks an icebear that has travelled from Icewall to the Plains of Dust. Even though a blizzard rages across the plains, the centaur persists in hunting the bear. He notes that a human also hunts the ice bear, however after a while, the human refuses to go any further. Eventually the centaur tracks down the bear and kills it, only to learn that the bear was running from a huge white dragon. Gellidus increases the intensity of the ice storm, causing the centaur to regret stubbornly hunting the bear and to lay down and die in the cold. Source: Icefall (Relics and Omens)

Stenndunuus claims the Plains of Dust: The plainsman Warred shows a female plainswoman Shayne, how he has learnt to heat rocks with a form of arcane magic. As they marvel over the newfound power, a great blue dragon called Stenndunuus arrives on the Plains of Dust and destroys their village. The surviving villagers, led by Warred and Shayne flee the vicinity, coming across the Red Wand centaur tribe, who has also had their village destroyed. Both centaurs and humans band together so that they can survive in the new age. Source: Thunder and Ice (Dragon Magazine #233)

Iyesta claims half of the Plains of Dust: Months later, the humans and centaurs form the small nation of Duntollik. Shortly after, the great brass dragon Iyesta arrives on the Plains of Dust and challenges the vicious Stenndunuus. Eventually each realises that they cannot defeat the other, and choose to claim half of the Plains of Dust as their domain, each declaring themselves a Dragonlord. Word begins to spread of folk who have discovered how to harness sorcerous magic, and use arcane magic in the new age. Source: 5th Age Dramatic Adventure

Cleareyes' Voices: In Hylo, the kender Cleareyes tells his comrade Walkagain about hearing voices that warn him of danger. His friend doesn't believe in the voices, until they meet with Cleareyes beloved, Belladonna, leader of Hylo. Truesilver, Belladonna's cat, runs away. Cleareyes and Walkagain offer to find and return the cat. Cleareyes' voice warns him of danger and leads him to the goblins who have captured the cat. One of the goblins tells the kender that their shaman requires the cat, which they believe to be a mythical creature. The shaman believes that if they kill the cat through a strange ritual, then all the dragons and dragon overlords will drop dead. Cleareyes rescues the cat and returns it to Belladonna, whilst Walkagain wonders if there is any truth to the rumor. Source: Voices (Relics and Omens)

398 AC/15 SC

Takhisis' Vision Returns/Sara Dunstan dies: Evil mystics within the Knights of Takhisis recreate the Vision for their troops. The Vision tells all to be ready for the Queen's return. Sara Dunstan dies, leaving a legacy for her Legion to continue. The barbarian Silver Claw is named her successor.

399 AC/16 SC

Fenalysten, Mohrlex and Lorrinar Arrive: The huge red dragon Fenalysten claims a domain in north-central Ansalon, whilst the green dragon Lorrinar claims the Astivar Mountains as his home. The black dragon Mohrlex migrates to the Great Moors of Nordmaar, turning the vast swamp into his new home. None of these three dragons have the power to create totems, so can only self-style themselves as Dragonlords.

The Kender's Magic Trick: The black-robed mage Cyrenar and his lackey Fharris capture the kender adventurer Tangletoe Thistleknot. The young kender shows a treasure map to Cyrenar, with the mark of 'peculiar artifact' on it. Cyrenar and Fharris march Tangletoe to the location designated in the map, and find a Solamnic knight who is guarding the supposed treasure. Cyrenar tricks the knight into revealing that the treasure is a magical scroll, that supposedly will double the magical power for white robes, and make the power of a black-robe increase tenfold. Tangletoe assists Cyrenar in convincing the knight to let him dig up the artifact. On finding the scroll, the mage reads it and learns the final line which tells that if read in the presence of a kender, the mage is cursed with losing their voice. Fharris and Cyrenar leave in defeat. The knight thanks Tangletoe, revealing that they had a prearranged plan to undo the dark mage. Source: A Most Peculiar Artifact (Relics and Omens)

400 AC/17 SC

Cryonisis and Frisindia claim Icewall: Twin white dragons, Crynosis and Frisindia defeat the resident ruler of Icewall, the large white dragon Sleet, and then set about killing off all other resident white dragons. Soon enough, the pair claim Icewall to be their domain. However both are unable to create totems, and can only claim the title of Dragonlords.

The Boojum: The kender Tangletoe Thistleknot soon finds himself in trouble again when he is captured by Commander Mannarling of the Knights of Takhisis. The kender warns the commander and his knights of the fearsome monster called Boojum, offering to lead them to it's lair. The knights agree to find the Boojum, eager to test out their new weapon which fires explosives iron balls. Tangletoe's friend, the Solamnic Knight, scares the dark knights whilst he is disguised as the Boojum, however soon both the knight and the kender find themselves in great danger. Soon enough the real Boojum appears, as Tangletoe loads the dark knights' weapon and fires it at them. All of the evil knights are killed, and the Boojum stands over the fallen body of the Solamnic knight. However the knight reveals he was only playing a joke on his companion, and explains that he befriended the Boojum in the forest asking for it's aid, whilst Tangletoe was getting himself captured. After some examination, the pair learn that the fearsome 'death machine' of the dark knights, is simply a gnomish popcorn maker. Source: Boojum, Boojum (Heroes and Fools)

The Rise of Sir Drawde: The young thief Theo Drawde, is caught by Knights of Takhisis whilst trying to steal in Palanthas. He is offered the choice of being punished by the authorities, or to join their ranks. Left with little choice, the young lad joins the dark knights, proving himself to be a capable squire in the Order of the Lily. He later goes on to become one of the most powerful and promising dark knights in the new era. Source: One Moon, Not Three (Heroes of Sorcery)

401 AC/18 SC

Creating Dragonspawn: Khellendros learns that by infusing the spirit of a draconian into the body of a human, he can create dragonspawn. The dragonspawn is a mighty creature, far more powerful than either human or draconian and completely loyal to Khellendros. Khellendros begins to amass an army of spawn, keeping the creation process secret from the other overlords.

Claren Elian: Gilthanas finds that the enchanted boat has taken him to Elian Wilds, right near the edge of the city of Claren Elian. The leader of Claren Elian, the Superior Master, takes care of Gilthanas and tells him that the enchanted boat can take it's passengers anywhere, but always puts them in an enchanted sleep for five years before reaching their destination. The pair speak about current events, and the Superior Master introduces his fellow warrior Master of Rank Solov to the elven prince. Gilthanas leaves on the boat just as the Emissary of Malystryx arrives in Claren Elian. The Emissary orders the Superior Master to organise the deaths of Gilthanas and Silvara, once she learns that Gilthanas has been at Claren Elian. Master of Rank Solov is sent to Ansalon to learn of Gilthanas for a few years, and to kill him when he resurfaces in five years from the enchanted boat. (Source: Odyssey of Gilthanas)

403 AC/20 SC

Overlord Expansion/The Shadow Sorcerer: Malys expands the Desolation further, covering all of eastern Ansalon, with the exception of a few cities and towns along the coast. Khellendros' Blue Wastes broaden further across Northern Solamnia, whilst Sable's great swamp swallows more of the surrounding lands. Gellidus' great glacier grows in size, chilling the surrounding areas. Out of Malys' Desolation walks a figure calling itself the Shadow Sorcerer, able to wield great sorcerous powers.

The Sword of Tears: The former cleric of Mishakal, Hermetes, locates a strange sword near the corpse of a minotaur. The sword speaks to Hermetes, telling him that it is the fabled Sword of Tears and of the heroes who have wielded it in the past. The sword tells Hermetes that it can restore his cherished town of Kerman to the peaceful land it was in the days before the departure of the gods. Initially the sword uses it's power to heal the sick of Kerman. However soon a rival called Kras, tries to dispose of the upstart former cleric. The Sword of Tears relishes in killing Hermetes' enemies, even though the former cleric tries to stop it. Eventually Lord Draytor speaks with Hermetes, asking him to stop his mad 'cleansing' of the city. Hermetes begins to realise that the sword is controlling him, and teleports himself and the sword back to the mountain where he found it. To end the evil, Hermetes summons a massive lightning bolt to strike the mountain. After the lightning strike and the subsequent avalanche, the mountain is practically destroyed. Now ruler of the city, Lord Draytor checks the mountain and determines that Hermetes was destroyed in the blast. He then begins to ponder whether he should try and locate the former cleric's magical sword... Source: Sword of Tears (Relics and Omens)

Griff's Vengeance: The assassin Griff Rees (known to most as Killer Griff), meets up with his old comrade the dwarf Broc. After greeting one another, the pair are surprised by the young lady Olwynn Haugh, who requests their aid. The lady asks if they can take her and her baby daughter Cae to Haven, offering a valuable necklace as a reward. Griff notes an odd ring that is bound to the necklace, which seems to disturb him for some reason. Broc is concerned over a goblin who watches them closely and listens to Olwynn's offer of the necklace. Griff accepts Olwynn's offer and the lady retires for the night. Shortly after, Griff tells Broc about how he was forced into serving the Knights of Takhisis by the knight Ash Guth, after the evil knight killed his family, and how he believes that Olwynn is his daughter, because of the ring she carries, which was Guth's. The next day as the group travels through Darken Wood, a group of human and goblin bandits ambush the group, cutting down Olwynn. Broc, Griff and Cae manage to escape the bandits, making their way to Haven, where they find that Ash Guth has remade himself into a merchant called Egil Adare. As Griff and Broc confront the former dark knight, the assassin reveals who he is and tells of Olwynn's death. Guth begs Griff to spare Cae's life as the assassin rages at him. Griff takes everything that Guth possesses, including Cae. Broc returns to the life of a mercenary, whilst Griff purchases land in Estwilde to make his way as a farmer. Griff succeeds in turning his life around on the farm, where he raises his cherished little girl Cae. Source: The Road Home (Heroes and Fools)

406 AC/23 SC

Gilthanas, Governor of Kalaman: Gilthanas' boat surfaces near the Dragon's Graveyard, where he encounters the bronze dragon Sterellus. The dragon tells Gilthanas that he knows nothing of Silvara, although after some encouragement the dragon admits that Silvara visited him and told that she was journeying to see a friend in the mountains. Sterellus passes away shortly after, as he is dying from a strange disease. Seeking more information, Gilthanas travels to the nearby city of Kalaman. He meets with Tierrel Rychner, Lord Mayor of Kalaman, and his chief advisor Migel Aurrafil. Migel convinces Gilthanas to stay in Kalaman and accept his former role of governor, on the proviso that Gilthanas may leave once he gets any word of Silvara. Black-clad assassins appear in Kalaman, however Gilthanas (with the aid of the city guards) manage to defeat and kill them all. (Source: Odyssey of Gilthanas)

Linsha's Quest of Honor: Linsha Majere, newly promoted into the ranks of the Knights of the Rose, is asked to enter a clandestine circle. Linsha is troubled over what she views to be a less than honorable mission, and visits the Whitestone Glade for some answers. After meditating for two days, she is attacked by the knight Sir Wandyll, who is jealous over her accomplishments. Linsha overcomes the knight with a piece of Whitestone and finds peace within herself. Now that she feels her Quest of Honor is over, she determines to join the clandestine circle in Sanction. (Source: Odyssey of Gilthanas)

407 AC/24 SC

Battles of High Sorcery: The Wizards of High Sorcery fight one another for power, bitter and despairing over the loss of magic for such a long period of time. Palin Majere attains the role of Head of the Conclave, still searching for the new magic that his uncle Raistlin told him about years ago.

Rumors of Silvara: Word reaches the citizens of Kalaman, that Silvara has been visiting an old kyrie hermit at the Peak of Clouds in the Astivar Mountains. Migel tries to keep the rumor quiet, so that Gilthanas will stay in Kalaman, however his wife Jennetta tells the elf against her husband's wishes. Gilthanas sets forth once more on his quest, as Jennetta herself leaves the city, to begin a new life filled with adventure. Gilthanas reaches the Peak of Clouds where he meets with the ancient kyrie Keelak, trying to learn more of Silvara. The kyrie tells the elf that he will only tell him where Silvara is located if he will study with him and master three schools of sorcery. Gilthanas agrees. (Source: Odyssey of Gilthanas)

408 AC/25 SC

Beryl's Totem: Finally Beryl manages to create her own totem. Almost instantly she causes the forest of Qualinesti to grow and spread beyond it's present borders. Beryl then shows the elves how she can steal their life force. The elves hand over all power to the Green Dragon Overlord, as Gilthas increasingly becomes little more than a puppet king. Beryl then turns her concentration on locating the Tower of Wayreth, to claim it's magic for herself, however she fails to locate it. Alhana Starbreeze determines to raise a large army of elves to free both Qualinesti and Silvanesti, so that her son Silvanoshei can rule a united elven kingdom.

Est Sularas Oth Mithas: A Solamnic knight remembers how his wife was killed by a marauding green dragon, possibly a lesser dragon of Beryl. The knight hunts down and defeats the dragon at the cost of his own life. His reward however, are the words "I love thee Alric" as his world turns black. Source: Est Sularas Oth Mithas (Rebels & Tyrants)

The Peak of Clouds/Gilthanas' Assassins: Gilthanas spends a year with Keelak and masters divination, enchantment and aeromancy. Shortly before asking Keelak for information on Silvara, a group of black-clad assassins appear, dressed the same as those in Kalaman. Gilthanas cuts down the assassins, although Keelak is mortally wounded in the skirmish. The kyrie dies in Gilthanas' arms, as he tells the elf to look for Silvara in the gnomes' tower by the sea. Solov hunts for Gilthanas in Palanthas, where dark knights bring him before Khellendros, as he mentions being an agent of Malys. Khellendros asks him to capture Gilthanas for him, but continue to kill Silvara as the Emissary beckoned. The Blue Overlord then offers the services of the female elf Stalker, who works for him, as well as the news that Gilthanas was last sighted in Kalaman. Solov and Stalker take off in pursuit of the elven prince, hearing another rumor on the road that the prince went to the Astivar Mountains. Eventually the two separate, finding each other's company to their dislike. Stalker gives a magical ring to Solov, so that either can contact the other if they find any trace of the elven prince. (Source: Odyssey of Gilthanas)

The Aghar's Treasure: The Aghar dwarves Glug and Lurd come across treasure hunters in a mine. Hearing that the men are looking for Treasure, the Aghar drop shiny rocks to lead them in the right direction....since they are clearly going the wrong way. Eventually the miners follow the Aghar 'rock-trail' and enter a huge cavern filled completely with gold, jewels and other valuable well as the Aghar's pet monster Treasure. The monster kills the men and leaves all their armor, weapons and equipment, which the Aghar claim for themselves. Source: The Deep, Deep, Dark, Dark Place (Rebels and Tyrants)

The Magical Rod: The kobolds Molay and Redge, catch and eat some Aghar dwarves. As they pick over the remains, they find a magical fishing pole that one of the gully dwarves owned. However their discovery is interrupted by three bugbears who kill them. The bugbears Bear-snout, Scar-chest and One-eye then proceed to fish with the rod. However an ettin wanders across their path, killing the bugbears before resting to fish with the magical rod. Whilst fishing a small brown spider creeps over to the ettin and bites it. The ettins dies from poison as the rod floats away, however soon the rod floats back to it's original position near the spider. Source: Catch of the Day (Rebels and Tyrants)

Onysablet's Servant: The brothers Oleth and Eliamm escape a rampaging tylor that chases them, by ducking into a small cave. After the tylor grows bored and leaves, the brothers return home to find their family missing and their house in ruins. The two journey to a neighbouring house to find bodies and the gypsy Fessik in the middle of robbing from the dead. They capture Fessik and learn that he is helping slavers, who may have captured their family. They take his wagon and abandon the gypsy to find the slave caravan. On locating the slaver, they find that the tylor is a beast of burden which pulls the wagon containing the slaves. A hunchback proves to the slaver, and Oleth dresses up like Fessik to trick the slaver into leaving the wagon. Eliamm beats the hunchback to near death, however Oleth intervenes and stops his brother from killing the slaver. The pair then find the keys and free all the slaves before burning the slave caravan. As the group travels back to their homes, they are surprised by a black dragonspawn, which reveals that it posed as a hunchback for a disguise. The spawn tells the brothers that it serves the great Onysablet before killing Eliamm. Oleth manages to kill the spawn by knocking it off the side of a bridge. Oleth then carries Eliamm's body back to the wagon, where he can sleep in the open, as he always loved to do. Source: Blood Ties (Rebels and Tyrants)

The Green-Robed Mage: A former white-robed wizard named Finkle, is found wandering in the Plains of Dust by a merchant. The former wizard is now wearing green robes, and speaks of being in communion with Solinari and how he is able to harness the gifts of the gods. Finkle speaks in rhymes and is considered a mad fool, until he displays his power and for the first time in the Fifth Age, sorcery is seen upon Ansalon. No-one can understand how this mad mage developed the skills to understand sorcery, however few credit his tales of spending time with the gods. Source: One Moon, Not Three (Heroes of Sorcery)

409 AC/26 SC

Winston's Tower/Linsha's Rescue: After some searching, Gilthanas finds the 'gnomes tower by the sea' on Karthay. The elven prince wanders into the tower, only to find the dead bodies of gnomes, presumably killed by their own experiments. On further searching, he finds and rescues the elf Lethagas, as well as two surviving gnomes, Drussi and Spudder. The gnomes tell Gilthanas that Silvara visited them a few years back, but know nothing more of her whereabouts. The elves leave the tower, where Gilthanas is cut by a gnomish device and poisoned. Linsha Majere, disguised as Lynn of Gateway, takes a job with the sell-swords Lonar, Kresh and four other men, to gather crystals from the Valley of Crystal for Lord Hogan Bight. During the job, the group is ambushed by Khurrish bandits, and only Lonar, Kresh and Lynn survive. On their return, Lonar confronts Lynn about her background, insisting that she her fighting is that of a trained knight. Believing her to be a dark knight, he knocks her unconscious. Kresh tries to force himself on her, however Lynn regains consciousness and kills him. Lonar then tries to kill Lynn, however he is cut down by Gilthanas, who appears from nowhere with his companion Lethagas. Gilthanas confuses Linsha with Tika in his poisoned and maddened state, however he soon gains some clarity when Linsha uses her mystic powers on him. The elven pair leave, as Leth continues to try to find a cure to the poison which is slowly killing the elven prince, believing that Godshome may provide an answer. (Source: Odyssey of Gilthanas)

410 AC/27 SC

The Coming of Brynseldimer: The great sea dragon Brynseldimer migrates to the waters near Dimernost. Brine terrorises the elves and names Dimernest and the surrounding seas as part of his domain, claiming the title of Sea Dragon Overlord.

Search for a cure: Gilthanas and Lethagas reach Godshome, as the prince's condition grows even worse. Lethagas realises that no magic is left in Godshome, and that no cure can be found here. In anger, he rails at the gods in the sky, before deciding to try the River of Healing in Solamnia. The pair reach the famed river and after Lethagas washes Gilthanas in it's waters, his madness disappears and he is finally cured of the poison. The elves resume their search for Silvara, entering the port city of Hargoth and learning nothing. Eventually they decide to return to Qualinesti. (Source: Odyssey of Gilthanas)

Plague of the Sea: A Dimernesti scavenging party, led by Duqay, Rulbir and Telyil, searches through underwater shipwrecks. The party travels carefully now that a great sea dragon has been hunting the elves. In their search they find a human survivor as well as much needed materials. Telyil leads the survivor Dalan to the surface. In return, Dalan tells the Dimernesti about the fearsome emerald sphere that causes a plague to those who touch it, and that he himself is dying. Telyil races back to the scavenging party to warn her comrades not to go near the sphere, however many of them are already dying. She then takes the sphere to the cave of the great sea dragon, hoping to kill it with the plague, as Telyil herself feels her life slipping away quickly. Source: Scavengers (Relics and Omens)

A Little Piece of Chaos: The peddler Habakor tries to sell wares in a small village. All of his wares have reportedly being wielded by someone famous, or slain a mighty warrior or beast. The young lad Jamie is rather impressed, however his father discounts them as merely the lies of an old peddler. Habakor then visits Jamie's father and asks him to reproduce the so-called 'magical weapons' for further sales. He offers to pay the blacksmith with a vial of black liquid, supposedly containing a piece of Chaos. The blacksmith knocks the vial away, believing this to be another of Habakor's lies, however on breaking, a shadow wight appears. Jamie uses a poker to drive the beast into the forge where it slowly dwindles away to nothing. Habakor thinks about the possibility of more vials being around, and discusses it with Jamie and his father. Father and son decide to find more vials, as Habakor is given over control of the smithy. Source: Relics (Relics and Omens)

411 AC/28 SC

The Last Conclave: Arcane magic still continues to fail in the Age of Mortals. The only workable magic is that of items that were imbued with magic before the gods departed. Rumors continue of wizards who have begun to learn how to access magic from the world around them. Palin Majere meets with the Shadow Sorcerer and the Master of the Tower, at the Tower of Wayreth to discuss the loss of magic and how mages will operate in the new age. The Shadow Sorcerer tells the pair about sorcery, and how to harness it. The mages decide to completely disband the Orders of High Sorcery, and turn themselves over entirely to the use of sorcery. The three use the new magic to drive Beryl off from Qualinesti itself. The Shadow Sorcerer vanishes, as Palin determines to teach other people about sorcery. (Source: Dawning of a New Age)

Lord Knight of the Thorn: Compgroup Commander Theo Drawde witnesses the three sorcerers use their arcane magic to drive off Beryl. Completely overcome by their powers, the panicked knight blindly charges into the Qualinesti forest and collapses. He awakens to find the Shadow Sorcerer standing over him, who teaches him the basics of sorcery, and instructs him to return to the dark knights and to practice sorcery in the Dark Queen's name. On his return, Theo became an adept in sorcery, mastering several schools. He gained the notice of Mirielle Abrena, and was soon charged with reorganising the Order of the Thorn. Theo Drawde was promoted to a Lord Knight and given control of the Thorn Knights. Source: One Moon, Not Three (Heroes of Sorcery)

Solov's Hunt/Solostaran's Sons United: Solov's ring tingles, advising him that Stalker has found Gilthanas. He uses the ring and is transported near Qualinesti, where he finds Gilthanas and Lethagas, but no sign of Stalker. Solov approaches Gilthanas and attacks him without explanation, as the confused elf fights back. Solov is killed in the deadly duel, as the prince mourns Solov's death and is confused over the attack. Gilthanas and Lethagas enter Qualinesti and reach Anaya's Tree, where Gil is reunited with his brother Porthios. Porthios tells his brother that Silvara has dwelt on Sancrist for some time, as a young Kagonesti elf appears near the group, telling how she just escaped by the dark knights. The elf introduces herself as Alla, thanking Lethagas for his aid, and asking to flee with them. Lethagas, Alla and Gilthanas make the journey to Sancrist. (Source: Odyssey of Gilthanas)

Alla Kidnapped/Lady Arlena Plata: On Sancrist, Gilthanas, Lethagas and Alla enter Castle Uth Wistan, where they speak with Lord Liam Ehrling about current events. Later Alla is kidnapped by strange figures on Leth's griffons. Lady Sheryl tells Lord Liam, Gilthanas and Lethagas that she believes those responsible are with a dark cult who worship near Raekel's Pit. In Castle Eastwatch on the isle of Sancrist, the Rose Knight, Lady Arlena Plata, thinks of Gilthanas. The knight, also known as the silver dragon Silvara, muses over her love for the elf, and decides that she must finally put it all aside, as he must have never truly loved her, only the thought of her as an elf... (Source: Odyssey of Gilthanas)

412 AC/29 SC

Founding of the Academy of Sorcery: Palin Majere teaches many people how to utilise sorcery. As the number of students grows, Palin decides to build a teaching academy. Near Solace, he founds the Academy of Sorcery, where all willing students are accepted.

Raekel's Pit/Gilthanas the Slave: The two elves accompany Solamnic Knights to Raekel's Pit, where they are ambushed by dark knights. Alla appears and tells the elves that she is truly Stalker, an agent of Khellendros, who led them to their capture. Lethagas and Gilthanas are taken into custody and thrown onto a slave ship. Gilthanas awakens to find himself trapped on a slave ship operated by the Knights of Takhisis. With nothing else to do, he tells his tale to his fellow elven slaves. (Source: Odyssey of Gilthanas)

Beryl attacks Thorbardin/Severus' Exile: The Green Dragon Overlord Beryllinthranox sends a host of her green dragons to assault Thorbardin. In retaliation, the Daewar prophet Severus Stonehand decides to use a fire dragon's egg against her. Thane Hornfel attempts to stop Severus, as well as fend off the attacks from a draconian assassin. Severus reveals that he is going to hatch the egg and use the fire dragon as an ally against Beryl. As the green dragons attack the egg is broken, setting off a massive explosion that wipes out the green dragons and a good portion of Thorbardin itself. The dwarves close up their mountain kingdom once more, exiling Severus for his use of the fire egg. Hill dwarves in the surrounding region also flee to Abanasinia, whilst Severus and his followers decide to find their ancient home in the Khalkist Mountains. Source: The Gift of Fire (Dragon #232)

Usha's Charm: Usha Majere summons one of Palin's students, the diviner/pyromancer Madoc ap Westhos, to escort Lady Aline Caroel to her wedding in Haven, as well as safeguard a magical charm. Aline's marriage is arranged so that she can use her fiance's vast wealth to fund the spies who aid Qualinesti elves in escaping from Beryl's grasp. On the journey to Haven, they witness bandits butcher a family of elves. As Aline weeps for the elves, Madoc accidentally releases the charm's magic whilst trying to comfort the girl. The charm makes Madoc realise how wonderful Aline is, and makes him fall in love with her. The two make love and are infatuated with one another, however Aline realises her duty to insists on going ahead with her arranged marriage in Haven. Madoc is praised in Haven for delivering Aline, and quickly departs after watching his love get married away to someone else. Source: Lost Causes (Rebels and Tyrants)

Spawn of Khellendros: The assassin Vance is captured and charged over murdering Knight-General Krakus. Vance tells his fellow inmates about why he killed Krakus and of his mentor Sivaan. An inmate who is an old lady, appears to be extremely interested in Vance's tale, before she morphs into the form of Sivaan. The draconian then takes all the prisoners back to the Northern Wastes, where Khellendros alters them into dragonspawn. One of the spawn retains memories of being a master assassin but little else, and determines to kill those who spread word of Khellendros' might. Source: Firstborn (Dragon #234)

413 AC/30 SC

Thoradin Reborn: Severus Stonehand and his followers reach Zhakar, and easily conquer the plagued dwarves. Severus uses his healing powers of mysticism to cure the mold plague. The Daewar prophet then tells the Zhakar to serve as his subjects or be exiled from their mountain home. Severus then alters the name of the kingdom from Zhakar back to Thoradin.

Dragon Purge Ends: Malystryx meets with the other four surface Dragon Overlords, in regards to the continued fights amongst the dragons, and the growth in power. All five overlords agree to divide Ansalon between them and to end the Dragon Purge. The five also agree that they will all aid each other against any kind of assault from other dragons. The overlords strengthen their armies and recruit more servants, to solidify the hold they have on their domains.

Red Horn's Journal: The minotaur warrior Red Horn and his human comrade Dromel, make a plan to scour the ruins of Enstar for treasure. Dromel acquires an archaic submarine made by the gnome Pate, and also gets help from a Kagonesti called Hunter, and a kender known as Twig. Leaving Pate onboard, the others disembark at Enstar and try to steer clear of the many shadow wights on the island. When they return to the ship, they find a gnome's clothes, and assume that the gnome must have been a stowaway, since none of them recall journeying to Enstar with a gnome. Hunter tells Red Horn that he suspects the gnome may have been one of their crew, given that he possessed weapons similar to theirs. Shadow wights attack the group and claim Hunter, whilst the others escape. Dromel writes a note for Red Horn, before he perishes from the shadow wights. Red Horn later finds the note, written by the unknown Dromel, and assumes that Trip must have written it in a maddened state. Eventually Red Horn himself falls prey to the shadow wights, leaving only Trip left. The kender finds Red Horn's journal, and is amazed by all the entries by these interesting people, who he has never heard of. Source: Gone (Heroes and Fools)

Vandor Released: The mage Mendel forces a thief, Vandor Grizt, to steal artifacts for him. Long ago, the mage trapped the thief in a magic mirror, only releasing him temporarily to steal artifacts to sustain the thief's body as well as acquire magical treasures for Mendel. The mage forces Vandor to steal the Arcyan Crest from his rival Torin Prester. Vandor arrives at Torin's abode, to find that the crest is held by his daughter Gabriella. Mendel tells Vandor that if he succeeds in getting the crest, he will release the thief from the mirror at last. On trying to steal the crest, Gabriella manages to capture the thief, who tells her of his sad tale. Gabriella feels sorry for Vandor, releases him and lets him take the crest. Vandor returns to Mendel, who after taking the crest, tells the poor thief that his body has long since rotted away. However on using the crest, a trap that Gabriella built into it goes off and kills the evil mage. The crest then magically returns to the girl and Vandor is freed. The thief decides to journey around the world in his new shade-form. Source: The Thief in the Mirror (Heroes and Fools)

The Mage's Bracelet: The two thieves, Kraco and Risha, murder a dwarf and bully an old mage into giving them his bracelet. Risha claims the bracelet and wears it, however has a change of heart about killing the mage and decides to spare him. Kraco is surprised by Risha's behaviour, and then further amazed when the brigand gives Kraco all of his treasure and leaves. Kraco grows concerned about Risha and tracks him down, finding that he is travelling with the old mage Leryc. Kraco demands that Risha give him the bracelet, and on his old partner's refusal, kills him. Kraco then puts on the bracelet whilst deciding how best to dispose of Leryc. However he soon decides that it would be bad luck to kill Leryc. Source: Sharing the Luck (Rebels and Tyrants)

413 AC/30 SC - 421 AC/38 SC

A Different Shade of Black: In the last days of the Dragon Purge, a black dragon flees from the overlords and finds a new lair in a mountain near the shores of the Newsea. The dragon lays it's twenty-one eggs within the mountain, just as they are about to hatch. Twenty black wyrmlings quickly break free, whilst one fragile albino wyrmling struggles to escape it's egg. The black dragon is disgusted at first, but with the albino's attitude being so similar to it's other children, the dragon decides that the albino is merely just another shade of black and lets it live. In the first year, one of the hatchlings drown, but the others gradually grow stronger. The dragon names it's nineteen black hatchlings, but never names the Albino. The male Dagger and female Diamond, are the two foremost hatchlings of the nestmates, whilst the Albino is considered the weakest. The Albino fears water and because of the dragon's attempts to get it into the water, another of her black children, Nightshade, ends up drowning. The Albino flees the lair for an adventure, and the dragon is forced to track him down. She punishes the young hatchling and brings him back to the lair, chastised. A few years pass by, and as the black dragons try to chase the Albino and bully him, another nestmate called Adder is killed. Again the Albino flees the lair and the dragon is forced to chase him again. A red dragon tracks the Albino, however the black dragon traps and kills the red before it can kill her child. The black dragon then tears down the access tunnel, with which the Albino was escaping the network of tunnels. The dragon then brings all her children to a vast chamber to learn how to fly. The Albino soars off in escape once more, and the black dragon decides to finally put an end to his tricks and kill him. As the dragon chases the Albino through the sky, Malystryx approaches and kills all her black children within the mountain, then the dragon is forced to flee into the depths of the Newsea to escape the Overlord's wrath, as the Albino calmly watches. The dragon swims through the Newsea and towards her subterranean tunnel into her lair with almost no air left in her great lungs, only to find that the Albino has blocked the tunnel, causing her death. Source: The Albino (The Search for Power)

414 AC/31 SC

Fissure's Plan/Dhamon's Vision: Again Fissure approaches Khellendros, reminding him that to access the Gray, he must use magical artifacts. Fissure details a plan he has hatched, to allow both of them to return to the ethereal plane. Two kender, Blister Nimblefingers and Raph Tanglemop come across the warrior Dhamon Grimwulf at the Tomb of the Last Heroes. Dhamon receives a mysterious vision from the mystic Goldmoon, beckoning him to come to the Citadel of Light on Schallsea. The kender offer to lead Dhamon to New Ports, where he can journey on a ship to Schallsea. In the town of New Ports, Dhamon, Blister and Raph pay for passage upon the ship Wind Chaser. The ship is captained by the Ergothian pirate Rig Mer-Krel and his lovely partner Shaon. Just as the ship is about to leave, the Neidar dwarf Jasper Fireforge makes it onboard, blustering about Rig leaving him high and dry, when he's already booked. The Wind Chaser sets sail and quickly arrives at Schallsea. Goldmoon meets with Dhamon, and beckons him to travel to Palanthas to meet with Palin Majere, as well as giving him the banner from a dragonlance. Dhamon listens to her tale and accepts the quest, as his heart yearns to fight the Dragon Overlords. Jasper and Dhamon return to New Ports, where they commission Rig and Shaon to take them to Palanthas. (Source: Dawning of a New Age)

The Arrival of Mina: The young girl Mina is found on the shores of Schallsea, near the Citadel of Light. The girl has no memories about her past, and Goldmoon decides to take her in as her adopted daughter and teach her the ways of mysticism. (Sources: Citadel of Light, DLCS)

Malys' Army/Voyage to Palanthas: The great red dragon Malystryx convenes a meeting with the goblins of the Tunnel Tribe, the hobgoblins of the Bloodridge Band and the local barbarian tribe. Whilst Chieftain Illbreth of the hobgoblins and Chief Harg Darkaxe of the barbarians both swear allegiance to Malys, Chieftain M'rgash is interrupted by his lieutenant Dorgth. Malys is amused by Dorgth's bravery in questioning what the alliance involves and kills M'rgash, thereby promoting Dorgth to the new Chieftain of the Tunnel Tribe. Dorgth quickly decides to ally the goblins to Malys' cause, agreeing to capture as many slaves for the overlord as possible. Rig introduces Dhamon and Jasper to his mate, the half-ogre Groller Dagmar and his pet wolf Fury, as they prepare to set sail. As they cast off, Dhamon realises that Blister and Raph have secretly gotten onboard the ship, to join in on the adventure. During one prank, Raph tries to balance on some barrels and falls, ending up being crushed and killed in the accident. The young kender is buried at sea, whilst the group progress through the Gale. Wind Chaser stops in Caergoth for supplies, and the party disembarks. Dhamon and Rig come across a Kagonesti elf being harassed by dark knights, before one of them recognises Dhamon as a former knight who killed their subcommander. The knights attack the pair, although Rig and Dhamon manage to defeat the group. The elf introduces herself as Ferilleeagh Dawnsprinter (Feril) and asks to join them on their voyage, also mentioning her desire to drive the mighty Gellidus from Southern Ergoth. The group return to the ship and set sail once more. (Source: Dawning of a New Age)

The Lonely Refuge: Fissure presents Khellendros with a pair of magically altered wyverns. The overlord then directs Fissure to organise ogres in assisting his brutes and dark knights in capturing slaves for him. In Palanthas, Dhamon, Feril, Blister and Shaon learn how to reach the Lonely Refuge, where they are supposed to meet with Palin Majere. The quartet journey along with Fury through several deserted villages where they are attacked by a dragonspawn, who they capture. The group reaches the Lonely Refuge, meeting with Palin and the Master of the Tower. Palin gives the handle of a dragonlance to Dhamon and inspects the captured spawn. Khellendros watches the group through the eyes of his spawn, sending his wyverns to fetch his lieutenant Gallinthas (Gale) to deal with the troublemakers. At the same time, Chieftain Muglor has his ogres capture Rig, Jasper and Groller, taking them to their slave camp. Palin transports the group back to Palanthas where they discovered their friends have been taken by ogres. The group tracks down Muglor's ogres and dispatches them, freeing all the prisoners, including their comrades. (Source: Dawning of a New Age)

Gale assaults Palanthas: Fissure reports back to Khellendros of Muglor's death. Malys reveals that she has been spying on Khellendros, who in turn reveals to her the secret of creating dragonspawn, pretending that it was to be a gift for her. The wyverns return with Gale, as Khellendros asks his lieutenant to fly to Palanthas and deal with Palin Majere. Palin and his companions meets with Caramon and Tika Majere, who deliver the lance to Dhamon. Dhamon joins all three parts of the lance, restoring the dragonlance to it's proper condition. Gale arrives in Palanthas where he injures Groller and kills Shaon. The dragon speaks with Dhamon, revealing that he was once Gale's rider. Dhamon tells Gale to leave, who complies for 'old times sake'. Rig blames Dhamon for Shaon's death, causing Dhamon to instead choose to race after Gale and deal with the dragon. Dhamon fights with Gale, attacking the dragon's wing and causing the pair to crash into a lake, presumably to their deaths. Rig and Feril mourns their fallen friends, Shaon and Dhamon, vowing to continue the fight against the dragons. (Source: Dawning of a New Age)

414 AC/31 SC - 415 AC/32 SC

Malys' Dark Knight/Khellendros' Lair: Governor-General Abrena sends a contingent of dark knights to work for Malystryx. The leader of the dark knights, Subcommander Rurak Gistere, presents himself to the Red Dragon Overlord. Suitably impressed with the man's courage, Malys removes one of her scales, infuses it with power and binds it to Rurak's chest. She tells him that the scale will increase his powers, and also allows a link between him and the dragon. Finally she warns Rurak that removing the scale will result in his death. Gellidus, the White Dragon Overlord, pledges his allegiance to Malys and also becomes her consort. Rig, Palin, Blister and Feril wander into the Northern Wastes to find the lair of the blue dragon Gale. However they inadvertently stumble into Khellendros' lair instead. His guardian wyverns attack the group, through Feril manages to incapacitate them with her magic. They are then ambushed by dragonspawn. Blister manages to escape as the others are captured. Blister then returns and frees her friends, who overcome the dragonspawn. Rig questions the trapped wyverns and learns of a stronghold where the blue dragonspawn are created. Khellendros returns to his lair and learns of the heroes who killed his spawn from the two wyverns. (Source: Day of the Tempest)

Fall of Relgoth/The Hunt for Magic: Fissure arrives and learns from Khellendros about the useless wyverns and the heroes. He sets the wyverns free, and creates two highly intelligent giant scorpions to serve as Khellendros' guards. Goldmoon contacts Palin through her magic. He tells her of Dhamon's death, and that Rig now carries the lance. Goldmoon is perplexed that her visions were wrong about Dhamon being 'the one', but agrees to trust in Rig as Palin requests. The heroes reach the stronghold of Relgoth, learning that it is maintained by Knights of Takhisis and run by the Sivak draconian, Lord Sivaan. The heroes manage to sneak into the stronghold, where Palin kills Lord Sivaan. The others set off a large diversion, killing the dark knights, brutes, draconians and spawn, and freeing all the slaves who were destined to become dragonspawn. One of the captives turns out to be the elven prince Gilthanas, who joins the band of heroes. The slaves are led aboard Rig's ship, 'Flint's Anvil', to be taken to safety. One of the captives, an old man called Raalumar Sageth, tells the heroes about Khellendros' hunt for magical artifacts. He tells them that if they can gather artifacts first, they may be able to bring enough magic back to Krynn that the overlords can be defeated. The heroes determine to hunt for the Fist of E'li, Dalamar's Ring, the Crown of Tides, Huma's Lance and also to recover Goldmoon's Medallion of Faith. Palin transports himself to the Tower of Wayreth to meet with the Shadow Sorcerer and the Master of the Tower. He is surprised to find Usha also present. The Master agrees to give Dalamar's Ring to Palin, once he has acquired several of the other artifacts. Khellendros learns that Relgoth has been destroyed and all his servants inside were killed. The Blue Overlord is annoyed at the setback, as his knights tell him that Palin Majere is responsible, since they found two dead sivaks with his image. Thorn Knight Herel and Governor-General Abrena plot to try and locate magical artifacts for their own gain, after spying on Khellendros. She sends Lord-Knight Breen to gather a unit of elite knights to recover artifacts for the knighthood. (Source: Day of the Tempest)

Dhamon's Return/The Scale of Malys: Palin's son, Ulin, joins with his father and mother in returning to Flint's Anvil. Shortly after Rig and Ulin mount an attack on a dark knight ship, killing the knights and freeing their slaves. Goldmoon appears to Jasper, and when Blister barges into his cabin, the healer convinces Blister that her hands are not injured, the pain is in her heart. Blister leaves her gloves off, for the first time in years. Dhamon Grimwulf awakens in a cavern under the lake and discovers that he was rescued by the bronze dragon Shimmer, after he fell into the lake. Shimmer allows Dhamon to take a magical glaive from his lair, before transporting him near the town of Gander. The heroes lead the former-slaves to the town of Gander before continuing on their way. They soon come across a dark knight camp, which they attack and take over. The heroes free the slaves and prepare to leave, when a larger force of knights, led by Subcommander Rurak Gistere, comes upon them and forces them to surrender. Dhamon appears in the camp and launches a mad attack on the dark knights, whilst the heroes arm themselves and also take up the fight. Dhamon cuts down the majority of the dark knights and defeats Subcommander Gistere is single combat. Whilst Rurak lies dying, he requests Dhamon helps remove his armor. Dhamon complies and Rurak in turn rips off the red scale and quickly thrusts it onto Dhamon's leg. He tells Dhamon that to remove it means death, before he passes away. Dhamon rejoins the heroes as they resume their journey to Witdel. The heroes decide to split into smaller groups to locate the magical artifacts faster. Ulin, Groller, Fury and Gilthanas choose to travel to Southern Ergoth to find Huma's Lance. Feril, Palin and Blister decide to journey into Qualinesti to find the Fist of E'li. Rig, Dhamon, Blister and Sageth determine to travel to Schallsea to ask Goldmoon for her medallion. (Source: Day of the Tempest)

Huma's Lance/Fist of E'li: Ulin, Gilthanas, Groller and Fury trek through Southern Ergoth where they are ambushed by thanoi. Using his magic, Ulin decimates the thanoi. Ulin and his friends come across Gellidus' larder, where they find bodies trapped in the ice. They free two dark knights and the Solamnic knight Fiona Quinti, who all offer to aid them in retrieving Huma's Lance. Eventually the group reaches Dragon Mountain where they meet with the keeper. A group of Solamnic knights arrives, led by Lady Arlena Plata (the human guise of Silvara). Gilthanas, seeing through her guise, rushes to Silvara's side, as Groller discovers Huma's Lance, after receiving a vision of where it was located. The keeper reveals himself as the gold dragon Sunrise, as he defends the area from Gellidus. Groller, Fiona and Fury return to Schallsea with the lance, whilst Gilthanas and Ulin decide to remain behind with Silvara and Sunrise. Jasper, Usha, Palin and Feril travel through Qualinesti, where they are captured by elves who suspect them of being spies for Beryl. Usha offers to stay as the elves' hostage, whilst the others attempt to retrieve the Fist of E'li. The trio find an old tower inhabited by draconians, led by the Aurak General Urek. The general reveals he has killed Abrena's knights, but also tells that another contingent of dark knights infiltrated the tower and stole the Fist of E'li. He tells Palin that his draconians are hunting the dark knights and will kill them before they escape the forests. Urek allows Palin and his friends to leave, and they shortly after run into Lord-Knight Breen and his men. Palin recovers the Fist of E'li from Breen and spares him, knowing that the knights will soon be killed by Urek's draconians. After recover Usha from the elves, Palin transports the group back to the Citadel of Light. (Source: Day of the Tempest)

The Heroes Betrayed: With the exception of Ulin and Gilthanas, the heroes regroup at the Citadel of Light. Goldmoon gives her medallion to Blister, amazed that another appears around her neck. Malys controls Dhamon and forces him to strike down Goldmoon with his glaive. Jasper and Blister are also badly injured in his attack, before the overlord forces Dhamon to flee back to her peak. The Master of the Tower reveals to Palin that he is the manifestation of the Tower of Wayreth, as well as revealing that Sageth is an agent of Khellendros. Short of a magical artifact, Blister recovers the second medallion from Goldmoon's neck. Palin then transports to the Citadel of Light to find the heroes giving the magical artifacts to Sageth. As Palin tries to stop Sageth, Fissure appears and immobilises the heroes. He and Sageth claim the medallions and lance, before departing the area. Clear of immediate danger, Fissure destroys Sageth just as Khellendros arrives to annihilate the heroes. Palin casts a spell to make an illusion of the heroes, which Khellendros attacks instead. Sunrise and Silvara arrive and harrass Khellendros, who decides to leave, now that he believes the heroes are all dead. Palin and his companions appear from the destruction, greeting Silvara, Ulin, Gilthanas and Sunrise. They wonder what to do, now that they only possess the Fist of E'li, Dhamon has betrayed them, and Goldmoon is dead. (Source: Day of the Tempest)

Emma's Vision: The aspiring sorceress, Emma Xela, discovers a method by which she can harness all kinds of sorcery as if they were from the one source, rather than only harnessing one type of school's magic. Emma becomes quite adept at using magic from all different schools of sorcery, and begins to teach others at the Academy of Sorcery. Source: One Moon, Not Three (Heroes of Sorcery)

415 AC/32 SC - 416 AC/33 SC

Hunt for Artifacts/Meeting of the Overlords: Khellendros carries Fissure and the three artifacts back to his lair in the Northern Wastes. The overlord reveals that he has already acquired a set of magical crystal keys, which gives him enough magic to open a portal to the Gray. The heroes determine to find more artifacts to use against the overlords. Palin and Blister return to the Tower of Wayreth to speak with Usha and the sorcerers, and to also acquire Dalamar's Ring. Rig, Feril and the others decide to hunt for the Crown of Tides amongst the Dimernesti. Malys calls for a meeting of the overlords at her peak. Khellendros leaves Gale in charge of his lair, as he wards the artifacts against Fissure, who he believes is untrustworthy. Malys tells the overlords and her lieutenant Ferno, that she intends to complete a ritual that will make her into a god, equal to Takhisis. The overlords all agree to support her, or suffer her wrath. (Source: Eve of the Maelstrom)

Dhamon - Puppet of Malys/The Shadow Dragon: Silvara and Sunrise deposit the heroes near Sable's domain, and then take Ulin and Gilthanas back to the Tower of Wayreth. The Shadow Sorcerer locates Dhamon through a scrying spell, telling the others where to find him. Usha is suspicious about how the sorcerer seems to know so much of Malys' control over Dhamon. Dhamon wanders through Sable's domain, killing several spawn and eventually facing the Black Overlord. However Malys speaks through Dhamon, telling the overlord to leave her pet alone. Sable agrees and allows Dhamon to go in peace. The warrior then makes his way to the ogre village of Brukt, where is met by Commander Jalan Telith-Moor of the Knights of Takhisis. The commander asks Dhamon to assault the small force of Solamnic knights in town. Dhamon objects, however Malys forces him to kill the Solamnic knights. Rig and the group discover a group of elves being enslaved by bakali. They free the elves and interrogate a bakali, learning that Sable is gathering elves and ogres to create spawn abominations. Malys speaks with Khellendros and tells him of her plans to make Ferno the new Red Overlord and Gale the new Blue Overlord, when the two of them rule as king and queen over all of Ansalon. She also voices concern over a shadow dragon who ignored her decree to end dragon killings with the end of the Dragon Purge. The shadow dragon hunts Ferno and kills the red dragon, whilst Malys tells of her plans to Khellendros. The shadow dragon then assaults the village of Brukt, killing all the dark knights except for Commander Jalan, who he decides to spare. Dhamon attempts to follow the dragon back to it's lair and soon finds it in the mountains near the foothills of Blode. (Source: Eve of the Maelstrom)

Defeating the scale/The Sea Dragon Overlord: Ulin and Sunrise depart the Tower of Wayreth to study more about dragon magic together. Gilthanas and Silvara leave the tower to travel to Brukt, so they can join the others in tracking down Dhamon. The Shadow Sorcerer insists that Takhisis will reappear near Ariakan's Rest, whilst the Master of the Tower insists that Takhisis will reappear near the Window to the Stars. Rig and the others reach Brukt where they learn that Dhamon passed through and killed the Solamnic knights. They lose track of Dhamon, however Rig, Fiona and Feril are soon assaulted by some red dragonspawn, whilst Jasper, Groller and Fury explore the nearby caves. The shadow dragon finds Dhamon in his lair and studies the man and his unusual scale. The dragon uses his magic on Dhamon to end Malys' control over him, cracking the scale. Gilthanas and Silvara land near the shadow dragon's cave and warn the dragon to leave Dhamon alone. After speaking with the shadow dragon, Silvara decides to assist the mysterious creature by using magic to turn the scale black and forever sever any control Malys may ever have over Dhamon. Palin teleports Blister and Usha to the shadow dragon's cave at their request, so they can rejoin the heroes. Khellendros plots to regain Kitiara's spirit from the Gray and implant it into Malys, making Kit the new queen of Ansalon, and imagining himself ruling with her. Jasper and Groller are injured when they fall from a cave ledge, however Goldmoon's spirit visits Jasper and he regains his faith. Jasper is able to call upon his mystic powers to heal himself and Groller, as the three of them escape the cave and rejoin Rig, Fiona and Feril. Dhamon, Blister and Usha join Rig and the others in Ak-Khurman. The group is attacked by dark knights near the wharves, where Groller is almost killed and several of the others are injured. Dhamon saves Rig and aids the others. The dark knights are defeated, whilst Jasper uses his magic to heal Groller and the other injured members of the party. The heroes board the Narwhal, a coastal ship, and sail towards Dimernesti. Near the location of the sea elf nation, Feril dives into the waters and meets with the Dimernesti elves Veylona and Beldargh. The pair lead Feril to meet with Nuqala, Speaker of the Sea. Nuqala tells Feril of Brynseldimer, the Sea Dragon Overlord, who has long been terrorising their city, and of their need to use the Crown of Tides to keep him at bay. Nuqala decides to give the crown to Feril, on the condition that she and her companions kill Brynseldimer. Feril agrees and tries to rejoin her companions with the Crown of Tides, however she is soon ambushed by the Sea Overlord, and uses the Crown of Tides to wound him. Dhamon leaps into the sea and strikes Brynseldimer in the neck repeatedly with his sword, drawing vast amounts of blood from him. Rig then steers the Narwhal towards the dragon and impales the sea dragon on the bowsprit. As the dead overlord sinks into the depths, Veylona rescues Dhamon and Feril from the sea. The heroes begin to steer the ship back to the coast of Ansalon. (Source: Eve of the Maelstrom)

The Traitor/The Overlord's Council: Palin prepares to teleport himself to Ariakan's Rest, to try and find clues of whether it will be the place of Takhisis' return. The Shadow Sorcerer offers to join the mage, and the two travel there together. Inside the cave, the Shadow Sorcerer attacks Palin with his magic, wounding the mage. The sorcerer then mockingly tells Palin that he should have listened to the Master, who was right about the Window to the Stars, and that the sorcerer has been aiding the overlords from the very beginning, manipulating the heroes into gathering various artifacts so that Malys can take them in one fell swoop. A magical battle breaks out, ending in the Shadow Sorcerer appearing to be a woman and teleporting herself away. Palin then teleports himself back to the Tower of Wayreth. The Dragon Overlords gather at the Window of the Stars. Malys' new lieutenant Hollintress makes herself known, and Gale regales himself in the shadow of the overlords. The overlords heap their magical artifacts in the centre of the peak, awaiting Malys and the ceremony to begin. The heroes arms themselves and gather near the peak, sneaking past Commander Jalan Telith-Moor. Dhamon, pretending to be a dark knight leading prisoners, marches the heroes right near the top of the peak. Dhamon leads a charge against the overlords, whilst Silvara leads a host of metallic dragons, including Splendor and Terror, against them also. Jasper attacks Onysablet with the Fist of E'li. Goldmoon appears beside Jasper as he is dying, reborn on Krynn because of his sacrifice, and joining the others in taking up the fight against the overlords. Groller is almost killed by Beryl, however Fury dashes in front of the Green Overlord and explodes, saving Groller from Beryl's wrath. The heroes manage to to distract Malys and her comrades long enough for Khellendros to take her place and receive all the power from the magical artifacts. As the other overlords pay their respects to their new master, Khellendros deals a great blow to Malys, sending her into the sea. Khellendros then seizes the arcane energies and uses them to activate a portal into another realm, where he seeks the spirit of Kitiara, as Fissure wastes away to nothingness, his power drawn up into Khellendros. The heroes become known as the Heroes of the Heart, those who faced the overlords and won. Jasper is buried at Schallsea, while Groller decides to depart and try to find Fury, who he is convinced is not dead. Palin and Usha return to the Tower of Wayreth, and eventually go back to Solace. Blister and Veylona choose to stay at the Citadel of Light and study under Goldmoon. Gilthanas and Silvara decide to travel to Southern Ergoth to help people fight against Gellidus. Rig and Fiona make plans to marry, as well as going off adventuring to together, whilst Feril decides to return home to Southern Ergoth to fight Gellidus. She asks Dhamon to stay behind. Dhamon Grimwulf returns to the Tower of Wayreth, choosing to stay with Palin, at least for a while, as he waits for his love Feril to return. (Source: Eve of the Maelstrom)

416 AC/33 SC

The Summoners: A wanderer known as Hars Falken, enters the city of Kerodin. On entering the city, Hars finds it delapidated and suffering under the yoke of the local dark knights. He rescues the half-elf Pais, who is being harassed by several men, and hands out money to starving children in payment for them spreading the word about a speech he will make in the town square. In the square, Hars asks for the townsfolk to repent for their sins, but is quickly imprisoned on the charge of inciting a riot. His comrade Arbalec then does indeed start a riot, rescuing Hars and leading Pais and the messenger boys out of the city. Once clear of the city, Hars reveals to Pais that he is general of the Summoners, who were once known as the armed force of the Stars by Day Society. The Summoners mount an attack on Kerodin, reducing it to rubble and killing all those inside. Given that the original Summoners were wiped out by Khellendros in 6 SC, it is assumed that these are the descendants of the original force, but are no longer affiliated with the Stars by Day Society, who now promote peace. Source: The Summoners (Relics and Omens)

The Lord of Flotsam: The undying Lord Toede is killed once again when Malys flies over Flotsam, destroying his manor and everything in it. Later he arises once more to preside over Flotsam in the post War of Souls period. (Sources: Dragon's Bluff, Age of Mortals)

417 AC/34 SC

Abrena's Assassin/The Silvanesti Shield: Governor-General Abrena barely survives yet another assassination attempt on her life. The assassin is killed in the attempt, so the person behind the attempts remains unpunished. Those within and without the Silvanesti Shield, note that the Silvanesti forest is starting to wither away both within and without of the shield. The barrier still holds fast and remains impenetrable to all. Small pockets of Silvanesti elves start to grow sick on a more frequent basis.

The Night of Black Hammers: The thief Avaril, betrays the Thieves Guild of Palanthas to the Knights of Takhisis. The dark knights, led by Lord Kinsaid, Sir Arach Jannon and Captain Avaril, butcher the thieves and kill their leader, Guildmaster Daavyd Nelgard. The knighthood effectively destroys almost every base of operations for the thieves, driving the few surviving rogues underground. (Source: The Thieves Guild)

The Bestiary/Princess Mercideth: Caramon Majere writes the Bestiary, a tome of knowledge which details all kinds of creatures that he has heard about or dealt with during his adventures. The Bestiary is considered a valuable book of lore and published by the Great Library of Palanthas, with notes from it's editor, Bertrem. Mercideth, daughter of Emperor Redic VI of Ergoth, arrives at the Citadel of Light, after showing considerable talent in the mystic arts. Goldmoon accepts the Ergothian princess as a student, as the young girl grows to be a powerful mystic. Onysablet sends her agents to kidnap the girl for ransom and leverage against Ergoth, however Mercideth and her friends defeat the Black Overlord's servants. (Sources: The Bestiary, Citadel of Light)

Failing Magic: Wizards, mystics and dragons all begin to notice that their new magic is waning, each group blames the other for the draining of magic upon Krynn. Fights begin to break out as different factions blame eachother. Even magical artifacts start to grow unreliable when used. (Source: DLCS)

418 AC/35 SC

Dark Knights challenge the ogres: The Knights of Takhisis begin a conquest upon Sanction. They wipe out many ogre villages along the road to Sanction, and turn many of their former allies into enemies.

Ogre Revenge: The Rose Knight, Lord Cornwall, meets with the half-ogre Guyvir, who is seeking to train his ogre force to defeat the Knights of Takhisis. Cornwall notes that some of his knights' armor and weapons is progressively going missing, but thinks little of it. Guyvir's ogres defeat several scouts of the dark knights, however one escapes and Cornwall's men give chase, along with Guyvir. As they catch the scout, Cornwall learns that the ogres stole their weapons and used them to trick the dark knights. A large force of dark knights are sent to exterminate the Solamnics, who soon turn tail against the much larger force. Guyvir leads Cornwall and his men in their flight to a dead end in a canyon. The dark knights charge Guyvir and the Solamnic Knights, however ogres appear and rain death from above through the use of rocks and their own bows. The dark knights are all quickly killed, as Guyvir thanks Lord Cornwall and sends him and his men away, noting that both knighthoods use similar tactics in warfare. Cornwall leaves, musing that perhaps in a few years, the dark knights will be the lesser of two threats coming from this side of Ansalon. Source: Tactics (Rebels and Tyrants)

419 AC/36 SC

Coming of the Titans: Ogre shamans learn of new rituals in which they attempt to reclaim their lost greatness from the Age of Dreams. The result is that a new breed of ogres is created that resemble the Irda. They are blue-skinned, magic wielding giants that are known as titans. These titans soon assume control of the ogre nations and fight the unrest against ogre rebels who wish to remain as they are. (Source: Rise of the Titans)

The Sailor's Scourge: A dark ship sails into Sanction, bearing a dead crew and dying captain. The harbormaster is alarmed, and sends for a patrol as the crew of the Whydah finds the bodies. A team of local militia comes along and sends one of their number, Lynn of Gateway, to tell Lord Hogan Bight, ruler of Sanction, of the ship. Lynn is actually Linsha Majere, a Knight of the Rose who operates in a clandestine circle for the Knights of Solamnia. Linsha reaches Bight's residence to find him in talks with Chan Dar of the Farmer's Guild, and head councillor Lutran the Elder. They are concerned that the Lords of Doom will erupt and destroy Sanction, however Bight allays their fears. Linsha tells the group of the ship, which also includes Ian Durne and Alphonse Dewall, Commander and captain of the Governor's Guards respectively. Dewall, Durne, Bight and Linsha return to the docks, to find that the captain of the dark ship has now perished. Linsha gives her report to her Darken owl Varia, who goes to inform Linsha's commander, Lady Karinne Thessaly. Lady Knight Annian Mercet tells Linsha to report to the clandestine circle. When she does, the circle order her to find a way to discredit Lord Bight. The crew of the Whydah progressively grow ill, suffering from the same disease that claimed the crew of the other ship. The dying crew are gathered into a makeshift hospital, along with the harbormaster and dockhands, however one sailor turns up missing. Linsha is promoted to the Governor's Guards, and is moved into Lord Bight's estate. City guards mount patrols to locate the missing sailor. Linsha learns that the sailor stayed at the Dancing Bear Inn. Lord Bight leads the guards to the inn, where they discover that the sailor died. Bight orders the inn be destroyed and all the staff be sent to the hospital. Healers also grow sick and are forced to lie amongst their former patients. Linsha searches the plague ship and is ambushed by Mica, Lord Bight's dwarven healer. As the guards await on the docks, a robed man incites a crown of townsfolk to rally against Lord Bight and his soldiers. As the crowd fights the guards, Commander Durne is knocked off the wharf, causing Linsha to dive into the murky depths to save him from drowning. The robed man disappears as the fighting is ceased. In the Governor's Guards, Linsha befriends fellow guard Shanron. Varia also finds a curious friend in the form of a small cat that begins to hang around the barn she dwells in. The plague continues to spiral out of control, acquiring the name 'Sailor's Scourge'. Lord Bight requests that Linsha accompany him on a secret mission. The pair travel through the realm of the Shadowpeople, to the border of Onysablet's realm where Bight learns information about the plague from the Black Overlord, in exchange for various artifacts. (Source: The Clandestine Circle)

The Traitor of Sanction: On their return to Sanction, Linsha and Bight find the city in chaos, as fires sweep through the Harbor District. The same robed man tries to incite the townsfolk to rise up against Lord Bight. Linsha captures him as Commander Durne moves in. The man becomes afraid and reveals to Linsha that he is an agent for the knights, but draws a dagger on her before she can find out which knighthood. Durne tackles the man and kills him in their struggle. On making another report to the circle, Linsha learns from her superiors, that a Dark Knight may have infiltrated Lord Bight's inner circle and is working close to him. However they cannot determine who the dark knight is, at this stage. Mica and Linsha go into the Harbor District to try and learn anything they can on the Sailor's Scourge from an old priest. However on arriving, they find the priest dead and are attacked by two looters. Linsha overcomes both looters and finds the priest's records, giving them over to Mica to study. Back at Lord Bight's estate, Linsha comes across the body of Captain Dewald, who has been murdered, reporting the discovery to the guards. Over the next few days, Linsha grows close to Lord Bight, and even closer to Commander Durne, becoming intimate with him. Bight gives Linsha a bronze dragon scale, which he tells her will protect her from any traces of the plague. Suspecting Mica of being the traitor, she follows him around Sanction, where she discovers that he is a member of the Legion of Steel. Shanron tells Linsha that her and Dewald were lovers, and also that Dewald was working for Lady Annian Mercet of the Solamnic Knights. After a night of passion, Durne has two of his men restrain Linsha whilst he leaves the apartment. Linsha uses her mental link with Varia, to call her owl and Shanron to the apartment, where they free her. As Shanron and Linsha race through the city, they find the dying Mica, who warns them that the traitor is a Skull Knight who is planning to kill Lord Bight at the Lords of Doom, before passing away. The pair race towards the summit of the volcano, where Ian Durne reveals himself as the traitor, bringing a sword to Shanron's throat and warning Linsha off. Durne kills Shanron and then duels with Linsha. The pair fight back and forth, before Durne defeats Linsha. Varia swoops in and claws Durne, whilst Linsha recovers and strikes back. Finally a bronze dragon emerges from a cave and kills Durne. Linsha reveals her identity to the dragon, who in turn says that he is a very close friend of Lord Bight. The dragon protects Linsha as she collapses and brings her back to Sanction, along with the injured Varia. On regaining consciousness, Lord Bight tells Linsha that the city of Sanction is revering all three of it's fallen heroes, Mica, Shanron and Lynn, telling her that now her mission is over, it would be better if people thought that 'Lynn' is dead, and Linsha can go on her way. Linsha learns that the clandestine circle is angered over her behaviour and attempting to have her removed from the Solamnic Knighthood. Linsha decides to return to Sancrist Isle to plead her case to Grandmaster Ehrling. Mystic healer Asharia and Lord Bight create a cure, based on Mica's notes, for the Sailor's Scourge, and soon the plague dies out completely. At Bight's request, the bronze dragon appears as he disappears and carries Linsha and Varia to Schallsea. (Source: The Clandestine Circle)

Search for the Dragon Isles: Captain Mikal Vardan, his kender companion Tripleknot Shellcracker and his crew sail the ship Kingfisher in search of the Dragon Isles, under the funding of Lady Karista Meinor. Lady Karista hopes to sign a trade agreement with the Isles, and Mikal hopes to find a mysterious treasure as told in an ancient prophecy. In a brief diving expedition, Trip and Mikal find a black diamond, the first key to the mysterious treasure. Two of Mikal's sailors, Pamak and Marlian, threaten mutiny, however it is quickly put to rest under Karista's urgings and another of Mikal's sailors, Poul, who testifies that the Dragon Isles truly exist. The ship passes a shipwreck and rescues an injured sea elf. Once brought aboard she is healed and introduces herself as Ula. The sea elf offers to aid the sailors in finding the Dragon Isles for a cut of the treasure. The sea dragon Tempest attacks the ship, her legion of mauler sharks, razorfish and other servants claiming almost everyone onboard including Marlian, Poul, Pamak and Bok (Karista's bodyguard and lover). Mikal and Trip manage to escape, but are quickly captured by the sea elf Lakuda and the mysterious bronze knight Shimanloreth (Shimmer). The netted pair are taken to the Dargonesti community of Reeftown, where Lakuda rules. As they are forced into their cell, they note that Ula and Karista are also prisoners, relieved to find that both survived Tempest's attack. Shortly after arriving however, Tempest and her minions attack Reeftown. The captives manage to escape, and Shimmer leads them to safety. The group pass through the magical Veil (the barrier which prevents anyone not of the Isles from passing into the Isles themselves) with the aid of a magical black diamond that Mikal discovered whilst diving. The dragonspawn Mog, tracks the survivors to Reeftown at the behest of his mistress, the great sea dragon Tempest, and then follows them through the Veil. (Source: The Dragon Isles)

The Order of Brass: On reaching the Dragon Isles, the group are met by Lord Benthor Kell and Lady Misa Kell, leaders of the Order of Brass. The warriors take the group into custody, forcing them to come to the island of Berann for questioning, as to why they have come to the Dragon Isles. Shimmer, who the knights do not dare to cross, agrees to accompany them to Berann. Ula refuses to accompany the Order of Brass, and demands trial by combat with Lady Kell, to determine whether they go to Berann or the Dargonesti city of Darthalla. Ula defeats Lady Kell, gravely injuring the warrior who is taken away to be healed. Lord Kell agrees to set sail for Darthalla, however he insists that Trip be taken to the kendertown of Alarl, as his kind will not be tolerated anywhere else. Lord Kell determines that he cannot risk his sister's life by travelling all the way to Darthalla, so he puts Mikal, Ula and Shimmer on a boat to row the rest of the way themselves. Karista surprises the group by choosing to stay with Lord Kell to negotiate a trade agreement to the Dragon Isles. Mikal, Ula and Shimmer are brought to the underwater community of Darthalla, where they are judged by Lord Aquironian. Volrek, an elf from Reeftown and envoy of Lakuda's, tries to have the three arrested for their involvement in Tempest's attack on Reeftown. Lord Aquironian dismisses all charges, stating that all three are innocent. Ula's sister, Lyssara Drakenvaal, leads the trio to safe quarters within the city. The dragonspawn Mog tracks Mikal, Ula and Shimmer to Darthalla, awaiting their next move. Trip decides that he is tired of being held prisoner and chooses to escape the ship. He passes through Misa Kell's quarters, before escaping from his captors. He discovers a sea serpent cloak in an old cave, dons it and swims through water with it, discovering that he can now breathe underwater and swim much faster with the magical cloak. Ula and Mikal face the Sea Sage to learn what they can about the key to unlock the prophesised treasure. The Sea Sage attacks them in a rage, however Mikal manages to shatter the sea hag's form, and claim an emerald, the second key to the treasure. Shimmer, Ula and Mikal then travel to the gold dragon isle of Aurialastican, in search of the third key. (Source: The Dragon Isles)

Tempest and the Veil: Mikal and Shimmer climb the Dragonheights, enter the highest pyramid and using a golden chair, Mikal acquires the third key, an opal gem. Ula tries to hire a ship and runs into Trip, who has also managed to make it to the City of Gold. The group board the ship that Trip has already managed to hire, the Red Wake, captained by Jerick the Red. Captain Jerick, an old seafaring comrade of Mikal's, barters over shares of the treasure. Finally the two come to an agreement and set sail for the Isle of Fire to find the final key. Lord Kell and Lady Karista set sail with warriors of the Order of Brass and the dragon Tanalish, to find the treasure hunters and take the treasure from them. The dragonspawn Mog clings to keel of the Red Wake, to follow the group to their next destination. Tanalish and Shimmer battle as Kell's trireme joins with the Red Wake. Kell captures the Red Wake and it's crew, forcing Tanalish and Shimmer to end their battle. Kell and Karista force the treasure hunters to work with them, agreeing to split the treasure in half between them. The group reach the Isle of Fire and dive to find the final key. Mikal finds the final key, a ruby gem, and then journey to the Temple of the Sky. Again the dragonspawn Mog follows the group, killing one of Kell's warriors and assuming his place. Mog kills Kell's guards and leads an attack against Mikal, Ula and Trip, whilst Lord Kell, Karista and Shimmer mount the stairs. Karista knocks Kell off the stairway and backstabs Shimmer, claiming the key and ascending the stairs to destroy the Veil and allow Tempest to get into the Dragon Isles. Karista tells the treasure hunters that she became a thrall of Tempest's in order to survive, since the sea dragon offered to spare her or kill her when she first attacked the Kingfisher. Mikal and Trip tackle Karista to the ground, ripping the Turbidus leech from her back that was controlling her. However Mog claims the key and races up the stairway. Other dragonspawn rise from the depths to attack the group, Karista backstabs and strikes down Lord Kell, calling out to Tempest that she is her loyal servant even without the leech controlling her. Ula rescues Shimmer, whilst Tempest kills Karista and assumes a humanoid form, claims the key and continues up the stairs. Mikal battles and finally kills the dragonspawn Mog. Kell gives the coral lance to Shimmer as he dies, the dragon and Mikal then launch an attack on Tempest, whilst Ula drives a spear into the great beast's eye. Shimmer and Mikal wound the beast, as Shimmer is injured once again by Tempest's scalding breath. Mikal thrusts the coral lance into Tempest's other eye, blinding the dragon as it tumbles from the stairway into an active volcano. As the temple starts to crumble, Ula and Mikal escape back to the Red Wake. Moments later Trip appears dragging the badly injured Shimmer, who also make it onto the Red Wake. Jerick the Red is amazed that they didn't gain any treasure whatsoever from their adventure, but the quartet tell him that it was all done in order to save the Isles. The captain sets his ship to sail, amazed that Mikal has turned into some kind of do-gooder. (Source: The Dragon Isles)

Dammerman's Moment: Sir Dammerman, Knight of the Sword, tutors a group of young Solamnic lads. One of the boys, Raye, brings up the notion that Dammerman should not talk of honor and glory, when he fled the battlefield to become a mere teacher. Dammerman is troubled by the boy's words and goes off to think, perusing magical treasures gathered by the Solamnics after the Chaos War. The knight is visited by the vision of a stickman, presumably a servant of Chaos. The stickman offers Dammerman a perfect moment in time which he can live in, if he chooses to use a magical hourglass. However the stickman warns that if Dammerman dies before achieving his perfect moment, then the stickman will force his soul to endure in the part of the Abyss where it lives, forcing him to fight eternally against other knights. Dammerman is transported to the battlefield, where he crushes the armies of the Warrior in Jet. Revelling in his victory, the stickman approaches and offers the hourglass, however Dammerman refuses to use it, believing he can achieve even greater victories. Dammerman then goes on to defeat the Warrior in Jet's armies at every turn, driving them all the way back to the dark lord's castle, crushing them utterly. Again the stickman appears offering the hourglass, yet again Dammerman refuses, wishing to finally face the Warrior in Jet in combat. Dammerman has the respect of his student Raye, along with that of all his comrades and enemies. Eventually he faces the Warrior in Jet, known as Abraxis the Glass Hand. The Warrior in Jet defeats Dammerman, as the stickman appears and laughs at Dammerman for not taking the perfect moment. On his return to his students, Dammerman witnesses that Raye now believes in honor and glory, and is so overjoyed with his student, that he realises that he has finally found his perfect moment, thus eluding the stickman. Source: War Chest (Rebels and Tyrants)

Linsha's Return: Solamnic Knight Linsha Majere arrives in Sanction and speaks with Lord Hogan Bight. Sanction residents are amazed at her resemblance to their fallen hero, Lynn of Gateway. The two speak candidly like old friends, before the knight leaves the city. (Source: Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls Vol.1)

A Kagonesti maid returns to the wild: Marshal Medan organises for his old friend, Lord Eamutt Thagol to keep order in Qualinost and report to him directly. Lord Thagol sends out Sir Chance Garoll (nicknamed Headsman Chance) to behead any elves deemed enemies of the knights and the green overlord and brings the heads back to Qualinost to be staked. The elfmaid Kerianseray, lover of Gilthas, discovers the head of her cousin Lania staked in Qualinost and determines to find her brother Iydahar, to warn him of the danger of the dark knights, believing that he may be a target of theirs. On the road, she is aided by the dwarven trader Stanach Hammerfell, who leads Kerian to Sliathnost. Reaching her old town, she finds that the elves in the Hare and Hound Inn treat her with suspicion. Shortly after two dark knights enter and mistreat a Kagonesti prisoner, until Kerian intervenes and strikes down one knight before fleeing with the prisoner. The two Kagonesti flee into the hills, where the prisoner introduces herself as Ayensha of the White Osprey tribe. Kerian chooses to stay with the Kagonesti woman and they make their way back to Ayensha's camp. With the death of one of his knights, Thagol sends his knights out in force to kill larger numbers of elven dissenters. Those in the Hare and Hound Inn are all targetted and butchered, and the inn itself is burned down. Kerian's childhood friend Bueren Rose sees her father's inn destroyed and escapes into the forest. Ayensha leads Kerian to her camp, where she meets the half-elf Jeratt Trueflight, the mysterious Elder and her brother Iydahar. Kerian is surprised to learn that Ayensha is her brother's wife, and that her brother wishes to have nothing to do with her. Jeratt takes Kerian under his wing, training her in the ways of the forest again. On one such training exercise, they encounter the boy Ander, who chooses to follow Kerian. Amongst the elven farmers, the three find fellow elves who are tired of the knights and willing to join their cause, beginning a campaign of killing dark knights and disrupting their activities and control over the region. The elves under Kerian and Jeratt become known as the Night People, and soon become a plague on the dark knights, with Kerian herself becoming known as the Lioness. (Source: The Lioness)

The Lioness Appears: Qualinesti elves begin to disappear from the forest. Sir Vytrad Redlance, Knight of Takhisis, is charged with the mission of tracking down missing elves by his superiors. Brigands ambush Vytrad and his knights and then flee to the port town of Blancopa to escape by ship. Vytrad and his men board a ship to track down the brigands, believing that they are drowning elves instead of leading them to safety to take their money. Vytrad's knights kill the brigands and then claim the elven captives they find onboard. However a large armed ship suddenly approaches and forces the knights to surrender. The leader introduces herself as the infamous elven rebel commander, the Lioness. She spares the lives of Vytrad and his men, since they saved the elven captives from being killed by the brigands. Vytrad returns in defeat to his commander, Lord Liveskill. However his commander gives him another chance by giving him the mission to capture the Lioness. Source: Freedom's Pride (Rebels and Tyrants)

420 AC/37 SC

Targonne leads the Dark Knights/Palin Captured: After numerous attempts, an assassin finally succeeds in killing Governor-General Mirielle Abrena. Lord Morham Targonne is quick to succeed her as the leader of the Knights of Takhisis. He implements several immediate changes, altering the name of the knighthood to the Knights of Neraka, and moving the headquarters to Jelek. Targonne orders the resuming of the siege upon Sanction. Thorn Knights capture Palin Majere, delivering him to Beryllinthranox. In her domain, he is tortured to reveal why magic is failing. After several months of torture it is determined that he knows nothing and is released, a broken man. Beryl hatches a plan to destroy the Academy of Sorcery and starts to gather her minions.

The Healer of Cour: The local herbalist of Cour, Leial, is bereft after being unable to heal the townsfolk of a plague which has ravaged the small town. Slean Brae, a dwarven friend of her, travels with her into the wilderness to try to find a root which she believes may be a cure. On their journey, Slean falls from a cliff and dies in Leial's arms. Leial watches a hawk hunting it's prey, and filled with grief over dying townsfolk and the death of her close friend, finds it within herself to inherently heal. Now with the mystic power to heal in her grasp, Leial journeys back to Cour to heal them of the plague. Source: Legacy (Relics and Omens)

Destruction of the Academy of Sorcery/Tika's Passing: Ulin Majere, now back at the Academy of Sorcery, shows his friend Lucy his experimental flash powder. Ulin explains to Lucy that he is tired of the failing magic, and has turned his hand to alchemy instead, since science is now more reliable than magic. Lord Warren, who leads the Solamnic forces in Solace, speaks with Palin Majere about defending the town against Beryl's minions. He tells Palin that Beryl has already claimed Haven and is openly making a move on Solace. Ulin and Lucy warn their fellow students in the Academy of the attack, but discover that the attack is not based on Solace, but targetted at the Academy itself. As draconians infiltrate the Academy, Ulin uses his flash powder to drive them off, unfortunately the powders prove to be too powerful and ends up killing Beryl's minions but also completely destroying the Academy of Sorcery. Shortly after, Tika Waylan Majere passes away. Her funeral is held and people from all over Ansalon attend the funeral and mourn the passing of one of the last Heroes of the Lance. Source: The Raid on the Academy of Sorcery (Rebels and Tyrants)

420 AC/37 SC - 421 AC/38 SC

Hunt for the Lioness: Lord Thagol sends his dark knights and uses his magical powers to try and locate the Lioness and the Night People, however he cannot track them down. Kerian leaves her outlaw band, handing over leadership temporarily to Jeratt, and then returns to Gilthas, telling him of her plans and activities. Gilthas asks Kerian to go to Thorbardin for him, to meet with the dwarven king Tarn and ask for his aid against the green overlord Beryl. Kerian agrees and uses a magical emerald necklace which tranports her to the dwarven kingdom. She lands in Stanach Hammerfell's bar, who helps her in meeting with King Tarn. Kerian presents her case to King Tarn and the thanes of Thorbardin. The Council of Thanes is undecided on whether to aid the elves or not, and orders Stanach to return to Qualinost with Kerian, to assess whether their aid is truly needed. Kerian returns to her outlaw band with Stanach, and resumes the fight against the dark knights. In one of their raids, they come upon the fearsome Headsman Chance, and Kerian strikes him down. With his death, Thagol becomes aware of Kerian's location and musters his knights in large numbers to destroy them. Through the forests, Thagol and his knights pursue the Night People, until they finally have them trapped. Heavily outnumbered, the Night People fight bravely but cannot hold the knights. Thagol himself launches an attack that almost kills Kerian, however Ander throws himself in the way, sacrificing his life to save that of the Lioness. Kerian orders the surviving Night People to retreat, so they can regroup for the final fight. The following day, Thagol's forces charge the Night People, however Iydahar appears amongst the dark knights, using his shaman-like powers to distract them. Kerian, Jeratt and their remaining band attack the dark forces from the other side. Jeratt is cut down in the initial charge, however the Elder appears as a giant elemental and lays waste to the knights around her. Kerian faces off against Lord Thagol and kills him. At the close of the battle, the Elder vanishes and Kerian finds the corpse of her brother Iydahar. Kerian and Stanach return to Qualinost to see Gilthas. Stanach pledges to return to Thorbardin and ensure that the dwarven thanes and his king extend their aid to help the Qualinesti people. Gilthas proposes to Kerian, and the pair are secretly wed, with Stanach and Gilthas' mother Laurana as the two witnesses. (Source: The Lioness)

421 AC/38 SC

The Robbery of Uth Wotan's Estate: Captain Alynthia of the Thieves Guild, leads two of her thieves in infiltrating the house of the merchant Gaeord Uth Wotan. However they are beaten to their mark by the thief Cael Ironstaff who kills one of the thieves and even pickpockets Alynthia as he escapes. Alynthia and her comrade also depart the scene of the crime. Later the Lord High Justice of Palanthas, Sir Arach Jannon, Knight of the Thorn, inspects Wotan's home. Arach speaks with Wotan and Mistress Jenna, establishing a theory and works on setting a trap to the culprit. The elf Cael runs into a young girl called Claret, as he hobbles along the street with his staff. The elf introduces himself as Caelthalas Elbernarian and claims to be the son of Tanis Half-Elven. Claret leads Caelthalas (Cael) to the Palanthas Trade Exchange before scampering off. Cael enters the Dwarven Spring, inn of his dwarven comrade Kharzog Hammerfell. Kharzog tells his friend (yet again) the story of how the Founderstone was stolen from the Hammerfell clan. He also adds that Bertrem the Aesthetic recently recorded that the Founderstone was rediscovered in the ruins of a thieves' guild house four years ago, as they are interrupted by Kharzog's assistant, the gnome Gimzig. Kharzog and Cael wander off to watch the Spring Dawning festival in the Great Plaza, where they witness speeches by Xavier uth Nostran, Lord Mayor of Palanthas, and Sir Elstone Kinsaid, Lord Knight and leader of the dark knights in Palanthas. Kharzog tells Cael that Xavier is merely a puppet to Kinsaid, and also tells him to be wary of the powerful mage Sir Arach Jannon and his elite bodyguard, the Nine Axes. As the pair watch the festivities, they are approached by Captain Oros uth Jakar, a retired merchant captain and his wife Lady Alynthia Krath-Mal, who greet Kharzog. Cael introduces himself to the pair, telling them of his heritage and that his mother was a sea elf and lover of Tanis'. As the pair leaves, Cael muses that Oros is rumored to the leader of the revived Thieves Guild, as Kharzog laughs and says that the mysterious Mulciber is the true leader of the new Thieves Guild. (Source: The Thieves Guild)

The Thieves Guild of Palanthas: Alynthia sends her thugs after Cael, who evades them and magically hides his staff in a privy. Cael flees into the sewers where he is caught by more thieves. He knocks one thief, Brem into the water, who is claimed by a sewer monster, but is again dragged down and finally subdued. The elf is brought before the Eighth Circle, the ruling tribunal of the Thieves Guild, to be judged for crimes against the organisation. Mulciber orders that Cael be executed on the spot, however Captain Oros asks Kolav the executioner to stay his hand. Oros then begs Mulciber to pardon the elf and allow him to serve in Captain Alynthia's band, given that she has already lost two thieves because of Cael. Cael is spared from execution, and manages to insult Kolav Ru-Marn in the process. In return for pardoning the elf, Captain Alynthia and Cael are charged with the quest of acquiring the Potion of Shonlay, a valuable artifact that is kept inside the home of Mistress Jenna. Failure to comply means that Cael will be executed, or if he escapes, Alynthia must take his place. The elf is then introduced to a group of thieves who serve within Alynthia's Eighth Circle. Brother Mancred, Hoag, Pitch, Rull, Varia and Ijus become his new Inner Circle, and the group are set on a test within the sewers of Palanthas, to prove their worth to the guild, before being allowed to undertake their quest for the Potion of Shonlay. The group is separated in the sewers, however Pitch and Cael reach the Chamber of Doors, final challenge in the thieves' test. Pitch tells Cael that they must choose the correct door which leads to the treasure of Kal-Thax, or face certain death behind any other door. They deduce that the correct door must be the least obvious, and try to open a small plug door that seems less noticable than the others. On opening it, a behir is released which kills Pitch and knocks Cael unconscious. On awakening, Cael becomes enraged and surprises the feeding behir, killing it before it can properly retaliate. His fellow thieves find him and are amazed that he overcame the behir single-handedly. Alynthia joins the others as they contemplate the Chamber of Doors. Cael uncovers the puzzle of the Chamber of Doors, when he deduces that the room revolves, however Alynthia tells them that since they initially chose the wrong door, they all failed the test. However Alynthia also welcomes the thieves all into her personal Circle, given the level of skill they have displayed thus far. Cael retrieves his staff from the privy he hid it in, just before the thieves embark on their mission to infiltrate Jenna's home. Through usage of acid, Mancred enables the thieves to sneak through the roof and into Jenna's house. The thieves take different treasures from Jenna's storage room, Cael acquiring a pair of magical gloves. Hoag attempts to claim the Potion of Shonlay, although a magical ward turns him to stone. The thieves begin to escape as Mistress Jenna appears, Ijus is struck down with her magic. Cael remains behind and confronts the mage, using his staff to absorb her magic. Cael then rejoins Alynthia and escapes with her, but they are caught by Sir Arach Jannon. The elf manages to smash Jannon's hand with his staff, as the pair flee through Palanthas, with the Knights of Neraka dogging them. The two thieves escape into the Solace Inn and flee through the rooms, bumping into the girl Claret. The young girl helps them both get to safety and away from Jannon and his men. (Source: The Thieves Guild)

Mulciber's Betrayal: Cael returns to the Dwarven Spring, where he tells Kharzog of his woes. Sir Arach Jannon arrives with his knights, who beat Cael and take him into custody. As Kharzog argues over Cael's treatment, Jannon murders the dwarf. Cael is dragged to the dungeons of Palanthas, where Arach Jannon interrogates him about his staff. Cael refuses to help him and is tortured. Gimzig manages to sneak into Cael's cell and the pair escapes into the sewers. Gimzig reveals that Captain Alynthia sent him, before Cael passes out. On awakening, he finds that Alynthia has joined them in the sewers and watches in horror as Gimzig is claimed by a sewer monster, before losing consciousness again. Cael awakes six weeks later to find he has been in a fever all that time, and cared for by Claret and Alynthia in a small hidden apartment. He learns that both the Thieves Guild and the Knights of Neraka are hunting for the pair of them. A few weeks later once Cael has recovered, Alynthia convinces him that they should try to find the Reliquary, a lost treasure of the thieves, so that they can get back into the good graces of the guild. The pair sneak into the Great Library of Palanthas for information, where they subdue Brother Gillam and convince the petrified scholar to take them to Bertrem. The aging head of the Order of Aesthetics shows them an inventory of everything that Lord Kinsaid discovered on the Night of Black Hammers, and find that the Reliquary is not amongst the items. Cael determines to regain his staff from Arach Jannon, and the two thieves sneak into the Thorn Knight's chambers and regain it. They sneak back into the sewers where they witness a large figure, whose voice they recognise as Mulciber's, and decide to follow. Following the dark figure, they find Mulciber is truly Oros, who is meeting with Lord Kinsaid and Sir Arach Jannon. The thieves listen in and discover that Oros is not even the thief's real name, but he is known as Captain Avaril, who was the original betrayer of the Thieves Guild four years ago. Avaril conspires with Kinsaid and Jannon, and forms another pact to destroy the Thieves Guild of Palanthas, in return for his choice of the treasures. The two thieves flee when they are discovered, and Cael is amazed as his sword buzzes when a dragon approaches. They escape to relative safety, as Cael relates that his staff (which is actually a disguised sword) must be one of the three great swords, brother to Wyrmsbane and Wyrmslayer. The pair flee into a bar near the docklands, 'The Bone and Four', where they find Knodsen, an old thief and former comrade of Oros and Alynthia. He tells Alynthia of how Avaril was once a Knight of the Rose, who fell from grace and then turned to the life of a pirate, until he and his crew were captured by minotaurs. Knodsen tells of how Avaril left his men to die and made a pact with the minotaur captain Kolav, but in turn were captured by Knights of Neraka, until the pair later managed to buy their own lives by revealing the locations of their treasure hoards. The pair were left destitute in Palanthas where they took up with the Thieves Guild and eventually betrayed them. Cael and Alynthia leave Knodsen and sneak into Oros' home, discovering a bill of transport that details him loading treasures onto his, the Dark Horizon. The pair reach his ship and find the Reliquary, taking it as proof of Oros' treachery. Oros and Kolav arrive and attack the pair, the minotaur chasing Cael, and Alynthia challenging Oros. Gimzig throws one of his mechanical spider bombs onto Kolav, which explodes killing the minotaur before he can strike down the elf. Sir Arach Jannon then challenges Cael to single combat, the elf cuts down the Thorn Knight and leaves with his magical sword. Gimzig and Cael return to the Dark Horizon, as the gnome tells of how his self-extending ladder saved his mouth by opening in the sewer monster's mouth. (Source: The Thieves Guild)

Tanthalas' Son: Captain Oros brings Alynthia before the leaders of the Thieves Guild, to be judged and punished for betraying the Thieves Guild. He asks Mulciber for the verdict, and is quite surprised when Mulciber responds in another voice and accuses Oros of betraying the guild instead. Oros screams that Mulciber is an imposter, and Cael reveals himself as Mulciber, going on to show the Reliquary, proving Oros' guilt and Alynthia's innocence. Alynthia regains her status as Master of the Eighth Circle, and Cael leaves in peace. Cael and Alynthia return to see Claret, as Cael departs, promising he will return to them one day. Later, Mistress Jenna and Lord Kinsaid visit the Palanthas graveyard where they are shown to the grave of Kharzog Hammerfell. They read the Elvish script that has been added to the grave, and note the Founderstone has been affixed to the headstone with sovereign glue. Lord Kinsaid requests Mistress Jenna free the stone for him, although she tells him she cannot (even though it is within her power). As the dark knight leaves, Jenna softly notes "I can think of no better place for it, l'phae Tanthalas lu'ro." (Son of Tanthalas) (Source: The Thieves Guild)

Missing Kethril: Six months after the destruction of the Academy of Sorcery, former sorcerers Ulin Majere and Lucy are engaged to be married, and living happily in Lucy's home in Solace. They are visited by a female dwarf named Chalcedony, who tells the couple that she is a representative of the Flotsam Council. She further reports that they have found the body of Lucy's father, Kethril Torkay, and are trying to get someone to identify the body so that his estate can be distributed to his beneficiaries (from which Lucy will receive twenty five percent). The pair decide to journey to Flotsam, to identify Lucy's estranged father. Ulin, Lucy and Chalcedony travel across the Newsea to Sanction via ship, and plan to travel over land to Flotsam. In the Souk Bazaar of Sanction, the trio meet with the Khurish merchant Garzan, and take up positions as cooks for one of his caravans, as payment for being guided to Flotsam. During the trip across the desert, the caravan is ambushed by draconians and human brigands. Lucy uses her magic, whilst Ulin fights valiantly, both earning the respect of caravan master Akkar-bin and the other warriors of the caravan. The caravan is then approached by a war party led by the half-elf Lysandros, who calls himself the Silver Fox. The two kender in the half-elf's band, Pease Stubbletoes and Cosmo Thistleknot (a cousin of kender hero Kronn Thistleknot), are only too happy to explain about their band, the Vigilance Force, who patrols Flotsam and drives off dark knights and all other undesirables. In the town of Flotsam, Ulin, Lucy and Chalcedony present themselves before Lord Mayor Efrim Getani and the Flotsam City Council. Councillor Geoff Aylesworthy and the other councillors explain that the burial detail somehow forgot where they buried Kethril, and that they cannot locate the body. A hunt is to be started immediately, and they request that Ulin and Lucy stay in town till it's found. The couple agree and take a room in the Jetties, the finest (and one of the only) inns in town. (Source: Dragon's Bluff)

The Sheriff of Flotsam: Chalcedony and Lucy visit the Flotsam market, where the dwarf is accosted by several thugs. Lucy drives them off with her conjuring, and is congratulated by Councillor Saorsha who invites her and Ulin to a game of Dragon's Bluff. Whilst playing the game with Lysandros, Saorsha and Aylesworthy, the councillors ask if she would consider becoming the sheriff of Flotsam. Lucy tells them she must think on it, as her and Ulin leave. The next day Lucy is asked to identify the corpse of her father, she does so and tells the residents of Flotsam that it isn't him. The Vigilance Council again asks her to be sheriff for at least as long as the red dragon Fyremantle, Malys' tax collector, comes to request the taxes from Flotsam. Lucy also learns that her father is not dead, but that the Flotsam people are after him for stealing their taxes. They go on to tell her that if the taxes are not given to Fyremantle in three weeks, that Flotsam will be destroyed and all it's residents killed. Ulin and Notwen the gnome examine the treasury, where Kethril stole the taxes from. They find little and visit Notwen's lab, before returning to the inn. Ulin finds that Lucy has been arrested by dark knights for horse stealing. Mayor Efrim's quick thinking and large bribe, allows Knight Officer Venturin to release Lucy and leave, however the sorceress soon finds that she is semi-forced into accepting the role of sheriff. Lucy appoints Pease and Chalcedony as her deputies. Notwen presents Lucy with a gift of a Vizier's Turban, a rare magical artifact that enhances her magical power. Notwen then presents Ulin with a pair of truth-seeing glasses, telling him they will be useful in their quest for Kethril. Ulin and Notwen soon depart on the gnome's boat to Dead Pirate's Cove. On the way, Ulin meets with a sirine whose magic will not work, she speaks with them briefly before departing. The pair reach the cove and begin questioning the residents. On speaking with a fortune-teller and former lover of Kethril's, they learn that he is aboard the riverboat, the Golden Carp. The pair find the riverboat and using his magical glasses, Ulin sees through Kethril's disguise. Ulin then uses torquil to drug the man and carries him off the riverboat and back to their boat. On awakening, Kethril resigns himself to returning to Flotsam, after learning that his daughter Lucy is sheriff there. On their voyage home, Ulin and Kethril are captured by ghagglers and taken beneath the waves. The sirine finds Notwen alone on the boat, learns of Kethril's capture and hurries away. The ghagglers force Ulin and Kethril in an arena or sorts, to fight an enraged sea-lion. The sirine appears with a force of sea elves, who defeat the ghagglers and heal the sea-lion. Kethril's thanks the sirine, who turns out to be his daughter, for her aid. The elves then return Ulin and Kethril to Notwen's boat. The elves trade with Notwen for weapons, in exchange for their dolphins pulling the boat to Flotsam. (Source: Dragon's Bluff)

Fyremantle's Undoing: Fyremantle visits Flotsam to remind the town to have their taxes ready. Ulin and his friends, seeing the approach of the dragon, flee their boat. The dragon destroys the boat and a warehouse which Pease had hidden inside. As Ulin, Notwen, Kethril and the others rejoin Lucy, they learn of Pease's death. Kethril tells Lucy and the council that Fyremantle has been stealing from Malys' for years, and that he knows the location of Fyremantle's treasure hoard. The group hatch a plan to trap Fyremantle using one of Notwen's inventions, and to then convince the dragon to deal with Flotsam, whilst also sending a messenger to Malys to tell the overlord of her servant's duplicity. Lucy cuts a deal with Knight Officer Venturin, to act as her messenger to Malys, if they cannot convince Fyremantle to co-operate. Venturin agrees for a price and promises to return on 'Visiting Day' when the taxes are due. The dragon arrives at the appointed time, and whilst waiting for the taxes is trapped by Notwen's invention and also through the use of drugged meat. Whilst trapped, Kethril and Lucy convince Fyremantle to leave Flotsam alone, and also reveal that they have claimed all the treasure that from the dragon's secret lair. The dragon leaves in a rage, and kills Mayor Efrim and Councillor Saorsha as he departs. In the wake of the destruction, Kethril escapes Flotsam and disappears. Lucy finds that he has left a sizable amount of money for her in her room, and also reads a note which tells of his pride for his daughter. Councillor Aylesworthy is elected as the new mayor, and with Chalcedony, Lysandros and Notwen, they see off Lucy and Ulin, as the pair make their return to Solace. (Source: Dragon's Bluff)

The War of Souls begins/A Hero Returns: A girl named Mina appears from out of a mysterious storm. She takes leadership of a talon of dark knights, after the previous talon leader Ernst Magit is struck down by lightning. She restores the missing arm of the minotaur Galdar, and speaks of being the servant of the One God. Inspired by her power, the knights willingly follow her. She has her own horse Foxfire gather the missing mounts of the knights, and begins to lead them to the besieged city of Sanction. In the town of Solace, Solamnic knight Gerard uth Mondar is surprised by a kender claiming to be Tasslehoff Burrfoot. The kender eludes him and reaches Caramon Majere, in the Inn of the Last Home. Caramon confirms Tas is the true hero, as the kender explains how he used the Device of Time Travelling just before Ionthas (Chaos) could squash him during the Chaos War. Caramon has a heart attack and dies in Gerard's arms, begging him to promise to take care of Tas and lead the kender to Dalamar. On his honor, Sir Gerard agrees. Lord Warren, local commander of the Solamnic Knights, advises Gerard to consult with Palin Majere in Qualinesti, to learn of Dalamar's whereabouts. The pair depart soon after for the elven nation. (Source: Dragons of a Fallen Sun)

A New Speaker/Sanction's Defeat: Whilst trying to prove himself to his mother Alhana Starbreeze and the elf Samar, Silvanoshei races off on a mission and unwittingly falls through the Silvanesti Shield. He is discovered by the kirath (elven scouts), who are amazed that Silvanoshei has passed the shield. The kirath lead him to Silvanost, where he is soon hailed as the new Speaker of the Stars. Military-Governor Reyl Konnal defers to Silvanoshei, under the advice of his friend Glaucous, believing they can control the new ruler. Mina and her talon arrives outside of Sanction, where she earns the respect and allegiance of Captain Samuval and his mercenary company. The Solamnics lead an assault against the forces outside the city, which Mina manages to rout through her battle tactics. Emerging from the bloodiest section of the battle unscathed, Mina prays for the souls of the dead, whilst the soldiers of the collective armies praise her as their leader, disregarding the commanding knight Lord Milles and his officers. Lord Targonne learns of the girl Mina and send a messenger welcoming her into the ranks, and requesting that she lead her army against Silvanesti, allowing General Dogah and his army to claim Sanction. In despair, Lord Milles kills himself, whilst Mina alters the message to request that Dogah lead his men to Silvanesti instead, requesting Galdar to deliver the missive to Dogah in Khur. Galdar leaves and Captain Samuval is temporarily promoted to Mina's second-in-command in his absence. (Source: Dragons of a Fallen Sun)

King Tarn aids the Qualinesti: Commander of the Qualinesti dark knights, Marshal Medan, speaks with Prefect Palthainon about Speaker Gilthas. Palthainon, an elven senator, aids the dark knights in the manipulation of the speaker, constantly reporting back to Medan. Disguised as a dark knight, Gerard convinces Knights of Neraka in the Qualinesti region that he is one of them. He escorts Tas through the forest, where they are waylaid by the elves Kalindas and Kelevandros, as well as a mysterious human. In an isolated area, the human reveals himself as Palin Majere, who is astonished to hear Gerard's tale, and even more surprised on seeing Tasslehoff. Laurana appears shortly after, also surprised when listening to the pair. Tas explains about the alternate future which he visited, and is confused over why everything is different now. As the group puzzle things over, the draconian Groul reports to Beryl about Palin's acquiring of a powerful magical artifact. The draconian tells of his elven spy in both Laurana and Medan's houses, and of their validity of their report. Beryl sends Groul to order Marshal Medan to have Palin arrested and brought to her for interrogation. Whilst Medan muses over more reports of the elven resistance leader, the Lioness, Gilthas drinks with the lovely Kagonesti elf Kerianseray, who also disguises herself as the Lioness and leads the elven resistance. Kerian and Gilthas, who secretly married in Laurana and Planchet's presence (Gilthas' friend and chief aide) some time ago, meet with the noble dwarf Tarn Bellowgranite, High King of Thorbardin. Tarn reveals the secret tunnels that his people have built with the Urkhan worms, to aid the Qualinesti elves in spiriting their people to safety. (Source: Dragons of a Fallen Sun)

Inside the Shield/Goldmoon's Youth: On their march to Silvanesti, Mina's force comes across a blind beggar. Mina speaks with him, realising that he is Solomirathnius (Mirror) and was struck blind during the magical storm. Mirror asks why she left the Citadel of Light, and her adopted mother Goldmoon. Mina tells him it was because she answered the call of the One God, and allows Mirror to go in peace. Mina's force reaches the border of Silvanesti, where they are attacked by ogres. The young girl calls upon the power of the One God to aid them, and her entire force are transported within the Silvanesti Shield, as the ogres rage against the barrier, unable to penetrate it. Gerard gets Tasslehoff and Palin to safety on the back of a griffon. Distracting the knights, Gerard is eventually captured by Marshal Medan, as Palin and Tas fly back to Solace. Near the ruins of the Academy of Sorcery, Palin meets with Jenna, talking to her of magical artifacts. Palin experiments with the Device of Time Travelling to find that there is no past, just nothingness. The last event that he can travel to is the battle against Chaos, all events before that are gone as if they never happened. Palin accuses Tas of being the cause of time being messed up. Tas flees, upset by Palin's outburst. Jenna reveals that she has clues where Dalamar may be found, as Palin determines to visit Goldmoon and speak with her about the strange revelation about time and the kender. Tasslehoff arrives on Schallsea and meets the gnome Conundrum Solitaire, as he is attempting to map the Hedge Maze. Palin also arrives in Schallsea and finds Tas, so the pair decide to speak with Goldmoon about the subject. They are surprised to find that after the magical storm, Goldmoon has had her youth restored. Goldmoon is horrified that she can now see the dead swarming around people, trying to claim any magic loosed in the world. Palin accidentally breaks the Device of Time Travelling, whilst tinkering with it. (Source: Dragons of a Fallen Sun)

Beryl's Plot/Cyan Revealed: Medan has Gerard's wounds healed and offers to harbor his secret of being a Solamnic, if Gerard will pledge his life to protect Laurana for him. Gerard accepts, noting Medan to be a man of honor. Medan tells Gerard that he is concerned that Beryl will attack Qualinesti since her plans to capture Palin have failed. Groul delivers a message from Beryl to Medan, which tells him that she wants the head of Laurana and the magical artifact delivered to her, or she will destroy Qualinesti. Gerard escorts Groul out of Qualinost, learning from the draconian that Beryl's offer is a ruse, and that her army is already marching towards Qualinost to destroy it. Gerard surprises the draconian and kills him, returning to Medan, Gilthas and Laurana to tell them of the news. Konnal, Glaucous and Silvanoshei discuss mounting a Silvanesti army to confront Mina's force. Silvanoshei leads the force, whilst his friend Kiryn (and Konnal's nephew) is forced to be a messenger, and is not allowed to partake in the militia. Silvanoshei captures Mina, who tells him about the Silvanesti Shield and that it is not protecting the Silvanesti, but causing them to waste away. She warns that Glaucous is not who he appears to be. Konnal prepares to have Mina executed, though just as she is about to be killed, she calls upon the One God to remove the illusion around Glaucous. The elf is revealed to actually be the fearsome green dragon Cyan Bloodbane. Seeing the green and realising that he had been duped into raising the shield, Konnal suffers from a heart attack and dies on the spot. Mina orders her men and the elves to attack Cyan, who in a united attack bring down the dragon with arrows, finally killing the large green dragon. Silvanoshei, infatuated with Mina, follows her around, as she waits for General Dogah's forces to meet with hers, so they can claim Silvanost for the One God. Beryl's forces attack the Citadel of Light, as Goldmoon escapes with Conundrum in his submersible, the Indestructible. The Green Dragon Overlord's forces destroy the Citadel of Light, but the magical artifact eludes them. (Source: Dragons of a Fallen Sun)

The Qualinesti Traitor/Targonne's Fall: Lord Targonne receives word of the fall of Silvanesti Shield, and sends out reports to the Dragon Overlords to assure them of his allegiance. Targonne also orders Marshal Medan to imprison the Qualinesti royal family and to hand over Qualinost to Beryl. In the destruction of the Citadel of Light, Palin and Tas flee from draconian forces. Palin uses the Device of Time Travelling to power his spells and defeat their pursuers before they flee into the Hedge Maze, race up the Silver Stair and witness the spirit of Caramon. Caramon advises them to leap from the Silver Stair, which the pair do and are magically transported to the Tower of Nightlund, where they meet with Dalamar. Gilthas and Medan agree to join forces against Beryl's armies who are marching on Qualinost. Gerard speaks with Medan about a possible traitor in the Queen Mother's household, and Medan admits that Kalindas is a spy who he has used in the past. Marshal Medan orders Gerard to take his blue dragon Razor and fly directly to the Solamnic Council in Solanthus to request their aid on behalf of the Queen Mother of Qualinesti. Medan then advises Gilthas, Laurana and Planchet of Kalindas' duplicity. When confronted, Kalindas attempts to kill Laurana, however he only wounds her before his own brother Kelevandros manages to strike him down. Mina enters Silvanost with Galdar and her soldiers, much to the delight of the elves. She heals wherever she walks and soon all except for the kirath are enamoured with her. The kirath are scorned for not trusting Mina, and soon return to the forests. Kiryn arranges a meeting between Silvanoshei and Samar. Samar attempts to convince Silvanoshei to leave the capital so the dark knights do not turn him into a mere puppet. However the king refuses to leave, sending Samar on his way. Targonne has a ring given to one of his elven slaves and sends her to Silvanost, planning to visit the elven city himself on Mina's death. The ring is delivered to Gilthas, with a missive saying it is from his mother Alhana, and to give it to the one he loves. Gilthas plans to throw a banquet in Mina's honor, at which point he determines to give her the ring and declare his love for her. On giving the ring to Mina, she collapses and dies. Galdar discovers that the ring had a poison needle on it and carries Mina away. Galdar, Samuval and Dogah struggle to keep Mina's army in line, whilst they reveal the potion Mina took to give the appearance of death, to lure Targonne to Silvanost. On his arrival Mina arises and strikes down her would-be murderer, assuming total control as the Head of the Knights of Neraka. Leaving General Dogah in charge of her forces controlling Silvanost, Mina leaves with the bulk of her army in the direction of Solamnia. On leaving, she tells Silvanoshei to worship the One God and they will be together again. In private she tells Galdar that she told the elven king this so that he is in their control, otherwise he could rise to become a great leader. (Source: Dragons of a Lost Star)

Captives in Solanthus/Lost Star: Dalamar tells Palin that he moved the Tower of High Sorcery from Palanthas to Nightlund to escape Khellendros' clutches. He also tells how he was taught necromancy by the Shadow Sorcerer, an agent who he thought was working for Khellendros. In turn, Palin reveals he was taught wild magic by the Shadow Sorcerer also, who he thought was an agent of Malystryx. Tas tries to escape the tower and is horrified when confronted by a ghost of himself. Razor lands near Solanthus, and hides away in a cave whilst Gerard begins the journey to meet the Solamnic Council. He is soon apprehended by the Solamnic knight Odila Windlass, who is convinced he is a Nerakan Knight, and ignores his protests. Odila leads her captive to Solanthus and has him locked away in the prison house, where his pleas are ignored by the local militia and knights. In Qualinost, the Bozak draconian Captain Nogga, confronts Marshal Medan about Beryl's orders and asks about the missing draconian Groul. Medan and his second Dumat assist Laurana and Planchet in beating Nogga and then forcing him to return to Beryl, assuring her of Medan's control in Qualinost. At the same time, Gilthas again meets with King Tarn Bellowsgranite and they organise the evacuation of the Qualinesti elves through the underground tunnels. Mina's forces ride into Nightlund, where Mina and Galdar journey to the Tower of High Sorcery. Dalamar and Palin are aghast to see the souls of the dead bow to her. Tas races through Nightlund and reaches Solanthus, where he rejoins Goldmoon and Conundrum, who have just arrived. Goldmoon meets with one of her pupils, Starmaster Mikelis, who is amazed that she has had her youth restored. Tas and Conundrum are led to the Knights' Council by Lady Odila after Tas describes Sir Gerard. Odila reveals that he is being tried for espionage by the council, and find that Goldmoon and Mikelis are also already in the meeting. Goldmoon vouches for Sir Gerard, revealing that she is not the daughter of Goldmoon, but the cleric herself, describing how she had her youth restored. Lord Tasgall, Rose Knight and head of the council, despite Goldmoon's testimony decrees that Gerard be imprisoned until such time that Lord Warren in Solace can be contacted to confirm his story. Additionally Goldmoon is ordered to be confined in the city until her story can also be verified. Laurana leads Marshal Medan to the Royal Treasury, where she recovers a dragonlance and the magical sword Lost Star. She tells Medan that he will wield Lost Star to enthrall Beryl, whilst she brings the lance to bear on the green dragon to strike it down. Khellendros learns more of Mina's ascendance to power, through his blue dragon underling Smalt. The silver dragon Mirror, in the form of a blind beggar, reaches Khellendros' lair, where he witnesses the blue Dragon Overlord facing Mina, who after a brief conversation attempts to kill the girl. However his lightning is turned against him, blinding the blue dragon and rendering him incapable of defending himself. (Source: Dragons of a Lost Star)

Solanthus Conquered/Fall of the Green: In Solanthus, Goldmoon escapes her quarters, frees Gerard, Tas and Conundrum from imprisonment and attempts to flee the city. Tas reveals that whilst Palin used the parts of the Device of Time Travelling at the Citadel of Light, they have since reappeared in his pockets and he cannot get rid of them. The group find Razor, who Gerard convinces to fly Goldmoon, Tas and Conundrum to the Tower of High Sorcery in Nightlund. Gerard then leaves the group, is confronted by Odila and the pair begin to return to Solanthus. They soon find that Mina's army is laid out before Solanthus, preparing to assault the city. Still disguised as a Nerakan Knight, Gerard attempts to bluff his way past the army, with his 'prisoner' Odila in tow. Galdar escorts the pair to Mina, who shows Odila the error of her ways and gives her a glimpse into the mind of the One God. Gerard frees Odila and the pair escape back to Solanthus. Mina reveals to Galdar that she allowed their escape, so that knowledge of the One God can spread throughout the city before they strike. Galdar voices the unrest of the troops with the closeness of their new allies, the dead. Odila and Gerard present themselves before the Knights' Council. Rose Knight Lord Tasgall, Lord Ulrich and Lord Nigel, Sword and Crown Knights respectively, drop all charges against Gerard and begin to plan the defense of Solanthus. Using the souls of the dead to terrify the Solamnic troops, Mina's army then crushes the knights and takes the city. She allows the surviving knights to flee, even to go to Sanction, announcing that her army will conquer that next in the name of the One God. In Qualinost, Medan and Laurana finalise their plans against Beryl. However on the landing of the Tower of the Sun, Kelevandros ambushes Medan and cuts him down in grief over Kalindas' death. Medan dies in Laurana's arms, whilst Kelevandros throws himself from a railing to his death. Laurana retrieves Lost Star from Medan's body and then goes to face Beryl. Raising the magical sword she enthralls Beryl and then the elves use ballista and magically strengthened ropes to trap the magically paralysed dragon. Laurana then raises the dragonlance and drives it through Beryl's head. The Green Overlord crashes upon the Tower of the Sun, destroying it and killing Laurana. Under the weight of Beryl, the underground tunnels collapse and the great dragon falls into them. As Beryl's army, Dumat and the elves all perish in the destruction, the surrounding buildings fall into the tunnels, crushing and killing the overlord. Far clear of the devastation, Gilthas, Planchet and Kerianseray learn of the fate of Qualinost and it's defenders, noting that the city is now being referred to as Nalis Aren (Lake of Death). In Dalamar's Tower, Tas and Conundrum decide to try and fix the Device of Time Travelling, with Palin and Dalamar looking on. The mages note that Mina has entered the tower and now seems to have control of it. Goldmoon meets with Mina, who asks her adopted mother to accept the One God. Goldmoon recognises the One God to be Takhisis and refuses to serve. Takhisis strikes down and kills Goldmoon, as Mina weeps for her lost mother, saying she did everything for love of Goldmoon. (Source: Dragons of a Lost Star)

Osuin's Treasure: A talon of dark knights, led by Subcommander Maros, capture a Solamnic wagon bound for Schallsea. The dark knights slay Sir Euric and question his squire Aithan after finding details of the wagon containing Osuin's treasure. The dark knights find no treasure, and soon learn that they being hunted by a large beast. The creature slays the knights, mortally wounds Subcommander Maros, but spares Aithan. The squire explains to the dying Maros that the beast is actually Baren, only son of Lord Osuin, who has been turned into a spawn by the dragon overlord Sable. Sir Euric had hoped to take the warped Baren to Schallsea where he could be treated and healed, before being returned to his father Lord Osuin. Maros warns Aithan to be careful on his trek to Sanction, as Osuin's "treasure" is still out there somewhere. Source: Osuin's Treasure (The Search for Power)

Fall of the Blue: Palin and Dalamar watch Goldmoon's fall and learn that Takhisis is the One God. However Mina soon enters their abode in the tower and kills both mages. With the power of Takhisis, Mina then creates a coffin of golden amber to protect Goldmoon's body and prepares it to be taken to Sanction, where the One God will perform a great miracle. Tas and Conundrum use the repaired Device of Time Travelling and escape the clutches of the dark knights. Mina then reanimates the bodies of Palin and Dalamar, forcing them to do her will or risk the destruction of their souls. The mighty Khellendros tells the silver dragon Mirror about how he was the first alien dragon brought to Krynn, of the origins of his fellow overlords, how the metallic dragons and the souls of the dead are trapped by Takhisis, and of Takhisis' grand plan to steal the world. He then warns Mirror to hide himself as Malys is coming to kill the blue overlord, now that he is weak and blind. Malys arrives at the lair and slays Khellendros, leaving quickly thereafter. Another blue dragon arrives and finds the blue overlord dead and then confronts Mirror. The dragon introduces himself as Razor, the mount of Marshal Medan, and the pair decide to ally together in order to learn more of Takhisis' plans. Tas and Conundrum appear in the distant past, where they meet Huma and Magius. Tas is excited that the past has been rediscovered and uses the Device of Time Travelling again, to tell the others. In the wake of the defeat at Solanthus, the knights discover that Lord Nigel of the Crown has been killed. The Solamnic lords hold a council to discuss Mina and her army. Lord Tasgall of the Rose, Lord Ulrich of the Sword and Nigel's replacement, Lord Siegfried of the Crown, listen to Odila's report on the situation. Gerard is asked to leave for Sanction to monitor Mina's activities and report back to the council. A messenger arrives and tells the council of the death of Beryl and destruction of Qualinost. He also tells that a portion of Mina's forces under the command of Captain Samuval have claimed the Qualinesti lands. In the Plains of Dust, Gilthas and his Qualinesti elves suffer in the unbearable heat. As the elves wander aimlessly, they come across several riders, one of which introduces himself as Wanderer, son of Goldmoon and Rivermind. Wanderer aids Gilthas and his people, helping them to get across the Plains and also warning them of rumors that Silvanesti has also been overrun by Mina's forces. (Source: Dragons of a Vanished Moon)

The Fall of the Red/The Taking of Sanction: Gerard sneaks into Solanthus, where he pretends to be a mistakenly imprisoned dark knight. Galdar frees him and takes him before Mina, who tells him her plans and accepts him into the worship of the One God, even though she is seemingly aware that he is truly a Solamnic Knight. Gerard is amazed at one sermon, where Odila appears and has been caught wandering down the main street in her Solamnic armor. She bows before Mina and pledges her loyalty to her and the One God. Mina makes Odila a cleric of the One God and bestows upon her a Medallion of Faith. The spirit of Raistlin Majere addresses the gods in the heavenly court, telling them that he has located the world through Tasslehoff Burrfoot. The gods and Raistlin set about a plan to try and make things right again in the world, and a way to defeat Takhisis who has grown supremely powerful. Samar sends word to Lady Alhana that her son Silvanoshei has journeyed to Solanthus to find his love Mina. Alhana and Kiryn meet King Gilthas, speaking to him of the fall of Silvanost and also of Qualinost. Gilthas pledges his desire to unite the two elven kingdoms, to which Alhana agrees. Alhana allows Gilthas and his Qualinesti to setup camp with her own Silvanesti. Tas and Conundrum appear in the Hedge Maze, where the gnome happily sets about mapping the area. Leaving him to his own devices, Tas uses the device and appears in Dargaard Keep. He witnesses Mina petition Soth's aid in the upcoming war, and the death knight's refusal. For his audacity, Mina removes his curse and returns him back to life, and then destroys him completely. Silvanoshei reaches Mina's army and speaks with Mina, who tells him that she is pleased that he is serving the One God, and he serves in her army. Silvanoshei asks Gerard (who he realises is a Solamnic) to carry his royal ring to Samar and tell him to that he is dead. Mina's forces claim Sanction, which puts up little resistance. The spirit of Dalamar visits Malys, warning her of Mina and the One God. Samar returns to Alhana telling her of the news, and also that Gerard is returning to Solamnia to raise the Solamnic army against Mina and her forces in Sanction. Alhana pledges her Silvanesti to march against Sanction also, to rescue what she believes is her imprisoned son. The elven army leaves for Sanction as a great minotaur fleet lands in Silvanesti. General Dogah's wishes are finally granted by Mina, as his minotaur reinforcements land and solidify Mina's hold over the elven nation. Razor approaches Galdar, offering to fly him into battle against Malys. The minotaur gladly accepts, and the two prepare for the fight in the coming day. Mina summons a death dragon from the bones of Malys' totem and rides it into battle. Galdar and Razor also rise against Malys, and a great duel ensues when the mighty red overlord appears over Sanction. With the aid of Takhisis, Malys is destroyed, however all participants plunge to the earth. Odila renounces her worship of the One God and flies away with Mirror. In the outer limits of Sanction, Razor crashlands and protects Galdar, speaking to the minotaur briefly before dying of his wounds. Galdar searches for Mina and finds her broken body, taking her to a secluded cave to administer to her wounds. Takhisis appears and casts Galdar aside, before healing Mina. In the small town of Tyburn, Gerard comes across the spirit of Raistlin Majere, who chooses to aid him, and also runs into Tasslehoff. He rescues Tas from dark knights, and the kender again uses the Device of Time Travelling to transport them both to Lord Ulrich's manor. Gerard presents his report to the Solamnic council, as does Odila who has just returned with Mirror. Tas tells of the Device and of the good dragons, and he and Mirror determine to rescue the metallic dragons, dragging Odila and Gerard along with them as Tas again transports the group. The group appear in a strange place, where they discover the metallic dragons are sleeping and kept locked away. Tas manages to free them all and Mirror goes to speak with the dragons. Odila and Gerard prepare to leave as Tas decides to finally return to his own time to die. (Source: Dragons of a Vanished Moon)

A final lament for Paladine and Takhisis/The War of Souls ends: Thousands of ogres ambush the Silvanesti and Qualinesti forces, prepared to destroy them. During the initial fighting however, the good dragons appear, led by Sir Gerard, and crush and turn the ogre army. Gerard speaks with Gilthas, Samar and Alhana, and the metallic dragon forces and the elven army unites to march on Sanction. As the metallic dragons devastate Mina's forces in Sanction, Mina herself retreats to the Temple of Duerghast. Galdar and Silvanoshei both follow her. A large draconian army from Teyr also appears and attacks Mina's army, adding their might to that of the elves and metallic dragons. With all watching, Mina offers her body as an avatar for Takhisis. When the goddess tries to claim Mina, Paladine appears and stops her, as the other gods all appear also. Paladine tells Takhisis that he has made the ultimate sacrifice and forsaken his godhood, in order to bring her down also. In rage over losing her godhood, Takhisis prepares to strike down Mina, however Galdar throws himself in the way and has his arm severed. Silvanoshei then leaps to Mina's defense and plunges the haft of a broken dragonlance into Takhisis, killing the former goddess. In grief over the death of Takhisis, Mina then strikes down and kills Silvanoshei, before gathering the body of Takhisis and leaving Sanction. Sargonnas appears to Galdar, his loyal servant, and restores him to life, however Galdar chooses to not have his arm restored and then follows the tracks that Mina has left. Odila and Mirror choose to take up the fight in Silvanesti and leave together, briefly saying goodbye to Gerard. At the request of Raistlin Majere, the gods restore both Palin and Dalamar to life, offering their magic back to them. Dalamar gladly accepts, but Palin refuses the magic, happy to now live out his life without it. Raistlin's spirit reunites with that of his twin at last, and the two pass into the afterlife. The former god Paladine tells Gilthas that he is now to be known as Valthonis (meaning in elven 'The Exile). Goldmoon and Silvanoshei are laid to rest in the Tomb of the Last Heroes in Solace. Valthonis tells Gerard that Tas' soul is now finally at rest with Flint, and that all of the companions are about to be reunited. Gerard smiles, telling Valthonis that he fixed the lock on the tomb. The War of Souls draws to a close. (Source: Dragons of a Vanished Moon)

A Minotaur's Loyalty: In the northern Courrain Ocean, the minotaur ship Crimson Dagger reaches a small island searching for rebels on Emperor Hotak's orders. Captain Salvas meets with his chief officers Commander Drako and first mate Jek, who advise the beach is secured. As the minotaurs make camp and fall asleep, Captain Salvas moves inland and finds a cave filled with dragon skulls in the form of a totem. Salvas transforms into his true form, that of the silver dragon Shield. On touching the totem, he is met by the spectre of his old nemesis, the red dragon Volcanus. The evil spectre reveals that he cast a spell to bind his spirit to the totem, shortly before Malys claimed him in the Dragon Purge, and he has long kept all the souls of the dragons in the totem as his prisoners, including Shield's mate Starlight. Volcanus tells Shield that he wants his body, and will release all the souls if he sacrifices himself. Shield refuses and the spectre launches him out of the cave. The silver dragon transforms back into the form of Captain Salvas and is carried back to the camp by his minotaurs when they find him. Jek gives him some food and Salvas soon after falls asleep. On awakening he finds himself tied down with ropes, which he easily frees himself from by transforming into his draconic form. Jek tells Shield that he worked out Salvas was truly a dragon when he followed him to the dragon cave. Shield tells his old crew to return to the minotaur isles and then returns to Volcanus' lair. As the dragons battle, the minotaur return to the cave to aid their old 'captain. Drako and others are killed, but the minotaur end up helping to destroy the totem and thereby destroying Volcanus' spectre and releasing the souls of Starlight and the other dragons. Jek and Shield talk briefly before the minotaurs set sail, both dragon and minotaur offering their pledge of loyalty to eachother. Source: Loyalty (The Search for Power)

421 AC/38 SC - 423 AC/40 SC

The Dragonslayers: Past Hylo, in the small town of Trader's Lot, a dragonslayer wanders into town. The townsfolk are all excited about this tough warrior, who can defeat a dragon who has been marauding their farms. Skerrith, the dragonslayer, tells various tales in the local inn, The Boar and Stag, impressing the entire town, especially the young kender Rag. The local barmaid Ruby is skeptical of the newcomer's stories however. Mayor Borstan asks Skerrith to handle their local dragon, and he accepts...but tells them he will do it in the morning. In the morning, Skerrith rises and begins to sneak out of town. However Ruby catches him and tells him that Rag has gone to take on the dragon alone. Feeling guilty, Skerrith goes with Ruby to the dragon's lair. They find Rag, and the kender thrusts Skerrith's lance onto the dragon's big toe. The dragon flies away, with Skerrith noting that it's roar sounded more like laughter than anything else. Two years later, the three reminisce about their adventure, with Skerrith and Ruby now married and running the inn. Rag tells the townsfolk of their adventure and how they bested the dragon, in his final musing he notes that in the light of day, the dragon almost looked like it had copper scales.... Source: The Dragonslayers (The Search for Power)

422 AC/39 SC

Saviors of Nowhere: The bandits of Lord Rakell arrive in the isolated village of Nowhere. Lord Rakell decrees that the villagers will be put to work in the local mine, and abducts the old villager Marren uth Aegar and his daughter Laila. He then has his men force another twenty villagers to leave for the mine, stating that they will claim another twenty in a month. The fiery young villager Malek beseeges the Elder of Nowhere to tell them what to do about Rakell. The Elder advises Malek and three other villagers to seek out heroes to save Nowhere from the bandits. Malek, Nils, Caeta and Wilf journey to the town of Robann to find heroes. After various minor adventures, the villagers end up recruiting Khorr (a minotuar poet), Raika (a female Saifhumi sailor), Hume nar Fanac (a half-ogre warrior), Carver Reedwhistle (a kender treasure hunter), Amergin (a wanted elf hunter), and Howland uth Ungen (a former Knight of the Rose). The group make the return journey to Nowhere, however on the way they encounter a group of frozen people and a trapped traveller named Ezu. The party assume Ezu is some kind of eccentric sorcerer, who decides to join them. Shortly after, the elf tracker Robien the Tireless attempts to capture Amergin and bring him back to face his enemies in Robann. However the party overcome the elf and convince him to aid them against Lord Rakell's bandits. The heroes set about training the villagers and setting up defenses in the town. A small group of heroes go on a surveillance mission to check on the bandits. Malek's foolishness leads to Hume's death, as the rest of the group escape from marauding bandits. General Howland and the heroes beat back the bandits with the help of the villagers, defeating the bandits at every turn. Howland plots to take out Lord Rakell during a parley, and journeys to see the bandit lord, along with Amergin and Ezu. Rakell reveals that he served with Howland years ago, and also reveals that Howland was never a knight, merely a sergeant in the army. They also learn that Marren uth Aegar is allied with Lord Rakell, having previously been Rakell's commander in years gone by. Rakell orders that Howland is executed, however Ezu sneezes and a magical darkness descends over everything. Marren helps Howland to escape, and Amergin also manages to get clear of Rakell's camp, the pair return to Nowhere. Ezu disappears and is presumed to have left the region altogether or to have been killed by Rakell's men. The bandits launch a full strike on Nowhere. Khorr makes a valiant stand against a band of ogres, and kills most of them, before being struck down himself. Ezu returns, stops the rain and leads the villagers to wonder who he really is. Lord Rakell leads the final assault on Nowhere, ending up duelling with Howland. Carver is presumed lost when the roof of the building he is on collapses. Howland strikes down Rakell, only to find that the bandit lord was just killed by one of Amergin's iron stars from behind. The elf hunter disappears during the battle, so that Robien will presume him dead and not take him back to Robann. With Rakell dead and the bandits defeated, the surviving heroes and villagers rejoice. Howland, Raika and Robien leave the village, as Carver appears from the rubble and decides to stay in Nowhere for a while. Raika and Howland again meet Ezu on the road, who offers them parting gifts, and gives Howland a parting gift for Robien also. The pair journey into the Throtian Mining Guild, rejoining Robien and find a massive amount of gold and steel. Gathering small fortunes for themselves, the trio part ways to return to their homes and start new lives for themselves. (Source: The Middle of Nowhere)

Elven Accounts: Sosti, Ardian, Valursa and Genin all have worked actively as rebels in the Qualinesti forest, even now that the city has been destroyed. Genin is discovered and arrested by the knighthood, however her execution is stayed. She escapes from one of their prison camps and is believed to have returned to the forests. Rumors purport that she is working with a disfigured elf who resembles Porthios. Later her poetry journal surfaces and is delivered to the Library of Palanthas. Now that the Silvanesti Shield is destroyed, the journal of Evelyne Stargrace is found, which details the lives and deaths of Silvanesti elves suffering inside the shield. (Source: Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls Vol.1)

Knights of Passion: The actor Thronden Blackmoor is given the job of running his own play 'Knights of Passion' by Sebastius. Much to the dismay of fellow actors, Thronden constantly changes and makes rewrites to the script, right up until the performance. Dark knights, led by Commander Karel of Neraka, attempt to stop the play because of it's heretical content. But eventually they decide to watch the love story unfold between Thronden and Aleena. Karel commends Thronden for his work, and allows the troupe to go in peace. Thronden muses on Heart the goblin's knack for comedy, as he begins more rewrites... Source: Rewrites (The Players of Gilean)

The Wyrmling's Companion: The fortune hunter Raven Thorn scales the Lords of Doom in search of dragon eggs, to sell in his hometown of Kill Gulch so he can pay off his debt to the evil dwarf Ferrous Earthfast. The small town, an offshoot of the dark city of Sanction, is home to cutthroats and thieves. Raven comes across a group of draconians who are destroying eggs and also a wyrmling they are about to kill. The fortune hunter escapes into the mountain, with the wyrmling following him closely, however he loses the treasures he just acquired in his flight. The red dragon Inferno searches for her lost wyrmling and picks up the scent of draconians and a human. The wyrmling befriends Raven and the two aid eachother in eluding the draconians. Inferno finds her way into the mountain and kills the draconians, then reunites with her child. Inferno gives Raven back his treasure and sends him safely on his way, whilst the wyrmling says a final goodbye to her 'friend'. Source: The Dragon's Child (The Search for Power)

To rule Four Ends: The sivak draconian Captain Relk captures a young human woman and her son at the request of his master, the red dragon Threxellex. The dragon tells the woman that he is dissatisfied with the minotaur bandit Gul and his comrade, the pirate Captain L'Arth, who he knows is her lover. Threxellex keeps the young boy, telling the woman to follow the commands that Relk gives her, if she wishes her son to survive. The woman then seeks out Gul, telling him that the dragon is greatly displeased with the minotaur for holding out on him, and implies that L'Arth is backstabbing him. She convinces the minotaur to attempt a raid on the dragon and then deal with L'Arth, thereby securing his position as ruler of Four Ends. Next the woman visits L'Arth, telling him that Gul is going to kill the dragon with his men, and convinces him to let the dragon and Gul's forces fight, and then have his own men kill the survivors and claim leadership over Four Ends. L'Arth agrees and mobilises his forces. As each force confronts the dragon, Threxellex decimates both and kills Gul and L'Arth. The woman arrives and tells Threxellex of how Gul and L'Arth never betrayed him and that she engineered the entire plot to get revenge for the two men killing her family years ago. Relk and the boy then transform into silver dragons and face Threxellex. A third dragon arises and the three slay the evil red dragon. Source: Four Ends (The Search for Power)

An elf's grief: Qualinesti elf, Anar Sovralian wanders into a human town and meets with a merchant. Anar ensorcels the man and questions him about some elves who passed by. The merchant tells Anar that the elves reside in the lair of Ebon Nightshadow, a black who once served the overlord Beryl. On the way to the lair, Anar dreams of how he lost his wife to some elves in the flight after the destruction of Qualinost. On waking, Anar sneaks into the cave through use of his magic and spots his wife Kerasina. Kerasina tells Anar that she was never stolen from him, but instead chose to take up the fight against the dark knights in Qualinesti, with the dark elf Ealthan and his band. Enraged, Anar attacks Ealthan, but is beaten and subdued. He later awakes in an alleyway in a human town, moved on by the town guard and still mourning for his lost child and wife. Source: At the Water's Edge (The Search for Power)

The Lake of Deat...: The former dark knight Tendek and his twin sister Donnala, with their kender companion Wylinger, are on their return journey to Palanthas after acquiring elven treasures in the Plains of Dust. They run into a group of goblins which they kill, and claim the donkey that the goblins had. Wylinger befriends the donkey, calling it Leslie, claiming that she is a super-intelligent creature. Shortly after the group comes across a lake, with a sign written in blood, which Wylinger translates as the Lake of Deat. Finding it odd, the group decide to use a boat lying onshore to cross the lake. Leslie tries to do everything possible to stay off the boat, however eventually her companions get her onboard also. Once the boat reaches the centre of the lake, a strange fog settles in and the dead arise from the lake. In a panic, Leslie kicks all three companions into the water. The kender and the knights find it odd that whilst they are below the fog, the dead do not bother them. As it passes, Leslie still will not let any of the group back onto the boat, threatening to trample them. The kender offers the donkey a portion of their treasure and she lets them onboard. The group reach the other side, and the four of them begin their trek to Palanthas once more. Source: Lake of Death (The Search for Power)

The Dragon's Accountants: Neidar dwarf Skarn Ironskull and Hylar dwarf Gaspar are captured by a fearsome red dragon and forced to take inventory of her hoard, in order to preserve their lives. The dragon magically contacts a neighbouring black dragon called Gloomshade, bragging to him how she has found an ingenious way to prove how large her treasure is. Gloomshade is impressed and muses on how he will have to capture some dwarves to do the same. The dragon inspects the inventory thus far, and comes across a strange tray. When she inspects it, she is drawn into the tray and added to the design. Gaspar and Skarn rejoice and flee the dragon's lair with a portion of her treasure. As the two dwarves merrily leave the area, the black dragon Gloomshade flies in and captures the pair, pleased to have found two dwarves to count his treasure, right where the red dragon said they would be. Source: Inventory (The Search for Power)

The Music of Manifew: Edger Nunce, tax-collector of Flotsam, is approached by a gnome called Manifew whilst on one of his collection days. The gnome shows him an invention, a music box, which plays a song so amazing, that Edger decides to immediately take the surprising wonderful invention to Lord Toede, Lord of Flotsam. The music box is played before Lord Toede and his Chamberlain, as well as Lord Raeja of the Crimson Sails, a minotaur pirate captain and the not so subtle ruler of Flotsam (in all but name). Toede decrees that the music box is wonderful and that Manifew and his gnomes will be allowed to stay within Flotsam. Raeja angrily disputes the decision and forces Toede into forcing the gnomes to camp outside of the city walls, where they can deliver their goods. The gnomes set about building their goods and sending them down the hill and crashing into the city. The enraged minotaur sends his forces towards the gnome settlement in retaliation. Manifew and his comrades send another 'delivery' to the city, which ends up killing Raeja and a good portion of his forces en route. Lord Toede thanks Manifew and Edger for helping rid his city of Raeja and his pirates. Toede rescinds the order banning the gnomes from Flotsam. He then grants Edger an official position within his government as ambassador to the gnomes and part of his duties are to accompany future shipments into Flotsam. Source: Special Delivery (The Search for Power)

Salt in the Sea: In the seas below the eastern shores of the Desolation, Dargonesti elves from the sunken city of Istar, map the newly formed area. The sea elf Brysis, with her elven companions Veloxua, Quayseen and the gray dolphin Minnow-Tyrant note the polluted quality of the waters. In the way of all scouts, the elves carve maps of the area into the dolphin's skin, however Brysis argues it as being cruel. During their search, Veloxua discovers a new place she calls Salt-Wound, where a salt vein is pouring it's contents into the waters. The elves search Salt-Wound and discover the large craters in the area, which suggest the potential danger of the poisons in the water being pushed further into the Courrain if they erupt. Minnow-Tyrant warns the elves of an impending eruption. The elves flee although Minnow-Tyrant places himself in the path of some coral. Just before being crushed, Quayseen throws himself in the way, saving the dolphin and taking his place. Brysis, Veloxua and Minnow-Tyrant mourn for their elven comrade and then start the return trip to Istar, where they will warn their elven brethren in Istar and Watermere of the dangers they have witnessed. Source: Marine Skies (The Search for Power)

The Haunted Inn: Elthan, a cleric of Kiri-Jolith is commissioned by a local council to investigate the haunted Wyrm's Claw Inn. The inn's owner, Argus Thornton is disgusted that Councillor Tam Ceary has organised it, but still welcomes Elthan into his inn. The barmaid/housemaid Brell tells Elthan about the child-ghost and they find Councillor Ceary stabbed in the kitchen. Elthan heals the injured man and they learn that it wasn't a ghost, but Tam's wife who attacked him, tired of years of abuse. Argus, Elthan and Brell are attacked by the ghosts, with the cleric being knocked down and Brell finally pulling out a ring, which she claims is a ring of wishes. Using her final wish, she asks the ghost to depart the mortal world, and they both seem to. Argus swears to leave the inn and return to a life of farming, whilst on regaining consciousness, Elthan blesses the inn and departs. In the darkness of the vacated inn, Brell is visited by the child-ghost and an adult male ghost. She greets her daughter and husband, telling them that the dark knights who ruined their lives are all dead and that all will be better now. Source: Wyrm's Claw Inn (The Search for Power)

The Unbreakable Bond: Brek, a bundesphar, and his wulfbunde Soldier, speak of how his patrol have forsaken the Dark Queen to now follow the White Lady. Brek tells Soldier that the great Canus whom all bundesphar worship, first followed the Dark Queen and he will do the same. Soldier barks his own agreement. The pair enter a small town, where a shopkeeper recognises Brek and Soldier as bundesphar (wolf soldiers). A former Dragonarmy soldier, the old shopkeeper tells Brek and his wolf companion where they can find the Chaos valley. On their way to the valley, Brek and Soldier are confronted by the bundesphar captain Arana, her fellow bundesphar warriors and their wolves. Arana asks Brek and Soldier to join them and serve the White Lady, as well as telling them that the Dark Queen is now dead. Brek refuses and is beaten unconscious, whilst Soldier is held down and watches his master. Brek awakens in the Chaos valley, where he and Soldier race to the Temple of the Dark Queen, with the chaos spirit in pursuit. Brek takes out his coin of adamant (payment for the corp) and scratches a glyph in the floor, then places the coin in the centre. Twin daggers arise from the glyph in acceptance. Brek and Soldier fight against the wraith, both badly injured and burnt before they each lose consciousness. The White Lady finds Soldier and Brek, burnt and broken. She tells Brek that it was her who gave him the daggers, not the Dark Queen. She asks Brek and Soldier to follow her, Mishakal. However Brek refuses, telling her that he cannot break the Bond and will not accept her gifts or part from his faith. Brek points out the twin green stars of Canus to Mishakal, refuses her offer and picks up the injured body of Soldier, walking away. Mishakal whispers a spell of healing over the pair, admiring their honor and strength of faith. Source: Coin of Adament (The Search for Power)

The Box: In a small town, the thugs Agaran, Bolly and Dunnar note an old man with a locked wagon ride into town. Hoping to loot the wagon and unable to break into it, they follow him out of town. Dunnar kills the old man, and the man's dog flees. Inside the wagon, the trio find a strange sealed box which they carry to the Nerakan stronghold of Umram the Chiseler. Promising to share the wealth with Umram, he agrees to have his men unseal the box. Umram's dwarven comrade Hundle tries everything to open the box, and when he heats it, notices a message saying 'Zetan sleeps within'. Hundle decides to burn the box open, whilst Umram and the others gamble and drink the night away. The next morning they all awake to find the box is opened with a strange substance but nothing valuable inside, and that Hundle has been murdered. After some arguing between the trio and Umram and his men, the body of Vorick (another of Umram's men) is found. Dunnar spots a beast which he identifies as a dragonlet, and realises that it was the thing in the box. Umram has Dunnar strung up as an offering to the beast, however he remains untouched. Agaran and Bolly free their comrade and try to escape the stronghold. They find escape impossible as the dragonlet kills all of Umram's men and then the Chiseler himself. The dragonlet soon claims Agaran and Bolly, before eventually killing Dunnar. Shortly after the wagon rolls in, driven by the old man accompanied by his dog. The old man speaks to his dog, about how he needs to distribute another 23 eggs before he can be free of his curse. The dog muses on why folks always think there is gold in a sealed box, whilst the old man responds about the advantages of having one's soul in another's body. The pair mount up their wagon and resume their travelling. Source: The Box (The Search for Power)

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