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Chambers of Astinus

The Age of Might

1018 PC - 0 PC

1018 PC

Dragon Disappearance: Takhisis is banished from Krynn, her dragons are similarly banished, however some remain in hiding and do not leave. The metallic dragons are also forced to leave Ansalon and retire on the Dragon Isles.

1015 PC

Early draconian experiment: The black-robed mage Brenn captures a dying silver dragon and makes an early attempt to create draconic humanoids from her eggs. Kaziganthi de-Orilg comes across Brenn's lair, kills the foul mage and rescues the eggs. Source: Kaz and the Dragon's Children (Dragons of Krynn)

1013 PC

Galan's Revenge: The elf Argaen Ravenshadow discovers the emerald sphere of Galan Dracos, and casts an illusion over Vingaard and summons a stone dragon to defeat the Solamnic Knights. Kaz is declared an outlaw and traitor by the Solamnic Knights. He and his kender companion Delbin Knotwillow, journey to Vingaard to confront Grandmaster Oswal about the accusations. With his other companions, Sir Darius and Tesela, Cleric of Mishakal, they discover that Oswal is under a spell. Kaz is given the mighty axe, Honor's Face, in order to fight the evils that he faces. The minotaur hero confronts Argaen whom is actually possessed by the spirit of Galan Dracos. He then uses his axe to defeat the stone dragon which in turn accidentally kills Argaen. Kaz then faces off against the ogre Molok and a minotaur hunting party whom are chasing him for crimes of dishonor. The minotaur wins his challenge and is allowed to walk free. (Source: Kaz the Minotaur)

1010 PC

The Kaziganthi clan: Kaz and Delbin journey to the great city of Mithas, in order to find Kaz's missing brother-in-law, Hecar. The High Priest of Sargas assumes complete control over Mithas around this time, however the High Priest is actually the red dragon Infernus, in disguise. The dragon is discovered by Kaz and his companions and kills Kaz's father Ganth in retaliation. During their escape, Kaz frees a prisoner called Tiberia, who turns out to be a young silver dragon. Eventually Kaz and Tiberia face off against Infernus in the Great Circus, and slay the evil red dragon. In order to preserve the Balance, Tiberia is then transported to the Dragon Isles to maintain the peace. Kaz establishes himself as a true clan leader, and the Kaziganthi clan is born. (Source: Land of the Minotaurs)

1000 PC

Mereklar Built: Takhisis entreaties Bast the Cat Lord to build a city on Ansalon, to protect the cats of the world. Bast builds the city with the evil and neutral gods' approval. Paladine advises Bast of Takhisis' deception, and shows him that she has built an identical city in the Abyss, and that the new city of Mereklar will be a gateway for her to send her denizens into Krynn. The good gods then add magical gates to Mereklar, to prevent Takhisis from sending her cat-fiends onto Krynn. Bast swears that he and his cats will protect the city and prevent Takhisis from ever opening the gateway. (Source: The History of Dragonlance)

1000-800 PC

Istarian Expansion: Istar grows and becomes the moral centre of the world. At this time, the Council of Istar forms a unified government, led by the great scholar Karthay Pah. Istar standardises trade and coinage throughout Ansalon. Solamnia forms an alliance with the kender of Hylo. New trade routes are opened between Istar and Thorbardin, increased trading occurs between staunch allies Solamnia and Istar. Ergoth becomes heavily dependant on Solamnia for protection. Thorbardin dwarves find the lost city of Thoradin and re-open it. They drive out the resident ogres and change it into a large supply centre of metallic goods for Istar.

Chorane Discovered: The Kender capital of Hylo signs a treaty with Solamnia. A branch of the large Theiwar clan sets forth on an expedition to the south. In the furthest southern reaches of Ansalon, the Theiwar found a new home 'Alzhak Reger' (Sanctuary) in Chorane.

980 PC

The Kingdom of Kayolin: Solamnia grants mining rights to the Thorbardin dwarves for their aid in the dragon war. They are given the Garnet Mountains, in which they construct the new dwarven city of Garnet, and found the Kingdom of Kayolin.

967 PC

Life Tree is built: The dwarven Hylar Clan construct the Life Tree in Thorbardin. Zakhalax (or Tree of Life) is a city carved into a huge stalactite above the Urkhan Sea.

962 PC

Istar Ascendant: Istar creates a new date system which is centered around the rise of Istar as a new power. Their date system is set as IA (Istar Ascendant).

948 PC

Elven Isolation: Both the Qualinesti and Silvanesti close their borders to outsiders. Hill dwarves build an above-ground kingdom called Hillow.

940 PC

Further Elven Isolation: All the elven nations become completely isolationist to all outsiders.

910-825 PC

The First Ogre Wars: Ogres attack the dwarves of Thoradin, as well as several other nearby nations. Solamnia is called in to assist the dwarves, and the ogres are eventually routed. This time becomes known as the First Ogre Wars.

890 PC

A calm to the storm of the Ogre Wars: The allied army of humans, elves and centaurs under Duke Fredirko, wage war against the ogre hordes of Axel Bloodwart. The acting troupe, the Travelling Players of Gilean, put on a show which causes the two forces to forget about fighting. Sebastius' troupe so impresses Axel Bloodwart, that he joins them as an actor, handing over leadership of the ogres to Bloden Longeye. Source: Command Performance (The Players of Gilean)

850-727 PC

Kendermeld: Istar imposes harsh new trade laws. The kender start a trade war, during which they almost cause Istar to have an economic crash. Istar relents and have the kender leaders sign a treaty creating 'Kender tax' and exempt kender from the trade standards. Kender win the trade war, and are officially accepted as an ally of the Istarian people, this becomes known as the Kendermeld.

773-760 PC

Istari/Silvanesti conflict: Skirmishes break out along the border of the growing Istarian empire with the Silvanesti elves. The elves harry the legions of Istar as they encroach further upon elven lands.

700-600 PC

The Second Ogre Wars: Armies of ogres sally forth from the Khalkist Mountains in raids upon Solamnia, Istar and Thoradin. The Solamnic knights ally with the legions of Istar to repel the ogres and they push them back into the mountains. This time is later called the Second Ogre Wars.

675 PC

Interplanar travel: A black-robed mage known as Harz-Takta the Senseless, discovers a magical portal which leads to the Lost Citadel. The dark mage records how one can go about interplanar travel on the Night of the Eye. He leaves his records for his fellow mages, and then begins his journeys through the planes and is never heard from again. (Source: Night of the Eye)

673 PC

Istar/Elven Trade Hostilities: Istar attempts to control ports and sea-lanes in order to control shipping and sea trade in general. Their traders operate in the same charters of the Silvanesti sea-merchants and become openly hostile to the elves.

673-649 PC

The Great Trade War: Trade between Istar, Ergoth and Silvanesti practically halts, as the three nations fight over trade routes. The nations build harbors and trade centres during the time of strife. One of the results is the Istarian's building Winston's Tower, named for the Governor of Karthay, in this time.

670 PC

Istarian blockades: The Thon-Thalas River is blockaded by the Istarian fleet as a measure of halting elven traders. Elven captain Dimorian Falabrine leads his galley through the blockade and openly defies the Istarians. (Source: The Messenger)

650 PC

Hestite Power Struggle: Hestantafalas passes away. Now that both the great founders, Vedvedsica and Hestantafalas have died, the war begins for control of the Hestite. The descendants of the two founders recruit commoners. The Hall of Arms is formed to serve the descendants of Hest, and the Hall of Light is formed to serve the descendants of Vedvedsica. Hest's second son Jaen assumes full control of the nation. The Hall of Arms mines for metals instead of farming, and the Hall of Light misuses their magic, which results in a poor harvest and lack of food for the people. Jaen dies in a fit of apoplexy and his younger brother Drev becomes the king. Drev the Mad sends his troops to massacre the priests and burn their temple. One of the higher ranked royals in the Hall of Light, Li El, seduces the Captain of the Guard, Ro Mors. Ro Mors and Li El murder Drev the Mad, however Li El then betrays Ro Mors and blinds him, and assumes full control of the Hestite. The control struggles cease and all the elves effectively becomes the slaves of Li El. (Source: Riverwind the Plainsman)

630 PC

Elfmeld: Silvanesti forces grow tired of the Istarian blockades and retaliate by attacking Istarian sailors. The elves then mount a full blockade of the Straits of Karthay and stop all of Istar's trade ships from leaving port. Solamnic forces get involved and try to formulate a peace agreement between the two nations. Silvanesti is granted shipping rights on the proviso that they must tithe a percentage of this wealth to the Istarian empire. The two nations sign the Swordsheath Scroll, the elves are considered another ally of the Empire and the event becomes known as the Elfmeld.

Dimorian's Reward: Infamous elven captain Dimorian Falabrine is granted an admiral's commission over his conduct during the Istarian/Silvanesti conflict. His son Kerrick is given training in the Silvanesti royal court, as part of his father's reward. (Source: The Messenger)

600-280 PC

Istar/Solamnic Alliance: Istar and Solamnia grow more co-dependant. The Knights of Solamnia grow and become the military backbone of both nations, whereas the Istarian government slowly extends it influence to lead both nations, and effectively subverts the leadership of Solamnia.

590 PC

The First Son of Paladine: Dario, third son of the king of Istar, wanders into the hills in search of treasure. The lad stumbles across a cave and discovers the Disks of Mishakal, long thought lost since the Second Dragonwar and the Battle of Gods' Tears. Dario studies the Disks for a month, before emerging and returning to Istar, spreading word of the true gods to the people. The Istarians are quick to stop their ancestor worship and turn to worshipping the true gods. Dario declares himself the First Son of Paladine and establishes the clergy of Istar. (Source: Sacred Fire)

578 PC

The Trenak Curse: The Trenak Clan, a clan of minotaurs who are charged with defending their borders against the Silvanesti elves, attend a family banquet in which they slaughter each other. The borders of the minotaur nation is without defenders, and the Silvanesti overrun Northern Reach and Yeshall Passes. Sargonnas then curses the Trenak Clan to relive this banquet on the same day every year and never to be free of their dishonor. Source: Sargas' Night of Revenge (Rebels and Tyrants)

The Greatest Thief of Palanthas: Geylin Blackheart and Mirathond Inuinen, lovers and rulers of the Thieves Guild of Palanthas, constantly try to outdo one another through one heist after another. Each tries to lay claim to the title of Greatest Thief of Palanthas, causing legends and rumors to surface about the pair. Many of their heists become the stuff of legend, and both thieves become legendary figures in the history of the guild. (Source: The Thieves Guild)

573 PC

Istar saved: Istar increases in it's poor treatment of magic-users. The necromancer Salius Ruven creates an army of undead which he sends against Istar. The mages in the Tower of Istar do not aid the Istarian legions. The Emperor of Istar, Lannis the Blind, petitions the Solamnic Knights for help. The knights arrive and Istar is saved. (Source: Chosen of the Gods)


Coming of the Messenger: The Arktos (a human tribe) of Icereach are butchered by invading ogres and thanoi. Chieftain Redfist Bayguard is slain, however his daughter Moreen leads the children of the tribe and the shaman Dinekki to safety. Dinekki shows Moreen a vision of the Citadel of White Fish. Moreen then leads her people northward to the citadel. Kerrick Falabrine is caught in an affair with the young Gloryian Diradir. Patrikan, the father of the young elf maiden has his daughter's virginity restored and her mind altered to forget Kerrick. He then has Kerrick beaten and brought before Nethas, Speaker of the Stars. Kerrick is almost branded a dark elf, however is banished from Silvanesti and charged with the quest of recovering the secret of his father's gold. He is then placed on a ship and magically sent to the middle of the ocean where he encounters the kender Coraltop Netfisher, who is on the shell of a sleeping dragonturtle. The dragonturtle awakens and Kerrick is knocked unconscious. The son of the fearsome ogre king Grimtooth Bane, Grimwar, is engaged to ogre priestess Stariz ber Glacierheim ber Bane. Stariz criticises Grimwar for sparing the Arktos women. She also warns that she has foreseen an elven messenger coming to bring the downfall of the Icereach ogres, whom will be aided by a human woman. The hunt for the Messenger begins. (Source: The Messenger)

War against the Ogres: Moreen leads her tribe to the Highlander tribe. Strongwind Whalebone, King of the Highlanders asks for Moreen's hand in marriage, however she refuses and leave the region. Upon leaving Moreen and two of her companions, Bruni and Tildey, find the elf Kerrick. The elf leads Moreen's tribe across the straits and the Arktos take shelter in the caves and hot springs near the Citadel of White Fish. However the resident thanoi chieftain, Urgas Thanoi, discovers the Arktos and requests assistance from the ogres in destroying the humans. Grimwar successfully performs an ogre ceremony in which the Icewall barrier is broken and the Sturmfrost is released. During the ceremony, his father becomes drunk and enraged, and attacks Grimwar. The younger ogre wields the Axe of Gonnas, strikes down his father. Sargonnas is greatly pleased with this turn of events and Grimwar becomes the King of the Ogres. The new king begins a secret tryst with his father's second wife Thraid Dimmerkull, and Urgas Thanoi finds the ogres and warns them of the Arktos humans and their elven ally. Stariz reminds Grimwar of the prophecy. Grimwar sends a force of ogres to kill the interlopers, at the same time that Strongwind sends a force of humans to strike at the Arktos over his humiliation by Moreen in refusing his hand in marriage. Strongwind's force captures the Arktos, however when the ogres and thanoi strike, both human tribes join forces against the stronger enemy. Kerrick is captured by the ogres, whereas Moreen's tribe escapes and takes control of the Citadel of White Fish. Dinekki and Strongwind's cleric collapse the tunnels in the ice caves to decimate the ogre and thanoi forces, and Kerrick questions Baldruk, Grimwar's dwarven tutor, in the confusion. Kerrick recognises Baldruk as his father's former first mate and learns of his father's fate. Baldruk then drowns himself and Kerrick escapes, rescuing Strongwind in the process and acquiring the Axe of Gonnas. Kerrick and Strongwind rejoin Moreen and set off an avalanche that wipes out the invading ogres. Stariz and Grimwar escape alone, swearing revenge on the humans. (Source: The Messenger)

545 PC

The War Continues: Kerrick, now a rich explorer, decides to leave the Arktos people and journey back to Silvanesti. Grimwar Bane receives a message from his mother, who lives in self-exile on the island of Dracoheim. Her royal alchemist has developed a new weapon, which is a primitive type of explosive. Stariz convinces Grimwar to launch an attack upon Brackenrock, the new home of the Arktos, using their new weapon. As Kerrick is sailing his ship Cutter back to Silvanesti, he comes across the thanoi messenger Long-Swim Greatfin. The thanoi has been attacked by a shark and is dying. Kerrick finds a message that hints of Grimwar's war plans, and sails back to Brackenrock. The Arktos prepare for war, and are once again aided by the Highlanders. Strongwind again asks for Moreen's hand in marriage and again she refuses. The ogres use the Golden Orb against the humans and devastate Brackenrock. Moreen is injured in the assault, however the ogres are once again defeated. Kerrick mortally wounds Grimwar and leaves him on the field of battle. Stariz heals Grimwar and the two flee to Dracoheim to build a more improved Golden Orb, with which to destroy the humans. Moreen recovers from her wounds, however she has lost an eye. Strongwind captures Broadnose ber Glacierheim, and his men destroy the remaining ogre war parties. Dinekki divines Grimwar's new plan. Moreen, Kerrick, Strongwind and Mad Randall journey to Dracoheim to stop the ogre king's new plot. The gnome Pneumo accidentally rams the ship Cutter with his submersible Whalefish. He and his two aghar friends Divid and Terac, rescue the humans and Kerrick, and leads them into Dracoheim Castle. Moreen and Kerrick find the Royal Alchemist and learn that it is actually Dimorian, Kerrick's father. Dimorian learns what his creations are being used for and aids Kerrick and Moreen in escaping the castle. He then detonates his new Golden Orb and destroys Dracoheim Castle, also killing everyone inside. Grimwar and Stariz kill Mad Randall and capture Strongwind, and watch as the castle explodes along with their plans of conquest. (Source: The Golden Orb)

Brackenrock's Legacy: Strongwind is made Grimwar's slave, and is taken back to the ogre capital of Winterheim, along with Stariz and Grimwar. Strongwind believes Moreen to be dead, and allies himself with Black Mike, a rebel leader amongst the slaves of the ogres. Moreen, Kerrick, Pneumo, Divid and the aghar Slyce return to Brackenrock. However the Whalefish crashes in Brackenrock's harbor, Pneumo and Divid are presumed dead. Moreen advises the Highlander chiefs that their king Strongwind has been captured. They build an army to rescue their king, and any other slaves of the ogres. The army ventures into the Tusker Escarpment, which is Thanoi territory, and are set upon by thanoi and a remorhaz. The army suffers heavy casualties until Kerrick recalls some advice from the kender Coraltop, and kills the great beast. The army then defeats the ogre war party led by the fearsome Karyl Dargo. Dargo is defeated but escapes back to Winterheim, where he warns his lord. During this advance, the army also finds a great cavern which is filled with giant mushrooms which could feed their tribes for a long time. Strongwind learns of a secret passage that Grimwar uses to visit his lover Thraid. Strongwind is caught with Black Mike, and Stariz has them both imprisoned. Grimwar goes to visit Thraid, only to find her murdered in her bed. The ogre king accuses Stariz who in turn blames Strongwind and the human rebels. The Highlanders Bruni and Barq One-Tooth are captured by ogres, and they reclaim the Axe of Gonnas from the humans. Stariz claims the axe and has Strongwind and Bruni brought to the temple of Winterheim. Kerrick and Moreen encounter Coraltop, and the three find and free Barq and Black Mike. The Highlander army attacks the ogres of Winterheim, and the slaves begin a revolt. Stariz strikes down Strongwind during the revolt. Dinekki uses the power of Chislev to disable Stariz, however the shaman is also struck down and killed. Stariz calls upon Sargonnas for aid, however the god of vengeance casts down an obsidian statue of himself to crush the ogre in disgust. Bruni advises Grimwar to call for a truce and he complies. Coraltop then reveals himself to be an avatar of the god Zivilyn. Zivilyn advises Grimwar that even Sargonnas is tired of the senseless killings. Grimwar betrothes Bruni and she becomes his queen. Ogre, half-ogres and humans dwell peacefully together. Moreen and Kerrick wed and rule Brackenrock wisely. With Moreen's passing a few decades later, their son Coraltop Redfist Bayguard Falabrine rules Brackenrock until the events of the Cataclysm. (Source: Winterheim)

530-522 PC

Dwarfmeld: Ogres continue attacks on trade routes in the Khalkist Mountains. During these raids, the ogres also build the great cities of Kernen and Bloten. Part of the ogre armies divert and attack the humans tribes in the great plains. The tribes of Que-Nara, Que-Teh, Que-Shu and Que-Kiri are all targetted. The tribal crowns of the Namers are destroyed, with the exception of the Que-Naran crown. The Que-Naran plainsmen begin to recover the opals needed to power the crown for all the tribes. Dwarves, Solamnics and Istarians unite and destroy the ogres. The dwarves sign the new Swordsheath Scroll and are added to the list of Istarian allies, this event is noted as Dwarfmeld. (Sources: Galen Beknighted, DLCS)

500 PC

People of the Dragon: The silver dragon Skyleth falls in love with the human woman Ulanya. Skyleth and his tribe all have sworn to remain in human form since the Third Dragon War, and live in isolation in the village of Dragonmere. Ulanya has their first child Ilinana, however dies a year later after a miscarriage. Skyleth buries his lover and takes Ilinana back to Dragonmere with him. The People of the Dragon are angered by Skyleth's actions and particularly by him bringing a human into their midst. The copper dragon Tevarrek challenges Skyleth and the two transform into dragons to battle over Ilinana's right to live in the village. Skyleth wins, however both dragons die during the fighting. Ilinana is then cared for and raised by the 'People of the Dragon'. Source: People of the Dragon (Dragons at War)

490-476 PC

Greatmeld: Barbarians of Estwilde raid trading routes between Istar and Solamnia. Both nations send out forces and crush the barbarians. They both re-sign the Swordsheath Scroll, establishing the time as the Greatmeld.

460-440 PC

The Great Translation: In the wake of the barbarian raids, both the emperor of Istar and the First Son lay dead. A new First Son was chosen in the form of the priest Amiad. Fearing how close they were to losing the Disks of Mishakal to the raiders, Amiad begins the Great Translation, whereby he appointed a dozen scholars to translate the Disks into the word of the Istaran church. This translation continued for 20 years where it grew to completion, however in 440 PC, First Son Amiad died suddenly in his sleep. (Source: Sacred Fire)

460-280 PC

Solamnia falters: Peace reigns throughout Ansalon. Istar prospers, however the Solamnic Knights suffer a drop in members. They begin to openly recruit more honorable men to fill their ranks, seeking those who will not be tainted by Istar's influence.

440-420 PC

The Burning of the Mishakal Translations: Amiad's successor was an elderly cleric called Regidan. The new First Son did not approve of the translation and stopped all seven of them from being completed. He organised for six of them to be destroyed, however Amiad sympathisers smuggled the last copy out of Istar before it could be discovered. Regidan sent his men after the manuscript as it was hidden from one monastery to the next and copied progressively. Eventually the emperor tired of First Son Regidan and had him executed. By the time of his death, over a hundred copies of the Peripas (Disks of Mishakal) had been translated. Shortly after two factions arose in the Istar, the Completists and the Reductionists. The Completists believed that the rest of the Disks of Mishakal should be translated, whilst the Reductionists believed that the remainder of the Disks of Mishakal were not for the eyes of common men, and should be locked away. This debate led to open fighting for the next hundred years, until eventually the Reductionists won out. (Source: Sacred Fire)

350 PC

Birth of the Ameshites/Discovery of Kendar: The human chieftain Amesh leads his people to the far south where they discover a great chasm. The explorers name this chasm Amesh's Rent and encounter the Kendar (an offshoot of the kender race). They later meet with the local Theiwar and all three races learn to coexist peacefully in the land of Chorane. (Source: Otherlands)

290 PC

Sir Pirvan: The thief Pirvan the Wayward steals treasure from House Encuintras. The lady of the house, Eskaia, and her warrior friend Haimya, capture Pirvan and demands the jewels back. The jewels are needed to pay the ransom of Haimya's fiance, whom is being held by the pirate Synsaga. The two then request Pirvan's aid in rescuing Gerik, the fiance of the warrior maiden. They also tell the thief of rumors about a black dragon which is being used by Synsaga's mage Fustiar. Pirvan agrees to journey with Eskaia and Haimya, bringing along his comrade Grimsoar One-Eye. The pirate Jamar the Fair offers his ship for their voyage, which the party accepts. The red-robed mage Tarothin joins them and they rescue the copper dragon Hipparon during their voyage. Gerik discovers that part of Fustiar's plan are to make Frostreavers to never melt. During the rescue attempt, Gerrik is accidentally killed by Haimya's shattered Frostreaver. Hipparan then challenges Fustiar's black dragon. The two dragons kill each other during the fight, also raining death upon Fustiar, Synsaga and his pirates. On their return, Eskaia marries Jemar, and Haimya confesses her love for Pirvan and the two unite. Pirvan and Haimya have two children, Gerik and Eskaia (named after their friends). The Solamnic Knight, Sir Niebar tracks down Pirvan and asks him to join the order for his valiant actions. Pirvan accepts and is inducted as a Knight of the Crown by the great Sir Marod, a Knight of the Rose. (Source: Knights of the Crown)

285-280 PC

Symeon's Vision: The Completists, enraged that the Peripas will not be fully translated, steal the Disks of Mishakal and try to spirit them out of the city to translate them all. They are caught by the Scatas (Istarian army) and put to the sword before they can complete their mission thought. First Son Symeon, former leader of the Reductionists, makes a pilgrimage to the cave where Dario first found the Disks. He orders the Scatas to clear out the cave and then commissions workers to build a shrine there. Once the shrine is complete, Symeon locks the Disks of Mishakal inside and lays a geas on the shrine that none may enter and remove the Disks. (Source: Sacred Fire)

280 PC

Emergence of the Kingpriest: Emperor Vemior, warlord-tyrant and nominal ruler of Istar, is confronted by the clergy over his harsh rule. The priests of Istar rally the people behind them and force him to step down. Vemior poisons himself and dies, rather than abdicate. From amongst their number the clergy choose First Son Symeon to rule as the first Kingpriest of Istar. The Kingpriest is installed as the head of Istar, to promote morality and goodness to the world. Solamnia approves of the decision, whilst Silvanesti scoffs at Istar's arrogance. (Source: The Divine Hammer)

Waydol's Rebellion: A minotaur called Waydol and his adopted human son Darin, lead raids on Istar's outer provinces. Istar sends the military general Gildas Aurhinius and his army to stop the bandits. At the same time, Istar begins to build a new fleet of ships, and in response Karthay also begins to build their fleet to counter them. War looms on the horizon between the two nations. Pirvan and Haimya set forth to begin talks with Waydol to petition him to stop raiding and prevent war from starting. They are joined by the mages Tarothin and Rubina. Jemar leads his fleet to help transport Waydol's men to Solamnia if they agree to stop raiding. Waydol offers to stop raiding, if Pirvan can best him and his son in combat. Pirvan and Haimya challenge Waydol and Darin, and defeat them. Waydol agrees to stop the raiding, however the Istarian legions launch their attack. At the same time, an Istarian fleet, led by agents of Zeboim, attack Jemar's fleet. Rubina sacrifices herself to stop Aurhinius' men and is struck down by a vicious soldier named Zephros. Aurhinius reprimands Zephros in disgust over his callous act. Tarothin defeats the servants of Zeboim, and Pirvan helps the bandits escape. Waydol is injured from the battle and dies. Darin chooses to join Pirvan and is accepted as a Crown Knight, choosing to follow in Pirvan's footsteps. Pirvan is promoted to a Sword Knight, for his efforts in preventing a war between Istar and Karthay. (Source: Knights of the Sword)

The Queen of Kharolis angered: The proclamations of the first Kingpriest, enrage the Queen of Kharolis. Ambassadors of both nations, quell any disturbances, both Kharolis begins to grow more annoyed at the temerity of the Kingpriest. Relations between both nations degrade in the following centuries.

270 PC

The Second Kingpriest: A second Kingpriest assumes the throne with his corrupt followers. The Kingpriest claims that Silvanesti is withholding tax money and demands the elves send this money to Istar. To enforce this, the Kingpriest builds an army of tax collectors from the ranks of soldiers and mercenaries, and puts Gildas Aurhinius at it's head.

Istar/Silvanesti Border Disputes: The Solamnic Knights send Sir Pirvan along with Grimsoar, Darin and his other companions to travel to the Silvanesti border to investigate the dispute with Istar and hopefully put the troubles to rest. The racist Zephros leads a mass desertion from Aurhinius' army. A large portion desert and form their own mercenary band that desires to attack and pillage non-human settlements. Pirvan learns of the rogue army and prepares to journey to the half-elf fortress of Belkuthas. On this journey he encounters Hawkbrother, a barbarian Free Rider, whom chooses to join them. Zephros army is joined by the Solamnic army of Sir Lewin, the Istarian legions of Carolius Migmar and the renegade mage Wilthur the Brown. The great army prepares to attack. However Pirvan parleys with Sir Lewin and convinces him not to attack. In retaliation, Wilthur controls Lewin and forces him to attack Rynthala, the daughter of the half-elven leaders of Belkuthas. In the attack, the Silvanesti ambassador Lauthin is slain, as is Lewin, by Rynthala's father Krythus. In the ensuing battles, both Krythus and his wife Tulia are killed, as well as Zephros and Carolius Migmar. Aurhinius' army arrives and subdues the remaining attackers. The Silvanesti award Pirvan a rank of nobility for defending the elves, and the Solamnics promote him to the Order of the Rose. Hawkbrother petitions to enter the Order of the Crown, and also asks for Eskaia's (Pirvan's daughter) hand in marriage. Darin chooses to stay behind at Belkuthas, with his new love Rynthala. (Source: Knights of the Rose)

268 PC

Wilthur's Revenge: Since Jamar has long since passed, Eskaia becomes betrothed to former Istarian general, Gildas Aurhinius. The son of Jamar the Fair and Lady Eskaia, Torvik Jamarsson, witnesses a vast monster which has arisen from the waters near Istar. In fear, Istar builds a war fleet to combat it. Fearing looming war again, Karthay then resumes building their war fleet. Pirvan, Haimya, Darin and their friends (including the retired general Aurhinius), board a ship to Suivinari Island to learn more about the monster. Istarian landholders try to claim the land of a young woman called Ellysta. Pirvan's son Gerik steps in and rescues her alongside a kender group led by Horimpsot Elderdrake (who also fought at Belkuthas). A local group of nobles, the House of Dirivan, prepare to attack Tirabot, Pirvan's home, in retaliation. During the voyage to Suivinari Island, the humans encounter a minotaur ship whom are also investigating the monster. The minotaurs, led by the warrior Zeskuk, talk with Darin and agree to join forces. A Dimernesti elf, Mirraleen comes across the party and falls in love with Torvik, she then convinces her fellow elves to aid the group in destroying the monster. The allies reach the island and discover the monster is led by the foul renegade Wilthur the Brown. They attack and slay the renegade and his beast, but lose the mage Tarothin, Sir Neibar and the minotaur Lujimar in the process. The House of Dirivan besieges Tirabot and slay Gerik. Grimsoar One-Eye also perishes during the flight from Tirabot. Pirvan and Haimya's youngest child, Rubina, escapes the destruction with Lady Eskaia, Solamnics rush in and drive back the Istarians. The Dimernesti Mirraleen returns to the sea, secretly bearing Torvik's child, which she names Joimer. Pirvan decides to take up the role that the late knights, Marod and Neibar left behind for him, and becomes a recruiter for the knighthood. (Source: The Wayward Knights)

260-212 PC

Temple of the Kingpriest: The Temple of the Kingpriest is built by the finest artisans of the world. The Kingpriest immediately moves into the temple with his highest ranking priests.

250-100 PC

Istar's Arrogance: Istar declares that all who disagree with the Kingpriest are evil. The elves completely close their borders due to the Istarian's arrogance.

213 PC

Defenses of the High Clerist's Tower: The current High Clerist of the Knights of Solamnic, Lord uth Blevin, visits Winston's Tower. He is so impressed by the defenses inside the port tower, that he has some of them copied and added as defenses for the High Clerist's Tower. (Source: Odyssey of Gilthanas)

150 PC

Grey Sails of Doom: The Istarian legend of grey sails portending doom is strengthened, when such a ship enters the port of the Lordcity. On the same day, Kingpriest Giusecchio the Fat is assassinated. From this point on, any ship with grey sails is rarely allowed entry to Istar, and it's crew are ridiculed and turned away when possible. (Source: Sacred Fire)

120-100 PC

The Three Throne's War: Vasari the Lion, the reigning Kingpriest dies without publically naming an heir. Pradian has been privately named his heir, however without witness it is contested. The Miceram, which was Vasari's crown of power is hidden by Pradian until he can find a way to claim the throne. Another high-ranked priest Evestel, changes his name to Vasari II and tries to claim the throne. War breaks out between the three rivals Pradian, Vasari II and Ardosean IV. This becomes known as the Trosedil (Three Throne's War). Eventually Ardosean IV kills Vasari II, and Pradian is killed by an archer. Ardosean assumes the mantle of Kingpriest. (Source: Chosen of the Gods)

118 PC

Loss of divine magic: The Proclamation of Manifest Virtue is written. This edict listed evil acts and races and that to preserve the good, any of the listed races or persons committing the listed acts must be put to death or placed in the arena. Priests soon start to lose the ability to cast many spells.

Kojen's Rebellion: Princess Kojen of House Kharolis, rails against the Kingpriest after he declares his new Proclamation. Her lover, the sculptor Serran, pleads for her to stop, yet the princess continues. The Kingpriest sends a detachment of soldiers to silence Kojen, however she defeats them all and takes flight. The Kingpriest then sends a thousand soldiers to hunt her down, but she is never caught. Serran sculpts a huge rose garden out of stone, for his vanished love. The garden comes to be known as Stone Rose. (Source: Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls Vol.1)

117 PC

Istar/Dwarven Conflict: The Kingpriest demands that Khalkist dwarves must renounce Reorx and pay homage to the gods of good. The dwarves refuse and Istarian forces are sent in. A dwarf named Horgan of Squire accidentally leads an Istarian oxen wagon into a ditch which traps the Istarians. The Khalkist dwarves then set upon the Istarians and annihilate them. Horgan is then renamed Horgan Oxthrall. Source: The Three Lives of Horgan Oxthrall (The Reign of Istar)

100 PC

Nzunta/Irda Battles: The Nzunta ogres find the Irda and launch a series of vicious attacks upon them. The Irda eventually force the Nzunta to retreat. (Source: Otherlands)

94 PC

Istarian Exterminations: The Istarians begin the extermination of many "evil" races. These include the kender, minotaurs, wild elves, ogres and goblins amongst others. The minotaurs of Mithas and Kothas are enslaved, and high bounties are placed on the scalps or capture of any listed creatures. Many of those hunted join forces in eluding Istarian hunters.

92 PC

Horgan's Friend: Horgan Oxthrall rescues an ogre whom is being hunted by Istarian soldiers. The ogre befriends him and becomes his constant companion.

Alliance of the Hunted: Around the same time, an unlikely quartet finds themselves allies under the threat of Istarian legions. A goblin, kender, minotaur and elf find a magic sword which can bestow wishes. The goblin, minotaur and elf die, however the kender makes a wish that his friends will all wait for him in the afterlife, and buries the sword with the goblin. Source: The Goblin's Wish (The Reign of Istar)

89 PC

Non-Human Refuge: The infamous bounty hunter, Hunter-Doune journeys to a small Istarian village. He encounters the Istarian fugitive Alyce Kell, and offers his allegiance to her, to protect the village from goblins and the Istarian legions. The two fall in love and build a haven of safety for all non-humans from the Kingpriest. Source: Filling the Empty Places (The Reign of Istar)

89-82 PC

The Siege of Purstal: The reigning Queen of Kharolis, tired of the Kingpriest's proclamations, expels all Istarian priests from her lands. In retaliation, Istar sends it's legions against Kharolis, besieging the city of Purstal. In 82 PC, the city falls to the legions, and the nation of Kharolis is crushed under Istar's heel.

80-20 PC

Mages Persecuted: Istar becomes the centre of religion, and soon all aspects of life are controlled by the clergy. The priesthood continues to lose their clerical abilities. Mages are added to the list of 'evils' and begin to be openly persecuted.

41 PC

God-King?: More and more, the arrogance of the Kingpriests lead them to think of themselves as much higher than mere mortals, and far more akin with the gods. The arrogance becomes so great that the strength of clerical magic has already significantly waned in empire.

40-39 PC

Reign of the Usurper: The reigning Kingpriest Symeon, chooses to step down, after receiving a vision from Paladine. Kurnos is named his successor. A plague breaks out in the Taol province and the residents turn to banditry and turn on Istarian tax collectors. The First Daughter Ilista, begins her holy quest to find 'The Lightbringer'. Taol bandits, now led by bandit lord Ossirian, are joined by Lord Tavarre of Luciel and his men, amongst them is the young warrior Cathan MarSevrin. The bandit army captures the city of Govinna. Ilista and the Solamnic Knight Gareth, lead a small party to find the Lightbringer, eventually coming across a humble monk called Beldyn. Upon finding the cleric, Beldyn is led to Taol where he cures the plague. However Kurnos is enraged by the uprisings and still sends Istarian legions to deal with the bandits. The dark mage Fistandantilus gains Kurnos' ear and convinces him to kill Symeon, claim the mantle of Kingpriest and then send the army to Luciel. Gareth and his Solamnic knights are killed by the Istarian army, however the civilians are saved by the Solamnic's actions. Beldyn heals Durinen the Lord of Govinna, and gains the full support of Ossirian, Cathan, Tavarre and their bandit army. Some of the first acts of Kingpriest Kurnos are to appoint Strinam as his First Son, send famed priest Loralon back to Silvanesti, and excommunicate Ilista for her actions. As Loralon leaves, he appoints the young elf Quarath as the new Emissary of Silvanesti. Balthera is named the new First Daughter. Kurnos then sends Fistandantilus' demon Sathira to kill Ilista and Beldyn. Sathira kills Durinen, Ilista and Ossirian, but fails to reach Beldyn and is driven back to the ring from whence she came. Beldyn and Cathan journey to recover the Miceram, and upon finding it use it's power to not only halt the Istarian army, but gain the support of Lord Holger and the entire Istarian army. (Source: Chosen of the Gods)

Triumph of the Lightbringer: Beldyn then leads the Istarian army, alongside the former bandits, back to Istar and demands that Kurnos steps down. Fistandantilus tells Kurnos to use dark magic to strike down Beldyn. The Kingpriest agrees, but only succeeds in slaying Cathan. Beldyn uses his power to resurrect Cathan and then has Kingpriest Kurnos imprisoned. Whilst in prison, Fistandantilus murders Kurnos so that none know of his involvement. Beldyn chooses to go by the name of Beldinas the Lightbringer, and ascends to the throne of Kingpriest. He then forms a new order of knights, the Divine Hammer, based upon a vision that Cathan received. Cathan is knighted as the first warrior of the new order, and Tavarre is made the second and Grand Marshal of the Divine Hammer. (Source: Chosen of the Gods)

27-19 PC

Schemes of the Dark One: Fistandantilus rescues Andras, the apprentice of the black-robed Nusendran, before he is executed by the Knights of the Divine Hammer. His master perishes at the stake however. Andras joins Fistandantilus and swears to avenge his former master. Cathan Twice-Born seeds out evil sects across the countryside, including a cult of Morgion where his comrade Damid Segorro is killed. With his squire Tithian and other loyal knights, Cathan returns to Istar in triumph. Following the passing of the Kingpriest's white-robed court wizard Marwort, Cathan meets with his replacement, the red-robed mage Leciane do Cirica. Beldinas and his troope travel to Lattakay (Nethosak) to watch a tourney hosted by Cathan's sister Wentha. Andras sends a horde of quasito demons to attack the knights and sees Tavarre, Pellidas, Barlan and many other Solamnics and Divine Hammer Knights perish. With Tavarre's passing, Cathan then becomes the Grand Marshal of the Divine Hammer. Leciane uses her magic to destroy most of the demons, however the general populace are vocal in their hatred of magic-users. Cathan's knights capture Andras and he is prepared for execution. As he is tied to the stake however, he is claimed by the Conclave, so that they can learn who his master is. During the interrogation, the Master of the Black Robes, Ysarl the Unkind, is killed and Andras is rescued by Fistandantilus. The Dark One places Andras' spirit in a fetch who then transforms into the image of Suvin, Patriarch of Seldjuk and supporter of the Kingpriest. In the guise of Suvin, Andras mortally wounds Beldinas, and then war breaks out between the Conclave and the forces of Ergoth, Solamnia and the Knights of the Divine Hammer. In the initial fighting, Vincil, Master of the Conclave is killed, as are Farenne and Adsem, First Son and Daughter of the church. (Source: The Divine Hammer)

The Lost Battles: Cathan heals Beldinas and saves the Kingpriest's life. Cathan and the Divine Hammer are then sent to Losarcum to besiege the Tower of High Sorcery there. Lady Jorelia becomes the new Master of the Conclave after Vincil's death, Sheidow becomes the new Master of the Black Robes, and Karani becomes the new Master of the Red Robes. The Kingpriest is mysteriously given 5 seeds with which he can bypass the magical groves of the Towers of High Sorcery. Duke Serl leads his army against the Tower of Daltigoth, using the seed to counter the magic of the grove. As his men besiege the tower, the mages destroy the Tower of Daltigoth, killing themselves, Duke Serl and his men, as well as a great part of the city of Daltigoth. Cathan leads the Divine Hammer against Losarcum's Tower, who infiltrate the defenses and force the mages into beginning to cast magic to destroy the tower. Leciane is cut down by a crossbow bolt, but teleports Cathan and Tithian to safety before the Tower is destroyed. Fistandantilus appears before Beldinas and wins a position in his court, convincing him that it is better to keep evil close than have it attack from afar. Cathan returns to Istar to find that he has been replaced as Grand Marshal by the warrior Olin, as he had been presumed killed in the battle in Losarcum. Cathan Twice-Born confronts Beldinas and throws down his sword, telling the Kingpriest he will have no hand in this unholy war that the Kingpriest is waging. Cathan quits the Divine Hammer and leaves Istar. The warrior Olin remains in his new post as Grand Marshal of the Divine Hammer. The Kingpriest then grants the mages in the Towers of Istar and Palanthas safe passage, if they leave the towers intact. The Tower of Istar is the first to be handed over to the church. Grief stricken, Lady Jorelia passes away. The white robed mage Merroc becomes the new Master of the Conclave, and is the one to hand over the Tower of Palanthas to the church. As Merroc prepares to hand over the keys to the Tower to Urian, Lord of Palanthas, High Priest Torvald and High Clerist Yarus, Astinus notes a figure in the tower. Merroc, the historian and all those gathered witness the black-robed mage Andras Rannoch throw himself from the Tower of Palanthas, screaming a curse. Impaled upon the gates, he imparts a terrible curse upon the Tower, sealing it so that only the Master of Past and Present may enter unmolested. (Source: The Divine Hammer)

18 PC

The half-kender squire: Solamnia's weaponmaster Moran, encourages his half-kender son to become a Solamnic Knight. Tarli fails at his training, evidence that he'll never be a proper knight, however he does show his father proof that the priesthood of Istar is misusing the knighthood's wealth. Moran convinces Tarli to join the clergy, as a way of inflicting a means of revenge upon Istar. Source: Kender Stew (The Reign of Istar)

14 PC

Kagonesti extermination: Soldiers from Istar launch a raid upon the Kagonesti elves. They are made invisible with the aid of a wizard and exterminate most of the wild elves around Istar. A young elf named Iydahoe leads the Kagonesti children away from the slaughter and becomes the next Pathfinder. They then begin a guerrila war against the legions of Istar. (Source: The Kagonesti)

Ring of the Dragon: A white-robed mage called Torvin, becomes a hermit after fleeing the destruction of the Tower of Daltigoth. He examines a body found by neighbouring farmers and learns of her history with the 'People of the Dragon'. Torvin finds a magical ring, and at the same time the villagers realise he is a wizard and try to have him killed. Torvin uses the ring and escapes death by turning into a silver dragon. Source: People of the Dragon (Dragons at War)

13 PC

Opening of the Arena: The Church of Istar begins to use the Arena in Istar to effectively get rid of their rivals. A Solamnic Knight called Arryl Tremaine is sentenced to fight in the Arena because of suspected heresy against the Kingpriest. However the knight is rescued by the dark elf Nelk, whom turns out to be a worshipper of Sargonnas. Source: Colors of Belief (The Reign of Istar)

7 PC

Ogre/Dwarven Alliance: Istarian forces again attempt to decimate the dwarves of the Khalkists and raise a huge army which surrounds them. A large force of ogres, led by Horgan's ogre comrade, sweeps in and beats back the Istarian army. The dwarves flee into the safety of the mountains, and the ogres guard the surface protecting them. Source: The Three Lives of Horgan Oxthrall (The Reign of Istar)

6 PC

Edict of Thought Control: The Edict of Thought Control is written. The Kingpriest believes that evil thoughts are the same as committing evil deeds. He hires mages that cast mind-reading spells to find people guilty of evil thoughts. Such parties are then put to death or thrown in the arena. A Silvanesti bard known as Astralas is given a vision of the impending Cataclysm. He composes a poem of these events but they are dismissed. In later years the poem becomes widespread. (Sources: Dragonlance Adventures, 'Six Songs for the Temple of Istar'- The Reign of Istar)

5 PC

The Prophet Fordus: Istarian legions enslave the Lucanesti, an offshoot of the Dimernesti, whom are forced to work underground and mine opals for the Kingpriest. A group of barbarians and bandits harry the legions of Istar and cause trouble for the Kingpriest. The ragtag army is led by Fordus Firesoul, who is considered a prophet and visionary. Takhisis sets obstacles in the army's path, yet Fordus still drives his men towards Istar. Eventually the army is crushed by the legions, however Fordus' lieutenants, the bard Larken and the Lucanesti elf Stormlight escape. The two gather surviving Lucanesti children, and flee towards the Que-Nara tribe. Fordus himself reaches the chambers of the Kingpriest where he realises he is the Kingpriest's bastard son. The Kingpriest also realises this and strikes out and murders his son. Takhisis reveals herself to the Kingpriest and the human is shaken by her presence. Later Larken and Stormlight wed and produce a strong line that will eventually bear the priestess Goldmoon. (Source: The Dark Queen)

Loren & Gladria's Wedding: Lord Loren Soth becomes a Knight of the Rose and marries the Solamnic noble Korinne Gladria. The two cannot produce any children, which becomes a constant burden upon Soth's mind. (Source: Lord Soth)

2 PC

The Staring Ghost and the Weeping Lady: The scholar Varen leads a team of mercenaries into the ruins of Losarcum, in search of artifacts. In the ruins the mercenaries are killed by a strange figure known as the Staring Ghost. Varen recognises the man and races back to Istar to report the news. In the Lordcity, Kingpriest Beldinas is told of the arrival of a ship with gray sails, by the First Daughter Elsa and First Son Revando, a sign of ill portent. Beldinas tells Elsa to request the presence of Tithian, Lord of the Divine Hammer at the docks. Wentha MarSevrin (known as the Weeping Lady) disembarks the ship with her sons Rath and Tancred, greeting Tithian and also introducing the scholar Varen. Before the Kingpriest and his court, Varen tells his tale and of how he has seen Cathan Twice-Born in the ruins of Losarcum. (Source: Sacred Fire)

1 PC

Beldinas the Mad: In the ruins, Fistandantilus appears to Cathan and tells him of how the Kingpriest and his retinue are journeying to find him, and that he has placed a great worm to strike them down, unless Cathan aids them. The worm strikes the camp, killing Varen before Cathan can strike it down and save the Kingpriest. Tithian and his lieutenant Bron are overjoyed to see Cathan, whilst Beldinas begs forgiveness of Cathan for his past actions. The Kingpriest then offers to heal those injured, however Rath openly refuses to be healed. Cathan later stumbles upon a secret meeting involving Wentha, her sons and other plotting to remove Beldinas from power. He is told of the horrors perpetrated by Beldinas, but refuses to truly believe and tells the rebels that he must think on their proposal. Cathan asks Beldinas to show him of Fan-ka-tso, as the rebels advised, and he learns that Beldinas is now waging a war not only on the followers of the evil and neutral gods, but also the worshippers of good gods who do not conform to the Istarian notion of 'good'. Cathan is horrified to learn that Beldinas plan to use the Disks of Mishakal as part of a ritual to force the gods to do his will. He tells Wentha and her sons, agreeing to aid them in removing the mad Beldinas from power. Cathan discovers that the leader of the rebellious movement is First Son Revando, and they form a detailed plan to capture the Kingpriest and place a more just leader on the throne of Istar. An informant visits Lord Tithian and apprises him that there is a plot to abduct the Kingpriest and of those involved. Tithian makes his own plans to counter the threat. Cathan and Beldinas ride to the Vault of the Kingpriests, the shrine which houses the Disks of Mishakal. They enter and recover the Disks, before Cathan knocks out Beldinas and his fellow conspirators plan to spirit him away. However just before they can escape, Lord Tithian and the Divine Hammer arrives, thanking Tancred for his aid in providing the location of the abduction. His brother Rath, overcome with grief kills his brother, before being shot and killed by crossbowmen of the Divine Hammer. Cathan is sentenced to life imprisonment, but requests that when Tithian sells Wentha into slavery for punishment, that she is sent to the far reaches of the Istarian empire. (Source: Sacred Fire)

The Rebellion Crushed: Idar and his rebels are hunted down and killed by the Divine Hammer, with the information from Tancred MarSevrin. First Son Revando commits suicide and leaves a note about the coming disasters which will herald a great Cataclysm upon Istar for the Kingpriest's arrogance. Emissary Quarath finds the note and destroys it, not wanting Beldinas to know of it. The long-dead Lady Ilista appears to Cathan, bidding him to serve Paladine once more and frees him from his cell. Cathan sneaks into the chambers of the Kingpriest, where he takes the Disks of Mishakal before he is confronted by Fistandantilus. The dark mage gives Cathan one of his spellbooks, asking him to take it with him, before magically spiriting him out of the city. Tithian discovers that Cathan has escaped the inescapable dungeon, and leads his men out to hunt him down. In the highlands of Taol, Tithian and his men track down Cathan. Tithian requests a duel to the death of his old friend, stating that the victor will walk free. After battling for a lengthy time, Cathan accidentally cuts down Tithian and soon after buries him. The remaining Divine Hammer knights, led by Sir Bron, are enraged over Lord Tithian's death and determine to resume hunting Cathan, irregardless of Tithian's orders to leave him be if he won the duel. The elven cleric Loralon appears to Brother Denubis, requesting that he leave with him, however Denubis refuses so that he may continue his work. Cathan reaches Xak Tsaroth where he is visited by Brother Jendle, who he recognises as an avatar of Paladine. Paladine explains to Cathan that he was intended to the Lightbringer and Kingpriest all along, and that Beldinas was only to be his agent and disciple. Cathan is alarmed to learn that he was destined to be the Lightbringer, but handed the power over to Beldinas instead, and what his rule has caused. (Source: Sacred Fire)

Aghar flee: A clan of Aghar led by Highbulp Gorge III, sneaks into the Temple of Istar and breaks a vat of sacred wine. High-ranking priests are outraged and believe that evil is attempting to strike at them from within. The Edict of Thought Control is raised again, and more 'sinners' are punished. The Aghar bumble away from the chaos and travel to the west. Source: Off-Day (The Reign of Istar)

Fistandantilus' Chosen: Raistlin Majere travels back in time and begins studying with Fistandantilus, he ends up becoming chosen as the dark master's true apprentice. The dark mage Fistandantilus sends his apprentice Whastryk Kite out of Istar with a mysterious potion. The mage leaves for Haven, cursing the young mage whom Fistandantilus chose as his true apprentice over Whastryk. (Source: Fistandantilus Reborn)

The Lost Citadel: A black-robed mage named Akar is petitioned by his god Nuitari, to spill a good person's blood upon the bridge between the Lost Citadel and Krynn on eve of the Cataclysm. The foul mage selects the young warrior Nikolas as his victim and kills him. Another black-robe, Raistlin Majere offers his aid to Nikol, Nikolas' sister and her friend Michael. Akar is killed before the ceremony is completed, and Takhisis' dead clerics are unable to cross the bridge. Mishakal appears to Michael and offers to take him with her, but he refuses and chooses to remain by Nikol's side. Source: The Silken Threads (The Reign of Istar)

Time Travellers: The mage Par-Salian sends Caramon Majere, Lady Crysania and the kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot into the past via a complex spell to stop Raistlin. Caramon and Tas are thrust into the Arena of Istar, and Crysania is healed in the Temple of Istar. Crysania sees the Kingpriest for what he truly is. Tasslehoff attempts to alter time and stop the Cataclysm but is stopped by Raistlin. The Majere twins and Crysania escape the Cataclysm, however Tas is left behind and witnesses the events of the Night of Doom. (Source: Time of the Twins)

Irda renounce the gods: The leader of the Irda stands with his people at the foot of Igraine's mountain and proclaims that they no longer need the gods. The Nzunta have been completely driven back, and the Irda believe that have nothing left to fear and renounce the gods. (Source: Otherlands)

Soth's Redemption: Solamnic Knight, Loren Soth and his knights rescue a band of elves from war party of ogres. One of the elves, Isolde Denissa is quite taken with Soth. The knight flirts with Isolde, and Korinne becomes pregnant back at their keep. Soth orders Caradoc to have Korinne murdered, and Isolde becomes pregnant by Soth, unaware of his wife. In Palanthas, Soth is arrested for his wife's murder. The trial is somewhat of a farce, however Soth's knights and Isolde free him and they flee back to Dargaard Keep. Once safely within the walls of the keep, the Solamnics choose to leave Soth in peace if he stays within it's walls. Soth and Isolde receive a vision from Paladine of the impending Cataclysm and how to prevent it. This is Soth's final chance to redeem himself in Paladine's eyes. Soth races towards Istar. (Source: Lord Soth)

Nikol and Michael wed: Nikol and Michael exchange vows of marriage afterwards, and later aid a Solamnic Knight who stops for rest on his journey to Istar. He gives his name as Soth. The two stay within the castle walls to protect themselves as the Cataclysm hits. Source: True Knight (The Cataclysm)

Flight of the Kagonesti: Iydahoe the Pathfinder, rescues the Silvanesti elf Vanisia just before the Cataclysm. The Kagonesti watch the fall of Istar and suffer little of the effects of the Cataclysm. The wild elves return to the forests in peace. (Source: The Kagonesti)

Knight of the Black Rose: On his journey to Istar, Lord Soth is stopped by a group of elven women. These women persuade Soth to not kill the Kingpriest, and when this fails they start to question Isolde's purity, and her love for the knight. In jealousy Soth races back to Dargaard Keep as the Cataclysm strikes and find it engulfed in flames. He allows Isolde and their child to burn, and Isolde calls down a terrible curse upon Soth. The knight himself is consumed by the flames as are his knights. He then arises from the flames as a death knight, and his knights arise as skeletal warriors. Isolde becomes a banshee to haunt him nightly. (Source: Lord Soth)

The Cataclysm!: The Kingpriest attempts to become a god, and the gods in return give the Kingpriest thirteen signs to stop his mad quest. All true priests leave the world with their deities during this period.

The thirteen signs of impending doom were:

  1. The gods hands shall withdraw and man shall face his doom alone
  2. The sky shall lament and beat the earth with its tears and cries of anguish
  3. Fear shall visit the land
  4. Light shall be devoured, hope shall flee
  5. Darkness and despair shall be rekindled
  6. The flame shall fail on the hearth
  7. The plains will be cleansed
  8. Brother shall turn against brother
  9. Knowledge shall be veiled
  10. Our children shall bleed for our sins
  11. Nature, in her outrage, shall turn against man
  12. The bounty shall end and the blood shall wash the blot from the earth
  13. The earth and sky shall awaken!

Hours before the Cataclysm strikes, Sir Bron and his knights confront Cathan in Xak Tsaroth. Cathan defeats Bron in a duel, and tells him that he is the true Lightbringer. Cathan displays his power by magically breaking Bron's sword, and Bron recognises the divine gift. Cathan warns Bron and his men to flee the Empire of Istar before the Cataclysm hits and then takes the Disks of Mishakal to a small shrine. When the Newsea opens, Cathan throws the Disks of Mishakal and the spellbook of Fistandantilus into the centre, as requested by his god. Cathan then falls into the water himself, to be taken into the afterlife by Paladine. As earthquakes ravage Istar, Emissary Quarath is killed and Beldinas finally learns the error of his ways. Having ignored all thirteen signs, on the thirteenth day the gods throw down a fiery mountain upon Istar. Istar is destroyed and the entire world is ravaged by violent storms, rising oceans, and earthquakes. (Source: Sacred Fire)

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