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Chambers of Astinus

The Age of Dreams

9000 PC - 1018 PC

9000 PC

Civilisation!: Ogres move into the mountains, humans move onto the plains and the elves choose to dwell in the forests.

8700 PC

Birth of the Smiths: Reorx favors the humans. He selects some of them, they move to the north and there he teaches them his craft. These humans become the first Smiths.

8500 PC

The First Hatchlings: The first generation of young dragons are born on Krynn. The red dragon Crematia hatches along with her other nestmates and falls upon them as the mightiest of the hatchlings. Takhisis visits her children, telling them to grow strong. (Source: The Dragons)

8500-5000 PC

Age of the Ogre: Ogres start to take human slaves to build their cities. Ogres become the most dominant race of Krynn, establishing vast cities in Kern, Narakid, Daltigar, Parlathin and Bloten. These areas would later become known as Kern, Neraka, Daltigoth, Palanthas and Bloten. (Source: The Messenger)

8000 PC

The Metallic Clutch: The first generation of metallic dragons are hatched upon Krynn. Golden Aurican and silver Darlantan establish themselves as the leaders of the brood of thirteen hatchlings. Leading the copper dragons Blayze and Aysa, bronze Burll, brass Smelt and the others, the pair go into the Darkness Beyond after growing in strength. (Source: The Dragons)

7500 PC

Bard Patersmith: Beyond their nest, the metallic dragons encounter the being Bard Patersmith, who becomes their teacher and schools them in the humanoids races, of magic and of Krynn. (Source: The Dragons)

7000 PC

First flight: The metallic dragons gradually grow stronger and more powerful under Patersmith's tutelage, eventually learning how to fly properly. (Source: The Dragons)

6320-5980 PC

Igraine's Heresy: Governor Igraine of the Ogres, gives his slaves freedom and tries to explain the evil of slavery to all other Ogres. He is arrested for heresy, but freed by his followers. As Igraine and his followers flee the capital, the first human revolt occurs in the ogre nation. (Source: The Irda)

6150 PC

Barkon's Flight: King Barkon of the ogres, receives a vision from Sargonnas. The god of vengeance warns Barkon of Igraine's heresy, and bids him to flee the ogre nation. Barkon has his slaves bid a hundred galleys and then sets sail with his wives, priests & wizards, craftsmen and slaves, and lands in Icereach. (Source: The Messenger)

6000-5000 PC

Fall of the High Ogres: Humans rise up and slay their ogre masters. The ogre civilisation is destroyed. The remaining ogres are cursed and turned into ugly monsters that reflect their evil natures. As the ogre civilisation collapses, the population of ogres and their kin becomes far more widespread. (Source: The Irda)

Birth of the Nzunta: With the demise of the ogre race, a high ogre named Doom gathers fifty of his pure ogre kin and form their own subrace, the Nzunta. This breed of high ogre believe in racial purity and kill any ogres born with deformities. They retain all the knowledge and power of the original ogres and begin the hunt for the Irda. (Source: Otherlands)

5980 PC

Birth of the Irda: Igraine and his followers flee the Ogre nation and escape to the Spine of Taladas, a chain of islands far north of Ansalon. They are blessed by the good gods and become known as the Irda. Igraine then hands over the leadership of the Irda to his daughter, and later becomes a wisdom spirit to guide later generations of Irda. (Source: The Irda)

5000-3000 PC

Elven Civilisation: Silvanos guides the elves into building cities, by using plans of the former Ogre civilisation. The elves begin to build their own civilisation within woods that are already claimed by chromatic dragons

5000 PC

Talonstone/Aurican's New Friends: Takhisis feeds the Talonstone to her favored dragon Crematia, infusing the red with power. Crematia then meets the ogre chieftain Ironfist, who pledges his tribe to her side and begins to amass a large army to conquer Ansalon. At the same time Darlantan befriends the griffon Ravenclaw, whilst Aurican begins to meet with the elves. The gold dragon tells Darlantan of the wonders of the elves and encourages him to meet with them also. (Source: The Dragons)

Birth of the gnomes: The Smiths grow increasingly prideful and haughty, and Reorx curses them for their vanity. The Smiths are altered from wise humans into short tinkers. And thus the gnomes were born.

4350 PC

The Graygem Hunt: The Graygem releases wild magic into the world. Reorx chases after the Graygem, consumed by a desire to possess it. Lunitari is similarly consumed by the Graygem's beauty and refuses to release it. Hiddukel advises Reorx to use his gnomes to get the gem back. In payment, Reorx creates a dagger, circlet and con for Hiddukel. Reorx inspires his gnomes to invent a giant ladder that can reach Lunitari. The god then creates a magical net to capture the gem. Taladan gnomes capture the gem and present it to their first king, Aldinanachru. Hiddukel then tricks the minoi gnome, Milgas Kadwar, into releasing the Graygem. (Source: Time of the Dragon & DLCS)

4100 PC

Birth of Graygem Races: The Graygem wanders freely throughout Krynn, magically altering everything in it's path. It first comes across the Smiths, and alters some of them into Scions. It then alters Taladan ogres into Minotaurs, some Ansalonian ogres into Thanoi, giants into trolls, and orughi ogres into Bolandi. Goblins are altered into hobgoblins, bugbears, and kobolds. It is believed that the centaurs created were an extension of those who were already magically created during the Age of Starbirth. As the Graygem continues it also alters the animals of Krynn. Pegasi, basilisks, worgs, aarakocra, kyrie, umber hulks, gargoyles, chimeras, giant insects and all sorts of other magical beasts are also created. (Source: Dragonlance Adventures, More Leaves, Taladas: The Minotaurs, DLCS)

4000 PC

First Sinthal-Elish: The first Sinthal-Elish (Council of High Ones) is formed on the hill called Sol-Fallon. The elven clans swear allegiance to Silvanos as their leader. They also name Balif, son of the second largest elven family, as the leader of the united elven militia. War begins between the elves and the chromatic dragons.

Yevi creation & barbarian survival: The chromatic dragon Sthenn creates the vicious Yevi, vicious hound-like beasts. The Yevi attacks the barbarians of the plains. One particular family is attacked and only the two children survive. One child, Amero, is rescued by the bronze dragon Duranix. Amero and Duranix protect the town of Yala-tene from the Yevi and Amero becomes the tribal leader. The other child, Nianki, is captured by the elf Balif. However she later escapes and frees other humans who are being captured by the elves. Nianki becomes known as Karada, or the Scarred One, and forms her own tribe. The tribe become trained in warfare and horsemanship, and war upon the elves. The elves defeat the humans quickly, and Nianki's tribe are forced to move north where she is reunited with her brother again. (Source: Children of the Plains)

Pa'alu's betrayal: One of Nianki's followers, Pa'alu is attacked by Sthenn during their journey northward, but is saved by the elven mage Vedvedsica. The mage bids Pa'alu to recover a magical stone from Duranix, in exchange for a love spell upon Nianki. Pa'alu attempts to steal the stone, but the spell backfires and causes Nianki to fall in love with her brother Amero. Nacris, the wife of one of Nianki's rivals, plots with tribesmen whom are unhappy with Amero's rule to stage a rebellion. The rebellion includes Pa'alu, however it fails in the end. Amero builds fortifications to protect his people and Nianki chooses to lead her people away, so that she will not cause further trouble for her brother. (Source: Children of the Plains)

3988 PC

Cult of the Dragon: A young barbarian named Tiphan starts a cult that worships the dragon Duranix. Tiphan takes two of his followers into the elven forest to recover magic stones that were once the source of Vedvedsica's power. By this time, rumors are abound that Vedvedsica has been exiled by the elves. Tiphan and his followers are joined the centaur Elu, and are set upon by elves. Tiphan then uses the stones to teleport himself back to safety in Yala-tene, leaving the others to their fate. The barbarian Nacris allies with the green dragon Sthenn, and plots to destroy Yala-tene. Sthenn captures the plainswoman Beramun and sends her to poison the village, whilst Nacris sends her adopted son Zannian, to lead his Jade Men against Duranix. (Source: Brother of the Dragon)

The Poisonous Sthenn: Duranix is greatly weakened by the assault, however Tiphan leads his cult against the Jade Men. Tiphan's men are dispatched and their leader is captured by Sthenn. Tiphan ignites the stone and is killed, but also greatly injured the dragon. Duranix then chases after Sthenn across the seas. The Jade Men, led by Nacris and Zannian lay siege to Yala-tene. Realising that Yala-tene is near doomed, Amero sends eight of his runners to request aid from his sister, one of whom is Beramun. At the same time, Nacris orders a soldier known as Harak to request assistance from the Ungra-de ogres. The Jade Men slaughter all the runners except for Beramun who uses Sthenn's mark on her, to convince them to let her free. Beramun reaches Nianki and informs her of Amero's situation. The tribe races towards Yala-tene, led by Nianki, Beramun and Mara (a former follower of Tiphan's, whom had been recently rescued from the elves by Nianki). (Source: Brother of the Dragon)

3988-3900 PC

Siege of Yala-tene: Zannian and a group of Jade Men infiltrate Yala-tene and believe they have assassinated Amero. Harak enlists the aid of Chief Ungrah-de and his ogres. Nianki captures Balif and a group of his men, during the flight to Yala-tene. Duranix meets a young dragon called Blusidar during his chase after Sthenn. Duranix vows to protect her from the green dragon. Nacris and Zannian demand Yala-tene's surrender. The people of the town send their children through escape tunnels and the reach the safety of Nianki's camp, where she learns of her brother's death. Sthenn attacks and injures Blusidar before fleeing back to Yala-tene. Duranix heals the young dragon before resuming his flight after Sthenn. Ungra-de's ogres attack Yala-tene but are repulsed. Nianki forms a temporary alliance with Balif and his elves. The united elven and barbarian force defeat the Jade Men and capture Nacris. Zannian orders a retreat and flees with his remaining forces. Nianki discovers that Amero was not actually killed during the fighting, and is reunited again with her brother. She then learns from Nacris that their long presumed-dead younger brother Menni is alive and serves in Sthenn's forces. Ungra-de's ogres mount another assault against Nianki's troops, whilst Sthenn returns to Yala-tene with Duranix following. Duranix then kills Sthenn and Balif blinds and captures Zannian. Ungra-de's ogres are crushed by Sthenn's falling body and wiped out. Nianki and Amero discover that Zannian is their long-lost brother. (Source: Sister of the Sword)

Fall of Amero: The barbarians bury Ungrah-de as a respected warrior and valiant foe. Amero is taught bronze smelting from Balif's weaponsmith, Farolenu. Harak removes Sthenn's mark on Beramun and weds her. He then convinces Nianki to take the former raiders into her tribe. Amero and Lyopi finally wed, however Mara overhears the elves have stolen information about bows. She believes that Amero has betrayed humans by giving the elves this information in exchange for bronze smelting and kills him. Mara is exiled from Yala-tene, and Zannian is sentenced to become a prisoner for life. Amero is entombed within Duranix's layer. Nianki and Duranix secretly bury Mara alive within Amero's Tomb. (Source: Sister of the Sword)

3953 PC

Dragon Skirmish: Aurican and Darlantan have now mastered the art of altering their forms so that they can move freely in humanoid bodies amongst the elves. Aurican grows closer to the elves, as Darlantan decimates an ogre army that marches towards the elven forest. (Source: The Dragons)

3951 PC

Birth of Dwarves & Kender: A human lord known as Gargath captures the Graygem. Lord Gargath uses two magical stones, Spellbinder and Pathfinder to keep the gem in place. An army of gnomes arrives at Gargath's castle and demand the return of the gem. With Gargath's refusal they create siege machines to retrieve it. The army of gnomes are then altered by the gem. The greedy gnomes alter into dwarves, whilst the curious gnomes become kender. The dwarves return to the caves of Kal-Thax, whereas the kender wander eastward. During the battle the Graygem is freed and heads westward. The minoi gnomes travel west in pursuit of the Graygem. The minoi and scions fight over the gem and most of the scions are killed. The minoi gnomes chase after it again, and eventually lose it at the westernmost point of Sancrist Isle. The gnomes give up their chase and form a colony on Sancrist. (Source: Tales of the Lance, Gates of Thorbardin, DLCS)

3932 PC

Patersmith's Farewell: The metallic dragons all return to the Grotto, where they were schooled by Bard Patersmith. He bids them all a final farewell, before fading away into the shadows. (Source: The Dragons)

3900 PC

The First Dragon War: Takhisis sends Crematia to lead her chromatic dragons and their humanoid allies to dominate Krynn. The ogres and chromatic dragons attack the elves. Silvanos leads the elves against the evil forces, whilst training griffons for aerial combat. Metallic dragons, led by Aurican and Darlantan intervene and the First Dragon War begins. (Source: The Dragons)

Birth of the Plainspeople: The tribe of Karada splits into many different tribes that spread across the plains. Duranix has hatchlings and promises to always protect them, as he feels the passing of Nianki. (Source: Sister of the Sword)

3893 PC

Crematia's Clutch: Crematia speaks with Chieftain Blacktusk, descendant of Ironfist and leader of her ogre armies. She then lays a clutch of thirteen eggs and hides them away for safety. (Source: The Dragons)

3889 PC

Chromatic Assault/Beginnings of Wizardry: Crematia leads a team of blue dragons in an ambush on the five male metallic dragons. Blayze, Burll and Smelt are all killed in the assault, as Aurican and Darlantan fly to safety. The metallic duo meet with Silvanos and three curious robed elves. The white-robed Parys Dayl, red-robed Fayal Padran, and black-robed Kayn Wytsnall, explain their study of magic and the gods, and their desire to bring back magic to Krynn. Aurican agrees to carry the three would-be mages into other realms to try and contact the gods of magic, leaving immediately. (Source: The Dragons)

3888-3550 PC

Ogres/Elven Battles: The ogres battle against the elven forces under the command of Generals Balif and Quithas Griffontamer. Darlantan proves to be a strong ally in the fighting, aiding Kaganos' wild elves and chieftain Tarn Iceblade's human plainspeople . Aurican returns with the three elves, who show that the gods of magic have given them five magical dragongems, to trap the essences of the chromatic dragons. (Source: The Dragons)

3811 PC

Elderwild Pathfinder: Kaganos defends a Grandfather Ram from the vicious elf Quithas Griffontamer, a general of Silvanos. The Ram is actually the powerful silver dragon Darlantan, in disguise. Darlantan gives Kaganos a ram's horn, which is the formation of a bond of friendship between silver dragons and the Elderwild elves for many generations. Kaganos is chosen as a Pathfinder by his kinsmen and becomes the leader of his clan. (Source: The Kagonesti)

3550 PC

Trapping of the Chromatics: Using the dragongems, Darlantan, Aurican and their allies are able to trap the essences of all the green, black and white dragons fighting in the First Dragon War. The red and blue dragons manage to elude them as the war rages on. (Source: The Dragons)

Darlantan's Fall: With the passing of Blacktusk, his descendant Talonian takes over as ogre leader of the amassed ground forces. The ogres are pushed back progressively as the chromatics lose ground to the metallic dragons and the elves. Amidst the fighting, the silver dragon Darlantan is mortally wounded and falls to the ground. He asks Aurican that his son be named Callak. (Source: The Dragons)

Elderwild to Kagonesti: Kaganos recovers the Blue Dragonstone from the ogres and their lord Barc Darrontale, and helps in driving the blue dragons from the battle. He then finds the dying Darlantan, whom advises the young elf to lead all wild elves to freedom to preserve their nature. Kaganos speaks to his kinsmen and unites all the clans of the Elderwild. The clans then become known as the Kagonesti, and return to the forests, refusing to live in the cities with the House elves. (Source: The Kagonesti)

Beginnings of Wizardry: The three gods of magic are exiled to the moons by the other gods for interfering directly in the First Dragon War. The three gods transport their tower to another realm, and give their three apprentices the keys to the Lost Citadel. These three apprentices are taught the Foundations of Wizardry and later become the founders of the Orders of High Sorcery. (Source: The Dragons)

3434 PC

Folk of the Sea: The Graygem continues down the coastline of southern Ansalon, where it lays havoc to the elves, altering elven sailors into Dimernesti, and fishermen elves into Dargonesti. Humans are altered into mermen, sirens, centaurs and shadowpeople.

3350 PC

Birth of the Silvanesti: The second Sinthal-Elish is held, and again Silvanos is chosen as the leader. Silvanos weds Quinari and is proclaimed the Speaker of the Stars, ruler of the new elven nation which is named Silvanesti. The gods of magic re-enter the world through the Graygem. (Source: Tales of the Lance)

3152-2900 PC

Founding of Kal-Thax: Dwarves attempt to escape the chaos wrought by the devastating magic of the Graygem. In the bay of Nordmaar, the dwarves mine their new home in limestone caves, calling it Kal-Thax. (Source: Tales of the Lance, DLCS)

3012 PC

The Minotaur Empire: The first minotaurs sail from distant Taladas to Ansalon, landing in the northeast region. They soon build the city of Mithandrus, Land of the Bulls. Shortly thereafter the minotaurs are enslaved by the dwarves of Kal-Thax. (Source: Taladas: The Minotaurs, DLCS)

3000 PC

The Second Hatchlings: The second generation of dragons are born on Krynn. Crematia chooses the most powerful of her children as her new scion. She names the dragon Deathfyre and tells him to grow strong and that one day he will take leadership of her forces. Amidst the metallic hatchlings, young Callak and Auricus become the new leaders. (Source: The Dragons)

2800 PC

Founding of Thorin: Now developed miners, some dwarves decide to leave their ancient home of Kal-Thax. They then create an underground empire in the Khalkist Mountains called Thorin. Those remaining in Kal-Thax seal it from the outside world and vanish. The surviving scions tutor all the races altered by the Graygem. (Source: Dwarven Kingdoms of Krynn)

2799 PC

The Minotaur Empire: The minotaurs, led by the warrior Ambeoutin, rise in rebellion against their dwarven masters. The minotaurs kill a large number of dwarves before fleeing back to Mithandrus. They rename their nation to Ambeoutin, in honor of their new leader. (Source: Taladas: The Minotaurs, DLCS)

2750 PC

Fall of Balif: Balif founds the city of Balifor, and is shortly thereafter killed by rivals in the elven court. Balifor was originally to be a second city for the Silvanesti people, however it was inhabited by kender whom Balif was fond of. The resident elves soon left in disgust, after Balif refused to force the kender out of Balifor. Balif was later assassinated and his detractors spread rumors about him actually being a kender, because of his fondness for the latter race. Legends even begun to surface in later times, where Balif was a kender, however the small general was always an elf, much beloved by the kender people. (Source: Dragonlance Adventures, Firstborn, Tales of the Lance)

2735 PC

The Minotaur Empire: To determine the next heir of the minotaur kingdom, Ambeoutin's twin sons Mithas and Kothas fight in the arena. Neither can defeat the other and so the realm is divided into the two realms named after each son. (Source: Taladas: The Minotaurs, DLCS)

2710 PC

Dragon stones discovered: The dwarves of Thorin find the five dragon stones when mining. Despising magic they give them to the red dragon Crematia. (Source: The Dragons, DLCS)

2698 PC

Chromatics Unleashed: With the aid of bakali shamans, Crematia discovers a way to release the chromatic dragons from the dragon stones. The power released from the dragon stones then destroys the main volcano in the Khalkists, Darklady, and creates the three smaller volcanoes known as the Lords of Doom. Crematia and Deathfyre then muster their forces and prepare them for war. (Source: The Dragons)

2693 PC

The Grotto Discovered: With the aid of kin dragons Kyri and Cynysi, the red dragon Deathfyre discovers the Grotto, ancient lair of the metallic dragons. He returns to report the discovery and finds that Crematia has been ambushed and mortally wounded by the gold dragon Aurican. The dying red implores her son to go and destroy the metallic dragons. Deathfyre leads his dragons against those in the Grotto, killing Aurican and many others in their first bid to dominate Krynn. The surviving metallic dragons flee in pairs all over Ansalon. (Source: The Dragons)

2692-2645 PC

The Second Dragon War: The chromatics recruit the bakali in large numbers as their ground forces to attack the Silvanesti elves, and the Second Dragon War begins. Deathfyre appoints the blue Spuryten and the black Coss as his chief lieutenants. The three dragons lead their dragons in a massive assault on Silvanesti. The three mages Fayal, Kayn and Parys link their magic with a scion, and harness wild magic to command the earth to swallow the chromatic dragons. The dragons are beaten, but their magic goes awry and thousands of people perish. Elven forces then chase after the mages, who have killed many of their own people. The scion vanishes, and the mages petition the gods of magic for aid. (Source: Dragonlance Adventures, The Dragons)

2645-2550 PC

Founding of the Orders of High Sorcery: The gods of magic bring the three mages to their tower. They then transport their tower to yet another realm. Under the guidance and training of the gods, the three mages create laws of magic, and then are returned to the world where they lead other wild mages out of hiding and train them in the new ways of magic. The Orders of High Sorcery are reformed, and three orders are created. The gods then close the way to the Lost Citadel. Wizards construct the Towers of High Sorcery in Palanthas, Wayreth, Daltigoth, Istar and Losarcum (near Balifor). These towers are considered neutral ground amongst all wizards and are places where they can freely practice their art. Another tower was also constructed somewhere on the fringes of the Istarian nation. A renegade known as Spyranus claimed the tower for himself, and the orders combined to banish the tower from Krynn. The tower was transported to it's own demi-plane and is considered lost to all. (Source: Dragonlance Adventures, DC DL Comics #13-16)

2640 PC

Thorin Sealed: The Calnar dwarves close themselves off from the world, after their shame in causing the Second Dragon War. (Source: Covenant of the Forge, Dwarven Kingdoms of Krynn, DLCS)

2600 PC

Rise of Ergoth: Ackal Ergot unites the Khalkist barbarian tribes, destroying any who do not ally with him. One of those he crushes is the Lord of the Western Hundred. He claims the lord's wife Balalana for his own, and she becomes his first empress when he styles himself as the first Emperor of Ergoth. He then sets about raiding abandoned ogre homes to fund the establishment of his new Ergothian empire. (Sources: Heroes of Defiance, The Wizard's Fate)

Flying Citadel Project: The gnomoi and minoi of Taladas join together to work on the Flying Citadel Project. Four of the flying citadels were lost in the test period, however the last three were successful. Two continue to be used into the present age, however the third was abandoned and claimed by evil creatures. (Source: Time of the Dragon)

Hylo is founded: The kender in Balifor discover a flying citadel and track it into the Sentinel Mountains. Finding themselves lost, the kender found the new nation of Hylo. (Source: Time of the Dragon)

2595 PC

Passing of a legend: Only five years after securing his empire, Ackal Ergot passes away, leaving the throne to his son Ackal II.

2575-2572 PC

Ergothian rulers: Ackal II is killed in battle, and the great Ackal Ergot's second son Ergothas I claims the throne. Three short years later Ergothas I is murdered and the self-styled Ackal III takes the mantle of Emperor.

2566-2530 PC

A Dynasty struggles: Ackal III is murdered, and replaced by his prominent cousin Mordirin Ackal. After nine short years of rule, Mordirin is confined and his wife, Empress Kanira rules in his stead for the next 16 years.

2515 PC

Second Speaker of the Stars: Silvanos dies. His son Sithel, becomes the new Speaker of the Stars and builds his father a crystal tomb, into which Silvanos is buried. Sithel then orders the construction of the Palace of Quinari to honor his parents. (Source: Firstborn)

2500-2000 PC

Creation of Half-Elves: Ergoth's borders expand into elven and dwarven territory, as Ackal Dermount assumes the reins of power with Ergoth. A treaty is signed and trading between the three nations begins. The increased trade leads to intermarriage and the spawning of half-elves. Border relations become strained between the elves and humans. (Source: Heroes of Defiance, Firstborn)

2308 PC

Twice-Blest: Sithel's twin sons, Sithas and Kith-Kanan are born. (Source: Firstborn)

2192 PC

Sundering of Elven Harmony: Sithel announces the betrothal of Sithas and Hermathya. Kith-Kanan flees in anger, at his former love being married to his brother. Kith meets Mackeli and Anaya, Keeper of the Forest, whom he soon after falls in love with. Kith protects the forest from intruders, at the behest of the Forestmaster, although during one encounter Anaya is mortally wounded and transforms into an oak tree with their unborn son. Disputes rise between Ergoth, Thorbardin and Silvanesti over land. The Silvanesti government is forced to move refugees, half-breeds and humans out of Silvanesti, causing riots to break out. Kith-Kanan is summoned back to Silvanost where he resolves the conflict within the capital. Sithel sends Kith to the disputed lands where he creates a local militia to keep the peace. There he gains the respect of the humans, dwarves and elves in the area. During an inspection of the disputed region Sithel is shot with an arrow and killed. Humans swear their innocence and blame the elves for making them scapegoats, elves demand justice from the humans. The Kinslayer Wars begin. (Source: Firstborn)

2192-2140 PC

The Kinslayer Wars: Sithas is sworn in as the new Speaker of the Stars. Kagonesti elves and Theiwar dwarves ally themselves with the Ergothian armies. Thon-kar of the Theiwar, pretends to be the ambassador of Thorbardin and decays relations between the dwarves and the elves. He intercepts and destroys each of Silvanesti's requests to Thorbardin for support. The Kagonesti whom are furious over their poor treatment by the Silvanesti, fight for independence. Tamanier Ambrodel makes a secret journey to Thorbardin, where he enlists Dunbarth Ironthumb as an ally. Dunbarth discovers the treachery of the Theiwar, and pledges the Hylar to support the elves. Human mercenaries are also hired to support the elves in the war. Kith-Kanan grows increasingly tired of Sithas' drive towards racial purity. He rescues Suzine, an Ergothian noblewoman and soon after falls in love with her. Kith has two children with Suzine, Verhanna and Ulvian. The Ergothian forces are led by General Giarna, a vicious warrior whom is allied with the evil gods. Suzine is captured and kills herself rather than betray Kith. Sithelbec is ravaged by lightning and Giarna is finally killed by a hill giant, who earlier befriended Kith-Kanan and Sithas. During the fighting, Vanesti, son of Sithas, is paralysed from the waist down. The Kinslayer War is declared over and the Ergothian army retreats. Sithas declares that the disputed land is now claimed by his brother, and all elves in that region can join Kith if they so desire. (Source: The Kinslayer Wars)

2150 PC

Last Balladine: Human raiders attack Thorin, during the Balladine, the dwarves open trade holiday. The Calnar dwarves, led by Colin Stonetooth, exile themselves and plan to make a pilgramage to find Kal-Thax. They rename themselves the Hylar and instead end up in the Kharolis Mountains. The Hylar unite the Theiwar, Daewar, Daergar and Klar in these mountains and begin to delve the city of Thorbardin. The Einar dwarves choose to live in the open, and protect the lands surrounding Thorbardin. The remaining Calnar dwarves who choose to stay behind in Thorin, rename their home to Thoradin and seal it off completely to all visitors. (Source: Covenant of the Forge)

2140-2100 PC

Birth of the Hestite Elves: Many Silvanesti, ashamed over killing their own kin, leave with Kith-Kanan to the lands west of Silvanesti. Sithas grants them their independence to preserve the racial purity of the Silvanesti. General Hestanfalas of the Silvanesti is enraged by the peace treaty and chooses to continue the war. He marches his army out of Silvanesti but is stopped by Sithas' army and sentenced to be executed. He is saved by his personal soldiers before the execution, and flees with the wizard Vedvedsica. Together they all flee underground to escape Sithas' soldiers. Sithas' men, led by Captain Kirinthastarus are magically halted by Vedvedsica and the fleeing elves form the nation of Hest, deep underground. The Hestite build the great underground cities of Vartoom, Balowil and Arvanesti. The Hesti children are unable to mature in their new environment and become barren, thus the population slowly dwindles. (Source: Riverwind: The Plainsman)

2128 PC

Wizards and Dwarves Clash: The construction of Thorbardin continues, whilst the dwarves face various groups encroaching on their lands. Dwarves establish trade routes with humans, and repulse mages who attempt to build another Tower of High Sorcery. The red robe Megistal, white robed Sigamon and black robe Tantas lead the quest to found a Tower of High Sorcery in the dwarven lands. Damon Omenborn, nephew of the dwarven hero Cale Greeneye, leads the dwarves against the Wizards, discovering their inherent resistance to magic. At the same time a prehistoric beast known as Rage, sets about on a massacre of dwarven outposts and eventually assaults Thorbardin itself, before it is finally killed. White-robed Porcirin the Pure and the black-robed mage Kistilan the Dark, join Megistal amongst other mages to aid in their efforts in locating the Stones of Threes to establish their tower. Eventually the dwarves turn back the mages, resulting in the death of Porcirin as well as many dwarves and mages. Megistal stops Kistilan's murdering from going any further, aiding Damon in killing the evil mage. The red robe and Damon Omenborn come to an agreement, suing for peace between mages and dwarves, Megistal finally leading the mages out of the dwarven lands. (Source: Hammer and Axe)

2128-2073 PC

Rise of a Dwarven Hero: Harl Thrustweight, Hylar Thane, is killed in a cave in. Dunbarth Ironthumb is promoted to the head of administration of Thorbardin. Suspicious of outsiders, dwarves lead humans to believe that Thorbardin now has a king, but must speak through Dunbarth for all matters. Ergothian forces, led by Sakar Kane, Prince of Klanath attack and enslave Neidar and other dwarves. Among those captured are Derkin Winterseed, son of Harl Thrustweight. (Source: The Swordsheath Scroll)

War of the Mountain: Skirmishes break out between Thorbardin and Ergoth over border disputes. The War of the Mountain begins. Derkin frees eight thousand dwarves from the mines of Ergoth. Derkin then leads the Neidar into guerrila warfare against the Ergothian forces of Sakar Kane. The Battle of Sithelbec sees most of Derkin's army destroyed by the hordes of Ergoth, however reinforcements from Thorbardin, and Kith-Kanan's elves save Derkin. Derkin returns to Thorbardin, where he is named Regent and is given control of the Council of Thanes. Derkin signs the Swordsheath Scroll with Kith-Kanan and they agree to build Pax-Tharkas. (Source: The Swordsheath Scroll)

2085 PC

Founding of Bright Horizon: Agril Stargazer sails his ship from Tarsis towards the Dragon Isles, however it is blown off course and lands in a bay near a Tower of High Sorcery in a region known as Palanthas. They begin constructing a colony named after their ship, the Bright Horizon. Firebrand and her pirates make a treaty with the fledgling colony, in which they offer supplies if the pirates can stay at the colony. Agril and Firebrand wed, and build the colony into a major town. (Source: Palanthas, DLCS)

2073 PC

The Swordsheath Scroll: Kith-Kanan calls a treaty between the elves, dwarves and humans, and the Swordsheath Scroll is rewritten and signed by all parties. The elves gain rights to the forest of Qualinesti, the humans receive relaxed trade restrictions, and the dwarves get mining rights to the Kharolis Mountains.

2072 PC

Sunderer: Dwarves forge a mighty hammer in the image of Reorx's Hammer. The hammer is first presented to Kith-Kanan by the dwarves, to mark the founding on Pax Tharkas. Next the dwarves present the hammer Sunderer to Ergoth as a peace offering between their nations. The hammer is later known as the Hammer of Kharas. (Source: The Qualinesti)

2050-1892 PC

First Speaker of the Sun: Kith-Kanan is declared leader of the new elven nation of Qualinesti, and is sworn in as Speaker of the Sun. Kith-Kanan's son, Ulvian, is caught working with slave traders. Ulvian is sent to Pax Tharkas to work as a slave, in the hopes that he will learn from his errors. Instead Ulvian allies himself with the evil sorceror Drulethen. The two escape together and Ulvian uses an amulet to keep Drulethen under his control. (Source: The Qualinesti)

Second Speaker of the Sun: Silveran Greenhands is finally born from Anaya's tree. He is welcomed with open arms by Kith-Kanan and declared as his missing son. Drulethen wrests control from Ulvian and traps him in his lair at Black Stone Peak. Silveran joins Kith's men to rescue Ulvian, and ends up killing Drulethen. Upon learning that Silveran is first in line to become the next Speaker, Ulvian uses Drulethen's amulet to drive Silveran mad. Silveran accidentally strikes down Kith-Kanan in one of his mad bouts. On his death-bed, Kith tells witnesses of Ulvian's treachery and of Silveran's innocence. Kith passes away and Silveran becomes the next Speaker of the Sun. Ulvian flees Qualinesti never to return, and is believed to have fled to Ergoth. A great tomb is built for Kith-Kanan near Pax Tharkas. Kemian Ambrodel weds Kith's daughter Verhanna. (Source: The Qualinesti)

2009 PC

Fate of Thoradin: Thoradin vanishes completely and is believed lost to time.

2000 PC

Thorbardin: The final delvings are completely on the great dwarven city, and Thorbardin is completed at last.

2000-1900 PC

Pax Tharkas Built: Pax Tharkas is fully completed, a monument of peace between humans, dwarves and elves.

1900-1750 PC

Ergoth Revolts: With the end of the Quevalin line, brutal warlords fight for control of Ergoth. After abuse and high taxation, the eastern part of Ergoth revolts against the empire. (Source: Heroes of Defiance)

1863-1862 PC

First Speaker of the Moon: Drudarch Takalurion leads the sea elves to a broad undersea valley and establishes the Dargonesti land of Watermere. Drudarch is sworn in as Speaker of the Moon. (Source: Otherlands)

1817 PC

Changes in the Empire: Emann Quisling, Emperor of Ergoth, courts the Ergothian noble Phrygia. Adrenas Solamnus' son, Vinas, joins the Ergothian army as a colonel. (Source: Vinas Solamnus)

1814 PC

Ergothian corruption: Vinas raids Solanthus' food supply to feed the starving people. The corrupt Ergothian colonel Scipio is killed during the raid. Vinas falls quickly into the Emperor's disfavor, but his father saves him by having him placed into the priesthood of Paladine. (Source: Vinas Solamnus)

1812 PC

Empress Phrygia: Vinas is appointed to the role of Praetor and commands the Ergothian guard in the capital. Adrenas is poisoned and killed during Emann and Phrygia's wedding. The killers then attempt to kill Emann, however Vinas saves the Emperor and is awarded the position of captain of the Imperial guard. Vinas' friend Luccia, becomes his colonel. (Source: Vinas Solamnus)

1801 PC

Ergothian atrocities continue: Solamnus is sent eastward to crush a minor rebellion. Empress Phrygia and the court sorceror Caitiff engineer plots to make Vinas commit atrocities in the name of the empire. The leader of the rebellion sacrifices himself to ensure the safety of his lands and officers. (Source: Vinas Solamnus)

1800 PC

Rebellion begins: Solamnus learn that the rebellion is due to the unjust treatment of the people by the emperor. He and his army join the rebellion. (Source: Vinas Solamnus)

1799-1791 PC

The Rose Rebellion: The Rose Rebellion/War of Ice Tears begins. Vinas' army helps the people of the land, whilst fighting the hordes of Ergoth. Solamnus also sends messengers to Thorbardin and Qualinesti, promising to abide by the Swordsheath Scroll. After years of battle, Caitiff the lich raises the undead to defend the capital. Vinas' army storms the capital and kills Phrygia and Caitiff. The Emperor flees the capital and surrenders. He sends word that Solamnus can do as he wishes with the rebels. (Source: Vinas Solamnus)

1793 PC

Sea and Land Elves fight: The daughter of Kemian Ambrodel and Verhanna Kanan, Vixa, leads an expedition to retrieve an elven ambassador from Ergoth as the War of Ice Tears begins. During their journey, their ship is drawn underground by a kraken and they are enslaved by the Dargonesti. The Qualinesti are pulled into a war between the Dargonesti and the Chilkit (crab-men), and aid in the defeat of the Chilkit. Queen Uriona orders the deaths of all the slaves, however Vixa and her dwarven companion Gundabyr escape. The two warn the Silvanesti of Uriona and her general Coryphene's plan to assault the land elves. The Dargonesti army is defeated, Uriona and Coryphene are captured. Elendar, son of Sithas and Speaker of the Stars falls in love with Uriona and takes her hand in marriage. Coryphene kills himself in grief over the news. Vixa then returns to Qualinesti, and then later returns to live out her life in the seas with her shapechanging Dargonesti lover Naxos. (Source: The Dargonesti)

1776 PC

The di Caela curse: Gabriel di Caela joins Vinas Solamnus in his flight from Ergoth, and later becomes one of his first knights. Two of Gabriel's sons are murdered by his other son Benedict. Benedict is disowned by his father for his treachery, hunted down and killed. A curse falls upon the di Caela family shortly thereafter. (Source: Weasel's Luck)

1775 PC

Founding of Solamnia: Vinas leads Luccia, his followers and his son Elias, away on a Quest for Honor. Whilst on Sancrist Isle, he is granted a vision by Paladine, Habbakuk and Kiri-Jolith to form the Knights of Solamnia. He then sets about creating the Oath and the Measure and establishes the knighthood in the new realm of Solamnia, which is carved out of the Ergothian Empire. (Source: Vinas Solamnus)

1773 PC

Founding of Palanthas: A descendant of Firebrand and Agril Stargazer, Lord Kinnath Homestead is chosen as Lord of the City of Bright Horizon. Shortly after, Vinas Solamnus leads his people, alongside elves and dwarves to the city to support his fledgling knighthood. In honor of Paladine, the city is renamed to Palanthas. (Source: Palanthas)

1772 PC

High Clerist's Tower: Dwarven builders restructure the city of Palanthas and Vinas commissions the building of the High Clerist's Tower for his knighthood. The Great Library appears out of thin air, and the sage Astinus appears in the city to run the library. (Source: DLCS)

1750-1300 PC

Nations Arise: The small nations of Lemish and Caergoth join under Solamnia's banner and open up trade. A collective of barbarian tribes unite and found the city of Istar. Istar opens trade with Solamnia and the two become strong allies. Sancrist also further develops and becomes a strong ally. (Source: DLCS)

1700 PC

The Hyrtamic Games begin: The collective tribes of the centaur all unite in Darken Wood under the leadership of the chieftain Hyrtamos. The great chieftain pays homage to the Forestmaster and agrees that his people will dwell in the forests in peace and protect them. Shortly after one of Hyrtamos' warriors, Peldarin, is caught fighting humans. During the fighting, Peldarin accidentally slays Hyrtamos and then kills himself in shame. Peldarin's axe Soulsplitter is then given to the sprite king under the promise that he will never allow another centaur to ever wield it. The Hyrtamic Games are then established by the centaur people, in honor of their fallen leader. These games are held every five years. (Source: More Leaves)

1480 PC

Istar and Solamnia flourish: Istar grows as the centre of trade of the civilised world. Solamnia becomes the major military power, most nations look to it for protection.

1435 PC

Ryle of Raven: Ryle of Raven rescues his dwarven friend Tarrin from the copper dragon Claw, thus putting to rest his guilt over his father's death. Source: Night of Falling Stars (Dragons of Krynn)

1400 PC

The Third Hatchlings: Third generation of dragons are born on Krynn. Heart, Saytica, Silvara and Lectral are the children of mighty Callak and Daria. Arumnus and Regia are the children of the great Auricus.

1399-1010 PC

Spread of Chromatics: Takhisis guides the red dragon Deathfyre in planting dragon eggs all over Krynn. In this way, chromatic dragons are totally spread across Ansalon, instead of only small pockets. (Source: The Dragons)

1320 PC

The Sea Witch: Sagarassi the Sea Witch builds a force of sea dragons, koalinths, lacedons and amphidragons to wage war upon the Dargonesti of Watermere. (Source: Otherlands)

1196 PC

Dragon Rage: Dragons ravage the countryside, killing mortals on a whim. Two wanderers are tracked by the dragons Beldieze and Jaegendar and suffer their wrath. Source: Storytellers (Dragons at War)

1132 PC

Treasure Hunters: A seneschal leads a Solamnic Knight, a mage, a dwarven warrior and a thief to the lair of a red dragon, in order to hunt it down and kill it. The seneschal then transforms into the red dragon and ends their days. Source: The Best (Dragons of Krynn)

1100 PC

Istarian Trade: The tribes of Istar unite and develop their town into a major city. Trade lines increase and become stronger.

1060 PC

The Third Dragon War: Crynus is selected as Takhisis' warlord, so Galan Dracos can continue his studies on bringing Takhisis to Krynn. Renegade mages flock to Dracos to assist in bringing the Dark Queen to Krynn. Chromatic dragons and ogre armies begin to attack Ansalon. Knights of Solamnia fight the armies and metallic dragons rise to meet their evil counterparts. The Third Dragon War begins. Mages then create five Dragon Orbs which have the power to call dragons to their doom. (Source: Legend of Huma)

Curse of Winter: Solamnic Knight, Lord Sigmun, trains a young orphan known as Wistan in the ways of the knighthood. Wistan then journeys with Solith, the grandnephew of Silvanos, to rescue his sister Vyratha. The pair rescue the elf and thwart the plans of the black mage Ravenna. The wizardress then casts great spells to alter the weather and cast perpetual ice storms upon the Solamnic outpost. Lord Sigmun and his son are killed by Ravenna's beasts. Wistan fights to the heart of the mage's castle and eventually kills her, at the cost of his own life. However the curse of winter is broken. (Source: DC DL Comics #17-20)

1056 PC

Deathfyre's Armies: With his lieutenants Corro and Azurus, the great Deathfyre rallies the chromatic dragons to his side. Deathfyre appoints the mighty ogre Garic Drakan, as the leader of the ogre armies serving him. He also appoints Drakan as the leader over his other humanoid minions, comprising of evil aligned humans, dwarves and bakali. Deathfyre's son Tombfyre rises in status and shows himself as a major power during the fighting. (Source: The Dragons)

1053 PC

The Dragonsbane: Elves and half-elves come together to form a secret group known as the Dragonsbane. They form with the sole purpose of studying evil dragons and slaying them. Their most famed member is notorious at this time with bringing down many dragons: B'ynn al'Tor. Source: Quarry (Dragons at War)

1029 PC

Heart's Pledge: Heart, Arumnus and many other metallic dragons pledge to join the fight against the minions of darkness. The metallic dragons begin to aid the Solamnic knights and those who oppose Galan Dracos, Crynus and the forces of Takhisis. (Source: The Dragons)

1028 PC

Deathfyre's Fall: Whilst flying, Lectral is ambushed by the red dragon Tombfyre, injured and crashes to the ground. Deathfyre leads his dragons against the metallic dragons. The great red dragon is slain in combat, along with Azurus and many other powerful chromatic dragons. Tombfyre mourns the loss of his sire and assumes control of the chromatic forces. (Source: The Dragons)

1027 PC

Lectral's Saviors: The elf Ashtaway finds the injured Lectral and brings the elven maid Hammana to aid the great silver. Hammana treats his wounds and restores him back to a more healthy state. (Source: The Dragons)

1021 PC

Hatchlings: The ogre Chaltiford comes across the lair of a dead gold dragon. The ogre, who is fleeing the frontlines of the Third Dragon War, enters the lair and is eaten by the hatchlings of the dead dragon. Source: Easy Pickings (Dragons of Krynn)

1020-1018 PC

Defeat of the Dark Queen: Huma, Knight of Solamnia and his friends Magius and Kaz, a minotaur warrior, are led by Paladine to the Dragonlances. Huma is also joined by General Guy Avondale of Ergoth, and Sir Buoron, another knight of Solamnia. Huma battles Wyrmfather, an immense dragon that was said to have faced Kiri-Jolith in personal combat. During the fight, he uses the Sword of Tears to defeat the giant wyrm. Trake, Grandmaster of the Solamnic Knights is murdered. His successor Oswal is then struck down, however Huma discovers the identity of the assassin, his uncle and fellow knight Rennard. Huma catches and beats Rennard who then chooses to kill himself. Oswal recovers and leads the knights wisely. Dracos captures Magius and kills him, as the war continues both Crynus and Galan Dracos are eventually killed. Huma and Heart (his love Gwyneth) battle Takhisis with the Dragonlance. Takhisis is hurt and withdraws back into the Abyss. Huma and Heart are both fatally wounded and perish. The Third Dragon War ends. (Sources: Legend of Huma, Silver and Steel - 'Love and War')

1019 PC

Pathfinder Ashtaway: Ashtaway becomes the Pathfinder of the Kagonesti. He leads the Solamnics Knights through a secret pass, so that they can defeat the forces of Takhisis from overrunning the Solamnic plains. Ashtaway takes Hammana to be his wife. (Source: The Kagonesti)

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