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Chambers of Astinus

The Age of Despair

1 AC - 383 AC

The Maelstrom: The first account of the Maelstrom was given by one Dunvane of Palanthas, the captain of the ship Sunchaser. His crew rescued a young lady called Jermina during their voyage back to Istar, who claims that the town of Gardenath was destroyed. During their journey they unwittingly sail into the Maelstrom and the ship and crew were destroyed. Captain Dunvane and Jermina escape in one of his serpentine bowls, and are the first to tell of the Maelstrom. Source: The Voyage of the Sunchaser (The Cataclysm)

Fate of Xak Tsaroth and Istar: Whilst the city of Istar is destroyed and the remains are sunk beneath the Blood Sea, the temple of the Kingpriest is shattered into many pieces which are thrown to the far corners of the world. The foundation of the temple goes to the Abyss. Central Ansalon is shrunk by incoming waters and the Newsea is formed. The city of Xak Tsaroth is thrust underground and much of it, and it's citizens are destroyed.

Riverwind's Ancestors: At the same time, the cleric Michael and the warrior Nikol, having survived the Cataclysm by staying within their castle, journey to Xak Tsaroth to find the Disks of Mishakal, only to find it in ruins. They are then led to Palanthas, where they find a former priest of Beldinas, who is railing a mob against the Library of Palanthas. The pair try to get aid from the Solamnic forces, however the knights are fearful and do not act, even going so far as to attack the pair. The death knight Soth enters the fray, and the Solamnic knights leave the pair alone. Nikol and Michael return to Palanthas to find the mob is known freely looting the library and they learn of Soth's fate. As they fight the mob and are nearly overwhelmed, Soth appears and forces the mob back, saving the pair and also the Library of Palanthas. Nikol and Michael leave the city in disgust and settle in the plains amongst the barbarians. They are accepted into the Que-Shu tribe and their descendants give birth many moons later to a young barbarian known as Riverwind. Source: True Knight (The Cataclysm)

Fate of Ergoth & Tarsis: Ergoth is ravaged by the Cataclysm and formed into two islands which are then called Northern and Southern Ergoth. Land rises and falls, and in the south the city of Tarsis remains untouched, but is isolated from much of the rest of Ansalon.

Mereklar Discovered: Survivors of the Cataclysm discover the city of Mereklar, which is now only housed by thousands of cats. The refugees take up home in the city and take the cats in as their pets. Bast the Cat Lord guards his children and also the new refugees within his city. (Source: Brothers Majere)

The Great Shattering: The Hestite elves in the mother city of Vartoom, find that they are permanently cut off from their other cities of Balowil and Arvanesti. The two other cities are believed to have been destroyed by the Cataclysm, however this remains unknown. This time becomes known as the Great Shattering. (Source: Riverwind the Plainsman)

The Aghar's Ogre: The Aghar led by Highbulp Gorge, escape into the far reaches of the Istarian empire and come across an ogre who has lost it's memory and befriend it. They are then captured by slavers, but then rescued by their ogre companion. The ogre gets it's memory back and leaves the Aghar in regret, as they continue their migration from the now-destroyed Istar. Source: Ogre Unaware (The Cataclysm)

Fall of a Poet: Qualinesti poet Kierloth, who had been performing in Istar, perishes during the events of the Cataclysm. (Source: Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls Vol.1)

1 PC-37 AC

The Black Kite: The mage Fistandantilus gives a potion to his apprentice Whastryk Kite, before sending him away from Istar. Kite feels scorned and leaves, settling in Haven where he comes something of a tyrant and mage of note. The Black Kite kidnaps an infant when the smith Paulus Thwait cannot pay the mage his tribute. The smith ventures to the Kite's home and kills the mage. Upon dying, Kite drinks the potion, however nothing of note occurs and the reign of the Black Kite was over. (Source: Fistandantilus Reborn)

1 AC

Founding of the Seeker Movement: Famine and plagues spread throughout the devastated land, which causes many villages and town to be wiped out across Ansalon. The Solamnic Knights are in disgrace and reviled by people for not stopping the Cataclysm. The foundation stone of the Temple of the Kingpriest is discovered by Takhisis in the Abyss. The Seeker movement begins, which considers the old gods to be evil and their "new gods" to be the ones who will help the people. The Zhakar dwarves appear from the wake of the Cataclysm.

Birth of the Que-Tana tribe: The Que-Nara shaman, Firebrand the Namer misuses the crown of opals and is banished from his tribe. In his exile he comes across some loosely gathered barbarians, which he forms into the Que-Tana tribe and becomes their leader. Firebrand entreaties Sargonnas and makes a bargain with him, so that he can collect all 13 opals and restore the crown of his ancestors. (Source: Galen Beknighted)

Mereklar's Prophecy: The first refugees who found Mereklar during the Cataclysm, elevate themselves to rulers of the city as it's ten councillors. The head of the councillors is the lich, Lady Shavas, who assumes the disguise of a human. The refugees find a prophecy within the city, that claims that the cats will one day save the world. Cats are revered throughout the city, protected and given free reign. (Source: Brothers Majere)

Rennard's Reprieve: A desperate mob kills the knight Sir Lucien. His comrade Sir Erik Dornay, Knight of the Rose, hunts down the mob and is visited by the spirit of Rennard the Oathbreaker. On this visit, Erik discovers a cult of Morgion worshippers whom are preying upon the mob that he is after. Rennard offers aid to Erik and assists in destroying the cult. Erik chooses to set aside his sword and leads the desperate mob to safety. The spirit of Rennard is rewarded with a sip of water, granting him a temporary reprieve from his constant torment. Source: Into Shadow, Into Light (The Cataclysm)

1-100 AC

Founding of Solace and Gateway: Qualinesti elves and humans band together to drive back the goblin hordes in Abanasinia. Settlements springs up and both Gateway and Solace are founded. (Source: Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls Vol.1)

2 AC

The most unheroic heroes: Discovering that trade has been halted in Krinnor, Graym, Jarek and the Wolf brothers, with their prisoner Darll in tow, decide to journey to the town to sell their ale and make a fortune. On the way, they are stopped near the town of Graveside, by the town leader Rhael. The leader begs them to stop the bandit Skorm Bonelover who is forming an army in the Valley of Tombs. The unheroic band attempts to sneak around the bandit, only to discover that Skorm is alone and attempting to trick the villagers. The band expose Skorm and find that Krinnor has been destroyed by the Cataclysm. They then decide to settle in Graveside where they become it's new leaders. Source: No Gods, No Heroes (The Cataclysm)

3 AC

The End of Mighty Istar: Bron, formerly a Knight of the Divine Hammer, wanders through Ansalon witnessing the people's hatred of the Kingpriest and of the gods. He sees his fellow knights hunted down by the common folk and killed. Bron is captured and dragged back to a small village where he is prepared for execution. In the dead of night, he is rescued by Wentha MarSevrin, who leads him clear of the village before questioning him on how he acquired Ebonbane. Bron explains the last he saw of Cathan. Wentha decides to return to Taol, as Bron decides where to journey from here. (Source: Sacred Fire)

Scorning the Gods: The cleric Marakion searches for his sister Marissa, who he believes was kidnapped. He comes across the plague ridden village of Lader's Knoll and finds the sole survivor Gylar. The young survivor is desperate to understand why the gods punished his village and sets forth to discover the truth. Marakion saves the man from an ogre, however Gylar dies soon after from disease. With his last breath, Gylar forgives Paladine for the events of the Cataclysm. Marakion, still without hope, continues to wander in vain. Source: Seekers (The Cataclysm)

3-140 AC

The Foundation Stone: After discovering the foundation stone, Takhisis then comes across the broken ruins of the Temple of the Kingpriest. She begins to engineer a way to become manifest upon Krynn again.

8 AC

Heroes of Graveside: The heroes of Graveside (Graym, Jarek, Darll and the Wolf brothers) develop a new alcoholic drink and accidentally burn down the town pub. The townsfolk mistakenly believe that it is the work of a dragon and commission the heroes to save them from the beast if they return with proof. The would-be heroes discover that the suspected dragon is actually a dragon-like machine created by the gnome Fly-by-Night. They offer their new 'drink' to the gnome who uses it power up the dragon and fly home (albeit he ends up going in the wrong direction). The widow Laurin 'witnesses' the flight of the dragon and the heroes get their reward. Graym settles down with Laurin, and Darll becomes the new town protector. Source: Dragon Breath (Dragons of Krynn)

10 AC

Tribes of the Khur: Having unified all the tribes into a vast army only a few years before, Keja, the great Khan of the Khurish tribes, decides to split his great army into tribes due to infighting after warring with Balifor's refugees. He sends each of his sons to lead a tribe, and names his eldest son Garmac to become Khan and rule over all in Khuri-Khan. The tribes make a pact to meet once a year and hold a great festival in Pikaraso Springs. Shortly after Keja's death a few years later, the tribes grow even more fragmented and barely even acknowledge the Khan's authority. (Source: Heroes of Hope)

17-18 AC

Orestes' Curse: The poet Orestes Pyrrhus alters a poem which causes a horde of goblins to invade Garnet. Another effect of the curse is that his body is riddled with burning scars. His father Lord Pyrrhus Alecto is killed during the invasion and rumor purports that the curse will end if Orestes is killed. Source: The Word and the Silence (The Cataclysm)

19 AC

Barryn's Tale: The historian Aril Witherwind records a tale told by the aging Solamnic knight Barryn Warrex. The knight tells a story of a widower Aron Dewweb who tries to prevent his young daughter Petal from being swept away by a suitor. Fearing the worst, Aron takes his daughter from their home in Gateway and secludes them both in a cottage in the Forest of Wayreth. Aron notices his daughter disappearing at night and visiting a stranger in a pond. He drains the pond one night and finds two bodies buried in the mud. Aron realises that he has inadvertently killed both his daughter and the stranger. Two intertwining trees sprout from the spot where they lay. Source: A Good Knight's Tale (Love and War)

22 AC

Mislaxa's Secret Return: Mishakal, known as Mislaxa to the Taladans, becomes distraught over the suffering of the Taladas people because of the sins of the people of Ansalon. She secretly returns her divine power to her clerics who have remained faithful to her after Hiteh's Night. She ensures that her priests cloak their powers and operate in secrecy. The empowered priests go underground where they heal any who need their care. The men of the Genyei Clan witness the near annihilation of House Solarzz. A young priest of Mislaxa, Miisia heals the only survivor Marsval, and realises that she has regained her healing power. Lord Bylarr who orchestrated the ambush, learns of Marsval's survival and destroyed the Genyei Clan whom he believes are harbouring his rival. Miisia and Marsval escape and on the way to a mountain summit discover the Tamirian elf Kyyy, whom the young priest also heals. Kyyy and his elven comrades lead the couple to the summit where they are confronted by Lord Bylarr. The fiend uses the Blackgem to create a nature elemental which he sends against the elves, to aid his men. The two forces clash and Miisia uses her magic to heal the land and stop the elemental. The unleashing magical forces destroy the Blackgem and kill Bylarr. Miisia becomes the greatest known healer on Taladas. (Source: DC DL Comics #33-34)

Walnut's Report: Walnut the kender sets out on a quest for Astinus to learn people's feelings about the Cataclysm. Walnut dreams of becoming a scribe but ends up just causing mischief and leaving a chaotic mess in his wake. Walnut is almost killed by a enraged woman, but ends up saving her from a vicious dog. The kender realises that people were too hateful and scared of differences in Istar, which helped in causing the Cataclysm, and that Astinus is trying to discover if people have changed. Walnut hangs up his pen and his dreams of becoming a scribe, and decides to become a cobbler like his father. Source: The Cobbler's Son (The Cataclysm)

39 AC

Hill & Mountain Dwarf Tensions: Thorbardin begins closing it's borders and sealing themselves in their mountain home, leaving their hill dwarf cousins to fend for themselves. Tensions between mountain and hill dwarves rise.

The Army of 'Fistandantilus': Raistlin, Caramon and Crysania shift through time, escaping the Cataclysm and arriving in the Tower of Palanthas, 39 years into the future. They meet with Astinus and present him with the Crystal of Present Time Passing. Astinus reveals that where previously Denubis and Fistandantilus journeyed together after the Cataclysm, now Crysania and Raistlin have replaced them in the new timeline. Tasslehoff finds himself in the Abyss where he meets Takhisis and befriends the gnome Gnimsh. The young gnome fixes the Device of Time Travelling and the two operate it to escape the Abyss. Crysania and the Majere twins are waylaid by Steeltoe and his bandit army. In single combat, Caramon defeats the half-ogre Steeltoe, and the ragtag bandit army serves under 'General' Caramon. Followers progressively join their banner, including Reghar Fireforge and his Neidar, after Reghar has a falling out with King Duncan of the Hylar. This becomes known as the Dwarfgate War. Crysania falls for Raistlin but he rejects her. In embarrassment and grief, she leaves the army and journeys to an outlying village where she tries to convince the villagers to restore their faith in the gods. None of the villagers listen and the Majere twins convince her to rejoin the army. Raistlin contacts Dalamar in the present via a Dragon Orb, and learns that Fistandantilus' army originally failed because of a gnome using a Time Travelling Device, which disrupted his magic. During the contact, Raistlin almost succumbs to the power of the orb, and it shatters as he maintains control. (Source: War of the Twins)

The Dwarfgate War: The Army continues to grow in number with the addition of Darknight and his Plainsmen. Raistlin bribes the Thane of the Dewar, Argat, to keep Pax Tharkas open so that the army can breach the defenses. In exchange, Raistlin promises to offer Caramon's head. Because of Dewar treachery, Caramon's army takes Pax Tharkas. The mountain dwarf hero Kharas leads a team of assassins to murder Raistlin, however they fail due to the timely entrance of Tas and the gnome Gnimsh. Raistlin then murders Gnimsh and claims the Time Travelling Device. The Army reaches the fortress of Zhaman, where the Plainsmen flee and the Neidar leave to attack the mountain dwarves. Argat attempts to claim Caramon's head, but Tas intervenes and kills the Dewar. Tas then confronts Raistlin and activates the Time Travelling Device which blows up Zhaman and wipes out the army. During the blast, Crysania, Tas and the Majere twins are propelled through history. Caramon and Tas are launched into 358 AC, whereas Raistlin and Crysania go to 357 AC. In the wake of the Dwarfgate War, the dwarven hero Kharas leaves Thorbardin and hides the magical weapon known as the Hammer of Honor. This hammer is known to have the power to unite the dwarven thanes when it is discovered and wielded by a true ruler. The Hammer becomes known as the Hammer of Kharas and remains hidden for a long time. (Source: War of the Twins)

Original Timeline: Before the Majere twins altered history it was the wizard Fistandantilus and the cleric Denubis who led the great army against the dwarves of Thorbardin. From within his great fortress of Zhaman, Fistandantilus was confronted by Prince Grallen, son of the dwarven king Duncan and killed. His miscast magic resulted in Zhaman being destroyed and later renamed Skullcap and huge devastation to the surrounding area and both armies.

44 AC

Trugon's Curse: Trugon, the son of poet Orestes Pyrrhus, learns of his father's deeds. A group of bandits set out to kill him, mistaking him for Orestes. Trugon then journeys to a cave which echoes the bardic song. At the right time, Trugon learns the true story behind the poem, however he is then swallowed by a black dragon. Somehow Trugon survives the swallowing and is regurgitated into the ocean. He then shares the poem with those he meets and the curse comes to an end. Source: Mark of the Flame, Mark of the Word (The Cataclysm)

50 AC

The Mage's Curse: In the village of Dimmin, the mage Thorne, the potter Tam and the dwarf Guarinn Hammerfell are cursed by a dying black-robed mage. On the first day of autumn from that point on, a supernatural wolf appears and preys on the village. Source: The Night Wolf (War of the Lance)

56 AC

The Magic Doll: The trader Matya comes across Trevarre, a wounded Solamnic Knight in her travels. She learns that he is on a quest to save a maiden through a valuable magical doll. Matya strikes a deal with the knight and agrees to take him to the village of Tambor for a jeweled clasp and the doll. In Tambor, they find the maiden Ciri, who is cursed and unable to leave the empty village. Matya discovers that Ciri is a trickster and destroys the doll and turns Ciri into a porcelain statue. The trader then offers to take Trevarre to Garnet in exchange for another bargain. Trevarre accepts her price and pays in a kiss. Source: The Bargain Driver (The Cataclysm)

60-250 AC

Warlords of Abanasinia: Small warlords rise up across Abanasinia. Minor battles break out and small fiefdoms come and go, over border wars and disputes. (Source: Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls Vol.1)

70 AC

Dragon fever: Dragon fever sweeps through Abanasinia, particularly striking many in Solace. Victims are crippled, but there are few deaths from the fever. (Source: Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls Vol.1)

73 AC

Tam's Passing: Tam passes away, leaving his son Roulant, to attempt to break the curse. Source: The Night Wolf (War of the Lance)

80 AC

A Wolf's End: Roulant and his love are attacked by the wolf and almost overwhelmed, when they finally convince Guarinn to aid them in killing the wolf. As the wolf lay dying, it morphs back into the form of Thorne the mage, who thanks them and passes away. The curse of the wolf is finally broken. Source: The Night Wolf (War of the Lance)

Haven refounded: The former Qualinesti city of Haven, destroyed in the Cataclysm, is refounded by the Warlord Garud, turning it into a human city. (Source: Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls Vol.1)

100 AC

Takhisis' Return: The scribe Foryth Teel journeys into the past in a search for rumors of clerical magic. He learns of a reported priest in the town of Halcyon and goes there, after discovering notes by the vanished scribe Tyrol Deet. Foryth encounters the priest Erasmoth Luker and his companion, the priestess Kassandry. Foryth discovers that Luker is a priest of Takhisis, and watches Kassandry willingly kill herself and rise as an undead. Luker then commands Foryth to spread the word of the return of Takhisis. The historian flees and returns to the present. Source: The High Priest of Halcyon (The Cataclysm)

Kholera Outbreak: Kholera sweeps through Solace after a bout of floods. Several hundred people die during the epidemic before it passes. (Source: Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls Vol.1)

127 AC

Digfel's Mage: Near the town of Digfel, the old dwarf Lodston finds a wounded elf called Dalamar. The dwarf goes into town to get supplies only to find that the elf has fled from another elf when he returns. Lodston finds a pair of spectacles and some scrolls. The spectacles allow him to read the magic, and he sets about casting magic to settle old disputes in Digfel. Unfortunately one spell goes awry and the dwarf accidentally opens a gate through which demons can enter the world. Dalamar arrives in time to close the gate and reclaim his possessions, as Lodston dies from his wounds. Shortly after the dwarf Milo arrives to deliver goods and finds Lodston's remains. Along with the remains he also finds the magic spectacles (Glasses of the Arcanist), which he claims for himself as he departs. Source: The Wizard's Spectacles (Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes)

Saytica's Passing: On the Dragon Isles, the great silver Saytica passes away. She is mourned by her kin-dragons, particularly Lectral. The dragons fall into a slumber for several years. (Source: The Dragons)

141 AC

The Temple of Neraka: Takhisis opens a gateway to Krynn. She places the founding stone of the Temple of Istar in Nerakan soil. A dark version of the Temple then emerges.

142-152 AC

Takhisis wanders the earth: Takhisis wanders around Krynn and awakens all the chromatic dragons. She returns to the Abyss to gather her armies to sweep across Ansalon.

157 AC

The Green Gemstone Man: Berem and his sister Jasla find the founding stone of the Temple of Istar. Berem takes a gem from the stone, which causes Jasla's death and the gem to be implanted in his chest. Jasla's spirit is then imprisoned in the stone, and Berem is cursed with immortality until he can free his sister.

198 AC

Birth of Bayard: Lord Helmar Brightblade and his lady are blessed with the birth of a son which they name Bayard. The babe will grow to be a great Solamnic Knight, like his father and the rest of his line.

203 AC

A dwarven hero is born: The Fireforge family is blessed with the birth of their second son, who they name Flint. The child is the grandson of the famous warrior Reghar Fireforge, and thus has a great legacy to follow.

210 AC

Trapped in the Abyss: Takhisis discovers that because the foundation stone is lacking a gem and that a spirit is blocking the gateway, she cannot re-enter Krynn.

212 AC

Bayard's Reformation: Starving villagers form into a ragtag army and besiege the Castle of Vingaard Keep. Bayard Brightblade flees to Palanthas, where he becomes a thief to survive. He then is discovered by knights and turns his life around, becoming a Solamnic Knight and reclaiming Vingaard Keep from the peasant army. (Source: Weasel's Luck)

215 AC

The Battle of Chaktamir Pass: An army of Nerakans storm into Chaktamir Pass. The Solamnic commander Enric Stormhold, leaves a small force of his men to hold the pass, whilst the bulk of his army crushes the Nerakans from behind. The small force is nearly annihilated, whilst Enric's army crushes the Nerakans. One of the survivors, Andrew Pathwarden, is knighted for his courage. Enric is cut down in the dying moments of the battle by a stray black arrow. (Source: Weasel's Luck)

228 AC

The di Caela Curse: The youngest son of Andrew Pathwarden, Galen, is blackmailed into stealing the armor of Bayard Brightblade by the Scorpion, a mysterious warrior. Bayard is a guest in their castle and friend of his father's, who is trying to implore Bayard to take on his eldest son Alfric as his squire. Galen (also known as the Weasel) succeeds in stealing the armor and delivers it to the Scorpion. Bayard chooses Galen as his squire and they begin their journey to di Caela Castle to compete in a tournament for the hand of Enid di Caela. The Scorpion harries the pair in Warden Swamp, but is overcome with the aid of Galen's middle brother Brithelm and the centaur Agion. Shortly before reaching the castle, an ogre attacks Bayard, Galen and Agion. The centaur saves Bayard, but is slain in the process. The ogre is then bested by the knight, as the Scorpion reveals Galen's earlier treachery. The pair arrives at Castle di Caela to discover that the black knight Gabriel Androctus has already won the tournament and claimed Enid's hand. In the castle, Galen befriends Enid and her cousin Danielle, and also learns about the di Caela curse and the family history. Whilst learning the history, he uncovers that Gabriel Androctus is actually Benedict di Caela, a descendant of the di Caela famiy. Galen then tricks Benedict into revealing himself before Bayard and Sir Robert di Caela, lord of the castle. The Scorpion then kidnaps Enid and flees to Chaktamir Pass. Bayard, Robert, Galen and his brothers, and a small host of knights pursue the Scorpion and come across his lair. Galen tells Benedict that his plans to end the di Caela line have failed, giving Bayard enough of a chance to destroy Benedict's magical pendulum and then knock the fiend into a pit of scorpions. Without his magical protection, Benedict finally perishes. Galen is rewarded for his heroic efforts and formally made into a squire for Bayard, as well as Bayard and Enid's adopted son, who immediately wed. Galen then takes the name of Galen Pathwarden di Caela Brightblade. (Source: Weasel's Luck)

231 AC

Crown of the Namer: Galen is made a Knight of the Crown. The young knight foresees his brother Brithelm in danger through the usage of some magical opals. Bayard is injured in an earthquake and requests Galen lead a force to rescue his brother. Galen takes his older brother Alfric as his squire and leads his small party, including his love Danielle di Caela, into the dangerous territory. The party is attacked by trolls and then by the Que-Tana plainsmen, who cuts down Alfric. Galen then encounters the blind bard Shardos and learns about Firebrand and his Que-Tana from a wandering group of Que-Nara plainsmen. He learns that Firebrand is attempting to recover the magical opals and complete the magical crown of the plainspeople. Bayard learns of a final trap that Benedict di Caela set in place under the castle. He leads a force of knights underground to stop the clockwork device that is set to awaken the great dale worm Tellus. During their quest, the girl Marigold is drowned in a flooded well shaft. Galen's party travels underground to face Firebrand. The young knight overcomes the ghosts of Alfric, Marigold and a former version of himself. He then faces Firebrand and defeats him. Danielle returns to the castle where she gets the aid of the castle engineers to free Bayard's party as they realise the waters will drown the worm and cease the earthquakes. The former Que-Tana tribe rejoins the plainspeople on the surface, Galen gives the crown to Longwalker of the Que-Nara, and the folk of the plains recount the heroics of Galen and his friends. They are revered as heroes amongst the plainsmen. (Source: Galen Beknighted)

232 AC

Hiteh conquers Taladas: Hiteh (Hiddukel) appears upon Taladas and spreads his influence from the lava infested center of Taladas. He frees dragons from their lairs and recruits the other fiery creatures in this realm to serve him and dominate the savage continent. Hiteh's followers become one of the most dominant force upon Taladas. (Source: Time of the Dragon)

235-250 AC

Humans raid Qualinesti: Human bandits start to harry elven villages in the Qualinesti region, raping the women and butchering the men.

243-252 AC

The Gnomoi War: The fiery minions of Hiteh mass an attack upon the Citadel of Aldinanachru. The gnomoi retaliate and this period becomes known as the Gnomoi War. The gnomoi Ergormacdroniskar designs the firefleet, gnomish ships able to sail through lava. They set about building the ships in order to defeat the forces massed against them. (Source: Time of the Dragon)

248 AC

Brandella's Rescue: In the village of Ankatavaka, the mage Kishpa rescues the half-elven warrior Tanis, who has travelled back in time, and his comrade Scowarr (who Tanis met upon arriving in this time). The two aid the village in their defense against human bandits. Tanis and Scowarr are hailed as heroes, who with the aid of Kishpa's magic drive off the bandits. Kishpa's love, Brandella, agrees to travel with Tanis, who is charged with the quest of bringing her into the future. Kishpa chases after the pair attempting to bring Brandella back, but fails and returns alone to the small village. (Source: Tanis the Shadow Years)

248-249 AC

Kidnapping of Elansa Sungold: A band of human raiders, led by the warrior Brand, capture the elven princess Elansa Sungold and slay her entourage. Brand cuts off the ear of her servant Demlin and sends the injured elf back to Qualinost to deliver their ransom message. Elansa's husband Kethrenan, brother to Speaker Solostaran, gets his second-in-command Lindenlea, to deliver the ransom whilst also laying a trap in which they will kill the humans once Elansa is safely returned. However a goblin army turns up and ruins the transaction which leads to Brand keeping Elansa and getting the ransom. The outlaws flee into underground caverns and hide out during the winter. Elansa finds she is pregnant but miscarries during her harsh treatment. She learns about her captors and grows somewhat close to the dwarf Char, and the females Dell and Tianna. Eventually she is given a choice by Brand, to either sleep with him or be passed around to his men. With little actual choice, she chooses Brand. (Source: The Inheritance)

Kethrenan's Rage: Kethrenan rages in his search for Elansa. He discovers the weapons caches of the outlaws and destroys each one. Brand finds this and believes it to be the work of the goblin lord Gnash. Brand's outlaws are attacked by ogres, but Elansa saves them and kills the ogres by causing a tunnel to collapse on their foes. Elansa negotiates her freedom, but is chased down by Arawn, Brand's rival, who attempts to rape her. The dwarf Char finds the pair and kills Arawn. Kethrenan's force assaults the goblin army. Eventually the goblins and their lord Gnash are crushed, however Lindenlea, Demlin and a large number of elves are also slain. Kethrenan curses Elansa for allowing herself to be touched by Brand and attempts to kill her. Brand steps in to defend her and is run through. The outlaw elf Leyerlain then cuts down Kethrenan. As Brand lays dying he confesses his love for Elansa. Elansa and Char journey to the fringes of Qualinesti, where Char convinces the elven princess to concoct a story about being raped so that her people will accept her, rather than exile her. Elansa reluctantly agrees and returns home with Char as her escort. (Source: The Inheritance)

249 AC

Tanthalas' Birth: The midwife Eld Ailea assists Elansa Sungold in the birth of her child. Elansa dies during the birth, so Ailea names the child Tanthalas (meaning Ever Strong). Solostaran, current Speaker of the Sun and Kethrenan's brother, takes the child in as his ward. (Source: Kindred Spirits)

251-351 AC

Cult of Fistandantilus: The Theiwar thane Realgar, exiles Gantor Blacksword from Thorbardin. The exile encounters the kender Emilio Haversack and finds the Bloodstone of Fistandantilus underneath Skullcap. Gantor almost kills Emilio with the skull of Fistandantilus and is compelled by the bloodstone to wait for a traveller. The traveller arrives in the form of Kelryn Darewind, whom takes the bloodstone and creates a religious cult in Haven. The cult is strong in their worship of Fistandantilus, whom they believe is a deity, until the Dragonarmies overrun the city and crush the cult. Kelryn escapes the temple, using the power of the bloodstone, leaving his followers to be butchered. (Source: Fistandantilus Reborn)

255 AC

End of the Gnomoi War: The firefleet of the gnomoi is finally completed. The gnomoi hire human mercenaries and sail to the Tower of Flame in the Burning Sea. The gnomoi-human force cannot claim the tower, but do succeed in routing the enemy. Erestem (Takhisis) forces Hiteh to withdraw the dragons from the war. Without dragons, the fiery minions of Hiteh loses much of it's power. The Gnomoi War concludes, with the occasional raid against the humans and gnomes occurring every now and again. (Source: Time of the Dragon)

257 AC

Takhisis speaks to the Namer: After a century of being trapped in the Abyss, the Namer of the Plainsmen hears the voice of Takhisis, whispering of her legions and receives visions of the future of a great war occurring. Source: Dreams of the Namer (The Dragons at War)

271 AC

Lauralanthalasa's Birth: Speaker Solostaran's third child is born. He names his new baby daughter, Lauralanthalasa Kanan.

287 AC

Theft of the Dragon Eggs: Chromatic dragons sneak into the Dragon Isles, led by the evil dragon Harkiel the Bender. They steal the good dragon eggs and hide them beneath the Lords of Doom. (Source: Dragonlance Adventures)

L'Indasha's Baby Dragon: During the flight of the chromatic dragons, one black dragon drops a bronze egg. The druid L'Indasha Yman finds the egg and cares for the baby dragon that is hatched from it. The druid names the dragon Oliver and trains it to be a proper dragon, even though it is clumsy and awkward. Oliver learns how to fly and without the elements with the druid's training. Source: The Final Touch (Dragons of Krynn)

288 AC

Flint in Qualinesti: Flint Fireforge is summoned to the Speaker of the Sun's court in Qualinesti. Solostaran is most impressed with Flint's carvings and the two become close friends. Flint stays in Qualinesti for periods of time, where he creates toys for the elven children and becomes friends with the young Tanthalas (nicknamed Tanis). Tanis is made aware of his half-human heritage by Porthios, Xenoth, Tyresian and other elves, however he finds an ally and friend in Flint and in his tutor, the court mage Miral. Flint leaves Qualinesti to return to his home in Solace. (Source: Kindred Spirits)

292 AC

Rise of a Seeker: A Seeker priest, Tarscenian, rescues a young boy known as Hederick from a hungry lynx. Hederick explains his story, and tells of his father's death at the hands of his mother, and of his sister Ancilla's exile. The pair return to the town of Garlund where Tarscenian reveals Venessi's trickery, and that she does not command the power of a god. Venessi, Hederick's mother, is spared and allowed to live in the village. Ancilla returns to the village, displaying her power as a white-robed mage. The mage and the Seeker priest fall in love. She teaches Tarscenian of the old gods and he forsakes the ways of the Seeker religion. Hederick retrieves the book of Seeker scriptures, the Praxis, that Tarscenian has cast aside. The boy receives a vision from Sauvay, god of vengeance, who convinces Hederick that Tarscenian has been bewitched by Ancilla. Hederick steals Ancilla's figurine, the Diamond Dragon, and uses it to cause the villagers to murder Venessi, and then kill themselves. During the carnage, Ancilla and Tarscenian take flight. (Source: Hederick the Theocrat)

294 AC

Keris' Refusal: The white dragon Keristillax awakens from his slumber. He finds that his ancestral home is now a glacier after events during the Third Dragon War. The white is approached by Terrisleetix (Sleet), who asks him to join the Dragonarmies and serve Takhisis. Keris refuses to take part and remains in his lair in Icewall. Source: Icewall (Dragons of Chaos)

296 AC

The Oath of Neutrality: Takhisis contacts the good dragons, through her agent and red dragon Harkiel, making them swear an oath (known as the Oath of Neutrality) that they will not participate in the upcoming war or she will destroy their eggs. She promises to return the eggs when the war is over. The metallic dragons agree.

300-320 AC

Hunt for the Green Gemstone Man: Takhisis sends her servants all over Krynn to find Berem, the Green Gemstone Man, so that she can restore the gateway and make herself manifest upon Krynn again. Unknown to Takhisis, Berem travels to Tarsis, Barter and Thorbardin. In the dwarven mountain home he is captured by Daergar and thrown in a dungeon. The gem keeps him alive in the foul dark for fifty years. (Source: Tales of the Lance)

307 AC

Jasper's Birth: The Fireforge family are again blessed with the birth of another future hero. The baby is named Jasper, a nephew to Flint.

308 AC

Flint and Tanis: A tylor begins attacking the trade routes into Qualinost, mauling elves and other traders. Solostaran calls for willing elves to take up their spears and hunt the beast down. Lord Tyresian is made the leader of the hunt, however his arrogance leads to Xenoth being killed by the beast. After the hunt, Tyresian asks Solostaran for his daughter Lauralanthalasa's hand in marriage. The Speaker complies but his daughter objects, saying she is promised to Tanis. Flint returns and make friends with Eld Ailea, who he introduces Tanis to. Solostaran commissions Flint to create a crest for his eldest son Porthios's Kentommen (coming of age ceremony). During this period, someone attempts to kill Flint unsuccessfully, and then murders Eld Ailea. Tanis comes across her body and is charged with her murder. The Speaker regretfully banishes him from Qualinesti, however Flint intervenes asking for a fair trial. The dwarf is given three days to prove Tanis' innocence. (Source: Kindred Spirits)

Tanis leaves Qualinesti: Flint uncovers that the killer is attempting to wipe out the royal family during the Kentommen ceremony, and with Lauralanthalasa's aid, frees Tanis from under house arrest. The killer attempts to kill Gilthanas, the younger son of Solostaran. Tanis intervenes and saves the young elf, taking his costume so he can sneak into the ceremony and stop the murderer. The half-elf assumes Porthios' place in the ceremony and surprises Miral, who reveals himself as the murderer. Miral reveals that he is actually Arelas Kanan who has long been thought dead, and is the younger brother to Solostaran and the late Kethrenan. It turns out that Arelas has long been in communion with the Graygem, doing it's bidding from it's location in the caverns under Qualinost, ever since it saved him from death. In anger, Arelas tries to kill Tanis, however his spell backfires and kills him instead, as well as causing destruction to the building they are in. Tyresian dies to ensure Lauralanthalasa's safety. Tanis and Flint decide to leave Qualinesti together and journey back to the dwarf's home in Solace. (Source: Kindred Spirits)

313 AC

A Kender Hero is born: In the sprawling city of Kendermore, a young kender is born and named Kalin 'Tasslehoff' Burrfoot.

Verminaard's Birth: Paladine appears to his immortal druid L'Indasha Yman, Keeper of the Rune, warning her of trouble on the horizon. Shortly after, Daeghrefn, Lord of Nidus, arrives in her cave with his pregnant wife. The druid assists as a midwife as the lady gives birth to the bastard son of Laca Dragonbane. Daeghrefn almost kills the child, but under the druid's insistance and that of his true son Abelaard, he spares the child which he names Verminaard. Back in Nidus, Daeghrefn orders his seneschal Robert to journey into the mountains to kill the druid. Robert journeys there but spares her life. (Source: Before the Mask)

315-317 AC

Erestem's Betrayal: Erestem (Takhisis) and Hiteh (Hiddukel) join forces to dominate Krynn, Erestem agreeing to go through Hiteh for all attacks on Taladas. Eventually Erestem usurps Hiteh's position and forms her own army of fiery minions. Enraged at the trickery, Hiteh returns to plot in the Void. (Source: Time of the Dragon)

318 AC

Kitiara's Birth: The mercenary Gregor uth Matar and the lady Rosamun journey from Palanthas to Solace. The two wed and Kit is born shortly after.

319 AC

Riverwind's Birth: Amongst the Que-Shu barbarians, a babe is newly born and named Riverwind. The child is taught in the ways of the old gods and not to worship the ancestral spirits that most other Que-Shu revere.

320 AC

Nerakan/Solamnic Skirmishes: Border disputes continue between the Nerakans and the Solamnics. These disputes turn into open war. During a skirmish in Estwilde, Solamnic Knight Angriff Brightblade is believed lost. However he returns after a month and seems to be profoundly changed. His close friend Boniface Crownguard grows increasingly concerned over the change. (Source: The Oath and the Measure)

321 AC

Balcombe's Test: An apprentice mage takes the Test of High Sorcery and fails. As he lay dying, he invokes Hiddukel through a magical coin and strikes up a bargain to save himself. In exchange for being restored to life, he offers up the souls of others to the God of Lies. Hiddukel accepts and restores the apprentice mage Balcombe. (Source: Wanderlust)

322 AC

Birth of Sturm Brightblade and Goldmoon: Birth of Goldmoon and Sturm Brightblade. Just after Sturm is born, the old Enid di Caela passes away, overjoyed at having seen her great-grandson.

323 AC

Justarius' Apprentice: The young Ergothian noble, Quinn di Thon is killed under strange circumstances. His eldest brother Cormac, tells their brother Guerrand, that he must replace Quinn and marry the young daughter of the powerful trader Anton Berwick. However the red wizard Belize appears and encourages Guerrand to use his magical powers to locate Quinn's killers. To do so, Belize gives him a magic mirror, and with his sister Kirah, he locates the fiends and puts them to sleep. Cormac is enraged that Guerrand has used magic, so Guerrand leaves with his familiar Zagarus to pursue a career in magic, leaving the night before he is due to be married. Guerrand makes it to the Tower of Wayreth and after being interviewed by a panel of mages, he is accepted by Justarius as an apprentice. Justarius is a high-level mage and next in line for position of Head of the Red Robes, which Guerrand learns is held by the mysterious Belize. Guerrand also befriends Lyim Rhistadt, who is apprenticed to Belize. Guerrand and Lyim are then sent to Palanthas to begin their apprenticeships. After various trials, the pair make it to Palanthas where they are greeted by Justarius' other apprentice, Esme. Justarius instructs Guerrand and develops his magical skills. Both become concerned when during the Festival of Knights, someone controls Lyim and tries to make him kill Guerrand. Both Guerrand and his master initially suspect his brother Cormac, vengeful over his choice in career. They spy on Castle di Thon to learn of Cormac's plans. They discover that Cormac has stolen lands from the Berwick family. The merchant house retaliates by hiring men to attack Castle di Thon. Lyim travels in Guerrand's stead, where he meets and charms the young Kirah. Using Kirah, he convinces Anton Berwick and his new son-in-law Sir Morris Whetfeld, that Kirah is Anton's daughter, Ingrid. Through subtle manipulation, Lyim saves Castle di Thon and also Stonecliff (the Berwick lands) from further harm. (Source: Night of the Eye)

Belize Confronted: Esme and Guerrand continue to hunt for the killer and determine that Belize is the true culprit. In his laboratory they find spellbooks of Fistandantilus and Harz-Takta, as well as other bizarre experiments. The pair return to Justarius and advise him of their findings. Justarius advises the Conclave, whilst Esme and Guerrand return to Belize's lab. Esme is kidnapped by Belize and taken to Stonecliff, where the red-robed mage plans to open a portal during the Night of the Eye, so that he can find and enter the Lost Citadel. Lyim, Guerrand and Zagarus attack Belize, who reveals that it was he who orchestrated Quinn's death. Belize forces Lyim to drive his hand through the newly opened portal, when he hand re-emerges it has become a hissing magical snake. Belize then jumps through the portal as Guerrand shatters it. The former Master of the Red Robes is changed into a half-human beast and exiled for his crimes. Justarius recommends that both Guerrand and Esme take the Test of High Sorcery, after having proven themselves more than capable. Justarius is promoted to Master of the Red Robes. (Source: Night of the Eye)

324 AC

Birth of Sara Dunstan: In a faraway village, the young Sara Dunstan is born to humble beginnings.

Bastion built: Guerrand di Thon begins to have nightmares in which he sees himself as Rannoch, the mage who killed himself and cursed the Tower of Palanthas. The relationship between Esme and Guerrand becomes strained due to his obsession with his dreams. The pair join the other wizards of the Conclave, and help to build Bastion, which will serve as a gate and barrier between the Prime Material Plane and the Lost Citadel. (Source: The Medusa Plague)

Theros captured: The minotaur captain Kavas leads a raid into a Nordmaar fishing vilage, where they capture any able-bodied humans and make them slaves. A young boy named Theros, approaches the captain and demands that he be taken, so that he can escape his boring life. Kavas is impressed with the boy's tenacity and puts him to work on the ship. Sargonnas himself is pleased with the young boy, and determines to watch him closely. (Source: Theros Ironfeld)

325 AC

The Gebo-Naud: Daeghrefn, Lord of Nidus, and Laca Dragonbane organise a treaty in order to protect themselves against the Nerakans. The two strike up a gebo-naud (trading of sons), which is orchestrated by the mage Cerestes. Laca trades his son Aglaca to the Lord of Nidus, and Abelaard is given to Laca. (Source: Before the Mask)

Khisanth's Awakening: The black dragon Khisanth is awakened from her slumber by a pair of nyphids. The nyphids, Kadagan and Joad, require Khisanth's aid in rescuing Dela, the last surviving female of their race. The nyphids teach the black dragon, the way of the quen. Armed with the shapechanging ability, and a maynus globe (gift from the nyphids), Khisanth finds Dela's captors, the mercenaries Led and Yoshiki Toba. In a human guise and under the name Onyx, she travels with the band to Kernen, along the way killing off Toba. Near Kernen they are stopped by a Solamnic Knight patrol. The knights attack the ogres and Dela is injured. When the patrol leader, Harald Stippling attempts to assist Dela, she accidentally discharges an electrical blast which kills both her and the knight. The young Crown Knight, Tate Sekforde, is the only Solamnic to survive the fight, and he clubs Onyx with a rock, knocking her unconscious. Onyx regains consciousness after the blast to find that Led and his band have abandoned her. Kadagan and Joad learn of Dela's death and pass into the afterlife. In a rage, Khisanth tracks down and destroys the ogres and Led. The black dragon then migrates to the Great Moors, where she is attacked by a black dragon called Talon. She is then befriended by another black called Pteros, and the two study the maynus globe together. The two find themselves teleported to the Plane of Lightning and free the elemental trapped inside. They are then confronted by the elemental Fraz who challenges them to a duel, before being convinced by another power to return them to the Prime Material Plane. The pair fight against Talon and his mate, ultimately killing them. Pteros is mortally wounded during the fight, and Khisanth mercifully ends his pain quickly. (Source: The Black Wing)

Kit's Training: Kitiara uth Matar joins her father Gregor in receiving military training. She is taught the basic principles of combat, although her father vanishes shortly after. (Source: Dark Heart)

326 AC

Birth of the twins: After Gregor's vanishing Rosamun and Kit are taken in by the kindly Gilon Majere. Kitiara encounters the mercenary Ursa Il Kinth, an associate of her father's. Ursa vanishes and Kit returns to Solace, trying to aid her mother Rosamun and midwife Minna during Rosamun's pregnancy. Twins are born, Caramon and Raistlin. Caramon is healthy, although Raistlin is born weak and near-death. Minna gives up on Raistlin, but Kitiara nurses Raistlin back to health. Rosamun never fully recovers from the pregnancy. (Source: Dark Heart)

329 AC

The High Defender of Bastion: Esme leaves Guerrand, to pursue magic and confront her father who disowned her for becoming a mage. Guerrand receives a message from Justarius which requests he return urgently to the Tower of Wayreth. The mage learns that the different orders are harboring rivalries against one another. Guerrand is assigned as High Defender of Bastion, and has authority over all other mages at Bastion, irregardless of their order. Lyim Rhistadt travels to the underwater Oracle in an attempt to restore his arm. Lyim frees the Oracle from her curse and in returns she advises him that only the dead Belize can remove the snake. The mage summons Belize's spirit, who advises him that he must re-open the portal to the Lost Citadel to regain his arm. Lyim travels to Esme's home to learn about Bastion and how to find his way there. Guerrand confronts Lyim when he attempts to enter Bastion. Lyim becomes enraged when he is refused entry, and swears vengeance on Guerrand and the other guardian mages. (Source: The Medusa Plague)

The Medusa Plague: Bram di Thon who has been tending to Castle di Thon, grows concerned with a new plague breaks out in the area. Those affected have their right arm turn into snakes, their skin peels and they eventually turn to stone. The snakes constantly hiss Guerrand's name, which causes Bram to journey to the Tower of Wayreth, to find his uncle. Justarius and Par-Salian aid Bram in journeying to Bastion, where he explains about this new 'medusa plague' to Guerrand. Lyim mocks Guerrand as he admits the plague is his creation, and also tells how he has infected Kirah with the plague. In anger, Guerrand unleashes deadly magic on his former friend, and Lyim appears to be destroyed. As Kirah lays dying, Guerrand realises that the plague works in conjunction with the moon Nuitari. He casts a spell on the moon to make it two-dimensional, which the god Nuitari assists with. In return, Nuitari advises Guerrand that he owes him a favor, and the medusa plague is ended. Lyim infiltrates Bastion, having escaped death at Guerrand's hands, and brings two nagas to aid him. He kills the white-robed guardian Ezius, and injures the black-robed Dagamier. Lyim also succeeds in killing Guerrand's familiar Zagarus. The renegade then restores his arm and enters the Lost Citadel. In anger over the guardians' failure, the gods of magic destroy Bastion. Guerrand returns to Castle di Thon to assist in healing the land. The Conclave then sends assassins to hunt down the renegade Lyim. However Lyim escapes all notice and disappears. (Source: The Medusa Plague)

The Black-Robed Gadar: Tanis and Flint encounter a young woman called Riana, who has been attacked by phantoms that claimed her brother Daryn and his friend Karel. The trio journey into the forest where they find the black-robed mage Gadar who is claiming the bodies of the men to sustain the life of his sickly son. Daryn is killed by the fiend, before Tanis and Flint can stop Gadar. Gadar's son passes away, and Karel is freed. Riana and Karel leave together, trying to find some happiness after the recent dark events. Source: Harvests (The Magic of Krynn)

330-340 AC

The Othlorx: Evil dragons are sighted leaving Taladas in great numbers, after receiving Erestem's summons to aid in the upcoming war. Some of the dragons refuse to assist and are cursed by Erestem. These dragons become known as the Othlorx (the Uninvolved) and become neutral dragons. (Source: Time of the Dragon)

Founding of the Dragonarmies: Takhisis directs her chromatic dragons to ally with other races to form massive dragon armies. The Dragon Highlords are made the heads of these armies. They prepare themselves to attack Ansalon.

332 AC

Flint's Bracelet/Tasslehoff befriends Tanis & Flint: Tanis decides to reside permanently in Solace. The kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot arrives in Solace and becomes good friends with Tanis and Flint (much to the dwarf's chagrin), after 'borrowing' a magical bracelet that the dwarf had just made. As the kender leaves town, he again somehow acquires the bracelet and offers it to a tinker, Gaesil, to return it to the dwarf. However the tinker is shortly thereafter fleeced by a con-artist named Delbridge, who claims the magical bracelet for himself. The Dargonesti elf, the princess Selana locates Flint, Tanis and Tas (who has returned to Solace) and requests the magical bracelet that she had the dwarf create for her. Flint tells that the bracelet has been lost and the four journey to Tantallon, after hearing a rumour of the prophet Delbridge who can see the future through use of a magical bracelet. They arrive in Tantallon to find that Delbridge is now a zombie, that the local lord's son has disappeared, and that Lord Curston's wizard Balcombe, now has the bracelet. Balcombe has kidnapped Rostrevor, Curston's son, to sacrifice to Hiddukel and end their bargain. As the party attempt to reclaim the bracelet, Selana is kidnapped and placed in a cave with Balcome's pet giant, Blu. The sea elf and giant become friends and plan to escape. Tanis, Flint and Tas encounter a group of phaethons and ally with them to drive out Balcombe from their mountain range. The phaethons and their friends infiltrate Balcombe's lair, and with the aid of the giant Blu, rescue Rostrevor and Selana, and trap Balcombe in a magical gem. Tas unwittingly uses the magical gem and sacrifices Balcombe's soul to Hiddukel. (Source: Wanderlust)

Beck's Murder/Raistlin the initiate mage: At a local fair, Raistlin studies the illusionist Waylan as he performs. After the fair, Raistlin can repeat every trick. Gilon and Kit decide that Raistlin has some talent in magic, and try to do something to help Raistlin get into a mage school. Kitiara approaches a wandering white-robed mage called Antimodes. The mage is unnerved by Raistlin's ambition and advises of a local school that might accept him. Gilon and Kit visit the Poolbottom school where they meet Theobald Beck (known as Morath), to test Raistlin. Initially the young Raistlin is turned away, however his 'scholarship' is secretly paid for by the mage Antimodes and the young child is enrolled. Kit then leaves town and again runs into Ursa Il Kinth. She meets his comrades El-Navar, Raddison and Cleverdon. The five go on a mission to steal some money and as Kit tricks some workers into believing she is a noble's son, the others murder the real son Beck. When Kit returns to their hideout, she finds only Ursa has remained who rewards her with Beck's sword, he then departs to rejoin his comrades. Kit returns to Solace and lays low after the crime. (Sources: Dark Heart, Soulforge)

Tika's Birth: The illusionist Waylan witnesses his daughter Tika born, then handing her over to the care of the local innkeeper Otik Sandath.

Theros of Clan Hrolk: The young Theros finishes his duties aboard Kavas' ship and is apprenticed to the armorer Hran, who works for the Third Minotaur army, led by Commander Kral. The army is attacked by Silvanesti elves, who kill Hran, Kral and every minotaur and slave that they encounter. Theros challenges the elven commander to single combat, armed only with a shovel and wins. In return the commander allows Theros, Hulak (the rear guard commander) and the rest of the minotaurs to walk free. The pair lead the minotaurs back to Mithas, where Huluk is made into a hero and given full command of rebuilding the Third Minotaur Army. Huluk rewards Theros with his freedom, as well as membership into his own clan, the Hrolk. (Source: Theros Ironfeld)

The Gauntlet of Ventyr: Cormac di Thon passes away, and his son Bram assumes the role of lord of the region. His uncle Guerrand becomes Bram's advisor and the two meet with Mercadior Redic V, Emperor of Northern Ergoth. Shortly after Guerrand airs his suspicions about Bram's past to his nephew, and advises that he speak with King Weador of the Tuatha Dundarael. Upon speaking with the Tuatha King, Bram learns that he is truly the son of Cormac di Thon, but also of a tuatha known as Primula. With aid from the tuatha, Bram travels past the Plains of Dust and finds his mother. He chooses to stay with her and learns tuatha magic and of Chislev and tuatha culture. The renegade Lyim Rhistadt, rises to power in the city of Qindaras in the Plains of Dust. Here he allies himself with the ruler of Qindaras, Aniirin III. Eventually the renegade is made 'basha' of Qindaras and named next in line to succeed Aniirin III. During the ceremony to make him basha, Lyim discovers the Gauntlet of Ventyr, a magical gauntlet that absorbs and bestows great magical power. Lyim has his private assassin Salimshad murder Aniirin III, claiming the gauntlet and the throne. Due to treaties between the Conclave and Qindaras, Lyim is free to act as he pleases whilst within the city wall's. The three heads of the Conclave look on helplessly. (Source: The Seventh Sentinel)

Rise of Ariakas: The young Khur desert warrior Ariakas returns from campaigns against the Bloten ogres. On his return to Khur, he is a given a locket with the image of a beautiful woman inside. Ariakas proceeds on a journey into ogre territory, where he comes across a tower. In the tower he finds the woman from the locket, and the Hylar dwarf Ferros Windchisel. Ferros and Ariakas hatch a plan, in which the dwarf serves as a diversion to lead all the ogres out of the tower. The dwarf does so, and Ariakas stays in the tower with the young woman. She advises him that he has been tested and passed, and rewards him with all manner of physical and worldly pleasures during the next few months in the tower. The final test is that he must slay her with a magical sword. Ariakas does so, and after five stabs in which the sword becomes each of the chromatic colors, the woman vanishes and is replaced by Takhisis. The goddess tells the warrior that any woman he beds will die within a year, but that she will give him power, glory and riches in return for his unswerving loyalty to her cause. Ariakas agrees and becomes one of Takhisis' dark champions. (Source: Emperor of Ansalon)

333 AC

Takhisis' New Champion: Aglaca and Verminaard go on a hunting trip, to celebrate their coming of age. Nerakan bandits attack the party and kidnap Judyth, a young maiden who is destined to be the successor to the druid L'Indasha Yman. Takhisis enters the mind of Verminaard, urging him to locate Judyth. The goddess then contacts the mage Cerestes, who is actually her red dragon servant Ember, requesting that he watch over Laca's sons. Aglaca and Verminaard secretly journey into Neraka and unleash a horde of ogres to destroy the Nerakan bandits. They free Judyth and on their return are drawn into a cave, where a powerful mace lies within reach. Takhisis speaks to them whilst in the cave and announces that one of them will be her champion. Verminaard grasps the mace Nightbringer and is named her champion. (Source: Before the Mask)

Highlord Verminaard: Daeghrefn mounts a search party for the missing boys. Ember starts a fire which traps the search party and the seneschal Robert is left for dead. Robert is rescued by L'Indasha and she takes him in. Verminaard appears and rescues the party, returning all of them to Nidus. Daeghrefn gives into madness and Verminaard takes control of Nidus. The young lord leads an attack against Laca Dragonbane's castle in which he mistakenly blinds his brother Abelaard. Aglaca prays to Paladine for assistance, and an addled mage appears who gives him a spell to bind Ember and free Verminaard from the evil influence. Before being able to complete the spell, Verminaard strikes down Aglaca, blinding his brother. The lord of Nidus then kills Aglaca, mounts Ember and destroys both Laca's troops, the Solamnic forces and Castle Nidus. The two journey to Neraka, where he fashions a dragon mask which he perpetually wears so he never has to look upon his own face which reminds him of Aglaca. (Source: Before the Mask)

A new Keeper of the Rune: Judyth is rescued by Robert and brought before L'Indasha and Paladine. She accepts her role of Keeper of the Rune, allowing L'Indasha to regain her mortality and live out her life with Robert. (Source: Before the Mask)

Draconians created: Ariakas arrives in the city of Sanction. He meets with the High Priest of Takhisis, Wryllish Parkane and the priestess Lyrelee, inside the Temple of Luerkhisis. Wryllish tells Ariakas that he learnt of a Zhakar dwarf who stumbled into a chamber filled with dragon eggs and that the eggs mutated into foul abominations. The high priest wishes to learn how this mutation came about and sends the warrior to meet with Tale Splintersteel, a Zhakar trader in the Fungus Mug tavern. En route, Ariakas is rejoined by his old comrade Ferros Windchisel and they enter the tavern and speak with Tale. A fight breaks out in which Ferros is injured, and Ariakas returns to the temple where he has the dwarf tended to, and begins to learn divine magic and become one of Takhisis' clerics. The Zhakar dwarf Tale, attempts to ambush Ariakas, however the warrior crushes the attempt and forces Tale to tell him about the Zhakar mold plague. However on returning to the temple, Shadowpeople abduct Tale, in fear of what his plague may do to their eggs. The Shilo-Thahn, leaders of the Shadowpeople, judge Tale, Ariakas and Lyrelee, and imprison them within their caves. However the three escape and return to the Temple of Luerkhisis. Wryllish and the black-robed mage Harrawell Dracart use their power and the mold to create draconians from dragon eggs. (Source: Emperor of Ansalon)

Ariakas and Tombfyre: Ariakas and Lyrelee sleep together, even though the warrior is concerned about Takhisis' warnings of death for his lovers. The pair join with Ferros, where they take Tale to the kingdom of the Zhakar. The party meets with Rackas Ironcog, king of the Zhakar. The king agrees to help them acquire more of the mold for their experiments, whilst plotting to murder Ariakas and claim his magical sword. Rackas has the group led into a trap where Lyrelee is killed. Ferros sacrifices himself in the plague warrens in order to save Ariakas. The warrior escapes and finds himself in a vast cavern in which the red dragon Tombfyre is help captive. Using the sword again, Ariakas frees the dragon and the two ravage the Zhakar, killing King Rackas Ironcog and Tale Splintersteel in the process. The Zhakar lord, Whez Lavastone becomes king and agrees to supply Ariakas with whatever he needs, in return for his life and that of his subjects. Ariakas returns to Sanction with Tombfyre, and begins to build his power base further. (Source: Emperor of Ansalon)

Takhisis' Daughter: Having already begun recruiting powerful warriors to her side, Takhisis rejoices as her dark armies grow. She turns to Sargonnas, however he rejects her for not involving him more closely in the domination of Krynn. The dark goddess is then approached by Hiddukel, in the guise of Chemosh, attempting to lure the goddess to his bed. In a rage over being spurned by her consort, Takhisis has a brief tryst with Hiddukel, believing him to actually be Chemosh, and has a child Artha by him. Immediately Hiddukel rejects his daughter, however Takhisis initially attempts to use her in future plans, but Artha proves too lazy to be of any real use. Both parents turn away from their child and she is left to wander the planes. (Source: In Search of Dragons)

334 AC

Ariakan's Birth: After a tryst between Ariakas and the goddess Zeboim, a child is born. The babe is named Ariakan, and is destined to be a great warrior and leader of men.

Luz Mantilla's Revenge: Kitiara encounters the noble Patric and his retainer Strathcoe whilst in Solace. She falls in love with the young nobleman and agrees to journey with him on a ship to his homeland. The two exchange gifts, with Kit giving Beck's sword to Patric. During the voyage, both Patric and Strathcoe are murdered. Kit leaves the ship in grief, retaking Beck's sword and again finds Cleverdon, Ursa and his new lover Colo. She rejoins the thieves and go on a hunt for a slig to raise some money. Ursa tells Kit about Luz Mantilla, the noblewoman who was to be betrothed to Beck, and how she has gone insane and is attempting to hunt down all those involved in her lover's death. Ursa tells of how Radisson has been found dead and El-Navar has vanished. Cleverdon is killed by Mantilla's bounty hunters, and Ursa is captured and taken back to Mantilla Vale. Kit and Colo journey to the estate, where Colo is cut down by Luz's Iron Guards. Luz tells Kit of Ursa's past and how he betrayed Gregor and left him to be hung at Whitsett during a campaign. Kit returns Beck's sword and goes to find Ursa in the estate. Luz throws herself upon Beck's sword, as Ursa and Kit confront one another. A fight breaks out, resulting in Ursa's death. Kit finds the captured El-Navar and releases him from his cage. The Karnuthian flees and is never heard from again. Kitiara then journeys to Whitsett to discover the truth about her father. However she can only find rumors and tales, and can not get any confirmation over whether her father truly died in the noose, or whether he escaped. (Source: Dark Heart)

War against Qindaras: Tower mages note a disturbance in their use of magic. Spells fails more frequently, and the potency in their magic wanes. Bram returns from his sojourn with the tuatha, armed with druidic-like magical powers. The Conclave petitions Bram and Guerrand to deal with the renegade Lyim, as they ascertain that he is the source of all magical problems. Guerrand contacts Lyim and entreaties him to end the madness, when this fails he makes an assassination attempt to stop his former friend. The Gauntlet of Ventyr realises the magical powers in Guerrand are stronger than in Lyim, and sides with the former mage. However as Guerrand almost kills Lyim, his sister Kirah intervenes. This results in Guerrand severing Lyim's hand and losing the Gauntlet, and Guerrand himself plunging to his death. Bram is magically teleported to Bastion during the fighting. Lyim restores his hand through the power of the Gauntlet, and then rallies the folk of Qindaras to launch an assault upon the Tower of Wayreth. The Conclave forms an alliance with the Thorbardin dwarves, Qualinesti elves, and the forces of Northern Ergoth. The allied armies crush the Qindaran force, although Lyim makes it through to the Tower. Kirah again intervenes and is struck down by Lyim. However Bram seizes the opportunity to disable Lyim and transforms him into a tree. Par-Salian thanks Bram for his efforts and offers him an apprenticeship in High Sorcery, to which the young tuatha mage accepts. (Source: The Seventh Sentinel)

335 AC

The Dragon Knight: An ancient copper dragon named Duranoc, forms a close bond with the half-elf Torloch. The half-elf becomes the first Dragon Knight. Progressively other humanoid folk seek out copper dragons in the Conquered Lands region, until eventually the Order of Dragon Knights is formed on Taladas. This curious community grows in strength and becomes a legitimate and powerful knighthood. (Source: Time of the Dragon)

Flight from Castle Brightblade: Due to a hard winter, the starving villagers of Avrinet rise up against the local Solamnic lord Angriff Brightblade. The knight sends his wife Ilys and son Sturm, along with his trusted sergeant Soren, to flee the area. The group tries to obtain passage across the Newsea but are captured by the pirate Artavash. The pirate captain sends her prisoners to her leader Mukhari Ras, who has a base in Kernaf. The fiendish Mukhari plots to kill Sturm for a magical experiment, and in the following battles Soren is slain. Sturm then uses a magical device with which Mukhari is launched into the sky and Artavash is captured. Sturm and Ilys resume their flight and make it to Solace. Source: The Exiles (Love and War)

Brothers Brightblade: Whilst his family are in flight, Angriff and his brother Vandar hold the walls of the castle. However during one assault Angriff is wounded by an archer. Angriff sends his brother away, who forsakes the field of battle and takes refuge in a monastery, where he dedicates his life to Majere and leads a life of peace. (Source: DC DL Comic #3)

The Siege of Castle Brightblade: The knights Gunthar Uth Wistan and Boniface Crownguard, face the raging mob that seeks to destroy Angriff's castle. When word is spread to outlying allies, Sir Agion Pathwarden leads a force of knights to aid Angriff and break the siege. Boniface betrays his old comrades, by sending word to the rebels of Agion's approaching force. Agion's force is crushed and the Solamnics face impending doom, whilst Boniface's treachery goes unnoticed. Angriff chooses to sacrifice himself in order to ensure the lives of his men. He walks into the mob in return for their lives, the terms are agreed to and Angriff falls to the mob. Gunthar, Boniface and the others are allowed to leave the area. (Source: The Oath and the Measure)

336 AC

Theros Ironfeld: Theros apprentices with Hrall, brother of the late Hran. The young blacksmith then travels to Sanction where he starts his own smithy and begins to go by the last name of Ironfeld. (Source: Theros Ironfeld)

Fall of Castle di Caela: Peasants and bandits move from the ruined Castle Brightblade and raid Castle di Caela. The peasant army destroys the castle, now that the lords of both regions (Agion & Angriff) are dead. The castles are ruined and the lands are divided amongst the peasants. (Source: The Oath and the Measure)

337 AC

Dragonarmies mobilise: Ariakas and four other generals are named as the first Dragon Highlords by Takhisis, leaders of the Dragonarmies. Ariakas is nominated as head of the Highlords and the master of the Red Dragonarmy. Takhisis bestows her dark gifts to her clerics more openly, prompting a spread of dark clerics across the land. The Dragonarmies mobilise their forces, taking Sanction and Estwilde. Sanction is made their major port, and Estwilde is their source for reserve troops.

338 AC

The demon Beglug: The kender Trapspringer Fargo and his sister Ripple leave Hylo and journey to the eastern town of Lytburg, where they meet up with two Aghar named Grod and Umpth. The four journey into the underground lab of the red-robed mage Orander and his apprentice Halmarain. Unfortunately the mages are working on experiments in interplanar travel when Trapspringer intervenes. Orander is accidentally sent to the demonic Plane of Vasmarg, and an infant merchesti demon, Beglug, arrives in his place. Takhisis becomes aware of the experiment, and through the aid of the black-robed mage Draadis Vulter, the two plot in how to use Orander's gate stone and the merchesti to send Takhisis' armies to dominate Krynn. Halmarain, with the kender, merchesti and Aghar in tow, journeys to Palanthas to find powerful mages who are able to reopen the portal and save Orander. Halmarain, Beglug and the Aghar disguise themselves as Neidar dwarves, however they are constantly dogged in their journeys by kobold forces lead by the death knight Jaerume Kaldre. Whilst escaping from the death knight, the party encounters a group of real Neidar dwarves. As the two groups talk, the Neidar leader Tolem loses his valuable disk necklace, and the Neidar join in the chase to track down the kender, Aghar, merchesti and human mage-apprentice. Ripple and Beglug are captured by Kaldre and his kobolds and taken east. Trap and the others rescue Ripple and Beglug, and using explosive firebombs, Trap manages to destroy the death knight Kaldre. The party learn of Grod's pilfering and that he stole Tolem's necklace. Halmarain uses the necklace to locate an ancient Neidar city, where she attempts to find the white mage Chalmis Rosterig. Tolem and his kin track down the party again, however before fighting can break out, Draadis and his forces attack them all. The dwarves and the party flee into Chalmis' home. Chalmis and Halmarain reopen the portal to the Plane of Vasmarg. Orander is rescued, whilst Draadis and Beglug are sent into the portal. As everyone starts to leave, Trap and Ripple discover that Grod has again stolen the disk necklace. The kender and Aghar begin to plan their next adventure... (Source: Tales of Uncle Trapspringer)

338-342 AC

Signet of the Weya-lu: Adventurers in Khur come across the boy Gerg, who claims that his sister has been kidnapped by bandits. When the girl is recovered, Gerg steals the Signet of the Weya-lu tribe from her. The girl Neala, reveals that she is the daughter of the Weya-lu chieftain. The adventurers then present themselves to the chieftain who gives them ten days to return the Signet. The adventurers learn that the mage Rohzgan, Chief Jingo of the Tondoon tribe, and Chief Torando of the Hachakee tribe are plotting to implicate the Weya-lu tribe and increase their power in the Khur lands. The treacherous chieftains and the mage, use the minotaur Wixlach and severak sivaks to kidnap the son of the Khan of Khur. However the adventurers slay Wixlach and the sivaks, return the Signet and free the Khan's son. The party are then made members of the Weya-lu tribe, and the rogue mage and chieftains are punished for their treachery. (Source: Mists of Krynn)

339 AC

Keris forced into service: A Dragonarmy officer, Salikarn, traps the white dragon Keristillax. Salikarn forces Keris to agree to be his mount and serve him in the Dragonarmies. The dragon attempts to injure Salikarn, only to discover that the warrior is wearing magical armor which protects him from the cold. During their journey Keris crashlands onto the iceberg due to heavy fog. Salikarn discovers that without sunlight, his armor loses it's power. Eventually the warrior freezes and Keris returns to Icewall and his frigid lair. Source: Icewall (Dragons of Chaos)

Blessed by the gods of magic: Tired of being bullied, the young apprentice mage Raistlin Majere poisons the local thug Jon Farnish. From this point on, the other boys leave him alone and have nothing to do with him. When Raistlin returns home, he founds his mother in the care of the widow Judith. The widow seems to bring Rosamun out of her trances and back to near-health. Raistlin returns to school and receives a vision from the three gods of magic. With this vision in the forefront of his mind, he passes his magic exams easily. (Source: Soulforge)

The Thousand Years War begins: Two lords within the Vale of Sunder, after years of constant feuding, declare open war on one another. King Systole of Gelnia pledges to war against Grand Megak of Tarmish for a thousand years before his people will submit to Tarmish rule. The Thousand Year War begins. (Source: The Gully Dwarves)

Grallen's Descendant: The dwarf Chane Feldstone is chased out of Thorbardin, by dwarven thugs working for his girlfriend's father. Chane fends for himself in the wild, where he kills a feral black cat and dons it's fur. Also in the wild he befriends the kender Chestal Thicketsway. Chane receives a vision of a bejewelled helm and also of danger to Thorbardin. With visions of glory in his head, he wanders into the Valley of Waykeep. In the valley, the pair encounter the mage Glenshadow the Wanderer, who leads them to the abode of an Irda. The Irda explains that the Graygem devastated the valley, and also of the two stones Spellbinder and Pathfinder. She then goes on to detail the tale of Grallen, son of King Duncan, and how he used the stones before Fistandantilus destroyed the dwarven armies during the Dwarfgate War. Finally the Irda reveals that Chane is receiving such visions because he is the last in Grallen's line. Chestal (or Chess) discovers that Fistandantilus' last spell, which he names Zap, has begun to follow him, awaiting to be cast after all this time. Jilian Firestoke, Chane's girlfriend, realises that her love is missing and convinces Rogar Goldbuckle to take her to Barter to find him. She also requests that Rogar enlists the aid of his human adventuring friend Wingover. The dwarf agrees to both and the pair go to Barter. Wingover arrives in Barter around the same time as Rogar and Jilian, after having just rescued his elven friend Garon Wendesthalas from goblins. Wingover and Garon agree to help Jilian, and are also joined by the gnome Bobbin, who is eager to test his new flying machine. The quartet begin their search for Chane. (Source: The Gates of Thorbardin)

Caliban - The Undying Heart: The leader of the goblin forces, Kolanda Darkmoor, harries the folk in the Pax Tharkas and Thorbardin regions. Kolanda is a Dragon Highmaster and angling for a position as a Dragon Highlord in the still fledgling and secret Dragonarmies. In one of her raids she captures the elf Garon, who she holds prisoner. She reveals the undead heart that is the key to her power, and her unholy communion with the renegade mage Caliban. Refugees from her raids escape, and are saved by Chane, Glenshadow and Chess. The party is united with Jilian, Wingover and Bobbin, who are among the refugees. Kolanda camps her army around the ruins of Skullcap, as she prepares to ambush Chane and the refugees. Chane learns of a secret entrance into Skullcap, which he uses to find Grallen's helm. Chane and Jilian then seal the gate, through the use of Spellbinder. Whilst the dwarves seal the gate, Wingover, Glenshadow, Bobbin and Chess defend the gate against the goblins. As the party is nearly overcome, Garon frees himself and shoots an arrow into the undead heart of Caliban, as well as the living heart of Kolanda. Both the renegade mage and Kolanda perish in a single blow, as the elf dies from his wounds. Chess then launches Zap at the enemy forces, which finally explodes and wipes them out. (Source: The Gates of Thorbardin)

340 AC

The Amulet of Darkness: A group of adventurers come across an Amulet of Darkness. They learn that Kernen Ogres are seeking the amulet and journey to Ogrebond to collect a reward. The local leader, calling himself Kern, reveals that the ogres want the amulet to invade Neraka. Kern then takes the amulet and a fight breaks out between the ogres and adventurers. Slaves of the ogres revolt and flee with the adventurers, who also recover the amulet. Kern survives the defeat and plots vengeance. (Source: The Mists of Krynn)

341 AC

The Black Wing: Khisanth meets with the black dragon Jahet, and decides to join the Black Dragonarmy. She serves directly under Jahet and the Dragon Highlord Maldeev. (Source: The Black Wing)

Dragonarmy alliances: The Dragonarmies form alliances with Kern, Khur, Blode and the pirate isles. Refusal to an alliance means death. The Dragonarmies also begin to directly employ ogres and hobgoblins as troops, where before they were only hired as raiding parties and mercenary groups. Sargonnas orders his minotaurs of the Blood Sea Isles to join the ranks of the Dragonarmies, whilst black-robed wizards are also called. Each evil god entreaties their worshippers to lend their aid to the Dragonarmies as they prepare to sweep across Ansalon.

342 AC

Deaths of Gilon and Rosamun Majere: Two of Theobald's earlier students have been promoted to novitiates at Poolbottom, Raistlin Majere and Jon Farnish. In Solace, his father Gilon is grievously injured during a logging accident. As Gilon lays dying, the widow Judith calls upon her Seeker god Belzor to heal the man. When he dies in front of everyone, Judith denounces Raistlin as an evil mage, Rosamun as having lack of faith, and Kitiara for her mercenary ways. Judith attempts to attack Raistlin, however a half-elf, dwarf and local kender stop her (Tanis, Flint & Tas). Rosamun falls back into a trance and wastes away. Raistlin attempts to care for her and grows feverish himself. His mother passes away, leaving Caramon to care for his sickly brother. Kitiara reappears, offering to take Caramon with her. However he refuses to leave his twin, and so Kit leaves the boys some money before leaving again. (Source: Soulforge)

Deputy Sturm and Deputy Raistlin: Raistlin, Caramon and Sturm are asked by the local sheriff of Solace to hide away the treasure of the townsfolk, after reports come in of marauding goblins. The reports are falsely generated by the thieves Cutthroat, Cutpurse and Jack Laderfinger who attempt to ambush the boys and steal the treasure. Raistlin tricks the thieves and offers to lead them to the treasure where he traps them in a bog. Sturm then rescues the thieves and the two turn the thieves into the sheriff. Each complimenting the other on the way they handled themselves....and Caramon wakes up after bumping his head before the action had even started. Source: Honor and Guile (Dragon #233)

Draconian process taught: Black-robed wizards and evil clerics are taught the process to corrupt metallic dragon eggs and create draconians (where previously only Takhisis, Dracart, Ariakas, Harkiel and Wryllish knew). From the eggs, the draconians are born. Five different subspecies fill the Dragonarmy ranks: Baaz, Kapak, Sivak, Bozak and Aurak.

Tasslehoff and the Prince of Demons: The kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot finds a magical ring which teleports him across Ansalon. Tas finds himself in a wizard's citadel, home to a black-robe known as the Magus. The dark wizard tries to use his magic on Tas, but finds it useless against the magic ring. Eventually the Magus uses a demon bound to his will to try and destroy the kender. However Tas unwittingly breaks the Magus' spells of protection against the demon (Demogorgon), and the Prince of Demons destroys the Magus. Demogorgon thanks Tas for his assistance and returns him to Solace. Source: A Stone's Throw Away (The Magic of Krynn)

343 AC

In Baron Moorgoth's Service: Theros gradually becomes famous to the locals for his high quality weapons, and falls in love with a young lady named Marissa. A mercenary commander named Dargon Moorgoth, pays a mage to destroy Theros' smithy, and then offers him a job in his army. With little other way to survive, Theros reluctantly accepts, and also accepts the apprentice Yuri, that Baron Moorgoth offers. Moorgoth leads his army against Solamnic forces and ruthlessly butchers unarmed foes and dispatches those who have surrendered. Theros learns that his apprentice is selling his secrets to Telera, a young Solamnic lady, and allows the two to escape Moorgoth's forces. He then frees a group of Solamnic Knights who have been captured, led by Sir Richard Strongmail. However Strongmail is recaptured, tortured and killed. Theros leaves the army in disgust and plans to return to Sanction to be with his love. Sargonnas appears to Theros, where he chastises the smith for not honorably challenging and killing Moorgoth. (Source: Theros Ironfeld)

Changes in the Black Wing: Khisanth grows close to Jahet during her time with the Black Dragonarmy, and learns of a plot by the other black dragons Khoal, Neetra and Dnestr. The black trio conspire with Solamnic forces to undermine the dragonarmy, but are caught out by Khisanth when she shapechanges into a human and makes them reveal their plans. Khisanth then kills Khoal, whilst Jahet kills the treacherous Neetra and Dnestr. Khisanth is granted an audience with Takhisis, where the goddess punishes the black for killing three of her kin, and refusing to take a rider. On her return to the army, Khisanth sees the arrival of Baaz and Kapak draconians into the army. The Black Wing recruits two more dragons, Lhode and Shadow, to replace the new 'vacancies'. In the final siege of Lamesh, both Jahet and Shadow were killed. Khisanth accepts Maldeev as her rider, and the pair hunt down and kill the Solamnic knight Tate Sekforde and destroy Lamesh. Upon returning to the army, Khisanth finds Maldeev's magical advisor Andor, is dead. During the bonding ceremony that ties Maldeev and Khisanth together, she also learns that Jahet was poisoned and that it was Maldeev who was responsible. (Source: The Black Wing)

The Kernen Siege: The young mercenary Kitiara Uth Matar enlists in a siege against the Meir of Kernen. Working as a mercenary commander for the Valdane of Kernen, she attacks the Meir's troops until she believes that the Valdane's daughter Dreena (who is married to the Meir) leaves the castle. On hearing his daughter is no longer inside, the Valdane orders his mage Janusz to destroy the Meir's castle which kills troops on both sides. Kitiara steals nine magical ice jewels from Janusz's tent and escapes the destruction with her lieutenant Caven and his squire Wode. Later the Valdane's troops find a body which resembles Dreena. In a rage, the Valdane and Janusz attempt a hunt for Kit, to exact vengeance for Dreena's death. (Source: Steel and Stone)

343-344 AC

Facing Lord Wilderness: The young Sturm Brightblade decides to journey to Solamnia, to learn more about his father. Sturm arrives at the High Clerist's Tower where he is welcomed warmly by the knights. However at night, Vertumnus (or Lord Wilderness) arrives and insults the knighthood, laying an open challenge to any who would accept. Sturm strikes a mortal blow on Vertumnus, after being wounded himself, however Lord Wilderness rises and offers a bargain to Sturm. The young warrior must meet him in the Lemish Darkwoods or his wound will kill him before spring. Sturm accepts the challenge and begins his travels to the Darkwoods. On the way he passes Castle di Caela, where Boniface Crownguard lays a trap for him. Sturm manages to escape with the aid of his spectral ancestor Robert di Caela. He then meets the Kagonesti elf Mara, and her giant spider Cyren. Mara seeks to free the elf Cyren from the form of a giant spider after she believes he was cursed by the wicked elf Calotte. The odd trio are then joined by the enigmatic Jack Derry, who tells Sturm of Boniface's dark plans. The group is then captured by Lady Hollis, who turns out to be the druid who originally led the rebellion against Castle Brightblade. Eventually however, Sturm overcomes all his trials and reaches the Darkwoods. He stands against Vertumnus, who reveals that he was once a Lemish knight who was falsely accused by Boniface Crownguard for betraying Agion Pathwarden and his troops, when they were trying to reach Castle Brightblade to break the siege. Vertumnus then joined the peasant army, married Lady Hollis and had a son, Jack Derry, by her. Vertumnus then asks Sturm to preserve the honor of the knighthood by exposing Boniface for his crimes. Sturm agrees and returns to the High Clerist's Tower where he accuses Boniface of dishonor. The charge is determined by combat, where Boniface easily defeats the young Sturm. Sturm returns to Solace in defeat, beginning to wonder if Boniface really is innocent of the crimes. (Source: The Oath and the Measure)

343-347 AC

Dragonarmies prepare for war: The Dragonarmies increase in size and train, in order to weed out the weak. Eventually by 347 AC, Takhisis deems her armies to be ready and prepares to launch them all across Ansalon.

344 AC

The Companions: Raistlin and Caramon attempt to earn some money during the May Day Festival, by having Raistlin perform magical tricks. He earns a small sum before being discovered and publicly denounced by Master Theobald. The kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot interferes and comes to Raistlin's aid, humiliating the master mage until the young human Sturm Brightblade appears and helps the mage. Tas introduces Sturm and his dwarven friend Flint to the Majere twins. Kitiara returns with a new companion, the half-elf Tanis. The two discover that Kit's brothers already knows Tanis' friends (Flint, Sturm and Tas), and the dwarf trains Caramon and Sturm in fighting. During a boating trip over Crystalmir Lake, Caramon almost succeeds in drowning Flint. The soaked dwarf survives the trip and forever more becomes deathly afraid of water. (Sources: Steel and Stone, Leaves)

Snowstorm: Flint, Tanis, Tas and Sturm are caught in a snowstorm whilst adventuring. Sturm and Tanis get lost whilst gathering wood. Tas and Flint worry as they stay in their cabin. Tas plays a flute, whose song catches Tanis and Sturm's ears and draws them back to the shelter. The pair bring enough wood to start a fire and survive the storm, and Tas declares that the flute must be magical. Source: Snowsong (Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes)

Tigo's Revenge: Tanis, Flint, Tas, Sturm and the Majere twins travel to Long Ridge to attend the wedding of Runne and Kavan, friends of Flint. Whilst on their way home, Tas and the young Solamnic boy Keli, are abducted by the bandits Tigo and Staag. Tas offers to lead the bandits to a safe hideout in return for his life. The bandits agree and reveal that they captured Keli to get revenge for Tigo losing his hand to Keli's father Sir Ergon. Tas leaves clues whilst leading the bandits to a 'safe haven'. His companions track the bandits down and rescue Keli and Tas. Staag is killed and Tigo is left stranded, as the companions return home. Source: Hide and Go Seek (Love and War)

War against the Valdane: Kitiara and Tanis journey off alone where they rescue a village from will-o-wisps and then in Haven, encounter her former lieutenant Caven Mackid and his squire Wode. It seems that Kit stole money from Caven and left him and his squire. In order to smooth over relations and also to get rid of Caven, Tanis offers to hunt down an ettin in the area and give the reward money to Caven. The four journey into Darken Wood to find the ettin, but find themselves trapped and are rescued by a druid called Kai-lid and her Darken Owl companion Xanthar (who can speak Common). Kai-lid reveals herself as Lida Tenaka, Dreena's former handmaiden, as well as advising that the ettin they are hunting is Res-Lacua, the mage Janusz's servant. Xanthar tells Kit that he believes she is pregnant. Res-Lacua kills Wode, then Lida and Kit are kidnapped and transported to the Valdane's castle near Icewall. Tanis, Caven and Xanthar enlist the aid of other Darken Owls to reach Icewall. The owls make an alliance with the Icefolk, before Xanthar dies of old age. The party infiltrates the Valdane's castle, and Lida reveals that she is actually Dreena ten Valdane. In the confusion Caven is cut down, Tanis kills Janusz and then the Valdane himself is killed, since he is magically linked to the mage. The ice jewels are used to freeze the Valdane's army of minotaurs, ettins and thanoi. Kit, Tanis and Dreena then fly back to Darken Wood and escape the devastation as the Valdane's castle collapses. Kit tells Tanis that Xanthar was mistaken and she isn't pregnant, she vanishes for several months, however no child ever surfaces and it is believed that at no time she ever was with child during this period. (Source: Steel and Stone)

The Morkoth Hunt: The first-mate Averon convinces his captain Melas Kar-Thon to race his ship Perechon in a minotaur boating race. Averon convinces Melas that winning will be a sure thing, however the sailor is privately betting against the Perechon and is in league with the minotaur lord Attat. After losing his ship in the bet, Melas then attacks Attat in a rage. The fighting results in Averon's death, and Melas and his daughter Maquesta being imprisoned. However Attat orders Maquesta to find him a Morkoth, a rare sea monster in order to save her father. He then has Melas poisoned and tells her that he only has 30 days to live if she wishes to save him. Attat allows the shadowperson Ilyatha, the Dimernesti elf Tailonna and the minotaur Bas-Ohn Koraf to accompany her. Maq makes Koraf her first-mate of the Perechon, and swears to help Ilyatha when she learns that he is only working for Attat, since the minotaur lord is holding his daughter Sando as a hostage. On the journey, the crew rescues Fritzen Dorgaard, a half ogre sailor who becomes closely linked with Maq. The crew stops in Saifhum to get supplies, however their cook, the gnome Lendle, is arrested for not paying his gambling debts. Maq and Friztzen rescue Lendle and come across Melas' old pirate enemy, Mandracore the Reaver. Mandracore swears vengeance on Maq and her crew after they discover the Reaver's smuggling operations. Mandracore's ship, the Butcher, attacks the Perechon, however Ilyatha calls upon the ki-rin Belwar to cast an illusion of fire which drives off the Butcher. Tailonna contacts the local Dimernesti and learns of a colony of Kuo-Toa that worships a Morkoth. When the Perechon sails into the territory of the colony, the Kuo-Toa attack. However Maq's crew captures the king of the Kuo-Toa, who they force to reveal the location of the Morkoth's lair. With underwater potions and the information, the crew is able to capture the Morkoth, and with some difficulty they manage to return to Mithas before the 30 days are up. However Attat goes back on his word, and decides to let Melas die. The crew attacks Attat's men and free the minotaur slaves. The minotaur lord is taken captive and all slaves are freed, including Melas and Ilyatha's daughter Sando. Melas dies in Maq's arms, as Belwar arrives and throws Attat into the Morkoth's cage as revenge for killing the ki-rin's brother. Maquesta assumes permanent command as captain of the Perechon and the crew set sail. (Source: Maquesta Kar-Thon)

Lord Silvercrown's Tournament: The Solamnic noble, Lord Silvercrown, announces the beginning of his annual contest in which warriors compete for fame. Knights and warriors from across the land arrive to fight in the tournament. Silvercrown's daughter Riva, decides that she will attempt to enter the knighthood, but must first prove her worth to her father before he will allow her to join. She learns of a raid by dark dwarves upon a Neidar weapons shipment and tries to aid them. Riva comes across the Neidar warrior Andvari Stonehelm and is captured by the dark dwarf Uurthrym Wolfthane. Andvari is sacrificed to Uurthrym's master, a white dragon. The dragon then calls for Riva to be sacrificed, however Uurthrym is reluctant to offer her up, and he pays for it with his life. Lord Silvercrown tracks down the dark dwarves and takes possession of Uurthrym's cursed sword Kinslayer. The white dragon emerges from the cave where it orders Silvercrown to kill his daughter. Riva flees into the dragon's cave to escape, and finds a Neidar called Theolin inside, where he is trying to bring down the cave with his horn, in order to kill the dragon and crush it's hatchling eggs. Lord Silvercrown enters and kills one of the hatchlings, whose body rips the sword out of his hands. Free of the curse, both father and daughter flee the cave. Theolin sacrifices himself and destroys the cave, mortally wounding the white dragon and crushing it's eggs. The white dragon falls on Riva's battle standard and dies. Riva returns home with the respect of her father and his men. (Source: DC DL Comics #30-32)

345 AC

Death of a Highlord: Maldeev's second, the Dragon Highmaster Salah Khan, widens the gap between Khisanth and Maldeev, causing the two to increase in their dislike of one another. Eventually Khisanth kills Maldeev and is brought before Takhisis again. She is punished once more, and sent to Xak Tsaroth and given the duty to guard the Blue Crystal Staff. (Source: The Black Wing)

Belzor Exposed/Death of Lady Ilys: Raistlin learns that a local girl called Miranda is enamoured with him. However he later finds Caramon and Miranda together, and grows angry with his twin, deciding to never fall for another girl again. The young mage then aids Flint, whose joints have become so badly injured from the boating accident, that he nearly becomes paralysed. Raistlin uses local herbs from Weird Meggin, to create a medicine that cures the dwarf. Flint recovers completely and decides to sell his good in the Lordcity of Haven. The twins join Flint, and discover a church dedicated to Belzor in the city. They soon discover that widow Judith is the high priestess. Raistlin befriends the local herbalist Lemuel, and learns from his war-mage father's spellbooks. The young mage then decides to expose Judith and her false god Belzor, by casting an illusion spell and conjuring a giant kender during one of the Belzorite ceremonies. The priests of Belzor flee, however during the flight, the twins come across Judith's body with Kit's dagger in it. The local militia arrests Raistlin and he is almost burned at the stake. Kitiara appears, asking Caramon to leave his twin, fearing his potential. Caramon refuses and gathers the rest of his friends to rescue his brother. The party frees Raistlin and prove the mage's innocence to the High Sheriff of Haven. On the return to Solace, a plague strikes. Sturm's mother, Lady Ilys Brightblade (also known as Anna) catches the plague and passes away, as Raistlin tends to the sick and dying. The plague dies out, and the Companions plan to separate and go on various adventures, promising to reunite in five years time at the Inn of the Last Home in Solace. Master Theobald approaches Raistlin and extends an invitation for him and his brother to journey to the Tower of Wayreth, for Raistlin to take the Test of High Sorcery. (Source: Soulforge)

Egg Hunt: Metallic dragons are sighted over Taladas. Their Oath prevents them from joining in the war that will soon break out, however the good dragons search for their eggs in vain, hoping to find them on the distant continent. (Source: Time of the Dragon)

Jenque's Apprentice: The white-robed mage Jenque, gives her apprentice Myrella her first assignment. She is asked to enter the abode of the mad mage Borgys, and to aid her mistress in preventing the mage from animating the dead. Myrella infiltrates the lair and destroys Borgys' crystal amulet which was preventing Jenque from entering. Jenque then arrives and destroys Borgys, whilst he is trying to animate his dead wife. Jenque then reveals that she was Borgys' daughter, but that what they did was necessary for the greater good. (Source: DC DL Comic #21)

Riva Dragon-Friend: The young Riva Silvercrown climbs a mountain to find a dragon's egg when her courage is questioned by her friend Brak. Riva finds the egg and is discovered by the bronze dragon when she is in the nest. However Riva falls through the nest and below onto the dragon's treasure horde. A group of gnomes also discover the treasure and attempt to claim it for themselves, by using the hatchlings as hostages. Riva and the hatchlings fight off the gnomes. As a reward, the bronze dragon Veryntrilyx gives Riva a pendant which will cause other metallic dragons to recognise her as a dragon-friend. A side-effect of the pendant is that it also causes Riva to forget recent events until it is time for dragons to make themselves known again upon Krynn. (Source: DC DL Comic #21)

Rieve's Trickery: Flint, Tanis, Sturm and the Majere twins rest in Solace, and note that Tas has been gone for a considerable time. A wren appears and asks them for help, telling them of the mage Rieve who turns people into animals. The party goes to rescue Wren, her love Pytr and to find Tas (who has been turned into a squirrel). Raistlin turns the party into animals to fight Rieve, and they easily overcome the mage. Pytr and Wren are restored to their human forms and reunited. Raistlin extracts an oath from Rieve, and the dark mage troubles the local folk no more. Source: Hearth Cat and Winter Wren (Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes)

345-346 AC

A pinch of Jarlswort: Sturm, Caramon and Tas go on a journey to collect Jarlswort from a minotaur merchant, but are betrayed and taken to the Blood Sea of Istar. Caramon and Sturm are thrown overboard by minotaurs, Tas is taken prisoner since he is in possession of the Jarlswort. Raistlin hears news of the captain's death of the ship that his brother was on, and persuades Flint and Tanis to go with him to the Blood Sea. Kitiara is also contacted by her brother, whilst working for her uncle Nellthis and just after slaying a leucrotta. Kit journeys on her own to the Blood Sea. Flint, Tanis and Raistlin visit the Oracle, an ogre-mage, who helps their journey and transports them to Ogrebond. They are discovered by the female half-ogre Kirsig who is enamoured with Flint. She leads the trio to Captain Nugetre, who helps take them all to Karthay. Here, the party learns about the Nightmaster, the high cleric of Sargonnas, who is attempting to open a portal which will allow his god to make himself manifest upon Krynn at the top of the Worldscap volcano. (Source: The Companions)

Ritual of the Nightmaster: Tas is tortured and forced to drink a potion which makes him evil. The kender becomes the pet of the minotaur Fesz, the Nightmaster's chief disciple. Kitiara is captured by minotaurs and brought to Karthay where she is told she will a sacrifice. Caramon and Sturm are also caught by minotaurs and enslaved. Caramon befriends an imprisoned kyrie (bird-man), and is rescued from the prison. Sturm is sent into gladiatorial combat against the minotaur champion, and is also rescued by Caramon and the kyrie. Caramon is made an honorary kyrie warrior, and leads his new friends to Karthay to stop the Nightmaster's plot. Tanis, Flint, Raistlin and Kirsig also arrive at Karthay, and are joined by Captain Nugetre and one of his female sailor's Yuril. The companions commune with the local animals and get their aid in helping them overthrow the minotaurs. Raistlin takes Kit's place as the sacrifice, so Kit finds Tas' friend Dogz and convinces him to use a potion to free Tas from the evil spell. Dogz agrees and frees Tas from the enchantment. The party then kill Fesz and then the Nightmaster and his other acolytes. Dogz is also killed in the volcano eruption, however the party escapes and leaves Karthay. (Source: The Companions)

346 AC

Raistlin's Test: Par-Salian and Antimodes meet, where they discuss the disappearance of many black-robed mages. They also talk in concern over whether Fistandantilus will interfere in Raistlin's Test. The Majere twins arrive at Wayreth Tower, where Raistlin begins his Test, and his brother is allowed to watch. During the Test, Raistlin is aided by Fistandantilus who gives him golden skin, shielding him from the magic of others, in return for part of his lifeforce. The young mage accepts the gift, however using his new power, he then renegs on the deal with Fistandantilus and continues on his Test. Raistlin is then injured during the Test by a dark elf, enabling Fistandantilus to claim his due. An image of Caramon then arrives to aid his brother, displaying remarkable skill in magic. In a jealous rage, Raistlin strikes down the image of his brother, unable to accept the fact that Caramon could be far more skilled in magic than him. The Test concludes and Raistlin is accepted as a Wizard of High Sorcery, gifted with hourglass eyes by Par-Salian. His eyes allow him to see things wither away and die before his eyes. Raistlin chooses to wear the Red Robes and leaves the Tower of Wayreth with his brother. (Sources: Soulforge, 'Test of the Twins'- The Magic of Krynn)

Crownguard's Justice: Vertumnus returns to the High Clerist's Tower and faces Lord Boniface Crownguard. He challenges the Solamnic lord to trial by combat, and easily beats the knight. Boniface is charged with dishonor and reveals his crimes against Angriff and the knighthood. The Solamnic lord is hung for his crimes. (Source: The Oath and the Measure)

Search for old gods: In Solace, the companions agree to split up as a group and search for any signs of the old gods on their own.

Kishpa's Love: Tanis meets the dwarven juggler Clotnik, who informs him that he may be able to help the half-elf learn more about his father. Tanis and Clotnik travel towards the ruins of Ankatavaka, where they find the dying mage Kishpa, who has been attacked by sligs. Kishpa tells Tanis that he can send him back into the past of the mage's memories, where he wants the half-elf to return with his lost love Brandella. He also tells Tanis that he has memories of the half-elf's father which will be his reward. Tanis accepts and is transported to 248 AC. (Source: Tanis the Shadow Years)

Escaping the Past: On returning from the past, Tanis and Brandella are rejoined by the dwarf Clotnik. The half-elf tells the dwarf of his parents, Mertwig and Yeblidod, who he met in the past. Brandella is captured by the sligs who slew Kishpa, however he soon rescues her again. Clotnik tells Tanis that the true intent of his quest was not to actually bring back Brandella, but rather to pass on memories of her to another. Brandella fades from existence, telling Tanis of a final message that was left for him, before she disappears completely. Clotnik and Tanis journey to the ruins of Ankatavaka to find the message and are again attacked by the sligs. The village statue of the hero Scowarr saves Tanis, and the half-elf reads the old message. The remaining sligs turn into images of his friends, however they too are defeated, as the curse of Fistandantilus (who cursed Tanis in the Land of the Dead) is broken. Tanis heads into the hills alone, where he creates a sculpture of Kishpa and Brandella, so that others might learn of their story. (Source: Tanis the Shadow Years)

346-347 AC

Sturm and Kit head north: Kitiara Uth Matar and Sturm Brightblade decide to travel northward together, as they are both headed towards Solamnia. The pair board a ship captained by the elf Tirolan Ambrodel, who takes them to Caergoth. As the ship docks in Caergoth, Tirolan takes the two warriors to a local bar, where they are set upon by draconians (although at this time, the pair do not realise what draconians are). Tirolan parts ways with Kit and Sturm, leaving a magical pendant to Kit in order to give her good luck. The pair then encounter a gnomish crew who are working on the flying ship Cloudmaster. The gnomes offer to take the two to Solanthus, however the trip goes awry and the ship ends up flying to the red moon, Lunitari. Whilst on Lunitari, Sturm receives visions about his father, and Kit grows in strength. As they try to learn more about the moon, the Cloudmaster is taken away. The gnomes and the warriors track their ship to a small village, where they find the mad sailor Rapaldo the First, who has declared himself leader over the plant-like Oudouhai. Rapaldo declares that he will hand over his kingdom to Sturm, so that he can leave, since the Oudouhai are not willing to let Rapaldo leave without having another worthy king to replace him. When Sturm refuses, Rapaldo kills the gnome Bellcrank and then sends the Oudouhai after them, however first Kit and Sturm succeed in killing Rapaldo. The surviving gnomes and the two warriors flee into a mysterious valley where they find a crystal obelisk. In the valley, the group find their ship Cloudmaster and the brass dragon Cupelix. The group frees Cupelix from the obelisk, and all plan to return to Krynn. During their return journey, Cupelix falters and is unable to make it to Krynn, as he tries to fly alongside the ship. However it seems that the moon has revived Bellcrank, who arises from the sands and joins Cupelix to keep him company on the red moon. The Cloudmaster makes it to Krynn, and all it's magical gifts leave Kit, Sturm and the gnomes. (Source: Darkness and Light)

Death of a Highlord/Kit's Disappearance: The party arrives near a battered ship, and the two warriors decide to board it to investigate. They find the body of a cleric of Majere, as well as some treasure. However a sudden storm drives the Cloudmaster away from the old ship, stranding Kit and Sturm upon it. Kit opens a locked seal and succeeds in freeing a flesh eating gharm. They are then visited by the spirit of the ship's captain, who tells them of how his first mate fleeced some draconians and an evil cleric during a trade, and who then cursed the ship and it's crew. He tells of how Drott, his former first mate became the gharm and killed everyone on board, except for the captain who died of starvation. The pair use fire to destroy the gharm and Sturm uses Tirolan's amulet to heal Kit's poisoned wounds. The old ship draws close to the Cloudmaster again, and the two are rescued by the gnomes. Once the ship comes to shore, Sturm and Kit depart and then choose to split paths. Sturm goes onto Garnet where he is warned by a dying Rose Knight, and by another figure who carries the Brightblade, ancient sword of Sturm's ancestors. The young warrior joins a group of cattle farmers, and helps them fending off raiders. At the same time he captures Tervy, a young raider girl, who he befriends. The cattle farmers, Sturm and Tervy journey to Vingaard Keep to get work, and are met by the Dragon Highlord Merinsaard. The warlord imprisons the cattle farmers, but offers Sturm a role in his army. Sturm accepts and asks that Tervy accompany him. The two then subdue Merinsaard in his tent, fleeing his camp whilst Sturm is dressed in the highlord's armor. Sturm also frees the imprisoned cattle farmers, and asks them to take Tervy with them. Sturm then travels to the ruins of Castle Brightblade upon Mai-Tat, Merinsaard's horse, where he finds his father's armor and also the sword Brightblade. Upon finding his father's weapon and armor, Sturm is then ambushed by Merinsaard, who shapechanges from Mai-Tat into the highlord. Merinsaard defeats Sturm in battle using his magical sword Thresholder, but just before striking down the young warrior, he is shot down by a mysterious archer. Sturm finds a note attached to the arrow that killed the highlord, which reveals Kit as the archer and saying she has repaid her debt to her former friend. (Source: Darkness and Light)

Tas returns to Kendermore: The dwarf Gisella Hornslager arrives in Solace where she attempts to return Tas to Kendermore for his arranged marriage. Gisella, her assistant Woodrow and Tas journey to the Newsea, where they come across a group of Aghar who help transport Gisella's wagon and the group across the Newsea to Rosloviggen, aboard a small boat. The resident doctor of Kendermore, the human Phineas Curick, treats Trapspringer Furrfoot (Tas' uncle) and trades him a fingerbone for a map. The doctor soon finds that the map leads to a treasure, however he only possesses half, and Trapspringer tells Phineas that Tas has the other half. Tas' future betrothed, Damaris Metwinger (also daughter of the town mayor), runs away from town to avoid getting married. The doctor treats the curious half-ogre Denzil, before deciding to take Trapspringer to find Damaris and ensure that Tas comes to town (and brings the other half of the map). The pair journeys to the Ruins, and on finding Damaris, the two kender suffer the effects of the magical grove, where they fall in love. The ogre Vinsint finds them all, taking the trio back to his lair in the basement of the destroyed Tower of High Sorcery. The three end up exploring the basement and find a portal to a plane of candy filled with obese kender. (Source: Kendermore)

The Portal's Treasure: As Tas, Woodrow and Gisella arrive in Rosloviggen, Tas befriends the dwarven mayor by telling him stories about Flint. It turns out that Flint's grandfather Reghar, was close friends with Mayor Krakold's grandfather. The trio are given free reign to enjoy themselves during the Oktoberfest festival. However whilst looking at a ride, Tas and Woodrow are kidnapped by the mad gnomes Bozdil and Ligg. Tas finds that the gnomes want to use him in their Krynnish creature display. Rather than be left in a museum, Tas befriends a talking woolly mammoth called Winnie, and breaks free with Winnie and Woodrow. Gisella searches for her lost friends and encounters the fearsome Denzil. Upon finding Woodrow and Tas, Denzil kills Gisella, wounds Woodrow and then takes Tas to the Ruins near Kendermore. The ogre Vinsint appears and captures Tas and Denzil, again taking back more 'friends' to his lair. Tas and Denzil find the magic portal that Trapspringer found earlier, and whilst the two struggle in the portal, everyone is freed from the plane of candy. Denzil spies treasure in the portal and leaps inside, only to find himself trapped in the portal alone, unable to escape. Damaris chooses to wed Trapspringer, whilst Phineas and Vinsint begin to plan opening a tourist attraction. Woodrow leaves to continue to run Gisella's trading business, and Tas continues on his adventures, hoping that his uncle and Damaris have fun adventuring on the moon (which they end up visiting through use of their magical rings). (Source: Kendermore)

Amberyl's Tale: A tale begins to circulate in which Raistlin and his twin stay at an inn near the Wayreth Forest. Supposedly an Irda named Amberyl also visits the inn, and the twins aid her against the other patrons. Amberyl and Raistlin complete the Valin (an Irda mating ritual), and then she casts a spell to remove all memory of the encounter from Raistlin's mind. Amberyl's brother Keryl arrives and tells that his sister died in childbirth, but that the baby girl has golden eyes, as he takes the child away with him. This legend is little more than that, and is believed to have been spun by bards after the events of the War of the Lance, once the Majere twins grew to legendary status. The bards and minstrels purport that it occurred in 346-347 AC, before most people even knew of Raistlin. It is strongly believed that there is absolutely no truth to this tale however. Source: Raistlin's Daughter (Love and War)

346-349 AC

Flint returns to Hillhome: Flint Fireforge learns that Theiwar dwarves have begun to appear in the Neidar village of Hillhome. Finding this odd, he decides to journey back to his old clan home. Upon arriving, he learns that his older brother Aylmar recently died of a heart attack. Flint learns that the Theiwar dwarves are paying huge fees to house their farming equipment in the Neidar storehouses. Finding it strange that the Theiwar would pay such sums, Flint discovers that this 'farming equipment' is actually caches of steel weapons. He also discovers that Aylmar was murdered by a Theiwar savant for discovering the same information about the Theiwar weapons. Aylmar's son Basalt chooses to join Flint, as the pair journey to Thorbardin. Flint is soon caught by a Theiwar patrol and brought before the savant, Pitrick, who is also the advisor to Realgar, Thane of the Theiwar. Basalt escapes their notice however. Pitrick tries to torture Flint to get information out of him. The savant is enamoured with the captain of the guard, Perian Cyprium. However even Perian is not spared Pitrick's wrath when she tries to stop him from casting Flint into a carrion crawler's pit. She is also thrown in the pit, after Pitrick charms her soldiers and orders them to comply. Flint and Perian escape the pit, with the aid of the Aghar dwarf Nomscul. The two find themselves in the Aghar town of Mudhole, and the two dwarves are named the King and Queen of Mudhole. The Aghar town is attacked by Pitrick's carrion crawler, however the dwarves defeat it and begin to train the Aghar as their private army. During the fighting, Flint also acquires Pitrick's ring of teleportation. Perian and Flint fall in love, and Perian offers the Tharkan Axe, Flint's old treasured weapon, to her love. Basalt is reunited with his uncle Flint, who gives him the magical ring, telling him to warn the folk of Hillhome. Basalt returns home and the Neidar arm themselves against the approaching Theiwar army. Flint and Perian lead the Aghar army against the Theiwar, launching several successive attacks upon the mountain dwarves. As the battered Theiwar army reaches Hillhome, they are pushed back by the combined Neidar and Aghar forces. In the final reaches of the battle, Pitrick strikes down Perian. Enraged, Flint kills Pitrick with the Tharkan Axe, which also causes the great axe to lose much of it's power. The Aghar return to Mudhole, where Nomscul and Fester are named the new king and queen. The Theiwar clan's trafficking of steel weapons is thwarted, and the mysterious warlord from Sanction plots to gain more arms from other sources. (Source: Flint the King)

347 AC

Commander Kitiara/The Mad Baron's Army: Having spent the last few months in pregnancy giving birth to a son which she names Steel Brightblade. Kitiara then resumes travelling, leaving her newborn child in the care of the female warrior Sara Dunstan. Kitiara arrives in Sanction with her companion Balif. In the dark city she is granted an audience with Lord Ariakas, who accepts her into the newly formed Dragonarmies, and then orders her to deliver a message to the red dragon Immolatus. Considering the dragon's temperament, the mission is practically a death sentence, however Kit manages to convince the dragon to join the Dragonarmies and the two return together to Sanction. On her return, Ariakas is greatly impressed and immediately promotes Kitiara to a regimental commander. Raistlin and Caramon arrive in Langtree and meet the Mad Baron, who is assembling an army of mercenaries. The twins decide to join and meet the half-kender Scrounger, who becomes their new erstwhile companion. Caramon and Scrounger are enlisted as soldiers, and Raistlin is enlisted as an apprentice war mage, to Master Horkin. After considerable training, the Mad Baron's army travels to Hope's End to stop a rebellion. (Source: Brothers in Arms)

Battle of Hope's End: Ariakas reveals to Immolatus that he has located silver and gold dragon eggs in Hope's End, which he wants to acquire. The warlord also reveals that he has been controlling King Wilhelm of Blodehelm and forcing the townsfolk of Hope's End to revolt, to give him a reason to launch his troops upon Hope's End. Kitiara and Immolatus (in human form) are ordered to sneak into the city and find the eggs before Ariakas' troops decimate the town. The two enter the town, and Kit enters the Temple of Paladine alone, since the dragon refuses to enter. Inside, she faces off against a spectral minion (formerly a Solamnic knight) and returns to Ariakas' forces with news of the eggs location. At the same time, the Mad Baron's army arrives and joins Ariakas' army, led by Commander Kholos. When Immolatus learns where the eggs are located, he races to the temple to destroy them. Kit pursues the dragon, so she can retrieve them for Ariakas. At the same time, the Mad Baron's forces secretly meet with the townsfolk of Hope's End, learning of their plight and of Kholos' treachery. The Mad Baron decides to side with the people, when he learns that there is no rebellion and that Kholos is simply trying to butcher the people. The Mad Baron's forces enter Hope's End, where they take up positions to defend the town against Kholos and his men. Raistlin, Scrounger and Caramon decide to explore the Temple of Paladine, and meet with the spectral minion. They race inside to find Kitiara battling Immolatus (in human form) over the eggs. Sir Nigel (the spectral minion) asks Paladine for aid in causing a cave-in, which protects the eggs from the dragon. Raistlin uses the Staff of Magius to strike Immolatus, and the dragon (in human form) is killed. The Mad Baron's forces crush Kholos' men, and Kholos himself is killed in battle by the Baron. The Mad Baron and his men help the townsfolk rebuild Hope's End, which includes reconsecrating the tomb of Sir Nigel. Horkin promotes Raistlin to Master's Assistant, and the twins (and Scrounger) decide to stay on with the army. Kitiara secretly escapes Hope's End. (Source: Brothers in Arms)

Ma Mable's Challenge: The minotaurs of Mithas continue to prepare for war. Lord Myca, ruler of the minotaur city of Thorador, is challenged by Ma Mable and her three sons on how to best build the minotaur fleet. Lord Myca is blinded as he prepares for the challenge. At the same time, a ship is captured by minotaurs and it's passengers are brought to Thorador as prisoners. The prisoners meet with the young kender adventurer Bennybuck Cloudberry who agrees to help them escape. Lord Myca has the prisoners chained to him, to serve as his eyes. However the group is then confronted by Ma Mable and her three sons. The fiendish quartet faces off against the prisoners in the arena, however the prisoners defeat their foes through use of traps. The group then escapes Thorador with Bennybuck and Lord Myca's gnomes. (Source: Mists of Krynn)

The Cleric of Larnish: The Majere twins have since left the Baron's army and traverse the countryside, where they attempt to locate any true clerics. Raistlin becomes increasingly bitter when finding charlatans and false clerics, exposing them to their 'faithful'. On one occasion, he exposes the Cleric of Larnish, who turns out to be little more than a basic illusionist, even though word travelled far and wide of this 'true cleric'. (Source: Brothers Majere)

The Maiden's Curse: The Majere twins meet up with the kender adventurer Earwig Lockpicker. The kender befriends the twins and begins his journeys with them. The trio come across the Solamnic Knight, Sir Gawain, and they decide to aid him in a ruin known as Death's Keep. The ruin is dominated by an old curse, which tries to take hold of Raistlin and Gawain. However Raistlin refuses to fight the knight and chooses love over anger. By doing so, he effectively breaks the curse and the party learns the story of the Maiden's Curse. Apparently a maiden was promised to a Solamnic Knight, but refused and fled to Death's Keep with her mage lover. However the knight came to the keep, and he and the mage killed each other, creating the Maiden's Curse. Gawain is humbled by the actions and decides to return to take care of his family, while Raistlin's is given a warning about his future. Source: Raistlin and the Knight of Solamnia (War of the Lance)

Bast and the Prophecy: Earwig and the Majere twins journey to the city of Mereklar, whilst looking for mercenary work to earn money. The trio accept a quest to discover why the cats of Mereklar are disappearing. The twins meet with the Lady Shavas, who is also head of the Councillors that rule Mereklar. Lady Shavas informs the twins that someone is murdering the city councillors and asks for their aid. Raistlin detects magical forces converging on the city, and also learns more about Bast, the Lord of Cats. The young mage discovers that during the Night of the Eye, a portal from the Abyss will appear and where normally the gates of the city would close and seal in evil creatures, Shavas is murdering councillors and removing cats so that the demons can break free of the Abyss and get out of Mereklar. Caramon and Earwig meet with Bast, and aid him in entering the Abyss so he can break the portal. Bast calls upon his cats to grow into powerful beasts to combat the demons. Raistlin uses poison on himself and on Shavas, to trick her into using her magic. Shavas (who turns out to be a lich) tries to kill the mage, however the drug causes her magic to reflect back to her and she ends up killing herself. Raistlin then destroys Shavas' jewel so that the lich is destroyed completely. Bast bids the companions farewell and returns to the shadows. Earwig also bids the twins farewell, as he leaves Mereklar with his new friend, the human barmaid Catherine. Raistlin and Caramon resume their travelling. (Source: Brothers Majere)

348 AC

The War of the Lance: The War of the Lance begins. The Dragonarmies invade to the east over the Khalkists, quickly claiming both Nordmaar and Goodlund, as well as establishing stronger links with their allies in the land of Khur. The Dragonarmies send emissaries to the Silvanesti promising peace. The Silvanesti accept the emissaries.

Oliver takes Flight: The dragon Oliver watches the passing of draconians, and learns how to hunt the Bozaks effectively. The young dragon is challenged by the Solamnic Knight, Sir Dauntless Jeoffrey. The two subdue each other without grievously wounding the other. The druid L'Indasha Yman appears and heals both the knight and dragon. Oliver bids the druid farewell and leaves to find his fellow dragons and determines to join in the war against the Dragonarmies. Source: The Final Touch (Dragons of Krynn)

Otik's Brew: The kender Moonwick Lightfinger spikes Otik Sandath's latest batch of ale with love powder. Otik opens the batch and freely gives it to his patrons, which begins a wild party. Realising the problem, Otik orders his foster-daughter Tika away from the inn to avoid trouble, and she decides to move out completely. Otik then waters down the batch to lessen the effects, before drinking the last of the ale himself. Source: Love and Ale (The Magic of Krynn)

Founding of the First Dragonarmy Bridging Company: The Bozak draconian Kang, overhears some fellow draconians talking about the location of some hidden treasure. He hears that the treasure is surrounded by a moat which is filled with fang-fish, and that the draconians have no idea how to get past it. Kang reveals himself to the draconians, telling them that he was trained as an engineer. The draconians Slith, Gloth and Fulkth are doubtful, however Kang explains that Ariakas had him trained as a bet, to prove that draconians were at least as smart as humans. He then explains that he deserted the fledgling forces after he killed a human. Kang makes a deal with Slith, where he offers to help them build a bridge over the moat for a portion of the treasure, if he has full command over the other draconians during the bridge-building. Slith agrees. Kang then leads Slith's troops in building a bridge, as Slith and Fulkth dispose of the dwarven skeletal warriors past the moat. Slith leads his companions past the treasure and into a storeroom filled with barrels of dwarven spirits, where he relays his plan of selling the spirits to the other draconians to make far more profit than the amount in the treasure room. An Umber Hulk attacks the draconians as they plan, however Gloth leads the troops against the monster, which quickly falls to their might. Kang departs from Slith's troops, and rejoins the Dragonarmies. He is later appointed to a commanding position, and given charge of Slith and Gloth's regiment. He meets with his former comrades and buys them a round of drinks, starting the beginning of a long and fruitful friendship. Source: Kang's Command (Dragon #276)

Nestmates: The Aurak assassin Bulmammon is commissioned by Lord Ariakas to kill a rogue dragon. Ariakas sends eight sivaks and the human warrior Karl Baeron to accompany the assassin. Bulmammon finds that the gold dragon he has been sent after possesses a red coxcomb much like his own. Realising that he and this dragon were originally from the same brood, he turns on his allies, killing the eight sivaks, in order to save his kin. However his subordinate Baeron murders the Aurak, and then disposes of the helpless young gold dragon. Baeron returns to Ariakas, reporting of Bulmammon's treachery and assumes his role as chief assassin. Source: Even Dragon Blood (Dragons at War)

The Kingsword: The dwarf Isarn Hammerfell completes his life's work by crafting the kingsword Stormblade for his lord, the Hylar thane Hornfel. However the Theiwar thief Skarn steals the sword under the orders of the Theiwar thane Realgar, attacking Isarn's apprentice Stanach, as he flees. Skarn does not return the sword to Realgar however, choosing to take the sword with him out of Thorbardin, as payment for Realgar murdering Skarn's son earlier. (Source: Stormblade)

349 AC

Red Dragonarmy invades Silvanesti: The elf Dalamar Argent of House Servitor discovers a black-robe mage's cave in the Silvanesti woods. Dalamar finds solace in the cave and begins to practice magic in secret, enjoying the dark arts. Because of his attitude and secret wanderings, his is passed from one elven lord to another as a servant, until he is eventually given over to Lord Tellin from House Cleric. The Dragonarmies veer south and attack an unprepared Silvanesti, led by the Red Dragon Highlord Phair Caron and her red dragon Blood Gem. The elves flee to their capital of Silvanost, as the Red Dragonarmy continues to pillage elven cities. Dalamar offers Lord Tellin a way to protect Silvanesti by creating illusions over the elven army. Dalamar's plan succeeds until Phair's mage Tramd, leads a dragon towards the elven mages. The dragon kills Ylle Savath, head of House Mystic, and all the other elven mages. Lord Tellin is struck down by a magical avatar of the mage Tramd, before Dalamar can dispel the avatar. (Source: Dalamar the Dark)

Lorac's Nightmare/Silvanesti Evacuation: Lorac, Speaker of the Stars, orders the evacuation of his people to Southern Ergoth, whilst he attempts to stop the armies with the use of the Dragon Orb. The Orb instead takes control of Lorac and projects his nightmares onto Silvanesti, twisting and corrupting the land through the manipulation of the green dragon Cyan Bloodbane who is summoned by the Orb. As the nightmares arise, Highlord Phair Caron witnesses horrifying images which cause her to tear out her eyes before she is killed by her own maddened troops. During the voyage to Southern Ergoth, Lord Garan perishes and one of his elven comrades, Lord Konnal, assumes leadership of the new elven council. (Source: Dalamar the Dark)

Kaelay's Gamble: A Dragonarmy company invades and conquers the town Lenat. The company captain Laronnar becomes infuriated that his superior, Commander Dralon, constantly brags about military plans that Laronnar comes up with. Dralon's bragging to the barmaid Kaelay causes the enraged Laronnar to challenge his commander. Kaelay helps both men, but eventually sides with Laronnar and kills Dralon. The captain is then promoted to commander and presented with the blue dragon Char, Dralon's mount. Char reveals that she occasionally travels in human form and was actually Kaelay, and that she sided with Laronnar since she believes that he will lead them both to greater glory than what Dralon ever could. Source: A Lull in the Battle (Dragons at War)

The High Theocrat/Destruction of Erolydon: Hederick has become the High Theocrat of the Seeker church in Solace. Through the use of the magical Diamond Dragon, he has his followers build the temple of Erolydon on the shores of Crystalmir Lake. The Seeker also employs goblins and mercenaries to enforce his will and root out dissenters. Hederick becomes something of a local tyrant, killing those he deems as heretics with his pet materbill. Hederick's sister Ancilla and the former Seeker Tarscenian, gather forty mages to their side who encase their bodies in Vallenwood trees and focus all their power within Ancilla. The mage attempts to defeat Hederick, however she fails when he produces the Diamond Dragon and is trapped permanently within a Vallenwood tree. Tarscenian requests the aid of the local thieves guild, and acquires the aid of the thief Mynx and the kender Kifflewit Burrthistle. The guild leader Gaveley plans to sell Tarscenian to Hederick and also acquire the Diamond Dragon. Whilst in the temple, Kifflewit acquires the Diamond Dragon, after Hederick uses it on himself, however he then returns it to the Seeker, and saves the life of the centaur Phytos from being executed by the Seeker. Mynx learns of Gaveley's dark dealings with Hederick and attempts to warn Tarscenian, but is imprisoned in the Diamond Dragon but accident. Tarscenian and the thief Snoop infiltrate the temple, however the thief is killed by a slime monster. Tarscenian makes it into the temple only to captured by Hederick and Gaveley. Once Gaveley is no longer of use, Hederick disposes of his former ally before making plans with his underling, High Priest Dahos. However Kifflewit, Phytos and the centaurs lay siege to Erolydon, freeing the slaves and destroying the temple. Mynx, now free from the Dragon, joins with Tarscenian and Kifflewit, who plan to go to Haven to warn the Seeker Council of Hederick's unjust actions. Hederick escapes the destruction of his temple and takes up residence in the old Solace Seeker chapel. (Source: Hederick the Theocrat)

Goldmoon's Suitors: Chief Arrowthorn of the Que-Shu announces the beginning of a ceremony in which suitors must compete for his daughter's hand, as well as recognise her as a god. One of her suitors Riverwind, refuses to recognise Goldmoon, Arrowthorn's daughter, as a god and is spurned. It is discovered that another suitor Hollow-Sky, has sabotaged weapons in order to ensure winning the contest. Hollow-Sky is the son of Loreman, tribal record keeper, and it becomes clear to Goldmoon that this family is attempting to claim rulership over the tribe. The ceremony ends with Hollow-Sky and Riverwind as the winners, both are allowed to escort Goldmoon to the Que-Shu burial chambers. Hollow-Sky drugs Riverwind and tells Goldmoon that his father Loreman wants her dead, but that he wishes to marry her and rule the tribe. He then tries to force himself upon her, however Riverwind (who didn't eat the drugged food) leaps up and challenges Hollow-Sky. The two fight and Hollow-Sky is killed. In the burial chambers, Goldmoon receives a vision from her mother Tearsong, who tells Goldmoon that Riverwind is right in believing in the old gods. Goldmoon accepts the old gods and accepts that she will be tested before she is accepted by Mishakal as a true cleric. Outside the burial chambers, Goldmoon and Riverwind declare their love for one another before returning to the tribe. Source: Heart of Goldmoon (Love and War)

350 AC

Dragonarmies conquer eastern Ansalon: The Dragonarmies rebuild themselves after heavy losses from their battles with the Silvanesti elves. They recruit from the conquered lands and now control all of eastern Ansalon, except for Saifhum.

Theros Elf-Friend: Theros discovers that Moorgoth has already claimed Marissa and killed her once he returns to Sanction. His return was delayed due to being blackmailed by the general Yagath into serving him for five years, and then by being forced to serve a hobgoblin army for another two years. In his travels he is then captured by elves, and offered a job by Gilthanas, a Qualinesti prince, to design a fleet of ships to aid the Qualinesti in evacuating Southern Ergoth. Theros complies and begins the work. At one point he is almost killed by bounty hunters working for Moorgoth, who is now a commander in Dragon Highlord Verminaard's army. (Source: Theros Ironfeld)

Hunt for the Kingsword: Rumors begin to circulate of a divine Kingsword. The dwarven thanes begin hunting for the sword, as wielding such a blade ensures that one can become the regent of Thorbardin. Both Hornfel and Realgar mount their own searches for the blade. (Source: Stormblade)

Colombine: A young gnome by the name of Kali finds two humans lying next to the body of a dead dragon in his village. The dragon was struck down by a gnomish projectile, and feeling partially responsible, the young healer takes the two into his care. The female warrior is the first to awaken. She calls herself a Dragon Highlord and tries to kill the human male, however she is soon knocked unconscious by the gnomes. The human male Oster then awakens and seeing the beautiful female, he falls in love with her, not realising that she is a member of the Dragonarmies. Kali convinces Oster that the woman's name is Colombine, and that she is a good woman who rescued him. Oster beguns collecting ingredients for Kali, to help the gnome in his work. During his adventures, Oster also rescues a priest, who he gets to heal 'Colombine'. Unfortunately the lady awakens, dons her armor and attacks Oster, again without the young man realising that the Highlord and his 'Colombine' are one and the same. Oster defeats the Highlord in combat and comes to believe that 'Colombine' has died from her illness. Source: Clockwork Hero (War of the Lance)

Wrath of Two Gods: The merchant Vandor Grizt finds himself captured by Stel, a cleric of Chemosh. Stel brings Vandor aboard the minotaur ship Tauron, where he plans to recover some ancient artifacts of Chemosh. Whilst in the Blood Sea, Stel sacrifices his dreadwolf and some of his blood to appease Zeboim. The ship finally rests near where there are some Istarian ruins, and where Stel believes the artifacts lay. Some of Vandor's dead ancestors are sent to recover the artifacts, whilst Stel summons an undead leviathan. Stel begins preparations to sacrifice Vandor and let his blood flow into the water to receive Zeboim's blessing. At the same time, Vandor prays to Shinare. Stel uses a relic of Chemosh which he inadvertently breaks. The ship is then beset by the wrath of Chemosh, as well as the rage of Zeboim for not receiving her sacrifice. The undead rise from the waters to destroy the ship and claim the crew and Stel. Vandor somehow escapes the danger and sets about to locate the nearest Temple of Shinare, where he decides to dedicate himself to her worship. Source: The Hand that Feeds (War of the Lance)

350-351 AC

The Hest Elves: Now that Goldmoon and Riverwind have pledged their love to each other and long since returned, Chief Arrowthorn sends Riverwind on a courting quest for her hand in marriage. The chief gives the young plainsman an impossible task, to force him to fail and be unable to claim his daughter's hand. He charges Riverwind with the task of finding proof of the old gods, and returning it to the Que-Shu. Riverwind sets out on his journey and comes across the old plainsman Catchstar (also known as Catchflea), who decides to travel with him. The two wander to the east and are set upon by a pack of wolves, after Riverwind shoots a sheep and then a few of the wolves. The pack leader shows his intelligence by talking to Riverwind. Calling himself Kyanor, the strange wolf swears vengeance on the plainsman's head for killing his son, before the pack departs. The pair camp in the east and find that a thief tries to pilfer from their belongings. Following the thief down a hole, Riverwind and Catchflea find that they have discovered a hidden entrance to a colony of underground elves, known as the Hestite. They find the thief, who is a young elf called Di An, and the three are captured by elven soldiers who take them to the underground city of Vartoom. The city's ruler, Li El, charms Riverwind and puts him to work alongside her soldiers, whilst Di An and Catchflea are imprisoned. Di An leads Catchflea to meet Ro Mors, leader of the Blue Sky people, and of those who oppose Li El's despotic rule. Catchflea gives pepper to Mors, which his men use to stun the soldiers of Vartoom. During a revolt by the people, Riverwind is freed. Li El's brother Vvelz, aids the rebel army with his magic, but is captured and put to death for treason. Li El's army is defeated and in the final battle, she throws herself out of a tower window and plunges to her doom. Ro Mors then takes charge of Vartoom, and offers positions to Catchflea and Riverwind. However the two plainsmen choose to refuse the offer, and Di An chooses to go with them. The trio secretly leave Vartoom via some underground tunnels, which eventually takes them to Xak Tsaroth. (Source: Riverwind the Plainsman)

The Blue Crystal Staff: In the depths of Xak Tsaroth, the trio encounter Aghar dwarves, draconians and goblins. They are soon captured and brought before the ophidian draconian Thouriss and his creator, the human alchemist Krago. The two reveal their plans to create a female ophidian called Lyrexis, from which basis the ophidians will then begin to start as a race. Riverwind tries to escape from his imprisonment and is forced to fight against Thouriss. After a mighty struggle, Thouriss is drowned and Riverwind stops Krago from creating Lyrexis. He then takes Krago with his companions as they flee from Xak Tsaroth. The Bozak draconian leader Shanz, leads his men after the party. Shanz cuts down Krago and Catchstar, however Riverwind and Di An escape to the surface and into Mishakal's temple. Di An becomes petrified from exposure to the sun and will not budge. Inside the temple, Riverwind finds the Blue Crystal Staff and is approached by Mishakal. She tells him that either he can be saved, or Di An can. The warrior chooses Di An, and the young elf is healed and magically returned to Vartoom. Di An then chooses to become a cleric of Mishakal. Riverwind is awarded the Blue Crystal Staff for his noble act and begins to journey back to the Que-Shu village. On the return journey, he is tricked by Shanz and the black dragon Khisanth, who have illusions cast over them to make them appear as actors. They drug Riverwind, however he still kills Shanz with the magical staff. Khisanth is forced to retreat after Riverwind tosses magical powder at the dragon. The plainsman then makes his way back to Que-Shu, where his courting quest is finally completed and he can take Goldmoon's hand in marriage. (Sources: Riverwind the Plainsman, Riverwind and the Blue Crystal Staff - 'The Magic of Krynn)

351 AC

Dragonarmy Conquerors: The Dragonarmies split and attack the west, northwest and southwest simultaneously. Kalaman, Abanasinia, Ice Wall and Solace all fall to their might. The Blue Dragonarmy targets the Solamnic Plains, where Vingaard and Solanthus fall alongside the already captured Kalaman. Lemish then allies themselves with the Dragonarmies, however the Kayolin dwarves muster resistance against the dark forces. At the same time, the Red Dragonarmy launches attacks across the New Sea to the Plains of Abanasinia. The barbarian plainspeople tribes are subjugated and many are forced into slavery. The armies then march to the Qualinesti border. The elves choose to flee their homes, for the safety of Southern Ergoth. The Dragonarmies also lay siege against Thorbardin, however find they cannot claim the ancient dwarven kingdom. They also strike across the Plains of Dust and claim Tarsis and the southern reaches.

The Krynn Portal: A group of otherworldly adventurers find themselves stranded upon Krynn, after crossing through a portal with the kender Twill Topknot. The kender explains that his master, the mage Stevie, is trapped on Krynn and trying to return home. The adventurers defeat a local ogre before being transported to Krynn and then speak with Stevie about returning. The mage directs the party to the citadel of the renegade wizard Voss, where they are to find a magical item which will send them home. The party is successful, and with the kender and mage, they all transport themselves out of Krynn. (Source: Mists of Krynn)

Edwin's Resolve: As the Dragonarmies war upon Solamnia, Castle Crownguard finds itself under siege. Derek Crownguard and his brother Edwin prepare the castle defenses, as the knight Aran Tallbow arrives to advise Derek that Lord Gunthar cannot send reinforcements. As the dark legions approach the castle, Edwin spends his time in prayer and Derek broods in what he sees as Gunthar's treachery. A dragon attacks one of the towers of Castle Crownguard. Edwin and several knights lead a charge in which the dragon is driven off, at the expense of the knights lives. Derek flees his castle to slip deeper into safe Solamnic territory. Source: Glory Descending (Dragons at War)

The Great General Krynos: More people flee the wrath of the Dragonarmies as they storm through the Solamnic Plains. General Krynos of Cultharai leds his dark army through the plains and is confronted by the Solamnic Knight Garrick. The knight is captured and tortured for information. Garrick is eventually killed, however it isn't until shortly after that the dark army realises he was infected with the plague. Eventually Krynos' army dies out, and even the great general falls victim to the plague. Source: By the Measure (Love and War)

Mara the Thief: Draconians lay siege to the village of Arnisson, which causes the young girl Mara to sneak into Mt Nevermind, to find weapons to defeat the draconians. Mara befriends the gnome Standback and tests his security systems. She finds the gnome's inventions are too dangerous to be handled, after they kill some draconian intruders. Mara convinces Standback to donate his weapons to the draconians, thereby hurting the draconians far more when they try to use the weapons. Source: War Machines (War of the Lance)

Glitch's Dragon: An Aghar clan near the city of Chaldis, resume their quest to find the Promised Place. The clan led by Highbulp Glitch comes across the wounded green dragon Verden Leafglow, who has lost her self-stone which she can use to heal herself. However she soon learns that Glitch accidentally swallowed the stone, and is then blackmailed by the Aghar into leading them to the Promised Place. Verden leads the Aghar to Xak Tsaroth and is rewarded for her good deed. Source: The Promised Place (War of the Lance)

Vandar Brightblade: Riva Silvercrown is rescued by the young warrior Sturm Brightblade, after being set upon by a band of hobgoblins. The two journey to a Temple of Majere, where Sturm's wounds are tended to. The young Brightblade retrieves his sword and returns to Solace, leaving Riva in the care of the monks. Riva is acquainted with Vandar Brightblade, a monk in the temple, and Sturm's uncle. However Dragon Highlord Kitiara and the death knight Lord Soth lead their dark forces through Solamnia. The Blue Dragonarmy come across the temple, destroys it and kills all the monks. Only Vandar and Riva escape the carnage. Vandar then leads Riva to a shed near the temple where he shows her a dragonlance. Vandar gives the dragonlance to Riva, shortly thereafter noticing the constellations of Paladine and Takhisis are missing from the sky. The two setup camp and Riva rests, where she dreams of Soth chasing her. She awakens to find a draconian poised to strike her down, however the pair are saved by Fizban and the young boy Tip of Andor, who kill the draconian. The four travel to Castle Silvercrown, where they are greeted by Riva's father, Lord Silvercrown and Riva's brother Marik. Not long after arriving, Fizban is attacked by Marik, who reveals himself to actually be a Sivak draconian who killed Marik months ago. The Sivak spy throws Fizban to his doom and taunts Vandar. Riva and the others arrive, where Riva challenges the Sivak to single combat. Riva defeats the draconian and is horrified to see it change into her form on dying. (Source: DC DL Comics 1-4)

Warrior of Majere: Riva has a dream in which she sees Vandar arguing with his long-dead brother Angriff. In the dream Angriff is wounded by an arrow and is later killed. Lord Soth and Takhisis tempt Riva and Vandar in the dream, until Riva wields the dragonlance against the Dark Queen. Riva awakens from the vivid dream only to find that Vandar has had the exact same dream. The two are further startled when Fizban appears, since they had thought him dead after the encounter with the Sivak. Fizban alludes that he is more than just a bumbling wizard. The Dragonarmies approach Castle Silvercrown and it is attacked by red and blue dragons. Riva joins her father's men in defending the castle, whilst Fizban reprimands Vandar for not fighting. Riva wields the Dragonlance and strikes down a red dragon, and is then confronted by Dragon Highlord Kitiara and Skie. Kit and Riva fight, with Kit easily defeating and disarming Riva. However Vandar intervenes and uses his Medallion of Majere to create earth armor around his body. Vandar then challenges Kit, and begins to gain the upper hand, so Kit grabs the young Tip and holds him hostage. Whilst distracted, Skie sends a bolt of lightning which annihilates Vandar. As Riva stands shocked, Kit grabs the dragonlance and flees upon Skie. Fizban laters reveals that Riva was wielding a fake dragonlance and that he possessed the true one all along. (Source: DC DL Comics 1-4)

Dagger of Takhisis: A trader known as Parris, discovers a curious dagger on his travels. Passing through Solace, he sells the dagger to Flint Fireforge. As the dagger is used, it feeds on the blood of it's victims and regains consciousness, revealing that it is a sentient being. Takhisis secretly tells the creature that it must try to kill Flint and Tasslehoff Burrfoot. As the dagger waits for it's chance, it is used on a Baaz draconian where it is trapped in the stone body and dies. Source: Dagger Flight (Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes)

The Companions Reunited: Tanis, Flint and Tasslehoff return from their adventuring, and meet up on the road to Solace. They are confronted outside of town, by the hobgoblin Toede and his men. Toede reveals that he is searching for a Blue Crystal Staff, and lets them three pass after a minor skirmish. Inside the Inn of the Last Home, the three are joined by their friends Raistlin and Caramon Majere. Sturm Brightblade also joins his friends, along with two new companions, the Que-Shu barbarians Riverwind and Goldmoon. In the inn, an old man asks Goldmoon to sing, even though the Seeker priest Hederick tries to stop her and is mildly burned when he drunkenly falls into a fire. Tas grabs Goldmoon's staff and hits Hederick with it, however the staff heals the drunk's wounds. The old man calls for the guards, and the party flees with the assistance of the barmaid Tika. The group flee over Lake Crystalmir and note the missing constellations of both Paladine and Takhisis. The party then journeys into Darken Wood, where they are led by a white stag. (Source: Dragons of Autumn Twilight)

White Stag and the Forestmaster: As the white stag leads the Heroes of the Lance deeper into Darken Wood, Flint relates a story about a white stag that turned the forest of Shadow Wood into Darken Wood. Flint tells how the stag betrayed the Forestmaster and led humans after her. After the stag has finished leading the Heroes, he realises that draconians are hunting the party. The stag determines that he mustn't let his pride get to him, and resolves to try and solve the problems he has caused within the forest. The stag notices that King Peris and his undead men (the humans who originally hunted the Forestmaster and died within the woods) do not hunt him, as they normally would, and then approaches the draconians, offering to lead them to the Forestmaster, in a bid to save the unicorn by fooling the foul humanoids. The stag is then transformed into a unicorn and leads the draconians on a chase, eventually leading them to Peris and his men. The undead vanquish the draconians and are finally released from their curse and allowed to pass from the world. Source: Hunting Destiny (Love and War)

The Forestmaster: The Heroes of the Lance meet with the Forestmaster and a few of the centaurs living within Darken Wood. The Forestmaster (a powerful unicorn) tells the Heroes that they must find proof of the true gods, and lends them some of her pegasi to take them to the east. As the Heroes fly east, they stop at the Plainsmen village of Que-Shu, where they find that the Dragonarmies have decimated the town and killed many barbarians. Goldmoon and Riverwind are distraught to find their homes destroyed. (Source: Dragons of Autumn Twilight)

Kang's Wicker Dragon: Prior to the Heroes arriving in Xak Tsaroth, the draconian commander Kang and his regiment, the First Dragonarmy Bridging Company, construct a large wicker dragon to play a trick on the 33rd Baaz Infantry in Xak Tsaroth. The Baaz throw themselves to the ground in fear over the fearsome 'dragon' and begin to worship it. (Source: Draconian Measures)

The Disks of Mishakal/Goldmoon Reborn: A patrol of draconians come across the Heroes, capture them and take them back to their camp near Xak Tsaroth. However Flint and Tas escape the draconian's clutches, and trail them back to their camp. Finding the wicker dragon, the dwarf and kender wander inside, where Tas pretends to be the dragon, causing the draconians to fall to the ground in worship and allowing the rest of their friends to escape. The party then enters Xak Tsaroth, where they are ambushed by the black dragon Khisanth and Riverwind is killed. However Goldmoon finds the Temple of Mishakal and using the power of the goddess, heals Riverwind. In the ruins, the party encounters the Aghar dwarf Bupu, who befriends Raistlin after he casts a charm spell on her, and then decides to help lead the party into the depths of Xak Tsaroth. Bupu leads the party to Highbulp Phudge, who tries to send the warriors to their doom by showing them the way to Khisanth's lair. The dragon captures Raistlin but is struck down and killed by Goldmoon, as she wields the Blue Crystal Staff. Holy fire destroys the dragon, and the party flees as the dragon's lair starts to crumble. Goldmoon recovers the Disks of Mishakal, which she is certain will bring knowledge of the true gods back to the people, and restore the faith in the gods. Just before leaving Xak Tsaroth behind, Bupu gives a present to Raistlin, the spellbook of Fistandantilus, which she recovered from Khisanth's lair for him. Raistlin asks the gods to protect little Bupu, before sending her back home to the Aghar within Xak Tsaroth. (Source: Dragons of Autumn Twilight)

Theros' Punishment: Theros Ironfeld completes the elven fleet, is well paid for his work and becomes known as a friend to the elves. He chooses to settle down in Solace and reopens his smithy business. The smith supplies weapons to the Seeker priest Hederick, until learning that hobgoblins and draconians are ultimately receiving his weapons. When the smith learns that Gilthanas is in Solace, he ventures to meet him, however is intercepted by a party of draconians who sever his arm. The Dragonarmies overrun Solace and it is quickly placed under their rule. All folk viewed as trouble are bundled into slave caravans, to be put enslaved in the minds of Pax Tharkas. Theros is viewed as one such troublemaker and is then tossed into a slave caravan, as he is bleeding to death from his severed limb. (Source: Theros Ironfeld)

The Heroes approach Pax Tharkas: The Heroes of the Lance return to Solace, where they find that the town has being taken over by the Dragonarmies. They make it to the Inn of the Last Home, where they meet with the owner Otik Sandath and his barmaid Tika. They also meet with the elf (and Tanis' childhood friend) Gilthanas, however the party (including Tika and Gilthanas) are captured by Dragonarmy forces and enslaved. Upon being thrown in a slave caravan, the Heroes find Theros. Theros is unconscious from loss of blood and receives a vision from his god Sargonnas. The god of vengeance honors him for his actions and allows him to choose his own god. Theros chooses to worship Mishakal and is then healed by Goldmoon in the slave caravan, with Mishakal's blessing. As Theros recovers, the party also speaks with an old man who is also in the caravan. The enigmatic figure reveals that he is a wizard called Fizban. An elven war party led by Gilthanas' elder brother Porthios, attacks the slavers and frees the prisoners from their confines, as Fizban blows open his slave caravan with a spell, allowing the Heroes, Gilthanas and Fizban to escape. The Heroes are led to Qualinost where Solostaran, the Speaker of the Sun, reveals that they are evacuating their forest to flee the Dragonarmies. The Speaker then petitions Tanis and his friends to travel to Pax Tharkas and free the slaves imprisoned there. He tells the group of a Sla-Mori (secret way) into Pax Tharkas. Solostaran outlines that he hopes this would provide enough of a distraction to cause the Dragonarmies to divert from their course to Qualinesti and go to Pax Tharkas to stop the revolt, thereby providing enough time for the elves to fully evacuate their homes. The party agrees and leaves the forest, but not before Lauralanthalasa (Laurana), daughter of the Speaker, tells Tanis how much she loves him, although he tells her that he loves the human female Kitiara. Tanis and his friends leave quickly, leaving the elven maiden behind, and in the lands near Pax Tharkas they come across the site of a great battle. Amidst some bodies, they find a surviving warrior, Eben Shatterstone, who requests to join the party. Caramon and Sturm readily agree, finding Eben an enjoyable companion and kindred warrior. However Eben starts to sow seeds of disruption in the party, alluding to the fact that he believes Gilthanas is a traitor. (Source: Dragons of Autumn Twilight)

Traitor Among Us/Fall of Pax Tharkas: Using the Sla-Mori, the party find themselves inside the tomb of great elven Speaker Kith-Kanan. Tanis is given Wyrmslayer as Kith-Kanan's skeleton releases the sword, allowing the half-elf to wield the magical blade. The party is assaulted by a giant slug when Laurana appears, revealing that she trailed the party to be with Tanis. The entire group sneaks into Pax Tharkas, where after fleeing from the spirit of a dark elf, Tanis realises that Fizban and Tas are missing. The rest of the party continue into the depths of the fortress where they find the prisoners, including the Highseeker Elistan, who is dying. Goldmoon convinces Elistan of the existence of the true gods and heals him. The group befriends the female prisoner Maritta, who aids them in freeing all the adult prisoners. Next Maritta and the group try to trick the deranged red dragon Matafleur into releasing the children from her care, so that all can escape. Eben sneaks away to inform Verminaard of the party's plans, revealing that he is the true traitor. After the meeting, Eben discovers Berem, the Green Gemstone Man and plans to lead him away from Pax Tharkas to collect the reward on him. The Aghar dwarf Sestun is discovered and left to be the plaything of Verminaard's dragon Ember. Fizban and Tas rescue Sestun, as the dragon chases them. The fiery breath of the dragon causes the chain mechanism of Pax Tharkas to melt and Fizban to fall to his death. Verminaard and Ember decide to kill the rebellious slaves, however the enraged Matafleur flies to the defense of her 'children' and attacks them. Matafleur drives Ember into a wall, where he is believed dead and the elderly red dragon is killed. Verminaard escapes the destruction and faces the Heroes of the Lance on foot. As the wall collapses due to the two dragons falling on it, Eben Shatterstone is crushed and Berem Everman is buried in the rubble. The Heroes of the Lance defeat Verminaard, leaving him for dead amongst the ruins, and lead the prisoners out of Pax Tharkas. Just out of the ruins, the party has a celebration with the prisoners, where Riverwind and Goldmoon are wed. (Source: Dragons of Autumn Twilight)

Council of Freedom/Flight to Thorbardin: After the wedding, the refugees offer representatives from each group to speak for them. This becomes known as the Council of Freedom and is headed by Elistan, Locar the Highseeker, Briar (leader of the Plainsmen refugees) and Brookland (leader of the woodfolk). The Council asks the Heroes of the Lance to help in leading them to safety. The party agrees to lead the refugees to the dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin, however they are assaulted by Verminaard and Ember, who it seems have recovered from the events at Pax Tharkas (one can only assume that they were raised from the dead by Takhisis). The refugees escape the Highlord and encounter Fizban, who they also thought dead and who has reappeared to aid the party once more. On their flight, the refugees enter the territory of the Neidar dwarves. Flint Fireforge represents the group and talks with the Neidar leader Zirkan, who leads them to his village. The Heroes of the Lance pass through the Neidar lands and eventually lead the Pax Tharkas refugees to Thorbardin. (Source: Dragons of Hope)

Quest for the Kingsword, Stormblade: The Hylar thane Hornfel, sends Stanach Hammerfell, Kyan Red-Axe and the human mage Jordy to find Stormblade. The party are first sent to Long Ridge, however they are ambushed by Realgar's men, who are led by the fearsome Grey Herald. Kyan is killed, however Stanach escapes to Long Ridge, whilst Jordy leads the dwarves away. In Long Ridge, the human warrior Hauk is now the current owner of Stormblade. He bets the sword in a wager against some Dragonarmy officers, winning by throwing a dagger at the barmaid Kelida's tray. As an apology he offers her the sword and leaves. However on leaving he is attacked by Theiwar dwarves and magically transported to their clan home in Thorbardin. Later the elven ranger Tyorl arrives, and questions Kelida about Hauk's whereabouts. He reveals that both work for the elf Finn in his rebel company against the Dragonarmies. The pair are chased out of town when they are named as spies by the local Dragonarmy forces. During their escape they encounter Stanach and a kender called Lavim Springtoe. Both join their flight and the four leave Long Ridge. Stanach tells the group about Stormblade and of the reason why Hauk may have been captured. Jordy is captured by the Theiwar and almost tortured to death, he narrowly escapes and transports himself away from danger. The dying mage speaks to Lavim and Stanach before passing. The Theiwar then capture Stanach and break his hands to learn where Stormblade is. They are interrupted by the rest of the party who attempt to rescue the dwarf. Lavim uses Jordy's magic flute to create a stinking cloud which immobilises the Theiwar. Finn tracks down Tyorl and decides to aid the group in their quest to save Hauk and retrieve Stormblade. (Source: Stormblade)

Realgar's Treachery: Realgar reveals that he is allied with the Dragon Highlords. The Dragonarmies send the black dragon Darknight to aid the thane. The dragon is sent to capture Stormblade, and finds both Kelida and Stanach which it takes back to Thorbardin. Hornfel convinces the other thanes to allow the refugees to enter Thorbardin, as Realgar finally claims Stormblade. The Theiwar thane plots to ambush and murder Hornfel at Northgate. In the dark warrens of Theibardin, Isarn Hammerfell finds and rescues Hauk, Stanach and Kelida. Realgar's men trap Hornfel and his men at Northgate, however the arrival of Finn, Tyorl and the rangers soon overcome the Theiwar warriors. Hornfel challenges Realgar to single combat, however the treacherous Theiwar calls on Darknight to blind everyone. Tyorl saves Hornfel from Realgar, whilst being struck down himself. He then fires a crossbow into Darknight's eye, killing the dragon, as he breathes his last. Hornfel resumes battle with Realgar, and finally the Theiwar thane is defeated in battle and falls from a cliff to his death. Hornfel then holds a funeral near Duncan's Tomb for all those who fell in battle. Lavim, who can commune with Jordy's spirit through the flute, tells everyone that he suspects that the Hammer of Kharas lies in Duncan's Tomb. (Source: Stormblade)

Search for the Hammer of Kharas: Hornfel now possesses Stormblade and has been named the Regent of Thorbardin. The Regent asks Tanis and his friends to recover the Hammer of Kharas in exchange for allowing the refugees to stay in Thorbardin for as long as they choose. Being supplied information about the Hammer of Kharas from the group who recovered the Helm of Grallen, the party sets out on their search. They are joined by the dwarf Arman Kharas, son of Hornfel. Whilst exploring Duncan's Tomb, they are met by the gold dragon Evenstar, who tests the group. They are allowed to pass and find the Hammer of Kharas, as well as Kharas' remains. The dragon Ember appears with several of his kind, injuring Evenstar. The gold dragon falters and loses control of the magic which keeps the floating tomb aloft. The tomb collapses, killing Ember and his kin. Evenstar gives the Hammer to the Heroes before the tomb vanishes and Evenstar is lost. The Heroes begin their return journey to Thorbardin and are attacked by Verminaard and his Dragonarmy forces, Daergar and Theiwar. A large battle breaks out, which results in Verminaard falling into a dark pit, presumably to his death. The Heroes return the Hammer of Kharas to Hornfel Kytil and the refugees are granted a permanent safe haven for as long as needed. (Source: Dragons of Desolation)

Recovery of the Dragon Orbs/Lorac's Nightmare Ends: The Heroes of the Lance head from Thorbardin to Tarsis. In the great city they meet Alhana Starbreeze, daughter of Lorac Caladon, Speaker of the Stars. They are then escorted to meet the Lord of Tarsis and treated harshly. Tasslehoff runs into three Solamnic knights (Brian Donner, Aran Tallbow and Derek Crownguard) who decide to join the party. Tasslehoff discovers some magical glasses which he uses to read a tomb about the Dragon Orbs. Upon learning of these powerful devices, the party determines to locate them just as the Dragonarmies attack the city. Sturm rescues Alhana from danger and she rewards him with a starjewel, impressed by his courage and honorable ways. The party returns to the Red Dragon Inn to plan their next move, however the inn collapses. Sturm, Flint, Tasslehoff, Laurana, Gilthanas, Elistan and the three knights escape, believing their comrades dead, continue the journey to Icewall Castle to recover the Dragon Orb. As they are leaving Laurana takes Wyrmslayer, which she finds in the rubble. Alhana and her griffons rescue Tanis, Raistlin, Caramon, Riverwind, Goldmoon and Tika, taking them all to Silvanesti to aid her father Lorac. The griffons drop off Alhana and her companions in Silvanesti, where they witness the devastated elven lands that have been corrupted due to Lorac's Nightmare. Each of them suffer from horrible dreams until both Tanis and Raistlin overcome their dreams and reach the Dragon Orb. The green dragon Cyan Bloodbane is forced to flee, and no longer has Lorac under his control. The rest of the group reach Lorac, and the elven ruler asks his daughter to bury him in the forest. Lorac passes away and the Nightmare is over. Alhana thanks Tanis for his aid, and rewards him with the magical sword Wyrmsbane, twin to the great sword Wyrmslayer. Raistlin claims the Dragon Orb within Silvanesti. (Sources: Dragons of Winter Night, 'Lorac'- War of the Lance)

Death of a Highlord/Silvara's Secret: As Tanis' group ends Lorac's Nightmare, Laurana's group reaches the Icewall Glacier. They meet with the Ice Folk, and parlay with their cleric Raggart Knug. Raggart creates a Frostreaver which he gives to Laurana and journeys with them to Icewall Castle. Laurana uses the Frostreaver to strike down Feal-Thas, Dragon Highlord of the White Dragonarmy. As a sign of good faith, due to Raggart leaving with the group, Flint, Aran and Brian remain with the Ice Folk. However marauding thanoi set upon the Ice Folk, they are turned back, but both Brian and Aran are killed during the raid. Laurana returns to the Ice Folk and her comrades begin their return journey to the warmer lands. On their return voyage, their ship is attacked by Feal-Thas' mount, the white dragon Sleet. The ship eludes the white who returns to her lair in the Icereach. Laurana and her friends are captured in Southern Ergoth by elves, as their ship runs aground. On being captured, their weapons are taken including the Dragon Orb and Wyrmslayer. A Kagonesti druid called Silvara is asked to to lead the group to Qualimori, where the Qualinesti refugees are now based. In Qualimori, tensions are high between the Kagonesti, Silvanesti and Qualinesti. As the group faces Solostaran and Porthios, Gilthanas is welcomed as a hero, and Laurana is treated as an outcast. Laurana decides to leave with her companions, also bringing Silvara and Theros Ironfeld (who was living with the refugees) along with them. As they are sneaking out of the elven camp, Laurana reclaims the Dragon Orb, but regretfully leaves Wyrmslayer behind, since she is unable to carry it. During their flight from Qualimori, emotions grow stronger between Silvara and Gilthanas. Silvara leads the party to Foghaven Vale, however she requests that Sturm and Derek take the Dragon Orb directly into Solamnia. The two knights comply and leave. She then casts a sleep spell on the others, however Tas escapes it's effects. The kender then follows Silvara into the Monument of the Silver Dragon (also the site of Huma's Tomb), learning that the Kagonesti is actually a silver dragon when he spies her talking with Fizban. The old wizard tells Silvara that she must reveal her secret to the others, which she does, much to the horror of Gilthanas. Silvara then gives Theros the power to forge dragonlances. (Sources: Dragons of Winter Night, 'Finding the Faith'- The Magic of Krynn)

Owen's Faith: As Tas prepares to go on his journey with Fizban, the pair find that they continually teleport back to Huma's Tomb. Tas and Fizban go back to Silver Dragon Mountain, where the kender overhears Theros complaining that the metal used in creating the dragonlances is worthless. Fizban then takes two of the dragonlances and teleports, sending him and Tas straight back to Huma's Tomb. In the Tomb they meet the Solamnic knight Owen Glendower, where the three of them face off against a white dragon. Tas tells Owen that the lances are useless, and upon using it, the lance shatters against the dragon due to his lack of faith. Fizban tells Owen that the lance will work if he is strong in his faith. The second dragonlance easily kills the white dragon. Fizban then instructs Tas to never reveal the secret about the dragonlances' weakness unless absolutely necessary. The kender agrees to maintain his silence. Source: The Story that Tasslehoff Promised he would never, ever, ever tell (War of the Lance)

The Witch of Wayreth Forest: After the raid on the Que-Shu village, the Dragonarmy officer Gorath, discovers that his female Que-Shu slave Meadow has escaped with her lover Starglow. Gorath chases the pair into Wayreth Forest, where he encounters the old crone Zorna. The crone is besotted with Gorath, however the soldier escapes and finds the couple. Just before reaching them, he is stopped by a dog with a shaggy tail, who knocks him into a ravine. When he awakens, he finds himself bound in a chair in Zorna's cottage. Gorath convinces Zorna to free him and then flees her cottage to resume hunting down the slaves. Again he finds the pair, and again he is confronted by the dog, who again knocks him down the ravine. As Gorath awakens the second time, he is again in Zorna's cottage and paralysed from the neck down. At this point, Zorna reveals her shaggy tail and her intent to keep Gorath there for the rest of his life. Source: A Shaggy Dog's Tail (Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes)

Mishakal's Vision: The Kedasa tribe of the Plains of Dust are attacked by marauding dragons. The tribe is practically wiped out and the only survivors are the desert warrior Torin, the assistant shaman Biar, and the Silvanesti elf Amalie. The three begin to travel to the tribe of Torin's mother, when they are attacked again. Torin realises that the dragons are hunting Amalie. The elf tells her story and how she is a dark elf, due to being branded a blasphemer by Lorac. Amalie tells that she received a vision from Mishakal, which she relayed to the elves, however they did not believe that an elf of such low caste would receive a vision from a god. Eventually after several more confrontations, the trio decides to journey to Silvanesti and warn Lorac, even though Amalie is exiled from her former home. Source: Into the Light (Dragons of Krynn)

Plus-Gnomium: Dragonarmy officer Captain Moros, after unsuccessfully trying to defeat a local settlement of gnomes, meets with the gnome Boom at a local inn. The warped gnome tells Moros of his explosive weapon Plus-Gnomium, that caused his work to be banned by the councils of Mount Nevermind. This explosive weapon has the power to level whole towns. However Moros is so shocked by the magnitude of the weapon, that he refuses to let the gnome work for him. In a rage, Boom activates the bomb, however Moros discovers how to disable it and then has Boom arrested. Moros mounts his dragon Shalebreak and takes the Plus-Gnomium with him, to lose it in the surrounding mountains. Source: Boom (Dragons at War)

351 AC - 20 SC

Portrait of a Dragon: In the town of Flotsam, the struggling artist Seron and the barmaid Kyra fall in love. Unable to sell any paintings, Seron starts work as a cook and also begins teaching lessons, however little comes of his work. He is visited by a brass dragon called Tosch who he and Kyra both befriend. Tosch leaves as the Blue Dragonarmy becomes more prominent in Flotsam. Seron's brother Cheb visits the pair, offering an unfair trade deal. Seron and Kyra refuse to give away Seron's paintings and ask him to leave. In an unfortunate accident, Cheb accidentally sets their house on fire. Seron tries to save his latest painting as the house collapses, and the painter is killed in the blaze. Kyra tells Tosch about it, and he takes her away to Palanthas with him. Over the years, Tosch visits Kyra and speaks with her about Seron as she paints. Kyra paints endless portraits of Seron, hoping to capture the true essence of him and their love, but always feeling like she failed. Many years later, Tosch returns to Kyra's shack to find she has passed away. He mourns his human friend and gazes upon her final portrait, noting that the paint is still wet. This portrait is a perfect replica of Seron, and he decides to offer a final gift for Kyra. Using his innate magic, Tosch places Kyra into the picture to forevermore be in the loving arms of Seron. Source: A Painter's Vision (Love and War)

352 AC

The Whitestone Council/Tanis' Temptation: After leaving Silvanesti, Tanis' group stays in Balifor at the Pig and Whistle inn. The proprietor William Sweetwater, lets the group stay as long as they perform. Raistlin begins to use his illusions in the act and soon becomes a local hit. The group becomes known as the 'Red Wizard and his wonderful illusions', which allows Goldmoon to teach people about the gods and find more clerics as they travel through Balifor and Flotsam, unhindered by Dragonarmy troops. Upon reaching Castle Uth Wistan, Derek Crownguard accuses Sturm Brightblade of cowardice and dishonor before a Knightly Council. A trial of dishonor begins, however it is quickly delayed when Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan states on his own honor that Sturm is innocent, at least until further proof comes to light. Sturm is told that he is not allowed to wear his armor however and other restrictions are put in place for the young man until his innocence or guilt can be determined. Derek then commands Sturm to join a contingent of knights under his command to sail to Palanthas. Tas and Fizban finally arrive in Sancrist only to find that the knights gave the Dragon Orb to the gnomes of Mount Nevermind for study. The pair travel to Mount Nevermind and befriend the gnome Gnosh. The trio recover the Dragon Orb and appear before the Council of Whitestone. The Council is formed by the free nations who want to overthrow the yoke of the Dragonarmies, where an alliance is formed between Solamnia, Ergoth, Thorbardin, Silvanesti and Qualinesti. However infighting between the various groups grows strong, particularly over who gets to claim the Dragon Orb. Seeing more fighting break out, Tas grabs the orb and smashes it over the Whitestone. Theros Ironfeld and Laurana then appear to present the dragonlances to the Council. She then testifies for Sturm, clearing his name and having him proven innocent over his trial of dishonor. Gunthar then asks Laurana to travel to the High Clerist's Tower in Palanthas to tell Sturm the news of his innocence. Tanis and his friends arrive in Flotsam. Caramon and Tanis ambush a couple of dragonarmy officers, disguising themselves in the armor. The pair then meet with Captain Maquesta Kar-Thon of the Perechon, where they book passage for the party. Tanis watches Berem Everman, who is working aboard the Perechon, but can't place where he knows the man from. After leaving, Tanis is attacked by a maddened elf, however he is saved by the Dragon Highlord of the Blue Dragonarmy, who reveals herself as Kitiara. Tanis and Kitiara return to the inn where she is staying. Kit reveals the need to find the Green Gemstone Man, and Tanis realises where he remembers Berem from. Tanis is tempted to join the Dragonarmies with Kit and beds her, however he decides that he cannot betray his friends, even for Kit. (Source: Dragons of Winter Night)

Spinner's Tale: In Flotsam, the bard Spinner Kenro tells his stories to inspire the non-human folk of the town. The bard draws the attention of the Blue Dragonarmy, who are controlling the town. Kitiara sentences the bard to be hung the next day, and the tale continues in which the local dwarves, gnomes and kender save Spinner at the last possible moment. However in reality Spinner is hung at dawn, and his kender friend Davin continues to relay the bard's tales, inspiring kender, dwarves and gnomes of Flotsam. Source: The Storyteller (Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes)

William's Rebellion: Tired of the oppressive rule of the Dragonarmy in Port Balifor, the innkeep William Sweetwater, the minotaur Harum El-Halop and the dwarf Sintk decide to perform a rescue of the townsfolk who are held prisoner in the local garrison. They perform the raid and even kill the draconian guard captain Drago, however the next morning William Sweetwater is startled when Dragonarmy soldiers come to his inn to ask certain questions about the previous night's raid. Source: Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Light (The Magic of Krynn)

The Amazing Rumtuggle: Local hobgoblins in the service of the Green Dragonarmy, fearful of reprimand over their own incompetence which left many goblins and hobgoblins dead, report to their superior officer of a group of gnomes who ambushed them. The officer Brack realises that the hobgoblins are lying, but fearing that the report of his subordinates may reflect badly on him, he alters the report to make it more believable, adding details about the gnome rebel Rumtuggle who accidentally defeated his men. His superior believe the story, and Brack begins to blame every disaster on the imaginary Rumtuggle. Eventually a delegation of gnomes arrive to demand Rumtuggle's release, since they can't find him amongst their number. To get rid of the gnomes, Brack tells them that Rumtuggle is dead, however the gnomes retaliate by attacking his troops. Brack's commander gets involved and leads an assault team to crush Rumtuggle's gnomes. In the darkness however, the Dragonarmy troops mistakenly kill each other in a savage battle. Brack then tells his commander that Rumtuggle used an invention to confuse their troops, and resigns from the Dragonarmy, walking away from the service to become a mercenary with his companion Augie. Source: Gnomebody (Heroes and Fools)

Fall of Sturm Brightblade: The Solamnic forces in Palanthas grow in their support of Sturm, as Derek grows more enraged. When news filters through of Sturm's vindication by Laurana's testimony, Derek loses his grip on sanity. Highlord Kitiara has her subordinate Highmaster Bakaris to lead her troops. Derek orders a mad charge upon the Blue Dragonarmy, however whilst his Rose Knights and Lord Alfred's Sword Knights comply, Sturm refuses to allow his Crown Knights to participate, telling the others that it is a suicidal mission. Derek again accuses Sturm of cowardice and leads the charge. Bakaris and his men butcher the knights, returning with the headless body of Lord Alfred and the battered form of Derek Crownguard. Derek gasps a few words and passes away. Tas discovers another Dragon Orb in the High Clerist's Tower. Tas, Laurana and Flint determine to use the orb whilst Sturm takes to the battlements to find a way to delay the approaching dragons. He challenged the approaching Dragon Highlord to single combat. After a brief struggle against the Highlord and it's mount, Sturm is impaled upon the Highlord's spear. Laurana sees Sturm fall and then retrieves his sword, Brightblade. She then activates the Dragon Orb, which leads to the demise of many approaching blue dragons who are draw to the orb and impaled upon the lances of the defenders. The invaders retreat, as Laurana races to the battlements and finds Sturm's body. Kitiara appears upon her mount Skie, and speaks with Laurana. She tells the elven princess, that she did not realise who Sturm was until the moment her spear killed him. Kit also tells of being with Tanis and allowing Laurana three days grace in which she can give Sturm a proper ceremony, before her troops will resume their attack upon the High Clerist's Tower. Sturm is buried in the Chamber of Paladine, beneath the Tower. In Silvanesti, Alhana notes the change in her Starjewel and mourns the loss of Sturm. She then buries her Starjewel, amazed that the light has not grown dim as it should with a loved one's death. The light in the Starjewel continues to grow brightly and a pure healthy tree arises from where the Starjewel was buried. Alhana then retrieves the Starjewel and places it back over her heart again. (Source: Dragons of Winter Night)

Voyage of the Perechon: Tanis leaves Kitiara to return to his companions, however Kit has Tanis followed by draconian spies. When the Heroes leave on the Perechon with Captain Maquesta and her crew, they are trailed by Kitiara and a squadron of blue dragons. Berem, serving as the Perechon's navigator, guides the ship into the Maelstrom to lose the dragons. However the ship itself is comes under danger of being destroyed. Tanis asks Raistlin to help with his magic, however the mage teleports himself out of danger with the Dragon Orb, leaving the others to fend for themselves. Before leaving Raistlin also reveals how he killed an image of his brother during the Test of High Sorcery, and warns Tanis and Caramon not to attempt to stop him. The Perechon is shattered and those who survive the initial carnage sink into the fierce waters of the Blood Sea. (Source: Dragons of Spring Dawning)

The Blood Sea Monster: The dark-elven thief Duder Basillart befriends Fiske, an old fisherman, and agrees to journey with him on his boat out on the Blood Sea. Six-Finger Fiske tells Duder of his desire to kill the Blood Sea Monster and the pair travel closer to the Maelstrom in search of it. However the Monster finds them, first claiming Fiske and telling Duder that it is not his time. Just before reaching land, the Monster returns and claims Duder before he can escape it's clutches. Source: The Blood Sea Monster (The Magic of Krynn)

The Golden General: Raistlin arrives at the Library of Palanthas, where he meets with Astinus and studies the spellbooks in his halls. Laurana meets with Lord Amothus of Palanthas, where he reads a missive to the elven princess in which Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan appoints Laurana as the Commander of the Knights of Solamnia in Palanthas. Defense of the city is given over completely to Laurana, who becomes known as the Golden General. (Source: Dragons of Spring Dawning)

Recovery of the Dragon Eggs: Gilthanas, Silvara and Fizban undertake a mission to sneak into the Temple of Luerkhisis to discover the fate of the metallic dragon eggs. Inside the temple the party are aided by the copper dragon Cymbol and the Shadowperson Greer. Gilthanas and Silvara witness the draconian creation process in the dark recesses of the temple. Together the party recovers the dragon eggs and begin the journey to the Dragon Isles, where they will return the eggs and encourage the dragons to participate in the War of the Lance. (Source: The Lords of Doom)

Children of the Dragons: B'rak, a Sivak draconian, leads his troops to investigate a small village in the Newsea region. In the village they find a group of elves who try to help the draconians and offer them kindness. B'rak and his troops are disgusted by the elves and attempt to leave, however they soon discover that the elves are actually metallic dragons in disguise. The dragons try to magically restore the draconians and when this fails, they set about killing their corrupted children, then taking up wing to join in the War of the Lance. Source: Wayward Children (The Magic of Krynn)

The Highlord's Hunt: Dragon Highlord Toede, ruling from the city of Flotsam, decides to hunt poachers on his land. During the hunt, his party comes across two kender, Talorin and Kronin Thistleknot. For his amusement he tells the kender to run and try and evade his hunting party, whilst chained to a dead stag. The two flee from the hobgoblins and enter the cave of a green dragon. The pair free themselves from the stag and then throw gibes at Toede to lure him into the cave. The Highlord enters and awakens the dragon, who kills Toede. The hunting party flee, as Talorin and Kronin walk away in triumph. The pair are heralded as heroes amongst all kender. Source: Lord Toede's Disastrous Hunt (Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes)

Puppet of Raistlin: The dark elf Kalthanan captures a huge griffon which he befriends and trains as his mount. As he encounters a group of metallic dragons, he is teleported away by Raistlin Majere. The mage ensorcels the elf who once hailed from Silvanesti and disappears. Kalthanan journeys to Palanthas where he aids the kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot and his dwarven companion Flint, in disabling a gnome siege machine that has gone out of control. It's gnomish inventor, Gnatch, joins Kalthanan on his travels. The dark elf also meets with Lauralanthalasa, where he explains about his painful past and how his father's actions led to them both being exiled from Silvanesti. Gnatch and Kalthanan then leave Palanthas and head towards Vingaard River. On the river they are attacked by river pirates and then rescued by a Dragonarmy patrol. Kalthanan decides to join the patrol and dumps Gnatch in the river, in order to save the gnome's life. The gnome is rescued by the same pirates who attacked the pair earlier. Kalthanan reaches Kalaman where he uses a magic mirror to commune with Raistlin. The patrol realises he is a wizard and attacks the elf. Raistlin leaves on his dragon mount Cyan, whilst Gnatch and his pirate companion Myrella (who reveals herself as a seamage) appear and rescue Kalthanan. Laurana's forces lay siege to Kalaman, which also helps the trio to escape the Dragonarmy forces. Kalthanan's griffon appears and carries them away to Neraka, under Kalthanan's direction. (Source: DC DL Comics #5-8)

The Dragon Bounty: The dragons of Taladas are told about the corruption of metallic dragon eggs. Many dragons fly to Ansalon to aid in the war, however some refuse to take part, from both the metallic and chromatic clans. Those who refuse are cursed by the gods and become neutral dragons, called Othlorx. The ancient gold dragon Amanthus calls for the metallic dragons of Taladas to take up the fight in the War of the Lance, however soon bounty hunters are called in by the dark lords of Taladas to kill any good dragons on sight. Baron Leonid Althen discovers copper hatchlings which have been slain and had their left ears cut off. He then hires a group of detectives to uncover why metallic dragons are being hunted down. Palissara the bard, Chyrub (a minotaur), Dalemont Half-hand, Buckeran (a Marak kender), Livia the Shrewd (a gnomoi) and Suldrun the shaman (a Tamire elf) answer the baron's call. They are soon joined by the Baron's daughter Derry and the Baron's forester Eldric. However Eldric is killed by ogres, before the ogres are persuaded to let the band pass. The adventurers make it to the village of Haslit, where they find that a woman named Mies has been taken hostage by the dragon hunters (led by the Thenol priestess Anishta), in order to bring the copper dragon Narn into their trap. The copper tries to free Mies and is in turn butchered by the hunters and killed. The hunters take Narn's ear before being chased off by Narn's nestmate Gabus. Gabus is joined by the dragon knight Tavin Longspear, who teams up with the adventurers and follows Anishta's group to the Pillars of the Moons. However the interruptions cause the resident Huldrefolk to immobolise the hunters, the adventurers and to kill the ogres. The adventurers escape the Huldrefolk with the aid of the dragon Kief, and return to the Pillars from where the Huldrefolk took them. They find Anishta and the hunters (the lizardman Tekolo, the dwarf Pollip, the elven mage Dagobert, and the ogre shaman Kohver) and after a bloody battle, defeat the dragon hunters. Anishta tells the adventurers about the bounty of all metallic dragons and Gabus then takes the adventurers to meet Amanthus. The ancient gold asks the adventurers to help him to discern who has set this bounty. (Source: Dragon Dawn)

Dragon Hunters: The adventurers decide to disguise themselves as dragon hunters, and venture to the town of Trilon. There they meet with Gezele Ella and the goblin shaman Grott. The pair tests the adventurers before accepting them to join on a mission. Ella leads the group to slay a pair of rogue red dragons, who have gone against Erestem's wishes. With some aid from the brass dragon Marlaine and her kin, the reds are defeated and their ears are claimed. Soon after the adventurers find a band of sligs who have killed a young black dragon. After defeating the sligs, the group then claims the ears of the black dragon. Finally the party meets with the necromancer Alemnya, who asks them to defeat his undead dragon which vaguely resembles a stahnk. The party destroys the beasts and claims another ear which it also turns over to Ella. After all the ears are delivered, Ella and Grott lead the party to Kor Island, where they meet the masterminds of the dragon hunter operation, the Aurak draconian Chorahh and the evil gnome cleric Drishurocol. As Ella reports the progress of the hunters, Chorahh then details his plot, which incorporates punishing both uncooperative chromatic othlorx as well as metallic othlorx. The Aurak also reveals that he has captured and imprisoned Tavin Longspear. Leaving the adventurers with Tavin, Chorahh takes Ella and Grott aside, where he casts them into a portal as punishment for leading Amanthus' friends to his lair. He and Drishurocol then attack the party with the gnome's mechanical men, however they are both killed during the battle. The adventurers learn of Erestem's plan to draw extraplanar forces to Taladas, and again report to Amanthus. (Source: Dragon Knight)

The Armies of Erestem: The adventurers learn that they must recover magical cindergems to stop Erestem's plans. Under the guidance of the god Sargonnas, who is disguised as the god Udras (Sirrion) they set about finding the gems, which they do so with Sargonnas' guide Ahxa (a gk'lok-lok). The gems are discovered at different locations as the adventurers are overseeing the death rites of the great silver dragon Markellan, freeing the spirit of the mage Dirryl Pekk, destroying the temple of Hogar huum, freeing the Irroi tribe from a magical skull totem, whilst ending the undying rest of the zombie Lorrann, and by performing as gladiators for the Thenol mage Asta and her sister Xenneh. Shortly after, the party is attacked by Ella and Grott, along with the black dragon Kahh. At the same time, their guide Ahxa is abducted by gnomes. The black dragon is assaulted by fire minions and driven off, whilst Ella and Grott are subdued. Grott and Ella plead for their lives and are allowed to flee, promising to not bother the party again. The party then begins a search for Ahxa and encounter the gnomes of Schymonarke Island. They find Ahxa and convince the gnomes that the gk'lok-lok did not kidnap their king. The gnomes humbly apologise and let the party go in peace. As the party returns to the Iron Citadel, they are met with a team of copper and brass dragons who offer their aid. Then the dragons and adventurers are attacked by Erestem's forces (which include the blue dragon Jhad, the minotaur Gurroch, the red dragons Hox and Rhuzu, the green dragon Affkon, the black dragon Fyex, Gezele Ella and the priestess Anishta). A great battle breaks out and the gnomes of Schymonarke Island appear and aid the adventurers with a giant cannon. Jhad, Ella, Anishta and Affkon perish in the battle, and the other dragons are driven off. Sargonnas (disguise as Udras) appears, however so does Erestem who sees through the disguise and banishes Sargonnas with the red cindergem. The adventurers escape the devastation as the island of Eborium disintegrates. With the defeat of Erestem's armies, Amanthus and his kin hold their conclave and are able to defeat the remnants of Erestem's forces. The adventurers are hailed as heroes across Taladas and offered tribute by Amanthus and the metallic othlorx. (Source: Dragon's Rest)

Battle over Palanthas: Back on Ansalon, Laurana (now known as the Golden General) and the Whitestone forces continue their fight in Palanthas. After a ploy by the Dragonarmies, Laurana is tricked into riding out alone to rescue Tanis. Dragon Highmaster Bakaris captures her and attempts to rape the elven warrior. However Flint and Tas follow and kill Bakaris as they defend Laurana. Lord Soth intervenes, claiming Laurana and returning to Neraka with his captive. Gilthanas and Silvara return to the front, leading a flight of metallic dragons, who with the return of the dragon eggs, have agreed to aid in the war. The strengthened Whitestone forces completely defeat the Dragonarmy forces over Palanthas and begin their march across Ansalon. (Source: Dragons of Spring Dawning)

The Heart of Dracart: As the Whitestone forces begin to defeat the Dragonarmies on the field of battle, Takhisis speaks directly with her mage Dracart. She asks him if there is a way he can create draconians without requiring the normal elements. Dracart creates a magical artifact from a crystal, which he names the 'Heart of Dracart'. The crystal allows him to create large numbers of soulless draconians from the body of an original draconian. However the mage is unwilling to use it, before further testing can take place. (Source: Draconian Measures)

Borac the Blind: The black dragon Borac serves as mount to the Dragonarmy officer Tynan. Their mission is to locate a good-aligned cleric and kill him. Whilst fighting against the Whitestone forces, Tynan is killed with a dragonlance and Borac is wounded. The dragon changes into the form of a human and is amazed when the Whitestone forces find him and take care of him, believing him to be a fallen comrade. Borac begins to wonder if he should serve the Whitestone forces instead, when he comes across the cleric he was sent to kill. The cleric asks Borac to join the Whitestone forces as payment for him saving the dragon's life. Borac is irritated by the demands and kills the cleric, which causes him to lose his sight. Source: Blind (Dragons at War)

The War in the Air: The mercenary Lyndruss is assigned to the bronze dragon Tariskatt in the upcoming battles against the Dragonarmies. The two fight well together, earning them respect amongst the Whitestone forces. The two battle against the fearsome black Curor Bonebreak and his rider Zanark Kreiss. Tariskatt and Lyndruss defeat the pair, however the bronze crashes and perishes, complimenting Lyndruss before he dies. In grief, Lyndruss gathers his weapons and walks toward the nearest Dragonarmy camp, to kill as many of them as he can, in tribute to his dead companion. Source: Proper Tribute (Dragons at War)

Dalamar Nightson: The Kagonesti elf K'gathala teaches the young Dalamar how to perform song-magic. K'gathala begins to call him Dalamar Nightson and tells him about the Heroes of the Lance and of the red-robed mage Raistlin. (Source: Dalamar the Dark)

Kang's Bridge: The draconian Kang, commander of the Dragonarmy Bridging Company, is requested by Ariakas to build a bridge to so his troops can outflank the Golden General's forces. Kang proudly drills his troops in the task, creating the bridge as instructed. As the bridge is completed, elven forces attack with the aid of a silver dragon. Kang's men defend their bridge, kill the dragon and drive off the elves. Kang learns that the Golden General's forces are miles away and that the bridge is strategically useless. However he and his troops cross the bridge with pride, before they cut it loose and continue in their service. Source: The First Dragonarmy Bridging Company (Dragons of Krynn)

Kang's Secret Weapon: Kang and his Bridging Company are promoted for their previous actions and placed under the command of General Rajek. Their new general views the draconians as useless fodder and assigns them as infantry, even though Kang explains that they are engineers. Rajek then demotes Kang and places the entire company under the command of Tchk'pal, a minotaur famed for making suicidal charges (which only the minotaur ever seems to survive). In the next battle, Slith and Kang devise a plan to make the minotaur drunk and then fire him on a catapult at their opponents to get rid of him. They do so and attach Tchk'pal to a catapult, firing him just as he awakens. The minotaur's horns plunge through a copper dragon and kill it, whilst Tchk'pal himself amazingly survives. Rajek praises the minotaur for killing the dragon, and in turn the minotaur praises Kang and Slith for their ingenuity. Tchk'pal then explains to the draconians that they must build bigger and faster catapults to fire him at their enemies with... Source: The First Dragonarmy Engineer's Secret Weapon (Dragons at War)

Flint's Passing: The Golden General's forces free Kalaman and drive the Dragonarmies back through Estwilde as they continue their march to the dark city of Neraka. The Dragonarmies attempt to regroup their forces in Neraka. As the Heroes of the Lance journey through Godshome with Berem Everman in tow, Flint Fireforge dies of a heart attack.

In the Heart of Evil: In the dark city of Neraka, Tanis offers himself to Kitiara in exchange for Laurana. Kit asks him to serve her willingly and participate in a ceremony with herself and Ariakas. Raistlin and Caramon pretend to be allied with the Dragonarmy forces. (Source: Dragons of Spring Dawning)

Tombfyre's Defeat: The great silver dragon Lectral allows the Crown Knight, Allsar Dane to ride him into battle. The pair fly against Ariakas and his mount Tombfyre, resulting in the death of the knight. Lectral disengages from the fight and mourns his lost friend. As Ariakas returns to the Temple of Neraka, Tombfyre takes flight and again engages Lectral. The pair fight to the death, crashing to the earth and killing one another. The powerful silver's body is recovered by his sons Dargentan and Darlant, to be buried in the ancient metallic home in the High Kharolis Mountains. (Source: The Dragons)

The Dragonarmies Defeated: Raistlin communes with Takhisis, convincing the Queen of Darkness that his loyalties lie solely with her. At the same time Kalthanan becomes enraged and strikes out at Myrella. He soon comes to his senses and the trio are ambushed by Baaz draconians. They quickly defeat the draconians and Myrella uses her magic to discern that Kalthanan is being controlled by Raistlin. The threesome sneak into the Temple of Darkness, defeating a purple worm to sneak through the passage, and they watch events unfold within the temple. With the assistance of Raistlin, Tanis is able to wield a sword and strike down Ariakas, breaking through his magical protection and claiming the Crown of Power. Raistlin makes his way to the chamber at the heart of the Temple of Darkness, where Caramon will lead Berem when he locates him. On his way, Raistlin is confronted by the dark elf Kalthanan where the elf returns part of Raistlin's memories to him, allowing him to fulfil his plan to betray the Dark Queen. At the same time Caramon finds Berem, and in turn the pair are also discovered by Kitiara's personal assassin Gakhan. Berem amazes Caramon by beating Gakhan to death, and then Caramon leads Berem to the Foundation Stone. Raistlin arrives in the chamber and convinces Berem to meet with the spirit of his sister Jasla, which leads to the destruction of the temple. Takhisis' plan to re-enter Krynn is foiled and the Dragonarmies are thrown into confusion. Tanis and Laurana flee the dark ceremony in the chaos, encountering Lord Soth and Kit as they escape, and handing over the Crown of Power. Kit allows the two to leave in peace and they flee the destruction and find Fizban. At the same time Caramon, Tas and Tika escape the temple and encounter Raistlin who is mounted upon the green dragon Cyan Bloodbane. Raistlin offers a final goodbye to his twin and flies off with Cyan. (Sources: Dragons of Spring Dawning, DC DL Comics #5-8)

Thanakan/Kalthanan: Myrella, Kalthanan and Gnatch encounter Laurana and Tanis, outside of the temple. They all converse briefly, before Kalthanan's griffon approaches and the elf leaps upon his mount in pursuit of Raistlin and Cyan. The griffon and dragon collide, resulting in Raistlin and Kalthanan tumbling to their doom. Raistlin casts a spell of featherfall to prevent them from being killed and reveals the whole truth to the dark elf. Kalthanan learns that he is actually his murderous father Thanakan, who killed his son, stole his son's form and hid his own memories, making himself innocent in the eyes of the elven magic-users who investigated the murders. The father was pronounced dead and the son a survivor of a dark legacy, however it was Thanakan who truly survived, not Kalthanan. Since Thanakan's magic was so strong though, his memories stayed dormant and he truly believed he was Kalthanan all along. Raistlin offers to apprentice Kalthanan, however the elf refuses and walks away, in torment over whether he is now truly the father or the son. (Source: DC DL Comics #5-8)

War of the Lance ends: Laurana and Tanis find their friends Caramon, Tas, Tika and Fizban outside the temple grounds. The Heroes flee whilst the armies of the Highlords fight amongst themselves. Fizban congratulates the Heroes, revealing that he is actually the god Paladine. As the constellations of Paladine and Takhisis return to their places in the sky, the War of the Lance comes to an end. (Source: Dragons of Spring Dawning)

Ariakan Imprisoned: Ariakan, son of Highlord Ariakas, is taken prisoner by Solamnic Knights and imprisoned for five years. He learns all about the knights and the reasons for the defeat of the Dragonarmies.

Dracart's Fate: The Whitestone Forces search the destruction in the Temple of Neraka and find the body of the dark mage Harrawell Dracart. The mage was murdered in the final battle, but no sign of his murderer ever comes to light. Unbeknownst to all, the aurak draconian General Maranta, was responsible for the mage's death, and stole the artifact 'Heart of Dracart', before fleeing from the destruction. (Source: Draconian Measures)

Lozlania: In the middle of nowhere, a small village is plagued with rumors of a rampaging dragon. The town leader, Moin Rankel approaches the mage Lozlan to aid against the dragon. The mage demands a huge amount of treasure, sixty percent of the village's profits every year and the renaming of the town to Lozlania in return for his assistance. The villagers agree and pay the money. Lozlan lures the dragon with the treasure and then captures it in a sphere. The dragon uses it breath's weapon, however it is turned back on itself and kills the dragon. Lozlan then claims the treasure and leaves, leaving Moin as a hero in the village. Source: The Middle of Nowhere (Dragons of Krynn)

Guardian of the Gate: With the War of the Lance over, Lady Venore Whitelake mourns the loss of her husband and three sons in the fighting. She keeps her youngest son Renn safe and vows to never let him join the Knights of Solamnia, in fear of losing him as well. As the two travel through Coastlund, they discover a frozen dwarf in a circle in an old castle. Lady Venore and Renn are approached by the mage Dalamar, who tells them that the frozen dwarf Yearden protects a magical gate and prevents mad wizards from passing through. He also tells the pair that Yearden will soon die. Renn decides to take up the challenge and replaces Yearden as the watchman, allowing the dwarf to step down. Yearden gives his magical ring to Lady Venore, who then uses it to prolong her son's life as a guardian statue of the gate. (Source: Mists of Krynn)

Verden's Curse: Now that she is again trapped in the Abyss, Takhisis curses those who she believed failed her. One of those is the dragon Verden Leafglow, who she kills and forces to hatch from her own egg. Takhisis allows the egg to be discovered by Aghar dwarves and curses her to not be allowed to do the Aghar any harm. Verden hatches and is found by Highbulp Glitch. Verden prays to any god who will listen and help her. The female Aghar Lidda discovers a shield with Reorx's symbol on it. Reorx speaks to Verden, offering a test to see if she is worthy of being in his service. The red dragon Flame Searclaw, an old enemy of Verden's from the War of the Lance arrives to kill the Aghar and the green dragon. Verden uses the shield to protect the Aghar and herself, before confronting the red and killing it in battle. Reorx tells Verden that she must ask the Aghar if they will free her from service. Highbulp Glitch (with some assistance from Lidda) agrees to free Verden and the curse is broken. (Source: The Gully Dwarves)

The Abishai's Gamble: The Castellan of the Condemned and the Abbot of Misrule, two abishai (Abyssal demons) place a bet in which they try to determine whether an evil person could ever live nobly. Toede is the subject of their bet and returned to life. The resurrected Highlord is captured by kender and rediscovers his old companion Groag, who was also captured. The two find themselves in a kender rehab where they are subjected to kender poetry and berrypicking, led by Taywin Kroninsdau, daughter of Kronin Thistleknot (the same kender who originally led Toede to his death). Toede plots an escape where he strikes the kender guard Miles and gets the key from Taywin to free himself and Groag. The pair return to Flotsam and find that the Aurak draconian Gildentongue is now the ruler, along with the amphidragon Hopsloth (once Toede's mount). The human mercenary Rogate is sent by Hopsloth to kill Toede but fails. The hobgoblin then strikes down Gildentongue and escapes the exploding and berserk Aurak. Toede then confronts Hopsloth, however the amphidragon eats his former master, sending Toede back to the Abyss. (Source: Lord Toede)

353 AC

Scattering of the Dragonarmies: All of the Dragonarmies flee to the four winds, except for the Blue Dragonarmy who marches away from the devastation at Neraka. The fragmented forces determine how to best salvage some measure of power from their defeat, whilst also attempting to evade the Whitestone forces. A force of draconians steal some good dragon eggs and flee to the south.

Seven Hymns of the Dragon: A collection of poems about dragons, masterfully crafted by an unknown poet, comes to light in the Great Library of Palanthas. Source: Seven Hymns of the Dragon (Dragons of Krynn)

Master of Past and Present: Raistlin Majere walks into the cursed Shoikan Grove and straight past all the undead guardians of the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas. He is called the Master of Past and Present by the guardians and is given control of the tower. (Source: Time of the Twins)

Kalaman's New Lord Mayor: With the War of the Lance over, the people of Kalaman approach Gilthanas and ask him to be their Lord Mayor. The elven prince graciously accepts and leads the city for a while during the time of peace. (Source: Odyssey of Gilthanas)

Old Friends Reunited: The kender Chestal Thicketsway reunites with his old friend Wingover. The two recount tales of their battles just prior to the War of the Lance, and how the dwarves Chane and Jilian have become rich and powerful within Thorbardin. (Source: The Gates of Thorbardin)

Toede Resurrected: The Castellan and Abbot decide to raise the stakes on their bet and again resurrect Toede. The poor hobgoblin ends up near a marsh in the vicinity of Flotsam, where he unwittingly rescues a gnoll called Charka from a pit of quicksand. In his travels, he then meets some scholars who are trying to decipher runes of what they believe is an ancient ogre civilisation. The scholars, headed by Renders and Bunniswot (and with Groag in tow), believe that the ruins are the remains of the high ogre civilisation, before the ogres fell from the gods' graces. However a pack of gnolls led by Charka finds the scholar at the site and tries to kill them for intruding on their sacred land. Toede kindly 'allows' Groag to serve as a hostage whilst he gets the leader to parlay with them. Toede learns that Bunniswot has translated the runes and that they are little more than ogre pornography. He then grabs Renders and convinces the gnolls that Renders is a powerful mage. Charka's gnolls back down from the fight and make peace with the scholars. On one trip away from the scholars' camp, Toede and Groag find the hidden entrance of an ancient building, which Toede falls into and cannot get out of. Groag leaves Toede in the structure, disgusted over his evil and selfish ways. Toede explores the building and finds a demonic juggernaut trapped in the depths of the structure. The demon who calls himself Jugger (since his real name is near unpronouncable) explains that he was unleashed upon the land until he could kill one thousand living creatures. Since Toede is trapped anyway, he offers to help Jugger get free from the mud he is mired in, if he will not kill Toede and let him ride him out. Jugger agrees and the pair break free of the ancient ogre structure, killing living creatures as they continue to ride through Flotsam. Whilst Jugger kills wantonly in the streets of Flotsam, Toede again confronts Hopsloth. Jugger comes raging down the path and kills Hopsloth...and unfortunately also Toede, making his quota of 1000 creatures, at which point he returns to the Abyss. (Source: Lord Toede)

The New Lord of Flotsam: The two abishai make one final bet on Toede and resurrect him a third time. Upon his resurrection, he is captured by Taywin who is most grateful for him saving her life a year ago (when he fished her out of the lake). Bunniswot appears and tells Toede that he published the ogre pornography under the hobgoblin's name, and that the book became a huge hit. Toede also learns from his friends that after the former Highlord's last death, Groag established himself as ruler of Flotsam. With Rogate, Charka, Renders, Bunniswot and Taywin, the hobgoblin meets with the kender hero Kronin Thistleknot to discuss removing Groag from power. During the meeting, the kender Miles tries to kill Kronin, and is in turn killed himself by Toede. A council of war begins in which Bob the necromancer also participates. Each leader of the 'council' has something to gain from the fight, and the demons (disguised as spirits) attempt to scare Toede away from participating by warning him that his comrades are all waiting for a chance to stab him in the back. The abishais' test only bolsters the hobgoblin's spirit and the fighting breaks out in Flotsam. Toede faces off against Groag and the two becomes friends once again, however Bob's undead forces siege Flotsam to claim it for their master. The hell-maiden Judith arrives in Flotsam after learning about the bet that the Castellan and Abbot had been making. She allows Toede's companions to testify and each of them defend Toede as a noble creature. Judith is finally convinced of the change in the hobgoblin's character, when he asks that his companions be spared and she can claim his life (since he should be dead anyway). Judith destroys the zombie army and allows Toede and his companions to live. Toede becomes the Lord of Flotsam..yet again. He also promotes each of his companions to a high-ranked position. He ends by giving his resume to Judith, which he asks if she can forward to Takhisis and to put in a good word for him. An amused Judith admits she will do so and returns to the Abyss. (Source: Lord Toede)

Theft of the Brightblade: Tired of the growing legend of Sturm Brightblade and the scorn that Derek Crownguard has received in death, Derek's cousin Charles Crownguard plots to steal Sturm's magical sword Brightblade. Charles also plans to desecrate the Chamber of Paladine, where Sturm's body and sword lie interred. At the same time, the Solamnic knights plan to stage a theft of the Brightblade from the chamber, as a test for the recent batch of knight candidates. The would-be knight Erastin Rivenguard, son of Sir Delson, arrives at the High Clerist's Tower with his comrades: dwarven fighter Targin Steelaxe, female thief Galenye Faelern, half-elven mage Jilani, minotaur warrior Karathos, and elven cleric Siriath Leafwine. On arriving, Crown Knight Sir Rateliff escorts the group with the other candidates before Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan. During the candidate ceremony an assassin attempts kill Lord Gunthar, however Erastin and his comrades manage to subdue the killer before he can harm anyone. The assassin reveals he was sent by the remnant Dragonarmy forces before being taken away. Erastin and the other knight candidates are then put through a series of tests by Sir Michael McKennen, and then by Lord Aeric Truehilt. Lord Kellin Solanius steals the Brightblade, at the behest of the Solamnic High Council, as the candidates are told about this 'mysterious theft'. Erastin and his friends overhear Lord Charles Crownguard and his female companion Corya arguing about something, before beginning their investigation for the sword. The group travel to Solanthus in search of clues, defeating Erek Malham (the Solanthian Scourge) and his bandits on the road there. In the city, the party journey to the castle of Lord Kellin Solanius, to find him on the verge of death. The knight reveals that he was struck down by Charles Crownguard and his companion Corya. Erastin lies Kellin's body amongst those of his slain dogs, according to his dying wish. The group then journey to Castle Crownguard and confront Charles and Corya. Erastin and his friends defeat the pair, reclaim the Brightblade and lead the subdued pair back to the High Clerist's Tower. Sir Charles faces immediate trial and is then executed for his crimes. Corya is handed over to the Palanthas authorities, but later escapes. The party return the Brightblade to Lord Gunthar, and several days later Erastin is knighted and welcomed as a Knight of the Crown. (Source: Knight's Sword)

The Blood Sea Treaty: On the Blood Sea Isles, Emperor Rethoth and the Circle of Eight send a message to both the Whitestone forces and also to the remnant forces of the Black Dragonarmy. In short, they propose a treaty with the Whitestone forces and warn the Black Dragonarmy that unless they can prove their worth, all former alliances will be severed. As a test, delegations from each force are given the quest to capture a golden minotaur. The Whitestone delegations ends up fighting the draconians sent by the Black Dragonarmy and defeating them. They then find Devroc, the golden minotaur in a small village on Mithas. Devroc and the heroes return to Nethosak, where Emperor Rethoth decides to imprison Devroc and the heroes. Devroc and several of his fellow minotaur prisoners hatch an escape plan, and then cause havoc in the arena. Devroc directly challenges Rethoth and the two fight to the death in the arena, whilst the heroes escape the city. (Source: Mists of Krynn)

A War Journal: The wounded Solamnic knight Athelard dictates a letter to his nurse, which he asks to be delivered to his younger brother Bayard. Athelard tells of participating in the War of the Lance, and of defending the High Clerist's Tower with Sturm Brightblade. The young knight talks about the deaths of his comrades, of dragons answering the call of the Dragon Orb and meeting their doom, and finally about the war's end and what it will mean for Ansalon. Source: From the Yearning for War and War's Ending (Love and War)

Mosswine's Elixir: Two conmen enter the town of Faxfail to sell their product 'Mosswine's Miraculous Elixir'. The con artists, Jastom Mosswine and Algrimmbeldebar (Grimm) have created a basic drink and spiked it with dwarf spirits. As they trick the villagers into buying large amounts of elixir, they are approached by an officer of the Blue Dragonarmy who wants to find healers who can aid his commander. The two are forced to journey to the camp with Durm and 'treat' Commander Skaahzak. The commander awakens from his slumber and dies shortly after. Durm realises that the two are conmen, chases them down and captures them. Now that Durm holds the rank of commander, he pays the two for their services and also purchases more alcohol. Source: The Potion Sellers (War of the Lance)

Fornarius' Perfect Play: The mage Zefta tires of being underappreciated in Sebastius' troupe and begins to make alterations to the sets. Sebastius accepts a commission from the merchant Fornarius, who claims to be a former Solamnic knight, to perform the long-winded 'Oath and the Measure' in front of all his guests at his wedding. The merchant is a perfectionist and nitpicks at the troupe over the smallest of details. The first portion of the performance goes without a problem. Zefta allows his apprentice Benoit to get drunk and things suddenly deteriorate into something of a comedy, causing the wedding guests to actually enjoy the boring play. Zefta decides it is time to move on and leaves the troupe, as Fornarius decides to let go of his stoic demeanor and enjoys himself. He pays Sebastius, revealing that he was never a Solamnic knight. Benoit and his betrothed Darna, take up permanent positions in the troupe, the young apprentice claiming Zefta's position. Source: Perfect (The Players of Gilean)

The Kirath: A group of expert elven scouts, known as the Kirath, are sent into Silvanesti forest as part of their first efforts to reclaim the Silvanesti homeland. The Kirath have organised five large camps along the border of Silvanesti forest, from which the scouts issue forth into the forest. The Kirath officer, Lareth Thlorendil, sends a team of new recruits into the forest as part of their training. The fledgling Kirath end up encountering six baaz, who they defeat, as well as learning that the baaz are working for a pair of green dragons who have taken up residence in the forest, in order to escape from the Whitestone forces who have hunted many of their kin. Lareth and the veteran Kirath decide to explore the forest, leaving the recruits to guard the camp. One Kirath scout returns, Torian Hartrunner, who has lost his own patrol. Torian leads the recruits back to where his patrol was, only to get the group ambushed by Daergar dwarves. The recruits and Torian defeat the dwarves, and move into the ruins where they find the bodies of several elves and dwarves. The group continues through the ruins to find themselves in an arena where two young Kirath are being attacked by a whisper spider and being watched by Daergar dwarves. The group launches upon the dwarves and spider, cutting down all foes and saving the two Kirath. Upon further examination of the ruins, the party also locates a trapdoor which conceals a shaft leading deep underground and into the realm of the dark dwarves. With this information, the recruits return to camp, whilst Torian wanders off on his own. Back in camp, the recruits are approached by the Kirath, Dara Silvatreth. Dara informs them that she will be their leader in an expedition to some ruins within the forest. The first few encounters are merely a passing group of kender and then an assault by ogres, however the elves easily defeat their brutish opponents. Dara leads them to a large pit in a clearing which also has a small pyramid surrounded by elven corpses. In the pits lies the being simply called the Unnamable. It turns out that the foul creature is controlling Dara and requires flesh to regain it's former strength and escape the pit. The recruits escape into the pyramid as the Unnamable gets the corpses to rise and attack them. Inside the pyramid, the spirit of the elven warrior Shandara Moonstone appears, telling the would-be heroes how to free Dara from the Unnamable's influence, and also how to send the creature back to it's home plane. The recruits defeat the zombies and restore magical wards around the Unnamable's pit, which sends Dara into an unconscious state. Now with the knowledge that a chromatic dragon is the only creature able to permanently dispel the Unnamable, the recruits return to the Kirath camp. (Source: Tree Lords)

Chislev rewards the elves: Lareth sends the recruits to an elven encampment in the east, where they are required to root out the two green dragons. It seems that the green dragons have morphed into human form and are attempting to blend into the community to escape notice. The heroes come across a group of Bozak draconians who work for the green dragons. Upon defeating the Bozaks, they learn about two mages who lead the draconians and now control the elven town. When the party arrives in the town of Tarith-Nesti, they learn that the citizens have been told that any new elven arrivals are actually evil and to be brought to justice before the new rulers of the town. The heroes are soon brought before Lord and Lady Jadestone who interrogate them. The 'nobles' transform into the two green dragons and their Baaz and Sivak soldiers issue forth to assist. The heroes manage to defeat both the draconians and their dragon masters, freeing the elven town from their rule. The Kirath make Tarith-Nesti a new base, since it is one of the only areas in the whole forest which remains untouched by Lorac's Nightmare, due to the magic spell of the chief mage of Tarith-Nesti. The Kirath heroes continue to patrol Silvanesti forest, when they come across a sick Kagonesti flutist called Kadee Mourning Dove. Kadee tells the patrol of two paths into the forest, one leads to fortune and power, and the other leads to a means of restoring the forest. The old Kagonesti also gives the group some medicine before letting them go on their way. The Kirath patrol chooses the second path and soon comes across twelve centaurs maddened by poisoned fruit. The elves use Kadee's medicine to cure the centaurs and restore them to normal. The patrol next comes across a shrine to the goddess Chislev which is guarded by a stahnk. The Kirath defeat the stahnk, clean the shrine and right the altar to it's proper position, before choosing to rest in the ruins just beyond. As the Kirath make camp in the ruins, they are swarmed by a mob of frightened gully dwarves. The elves calm the Aghar and heal any wounds they have. As the elves leave the ruins, the Aghar are transported back to their home by Chislev. The Kirath again encounter the old Kagonesti elf Kadee, who appears in better health. Kadee speaks of Lorac and his curse, and the heroes realise that life is far more sacred than any collection of buildings. Kadee reveals herself as the goddess Chislev and rewards the heroes for their valor. She praises the Kirath and encourages them to continue the fight and that eventually Silvanesti will be restored. (Source: Tree Lords)

Dalamar Exiled/Dalamar's Test: Whilst the Kirath continue their initial struggles, the young Dalamar joins other Silvanesti elves who are trying to restore the forest, led by General Konnal. During one encounter, Dalamar attempts to use magic to save the Wildrunner, Elisaad Windsweep, and is chastised by Konnal since he is only from House Servitor. Tired of the way he is treated, Dalamar returns to his cave to study his dark arts in an attempt to find some solace. However he finds his books destroyed and he is caught in the cave and his allegiance to Nuitari is uncovered. Dalamar is forced to endure the Ceremony of Darkness which reveals his guilt and he is banished from Silvanesti and dubbed a 'dark elf'. Dalamar travels the land outside of Silvanesti, staying in both Tarsis and Southern Ergoth, where he studies magic and looks for magical artifacts. Eventually the young elf finds himself transported to Wayreth Forest where he is guided into the tower by the young mage Regene. Dalamar takes the Test, in which he witnesses Lorac take the Dragon Orb. He final choice lies in stopping Lorac and interfering with Lorac's Test, or to let the elven king take the orb and the Nightmare to happen. Dalamar chooses to let Lorac go, since his love of magic is greater than his love for his country. Ladonna, head of the Black Robes, is greatly impressed with Dalamar and offers him a job in which he is to kill the mage Tramd o' the Dark, who is now working for the Dragon Highlord Kitiara Uth Matar, after his former Highlord Phair Caron perished. (Source: Dalamar the Dark)

Raistlin's Apprentice: Ladonna advises Dalamar where he can find Tramd's body and how to strike him down. The lovely Regene offers to accompany Dalamar on his quest. The pair find Tramd's paralysed body in Karthay, who defends himself through his avatars. Dalamar accidentally kills Regene but also succeeds in striking down the foul mage. Ladonna is impressed with the dark elf when he returns and he is willingly accepted into the Order of the Black Robes. The Conclave also decide to offer him the mission of spying upon the mage Raistlin Majere and becoming his apprentice. Dalamar willingly accepts. (Source: Dalamar the Dark)

Draconian Reports: In the post-war period, more reports filter through of the different types of draconians and their powers.

Auraks: The sage Danliziu details the powers of the fearsome Auraks. One Aurak, known as Savnhar, flees after fighting in the war, kills an old woman and takes her form to blend into a human community. However he fails to trick a group of warriors who discover his true nature and destroy him.

Baaz: A group of Baaz led by some Bozaks hide out in a tavern after the dissolution of the Dragonarmies. The locals of the town discover the draconians and drive them away, finding a silver dragon egg amongst their possessions.

Bozaks: The hunter Galf and his nephew Pip write a report about Bozak draconians and their abilities. Pip and his companions journey into the woods to find a group of Bozaks who have built a shrine to Takhisis. The young adventurers defeat the draconians and Pip completes his report.

Kapaks: A party of Kapaks known as the Backbiters build a small base near Khuri-Khan in their flight after the war, to serve as a small outpost for the remnant Green Dragonarmy forces. However adventurers destroy one of their supply caravans, sneak inside their base and destroy the company.

Sivaks: Argentia, a silver dragon, spreads the word to humans about Sivak draconians and their magical powers. Three Sivaks called Taylhok, Slirihn and Dhinselu capture the Rose Knight, Sir Ian MalKanthus. The three seem unsure over what to do with their captive, so Ian takes the opportunity to teach the draconians about Solamnic honor. As the trio continues to argue over how to deal with the knight, a group of comrades appear and defeat the Sivaks. (Source: Mists of Krynn)

353-357 AC

United Plainsmen/Speaker Porthios: The Whitestone forces chase the remnants of the dissolved Dragonarmies and wipe them out. Solostaran, Speaker of the Sun, passes away. His son Porthios assumes the mantle of leadership. Riverwind and Goldmoon work at uniting the tribes of the plainspeople in Abanasinia. Eventually all local tribes (Que-Shu, Que-Teh and Que-Kiri) unite under their leadership.

354 AC

Blood Sea Isle Negotiations/The Arena of Blood: The Blue Dragonarmy, the most powerful surviving army of the once-great Dragonarmies proceeds to move throughout Ansalon. The Dragonarmy reaches the city of Nethosak in the Blood Sea Isles and entreaties the minotaurs. As Kitiara and her officers parlay with the minotaur leaders... Tanis Half-Elven, the elven cleric Loralon, and Riva Silvercrown arrive to also speak with the minotaurs about an alliance. As the talks continue, Loralon makes mention to the most senior ranked minotaur Bas Ohn-Horak, of the death of his brother in the Blood Sea, and that Tanis travelled with him at the time. Whilst Kitiara befriends the minotaurs, Tanis journeys with Loralon and Horak out onto the Blood Sea, so that the minotaur can perform burial rites for his brother. As Horak lets some of his blood fall into the water, the Maelstrom flares up and forces the ship to sink under the waves. Loralon uses his magic to create an air bubble which saves the trio. The bubble floats down to the ruins of Istar until it is knocked against a building. Loralon is knocked unconscious and bubble breaks, resulting in Horak and Tanis tumbling into the building, which is mysteriously free of water. As the pair realise that Loralon has vanished, they are captured by a motley group of humanoids who lead them into the Arena of Blood. Their captors imprison the pair, however Horak breaks them out of their cell and the two try to escape. They are chased by fire beetles and soon recaptured. A dwarven captive tells Tanis about the dragon turtles who rule over the Arena, and prepares them for their first battle. Tanis and Horak fight a pair of opponents and manage to defeat them. They are then congratulated by Maquesta Kar-Thon and Bas Ohn-Koraf. The pair who were thought dead exchange some words, and appear to be quite aggressive as well as having a green complexion and fins. Horak is stunned by his brother's threats and as he and Tanis return to their cell, they are approached by Loralon. The elven cleric reveals that it was his magic that destroyed their ship and lead them to the Arena of Blood. (Source: DC DL Comics #9-12)

The Starstones: Tanis is outraged by Loralon's admission, however Horak soon calms him. Loralon explains that he needs to recover two magical artifacts that were lost in the destruction of Istar. To further explains things to Tanis, he shows the half-elf visions of what truly occurred in the final days before the Cataclysm. Loralon vanishes as a sea elf is thrown into their cell, and then reappears as the guards leave. Loralon resumes showing Tanis and Horak the visions, showing them of the Cataclysm and finally explaining that the magical artifacts are starstones. The starstones were used by Morgion and Mishakal to shape new races from the spirits amongst the stars. Koraf and Maquesta arrive at the cell and announce that they will be fighting Tanis and Horak to the death. Loralon reveals that the 'prizes' that the pair wears around their necks are the starstones, and that they must be defeated for things to be set right again. As the two teams fight in the Arena, Loralon and the sea elf damage sections of the structure in order to flood it with water. Maq and Koraf are bested, as Tanis and Horak claim the starstones. They offer the artifacts to Loralon and a party of sea elves appear. The sea elves lead Loralon, Tanis and Horak out of the arena, as their magic also passes over the bodies of Maq and Koraf (who somehow manage to escape the destruction). Using the starstones, Loralon is able to drive the dragon turtles away and then summon an elemental to lead himself, Tanis and Horak back to Nethosak. Kitiara leads a flight of dragons against the minotaur city, after they refuse to ally themselves with her forces. However her dragons are turned aside as Loralon uses the might of the starstones to defeat them. Back in Nethosak, Horak tells Tanis, Loralon and Riva that he cannot accept an alliance with the Whitestone forces either, and wants his people to remain neutral. He welcomes Tanis as a brother in arms, before he bids the group farewell. (Source: DC DL Comics #9-12)

The Tomb of Pahkar-Ran: The Council of Palanthas commission a group of adventurers to contact the Silvanesti in order to get their assistance in the creation of magical weapons. Draconian spies send news of the council's plan back to Takhisis, who readies her forces to stop the adventurers. The adventurers reach Qualinost, where they are granted an audience with the elven leaders Alhana Starbreeze and Porthios Kanan, Speaker of the Suns. Fizban appears and convinces Alhana to allow the adventurers access to the Qualinesti library to learn more about magical weapons. She relents and the adventurers find references in some library books about the tomb of an elven wizard in Silvanesti. During several encounters where the party fights draconians and dragons, they finally reach the tomb of the elven wizard Pahkar-Ran Theremikos. The spirit of the wizard demands that his sarcophagus be cleaned and his tomb be restored. The party does so and the Pahkar-Ran gratefully allows them free access to his tomb and possessions. The adventurers return to Palanthas with the wizard's scrolls and books, where they are handsomely rewarded with titles, lands and seats on the council. (Source: Mists of Krynn)

The Glass of Eternity: A group of adventurers who are passing through Goodlund are asked to rescue some runaway kender children, led by Hudon Stonethrower. They end up locating some of the children, saving them from some draconians and meeting the hill giant Oghog, who has become friends with the young kender. Shortly after they are approached by the renegade wizard Oldar, who offers to gather the rest of the children for the heroes, if they will in turn retrieve three objects for him. Oldar tells the party he requires the wings of a faerie dragon, sand from the Glass of Eternity, and seven drops of a warrior who has passed the test of Kiri-Jolith. Oldar send the warrior Burtran to aid the party. The group find themselves tested by the mysterious Wetherback, who offers them directions to Guiodon, City of Dreams. In the city, the heroes learn that the Glass of Eternity magically sustains the entire city by repeating the same day over and over, and thus keeping it's citizens immortal. The heroes destroy the Glass of Eternity and watch the city and it's inhabitants turn to dust. They are given the blessing of Gilean for their deed. On returning to Oldar, the renegade is outraged that the party have not fulfilled his requests. However with the assistance of the captured kender children, Oldar is defeated and the group returns the children to Kendermore. (Source: Mists of Krynn)

The Remnant Red Dragonarmy: Rumors around Kalaman, tell of a dragon who has rescued a group of imprisoned Sivak draconians. A newly arrived party of adventurers are asked to assist by the Guard Commander, who is concerned that the remnant forces of the Red Dragonarmy are attempting to mass an assault on the town. The heroes learn that the dragon who freed the draconians is actually the silver dragon Ascania, who is attempting to use her magic to see if she can restore groups of Sivaks back into the form of a silver dragon. Because of Ascania's actions in capturing Sivaks, a Solamnic force led by Lord Douglas Varaqoss arrives to stop the dragon from freeing draconians. The remnant Red Dragonarmy force, led by Kansaldi Fire-Eyes also arrives to free the Sivaks from the dragon. The Dragonarmy is defeated and driven off, as Ascania attempts to use her magic. The spell fails and in despair, the dragon kills the Sivaks and then decides to end her own life. The Solamnics and the adventurers leave and return to Kalaman. (Source: Mists of Krynn)

The Dragon Plague/The Mysterious Khardra: Mayor Frohm Mrick decides to host the Fair Meadows Fair in his town, in order to boost the local economy as well as to get other communities to attend his Intervillage Council meetings. Those invited to the council include the Plainsman cleric Blackstar, the dwarven fighter Pike Oakbone, the human ranger Shalindra, the white-robed mage Trapian, the elven fighter Iryl Songbrook, the elven fighter-mage Grenden, the human fighter Tarr Ravenseye and the kender Bennybeck Cloudberry. During the fair, the heroes note that the anti-dragon sentiment is running high amongst the local townsfolk. At the fair, a man named Khardra talks to the people. He tells of how dragons are ravaging the land and need to be punished. He has his followers display a body of a silver dragon which is covered in purple splotches which he calls the punishment of the gods. Concerned by Khardra's revelations, Mayor Frohm send the heroes to the village of Belleria to meet with the scholar Abworth Kannard, a man who specialises in knowledge of dragons. On the road to Belleria, the heroes come across Pl'odel, the village of the Lor-Tai (a human barbarian tribe distantly related to the Que-Shu). They speak with the tribe leader M'bert, who informs them of his concerns over the moons fading, and also of the disappearance of the bronze dragon Moonscale, who has long protected their village. Eventually the party reaches Belleria and rescues the scholar Abworth from a gnomish model of a dragon. Abworth tells the heroes that there is some kind of connection between the disappearance of dragons and the fading moons. The heroes continue on their search and are captured by the Kagonesti elf Linsilee. The elf and her Kagonesti companions Thilia, Onne, Jing, Myurla and Panya, inform the party of what little they know and show them the living head of the gold dragon Ky. Linsilee explains that the mage Tarligor seems to have experimented on the dragon and separated it's head from it's body whilst allowing both to still live. As their journey continues, the heroes come across Kwintter's Ranch, where they find a fat woman named Artha has been extorting Dil Kwintter for money. Artha sends a horde of eyewings and two black dragons to destroy the ranch before disappearing. The heroes destroy the eyewings and drive off the dragons, before continuing into the great swamp. In the swamp, the heroes find the shack of the mage Tarligor, as well as locating the body of the gold dragon Ky. They send a message to Linsilee in the hopes that she can reunite Ky's head with his body. In the shack, amidst the experiments they find Tarligor's corpse and note some small triangular holes in his skull, which match the design from Khardra's staff. The party also finds a captured Bozak draconian who they free for information. The Bozak tells that Khardra was created by the evil mage from the body of a draconian, as well as the location of a secret dragon graveyard. Further searching reveals a footman's dragonlance, which the party recovers, and then they come across a group of gully dwarves. The Aghar lead the heroes to their chief Bluh, who 'rules' from the former human village of Prull. Chief Bluh sends on his subjects to lead the heroes east to the lair of the bronze dragon Thyron. (Source: In Search of Dragons)

The Blending/Artha's Defeat: When they reach the lair, the party finds that Thyron has been blinded and is being attacked by ogres. The heroes drive off the ogres and leave Thyron in peace. They continue their travels and reach the town of Ohme. Here they speak with the town's leader, the military generals Thur, Harlison and Prentice. The generals advise that Khardra was in town a month ago searching for the mage Jorjan. Out of the town, the heroes find a young silver dragon called Saramber. The dragon is dying from a disease that she tells the party is plaguing silver dragons across Ansalon. Saramber then travels with the heroes to the Dragon's Graveyard, where they find Artha is animating the skeletal body of a dragon. The dragon and the party destroy the skeleton as Artha vanishes. Saramber tells the party to go to the Astivar Mountains and find the metallic dragons. She then passes away. The heroes reach Jorjan's Tower, where they find the body of the renegade wizard. Jorjan's bears the same wounds as Tarligor, revealing that he was also killed by Khardra. In the tower, they find Jorjan's frightened chimp, who befriends the group and travels with them. The chimp leads the party to the Woods of Lahue where they elude a tribe of cannibals and some of Khardra's men. Upon reaching the Peak of Clouds, they are approached by the gold dragon Aric who asks for their assistance. Aric leads the group to the lair of the copper dragon Londell. The two dragons also introduce Karlox, the son of the bronze Thyron. Thyron is also present, as are Linsilee and Ky (who's head and body are now one). The dragons explain that Khardra is an enhanced dragon created by the mage Tarligor, and that Artha is a demigod, a daughter of Takhisis. The pair perform blending ceremonies on the summit of the Peak of Clouds, where both Artha and Khardra gain power. The blending ceremony serves to also weaken the metallic dragons, which is why they are actively looking to foil the pair's plans. The dragons fly the adventurers to the summit, where the pair blinds the dragons. The adventurers however guide the dragons into Khardra and Artha is disrupt the ceremony. Khardra attacks Thyron, and in turn the dragon locks his jaws around the enhanced draconian. As Khardra perishes, he explodes in a large blast, leaving nothing left of himself or of Thyron afterwards. An image of Takhisis manifests herself in the sky, where she berates Artha for failing her yet again. Both Takhisis and Artha then disappear. Aric's daughter Mira arrives to aid her father and leads him away. Before leaving, Aric rewards the heroes and wanders into a magical city in the clouds. The heroes leave as the other dragons also depart. (Source: In Search of Dragons)

Cirulon, the city in the clouds/Remnant Black Dragonarmy: The spirit of the dead dragon Saramber warns Blackstar, Pike Oakbone, Shalindra, Trapian, Iryl Songbrook, Grenden, Tarr Ravenseye and Bennybeck of impending doom, showing them visions of danger and of Cirulon, a city amongst the clouds. On the next morn, the kodragon Abriele meets with the heroes and is accompanied by the spirit of Saramber. The heroes are tested to prove that they are of good alignment. The group passes the dream tests and are rewarded by Abriele with a magical staff, a vision of a dragonlance, some miniature silver dragon wings and two ears of moldy black corn. The party then traverses a great stairway and makes it way over a crystal bridge into the clouds and reaches the great cloud city of Cirulon. The heroes find that the city is under attack by Artha's forces, and explore the city in peace. In their travels they locate the capture bronze dragon Moonscale, who was the protector of the Lor-Tai. On freeing Moonscale, the dragon offers the heroes a reward and then resumes his defence of the city. As their search continues, the group is attacked by the black dragon Nightclaw and his master Finion Pel, a commander of the remnant Black Dragonarmy forces. The two are killed in the brief skirmish and the heroes discover a cache of weapons near where they attacked that includes a mounted dragonlance. The small party continues to aid dragons throughout the city, as Artha's forces persist in their assault. They assistance the dragons Papian, Steel-eye, Kerrija and Terrilyn, who collectively inform the group that Artha is a demigod and is believed to be a daughter of Takhisis and Chemosh. They also advise that she is assaulting Cirulon to attempt to find a portal to the realm of the Astral Dragon. (Source: Dragon Magic)

End to the Dragon Plague: A floating dark tower appears out of the mists, and with Steel-eye's aid, the heroes defeat a guardian red dragon and enter the tower. After fighting past some undead, the party captures an evil cleric called Crouse, twin brother of the master of the tower, Kroghir. Crouse informs the party about his brother and the tower itself, before fleeing for his life. As the heroes come upon Kroghir in the Observation Dome, the dark cleric panics and teleports himself out of the tower. The party then manages to control the tower and move it away from Cirulon, before fleeing upon Kerrija and Terrilyn as the tower explodes safely in the distance. Shortly after they are approached by the brass dragon Trillum, who summons the heroes to come before the Council of Cirulon. The Council consists of gold Alcuin, bronze Anaximander, brass Strato, copper Spir and silver Tertullian. The wyrms of the Council question the heroes and their actions, finally voting that they will trust them. The dragons then ask the heroes to journey to Schallsea, where they believe they may be able to find a cure for the dragon plague amongst the Wemitowuk (a tribe of human barbarians). The party uses the Silver Stair to journey from Cirulon to Schallsea, escorted by Kerrija and Terrilyn. On reaching the island Kerrija displays symptoms of the dragon plague and Terrilyn chooses to stay behind with him. The heroes reach the village of Angat, home to the Wemitowuk. They meet with Chief Owalago who offers a little information after sharing a drink with them. He tells of the long-dead Chief Talawillona, and also about a field of strange corn that they passed on their way to Angat (which resembled the corn that Abriele gave them). The heroes return to the cornfields and discover a hidden passage that leads to the Garden of the Dead. In the Garden, the heroes come across cursed shaman and Wemitowuk warriors, including Pavasusu, Qahitloq, Tohopote, Chupchus and Hurricopah. On defeating them all, they then find the form of Chief Talawillona who asks that the party leads him home. The heroes lead the chief back to Angat where he atones to the gods and then cures Kerrija of the plague. The spirit of the chief then travels away to find other dragons who he can cure of the plague. The heroes rejoin Kerrija and Terrilyn in returning to Cirulon. The party reports to the Council, who reward them by making them all honorary citizens of Cirulon and award them the ability to return to the city whenever they desire. On hearing the report from the party, the dragons turn on Abriele, realising that she knew the cure for the dragon plague all along. Abriele tells the Council that she must act neutral in all matters as emissary of the Astral Dragon. She then teleports away. As the heroes leave the council chambers, the kodragon appears before them pleading for assistance. She shows them a vision of Artha and how she has located the spirit of Khardra. Abriele goes on to advise that Artha is seeking the portal that leads to the Astral Dragon and how she believes it can be found on the Isle of Dragons. The heroes learn that Abriele has given birth to a baby kodragon called Dira, and then they all travel to the Isle of Dragons to prevent another attack by Artha. Khardra and Artha perform a blending ceremony which disables all the dragon defenders. Abriele asks the heroes to approach Artha's dark tower, since no dragon is able to get near it during the ceremony. The heroes get control of the tower and drive it away, quickly escaping before it explodes. After the destruction, Artha takes Khardra's spirit with her and flees to the moon of Lunitari. Abriele tells that she revealed the location of the portal to Artha, in an effort to preserve the balance, which is why Artha fled to Lunitari. The kodragon vanishes, leaving her baby Dira with the heroes to care for, as well as leaving them all in her home plane in the Abyss. (Source: Dragon Magic)

The Astral Dragon's Portal: The heroes are soon met by the kodragon Euel, father of Dira and Abriele's mate. Euel leads the party to a portal which takes them to the Blood Sea. They soon find themselves near Artha's Treasure Dome, which she has built at the bottom of the Blood Sea. The party learns that Artha's Dome is under constant attack by Zeboim's forces, since the goddess of the sea is annoyed at Artha's intrusion on her domain. They also learn that Artha's magical experiments have restored Khardra back to life. Khardra however, is less than happy about being resurrected and offers to help the heroes in destroying Artha. Khardra then leads the group to a skyboat which he uses to take everyone to the moon of Lunitari, where they can track down Artha. On the red moon, after a curious encounter with the god Sirrion and his lover Tiffi, the group reacquaints themselves with the silver dragons Kerrija and Terrilyn. However Kerrija, wounded against Artha's minions, passes away. Terrilyn gives a gift of a iron chain link to the heroes as her brother's final present. She then transports the group to the Azurite Mountains where they meet their former draconic comrades Aric, Karlox and Steel-Eye. They also meet with the ancient copper dragon Prashah, the gold dragon Crey, and their elven friend Linsilee. Aric tells the group of the fight between Artha's forces and the metallic dragons, and how they have so far prevented her from reaching the portal to the Astral Dragon, and also of a mysterious barrier which appeared to block her entrance. However their concerns over the portal have heightened since the disappearance of the red sphere which seems to have been stolen. Linsilee admits to stealing the sphere to prevent further bloodshed. The dragons convince her to return the sphere and then the entire group (including Linsilee and Khardra) ride on dragonback and replace the sphere. On reaching the portal, a great battle ensues with Artha and her forces, however Artha quickly vanishes as the battle is joined. In the fighting the blue dragon Arachok is killed, although his brother Kizmi and the red dragon Skorch both escape. Also the green dragons Greenfang and Bloodwrack are slain, as is the old black Guraxa. However the Bozak draconian, Lieutenant Goz manages to escape. (Source: Dragon Keep)

The Astral Dragon/Artha Undone: A swarm of kodragons issue from the portal and escort the heroes to the plane of the Astral Dragon. The kodragons then vanish and leave the party stranded. Khardra attacks Euel, calling him a traitor and believing that he has left everyone here to die. They also learn that Artha also made it through the portal and is now searching for the Astral Dragon. Euel admits that he has been working for Takhisis, since she has been holding Abriele hostage and he feared for her life. He also tells the heroes that the goddess separated the Astral Dragon by breaking it's link, and now it is in it's weaker form, that of two lesser dragons, Deion and Procene. Takhisis has since tried to subvert Deion and get him to ally all the neutral dragons with her chromatics to fight against the metallic dragons. The heroes enter the Keep of the Astral Dragon and discover Artha's corpse, whilst learning that Takhisis arrived ahead of them. Takhisis resurrects Artha, cursing her to destroy the heroes and then to kill Deion and Procene. However since the Astral Dragons are immortal, the combat will last forever, keeping all three in a state of limbo until Takhisis has need of them again. The goddess vanishes, knowing that the weakened dragons cannot defeat her daughter. Khardra sacrifices himself during the battle and explodes in Artha's mouth, temporarily stunning the immortal demigod. Whilst stunned, the heroes rejoin the chain between Deion and Procene, and the Astral Dragon is restored. Joined the Astral Dragon strikes down Artha and then banishes Takhisis from their plane permanently. Abriele appears and rejoins Euel and Dira. The happy kodragon family then fly off together as the Astral Dragon thanks the heroes for their actions. The party loses consciousness and reawaken in the town of Fair Meadows where they are greeted by Mayor Frohm Mrick. The heroes then receive a message from the gold dragon Alcuin and receive a sizable reward for their deeds. Mayor Frohm then requests that the heroes mind the town for him for a short while as (to the surprise of the heroes) he transforms into a silver dragon and goes to briefly visit his kin in Cirulon. (Source: Dragon Keep)

Death of a Poet: The acclaimed poet Merturan is killed by a marauding green dragon in the aftermath of the War of the Lance. (Source: Odyssey of Gilthanas)

355 AC

Solamnic Grandmaster: Lord Gunthar is named the new Grandmaster of the Solamnic Knights, ruling the entire knighthood from Castle Uth Wistan.

A Warrior's Honor: Sir Torbin, a Solamnic Knight, comes upon the small village of Dragon's Point. On entering the village, he is asked by the villagers to hunt down a marauding minotaur. Upon finding the minotaur, Torbin is surprised when his supposed foe asks him to sit and talk, rather than fight. The pair talk about minotaur society, honor and also of Lord Soth. When the minotaur asks the knight about questions and definitions of honor, the knight becomes confused and leaves the minotaur in peace. On returning to the village, the townsfolk grow annoyed that the knight did not slay the minotaur. Torbin tells the people he will watch the minotaur, but only draw steel against him if he shows any sign of hostility. The minotaur enters the village and requests that Torbin attend him at the shore to witness his last honorable act. Torbin comes to the shore and witnesses a party of minotaurs arrive. They challenge the lone minotaur to honorable combat and slay him, thereby restoring the honor of their clan. Torbin questions the minotaurs about the fight, who explain he had brought shame on his family by refusing to fight in the arena and by refuting the barbaric ways of his people. The minotaur party explains that the lone minotaur had only two choices. To run from this fight and forever shame his family name, or to fight to the death and restore his family name to a place of honor. The party leaves in the boat, as Torbin buries the minotaur. The knight then leaves the village behind, disgusted with the reaction of the villagers to the news of the minotaur's death. Source: Definitions of Honor (Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes)

Rise of the Revenant: A young adventurer by the name of Evredd Kaan scouts the eastern border of Solamnia after hearing reports of marauding hobgoblins. However he is shot and killed with a poisoned crossbow bolt by an assassin during his duties. Evredd refuses to die and returns from the grave as a revenant. The undead Evredd befriends the dwarf Orun, who chooses to aid him in locating his killer. Soon they uncover that his killer is a Theiwar dwarf called Garith, who has long been posing as Evredd's uncle (through the use of magic). Evredd and Orun confront Garith, who admits to hiring the hobgoblins and killing anyone who has gotten in his way since the War of the Lance. The pair kill the foul Theiwar and then Evredd passes into the afterlife. Source: Dead on Target (War of the Lance)

Oliver's Return: The druid L'Indasha Yman tells her friends Robert and Mort a story about her baby dragon Oliver, who she raised after discovering his egg in the wild. On the completion of the story, they discover that Oliver has returned to L'Indasha for every season since he first left her, and still returns to his beloved 'mother' to this day. Source: The Final Touch (Dragons of Krynn)

The Foolish Baron: In the town of Trentwood, a wanderer named Jengar and his dog Fool's Gold come into the local inn. Fool's Gold shows a tendency to drink beer, which causes the patrons to ask Jengar to tell his story. Jengar tells about how he once attacked a gold dragon and then lied to it once it questioned him. The dragon put a geas on him which forced him to always tell the truth. Naturally this curse has made him less than popular with many folk since, as people often do not like to hear the truth all the time. The local baron is impressed by the tale and asks Jengar to perform a service for him. For the baron, Jengar goes to visit a gnome and his assistant (Tug and Lexi) and investigate the boat they are building. Finding that the gnome, his human assistant and the boat are all quite harmless, he returns to the baron to report the news. The baron orders Jengar to drive the gnome out of town or kill him, also using a magic wand to trap Fool's Gold in a magical globe. By threatening his dog, the baron forces Jengar to at least consider doing the task. Jengar then comes up with a plan, and tells the baron he will remove the 'threat' in seven days. On the seventh day, Jengar and Lexi complete their boat. The baron demands to drive the boat, and Jengar happily allows him to test it. Shortly after the boat drives off at high speed into the distance, carrying the baron far away from land. Fool's Gold arrives with the baron's wand in his mouth and Jengar happily throws the 'stick' and plays with his companion, both glad to see the 'threat' removed. Source: Fool's Gold (Dragons of Krynn)

Nilhila's Bargain: A small group of adventurers are kidnapped by the cambion demon Nilhila, who is collecting Krynnish mortals for his menagerie in the Abyss. Takhisis strikes a deal with Nilhila, asking him to release some of his captives to do a job for her. Back upon Ansalon, the adventurers are visited by the spirit of Berem Everman, who warns them to collect freedom pieces to build an altar which will thwart Takhisis' plans. The party does so and escape the clutches of both Takhisis and Nilhila. (Source: Mists of Krynn)

Cult of the Worm: Kastir, Cleric of Mishakal leads a group of missionaries to Khur. However on their journey they are attacked by strange dwarves. A party of adventurers are hired to protect the missionaries and learn more about the dwarves. As a small band of dwarves attack again, the heroes learn that they are Zhakar and track them back to their ruined city. This group of Zhakar worships a great Worm, and plans to capture the missionaries as food for the Worm. The heroes battle and drive off the priests of the Zhakar, Garath Daerohelm and Cherison Narlhemmer, as well as the great Worm. The two priests flee for their lives, with the Worm in hot pursuit of it's food, leading all three further and further into the depths of the earth. The heroes resume their trek and successfully aid the missionaries in reaching Khur. (Source: Mists of Krynn)

356 AC

Lady's Crysania's Escort/Caramon's Reform: Astinus of Palanthas holds a secret meeting in the Great Library with Lady Crysania of Tarinius and Raistlin Majere. Raistlin charms Crysania and she believes that Paladine has granted her the honor of saving the mage from the path of evil. Crysania then finds Tasslehoff Burrfoot and has him search for the gully dwarf Bupu, after hearing the tale of Raistlin's affection towards the small Aghar. She then journeys with Tanis Half-Elven in the hopes that he can guide her to the Tower of Wayreth. However since Tanis is required to attend the funeral of Solostaran, Speaker of the Sun, he can take her only so far as Solace. In Solace he meets with Riverwind, who offers his condolences and apologises for not being able to escort the young cleric either, since he must try to prevent war breaking out between the various tribes of the plainspeople. Tika shamefully admits that Caramon has become a useless drunk, as Tanis, Riverwind and Crysania see their old friend stagger into the Inn of the Last Home. Tika, infuriated over Caramon's behaviour, throws him out of the house and orders him to escort Lady Crysania to the Tower of Wayreth. Tas arrives in Solace with little Bupu, and finds Caramon and Tika. Tas agrees to help Caramon escort Crysania to the Tower, as Caramon shamefully agrees that he will try to reform himself. (Source: Time of the Twins)

The Conclave's Spy/Raistlin's Plans Revealed: Kitiara travels with Lord Soth to the Tower of Palanthas. She meets with her half-brother Raistlin and talks with him about his plans. Raistlin reveals that he intends on challenging the gods and Kit is surprised when Soth bows to Raistlin as a master. Kit orders Soth to murder Crysania in the Forest of Wayreth to disrupt Raistlin's mad plans. Soth does so with a team of draconians to distract Caramon, Tas and Bupu, and then strikes down the young cleric without the others realising. Dalamar, apprentice to Raistlin, warns the mage to visit the Live Ones in his Tower. Raistlin speaks with his creations and learns that Soth struck down Crysania, but that somehow her god Paladine saved her life. Raistlin casts an illusion of sleep over the cleric, so that his foolish twin does not bury Crysania, thinking her truly dead. He then reveals the full extent of his plans to Dalamar, before burning his fingers through Dalamar's chest as punishment for the apprentice attempting to spy on him for the Conclave. He then sends Dalamar back to the Conclave to tell them of his plans. Caramon, Tas and Bupu take Crysania to the Tower of Wayreth at the same time that Dalamar arrives and tells them all about Raistlin's plan. Par-Salian decides to send Caramon and Crysania back in time to thwart Raistlin's plan, however Tasslehoff also decides to sneak back in time, even though he has been strictly told not to interfere. The group journeys back to 1 PC, shortly before the Cataclysm. (Source: Time of the Twins)

The Skull of Fistandantilus: Two dragons, a red and a brass, engage in a battle over Skullcap. Flayzeranyx (or Flayze) the red dragon, feels himself drawn to the skull of Fistandantilus, which he claims and takes back to his lair. (Source: Fistandantilus Reborn)

357 AC

The Remnant Black Dragonarmy Forces: The remnant forces of the Black Dragonarmy are united under the leadership of General Marcus Cadrio, formerly a Dragon Highmaster and chief officer to the Dragon Highlord. General Cadrio launches an attack upon the city of Gwynned, through the usage of two flying citadels and two of his black dragons, Eclipse and Murk. However the city has two gold dragons, Sunfire and Glisten defending it, as well as a score of mages and armed forces. The ensuing battle sees one flying citadel destroyed, the other badly damaged, and sections of Gwynned in ruins. During the battle a team of Cadrio's gargoyles abduct the mage Leot, however his fellow mage Tyros manages to escape. Cadrio's forces leave Gwynned in defeat after being beaten back by the defenders. Tyros meets with the Ergothian soldier Bakal and garners his aid in tracking down Cadrio, as well as the aid of Serene, a cleric of Branchala. Serene reveals that she wants to find Cadrio, so that she can rescue her lover Valkyn, who was captured by the general for his knowledge of the flying citadels. Bakal brings along a small force of men who meet with Tyros, Serene and her kender companion Rapp. The party mounts a team of griffons which Rapp has trained and fly in pursuit of the damaged citadel. Cadrio is ordered by the mage Valkyn to fly the damaged citadel to south-eastern Solamnia, directly to the site of Castle Atriun. It turns out that Valkyn is not a prisoner of General Cadrio, but rather an ally of sorts, who chose Cadrio to fly the citadels. Cadrio grows increasingly annoyed with the mage's orders, and has his two chief officers, Zander and Timinion prepared to strike him down. However the plan goes awry and Valkyn kills Timinion as a warning. Cadrio agrees to comply with Valkyn's wishes for now. (Source: The Citadel)

Valkyn Revealed: Valkyn reveals that he hails from Cultharai and his brother was the infamous General Krynos, who died from a plague spread by a Solamnic knight during the war. Valkyn is able to raise Castle Atriun out of the ground as a new type of flying citadel which then joins the damaged one. Cadrio, Valkyn and a portion of their army migrates to Atriun, leaving the rest of Cadrio's forces upon the damaged citadel, or amongst their fleet of ships. As the army flies over the town of Norwych, Valkyn has Atriun destroy two silver dragons and then the damaged flying citadel, displaying it's raw power and also decimating a portion of Cadrio's forces whilst also crushing Norwych. As the heroes approach Norwych on griffonback, they witness the power of Atriun and the destruction of Norwych. They are approached by a gargoyle from Atriun called Stone, who advises Tyros that he is the leader of one of two clans of gargoyles who are forced to serve Valkyn. He allies himself to Tyros and tells the mage that he should only attack Atriun when the clouds around it start to thin. Stone quickly flies back to the citadel. With word of an attack to be launched upon Gwynned, and also of the advice from Stone, the heroes decide to split up. Bakal and Rap fly to Gwynned so that they can prepare their defenses, whilst Tyros and Serene decide to get aboard Atriun and wrest control from it's master. As the pair makes it onboard, the gold dragons Sunfire and Glisten attack Atriun. The citadel's lightning kill Glisten outright and badly injures Sunfire. Shortly after, Valkyn finds Serene and Tyros, casting a spell over them which will cause them pain if they even think of arcane or divine magic. Tyros learns from Valkyn that the citadel is powered by the lives and magic of imprisoned mages. Leot was captured and used to this end, currently powering the citadel with his life. During this period, Rapp, Bakal and his men return to the citadel, sneaking onboard and prepared to launch an assault to free Serene and Tyros. Stone and his clan of gargoyles aid the heroes, however Crag's gargoyles and Valkyn himself, manage to defeat and imprison the rest. (Source: The Citadel)

Destruction of the Remnant Black Dragonarmy: General Cadrio, who has been with his fleet, launches an attack upon Atriun, tired of serving as second-fiddle to Valkyn. Cadrio leads a team of soldiers with his officer Rudolpho upon the back of the two black dragons Murk and Eclipse. During the assault, Atriun is used to annihilate Murk and shortly after the mage's magic kills Rudolpho. Cadrio is humbled into being Valkyn's second, whilst his chief officer Zander starts to show signs of wanting to claim Cadrio's place. Rapp locates Serene and convinces her that the power of the Branchala the Bard King, is far more powerful than Valkyn's curse and therefore can be overcome. Serene prays to her god and the clouds around Atriun begin to wither away. At the same time, Valkyn attaches Tyros to the flying citadel, so that he may serve as it's new lifeforce. Seeing what Valkyn is doing, Rapp attempts to stop the mage and free his friend, however Valkyn cuts down the kender. Bakal makes it to the control tower to find General Cadrio prepared to defend it. The two battle for control of the tower, which results in Cadrio falling out of a window to his death. During the fight, Bakal had destroyed the controls, so Atriun begins to move uncontrollaby. Valkyn retreats to the chambers where he is keeping Serene, only to be confronted by the gargoyle Stone. The mage kills Stone and nominates Zander as his new general. He finds that Bakal and Serene have fled the citadel, and orders Zander and Eclipse to hunt them down. Tyros, freed from his bindings, confronts Valkyn and destroys the power source of the citadel. Valkyn is killed in the explosion as the citadel collapses. Serene and her griffon Taggi swoop in and rescue Tyros from the destruction, however Zander and Eclipse are crushed by the falling rock. Tyros, Bakal and Serene return to Gwynned. Bakal is promoted in the Gwynned military to the staff of the senior general for his actions. Tyros and Serene decide to travel to the Conclave to inform them of the destruction of the remnant Black Dragonarmy and the fearsome new flying citadel. (Source: The Citadel)

The Blue Lady's War/Raistlin's Sacrifice: Kitiara and Lord Soth lead the Blue Dragonarmy in a flying citadel over Palanthas. The army is then launched upon the city in what later becomes known as the Blue Lady's War. Lord Gunthar, Grandmaster of the Solamnic Knights and Lord Amothus, ruler of Palanthas, appoint Tanis Half-Elven and Sir Markham to lead the defenses of the city. Tanis mounts the dragon Khirsah and prepares to lead a charge against Soth and his skeletal warriors. However he notices that his magical bracelet is missing, since Tas stole it after being forewarned in the future that Tanis died against Soth because he thought himself invulnerable with his bracelet. Tas then helps Caramon, Tanis and Khirsah during the fighting, and the group manage to take control of the flying citadel. Caramon and Tanis leave the citadel in the control of Tas and the gully dwarf Rounce, as they make their way to the Tower of Palanthas. Making their way inside the Tower, they find that Kitiara and Dalamar have also made it inside, where each has struck the other down. Tanis arrives and assists Dalamar, saving him from Kit as she attempts to kill Raistlin's apprentice with a final throw of her dagger. Soth arrives to claim Kitiara and leaves with her. Caramon enters the great portal and finds his brother and Crysania already inside the Abyss. Caramon tells his twin of the future he witnessed, and makes his twin realise the futility of his actions. Raistlin agrees to hold off the Dark Queen as Caramon takes Crysania out of the Abyss and seals the portal. Raistlin also gives his twin the Staff of Magius with which to seal the Abyss and stop Takhisis from re-entering Krynn. Raistlin bids his twin a final farewell, before allowing himself to be sealed in the Abyss with Takhisis. (Source: Test of the Twins)

Restructure of the Heads of Magic: Par-Salian and Ladonna both step down from their positions on the Conclave. Justarius is appointed as the new Master of the Conclave. Dunbar Mastersmate is appointed as the new Head of the White Robes, and Dalamar is made the Head of the Black Robes.

Ariakan Released: Ariakan is set free by the Solamnics, and he begins to formulate the idea about forming his own knighthood, based off some of the ideals of the Knights of Solamnia.

Soth Betrayed: Lord Soth returns with his warriors and Kit's body back to Dargaard Keep. However his seneschal Caradoc betrays his lord by hiding Kitiara's soul. As Soth chases after Caradoc, the two are claimed by deep mists and transported to the Demiplane of Dread, known as Ravenloft. (Sources: Knight of the Black Rose, World of Krynn)

The Cloakmaster: Teldin Moore witnesses a strange flying craft crash on his farm, south of Kalaman. He finds a dying humanoid who gives him a cloak, telling him to keep it away from the neogi. Teldin is then attacked by an odd-looking creature that resembles a massive humanoid with the face of a hippo. After hurting himself, the odd alien introduces himself as Gomja, a giff soldier. The farmer dons the mysterious cloak, soon finding that he is unable to remove it. Teldin's neighbour Liam, joins him, as Gomja tells of how the neogi attacked their ship, causing them to crash. Shortly after, the monstrous neogi search the ship Penumbra and leave. Teldin and Gomja race to Liam's farm, only to find the neogi have already killed the farmer and his family. The pair journey to Kalaman, where they run into a former war comrade of Teldin's, Vandoorm. The veteran soldier offers Gomja and Teldin, places in his mercenary band as they travel to Palanthas. Teldin wanders into a draconian camp, where the draconians believe him to be one of them. Vandoorm's men ride down the draconians, as the mercenary leader tries to snatch Teldin's magical cloak. Failing to take the cloak, Vandoorm then tries to kill Teldin, however Gomja drives the mercenaries off with his pistol. In Palanthas, Teldin and Gomja speak with Astinus of spelljamming, and ask why Teldin cannot remove the magical cloak. They learn from the scholar Maltor, that the gnomes of Mount Nevermind may be able to assist with spelljamming. Teldin witnesses the neogi Nyeasta murder Vandoorm's lieutenant Brun, as he interrogates the mercenaries for information on Gomja and Teldin. Nyeasta then has his umber hulk servants kill Vandoorm and the rest of his men, after they give up the information. Teldin and Gomja then sneak aboard a boat in the Palanthas docks, hoping to escape the neogi. (Source: Beyond the Moons)

Spelljamming: Captain Luciar agrees to allow the pair to sail on his ship if they work amongst the crew, after he catches them stowing away. Teldin and Gomja aid the crew in fighting off minotaur pirates before they reach Sancrist. In Mount Nevermind, they speak with the gnome Snowball about spelljamming. Snowball enlists the aid of fellow tinker gnomes Ilwar, Broz and Niggil, who build a spelljamming ship which they claim will reach the Void. The neogi M'Phei captures Teldin and he is brought before the Overmaster, leader of the neogi, as the evil aliens infiltrate Mount Nevermind. Teldin defeats the Overmaster's umber hulk servant, before managing to kill the Overmaster himself. Gomja arrives and leads Teldin to their spelljamming ship, the Unquenchable. The ship is captained by the gnome Wysdor and his three admirals Ilwar, Broz and Niggil, and takes off once the pair get onboard, in a bid to escape the neogi. Gomja soon realises that the neogi ship must be stopped and sacrifices himself to destroy the enemy ship. The Unquenchable races away from the world of Krynn, with it's gnome crew and honorary captain Teldin Moore. (Source: Beyond the Moons)

The Lost Tower of High Sorcery: Par-Salian and Ladonna, now retired, travel beyond the Prime Material Plane in search of the Lost Tower of High Sorcery. They locate it but soon find themselves being assaulted by a magical force. The initiate mage Myrella is troubled by nightmares of the Test of High Sorcery. With some prodding by her gnomish friend Gnatch, she makes the decision to finally take the Test, and travels to Wayreth. Reaching the Tower of Wayreth, Myrella finds it being assaulted by draconians. She meets up with a red-robed mage named Az-araz-zar, who also appears to be a shapeshifter. As the two try to escape the draconians, Az-araz-zar mentions that only the most evil black-robed wizard would dare such an attack. The red-robed shapeshifter teleports Myrella to safety in the lands of the Que-Shu. Myrella is found by Riverwind and Goldmoon, who she tells about the attack. The initiate mage tells the Que-Shu that she believes Raistlin to be behind the attack, however they tell her it is impossible, since Raistlin is now dead. Riverwind, Goldmoon and Myrella return to the Tower of Wayreth, only to find that the mages have defeated the draconian force and are back in control of the Tower. As they talk with Dunbar Mastersmate, Head of the White Robes, Goldmoon and Riverwind fade from sight and are teleported away by a magical force. Dalamar, Head of the Black Robes, appears and speaks with Myrella about her intentions to take the Test. Myrella decides to take the Test. Goldmoon and Riverwind appear in a strange forest and learn that Par-Salian and Ladonna summoned them to aid them in their fight to reclaim the Lost Tower of High Sorcery. The quartet witness a vision in the sky from long ago, in which a renegade fights against the Conclave and loses. The Conclave banish the mage and his Tower of High Sorcery from the world. (Source: DC DL Comics #13-16)

Spyranus Confronted/The Lost Tower's Guardian: Myrella undertakes the Test of High Sorcery. In the Test she finds herself in Neraka where she finds her old friend Kalthanan. The elf tells Myrella about his curse, about his need to find the magical artifact Mindbender, and of his soul being merged with his murderous father's within the single body. Kalthanan explains that the Mindbender will destroy one of his two souls and allow him some peace. Az-araz-zar appears and casts a magic missile to knock down Myrella, before being blasted by Kalthanan. Back on the demi-plane, Par-Salian explains to Riverwind and Goldmoon how the black-robe Spyranus went against the Conclave, turning renegade, and claimed the Lost Tower of High Sorcery. He explains how the Tower and Spyranus were hurled into a demi-plane, forever trapped from the world of Krynn. The renegade linked his spirit to the Tower to preserve himself and has now found the way back to Krynn, because of Par-Salian and Ladonna arriving in the demi-plane. Myrella and Kalthanan fight, as the initiate tries to stop her friend from using the Mindbender. Myrella implores the elf to not use the artifact, as it may potentially destroy Kalthanan's soul, or it might destroy Thanakan. She cannot risk to lose her friend, nor to allow Thanakan's evil to rise again, and fights him for the artifact. She feels herself being teleported away and grasps Kalthanan, dragging him into the demi-plane with her. Spyranus sends his minions against Ladonna, Par-Salian, Goldmoon, Riverwind, Kalthanan and Myrella. The group fight against Spyranus to little avail. Myrella gathers the aid of the others to magically draw the Mindbender into the demi-plane. Using the artifact on Spyranus, she separates him from the tower. The dark mage wanders out to the group, without any idea of who he is or how he came to be. The artifact also links Kalthanan to the tower. With both the souls of Thanakan and Kalthanan still intact, the elf is finally at peace. Myrella decides to walk the path of a Red Robe, now that her Test is complete. Az-araz-zar appears in the demi-plane, congratulating Myrella and then revealing himself to be the god Gilean. He then creates a minor rift in the demi-plane to allow the group to leave the Lost Tower with Kalthanan/Thanakan as it's new guardian. (Source: DC DL Comics #13-16)

Riva reaches Taladas/The Dragonring: Solamnic Knight, Riva Silvercrown is sailing on her ship on a quest for Lord Gunthar out to the far east. Fizban appears and teleports her to Taladas, telling her that he wishes her to spread his message of love and goodwill to the forsaken people of the land. As she appears with her dragonlance and sword, she witnesses two thieving Legionnaires flee from a group of their comrades led by the minotaur Axantheas. The thieves, Skrum and Griffin, are being chased for stealing Axantheas' magical ring, to earn favor with the Emperor of the Imperial League. Axantheas leads his blue dragon mount to terrify the two thieves. Riva intervenes and uses her lance to kill the dragon. Axantheas' men prepare to attack as the trio escape. Skrum and Griffin tell Riva about the League, how Axantheas became the servant of Erestem (Takhisis), and how Axantheas has used his ring to control dragons and plot a revolt against the Emperor. In order to stop his plans Skrum cut off the minotaur's hand to get the ring and the pair fled. The Legion is now hunting the pair under Axantheas' orders since they are believed to be traitors to the Empire. As Axantheas leads half of his Legion with him to the Empire's capital city Kristophan, his lieutenant Tyche leads the other half and captures Riva, Skrum and Griffin. Tyche and his soldiers leads the captured trio back to Kristophan. Tyche then stages a diversion at the gates and orders all his men to leave. He then plots to murder the captors, under Axantheas' orders. Riva clubs the minotaur and allows them time to escape. Skrum uses the magical Dragonring to summon a red dragon, on which the three plan to escape. Tyche again tries to stop them, and Riva kills the minotaur before they escape to safety on dragonback. After returning to the streets and fleeing the dragon from service, the trio is soon approached by the Tamire elves Sulai and her brother Maraghiz. Maraghiz tells of how he saw Riva in a vision and tried to warn their tribal shaman Ulan. Ulan believes Maraghiz was being a heretic and had him blinded before exiling him. Sulai left with her brother and they have been searching for Riva Silvercrown ever since, the person who they believe will allow good to spread across the land of Taladas. (Source: DC DL Comics #22-23)

The Dark Alliance: Axantheas forms a dark alliance with the folk of Thenol, Traag draconians, hobgoblins and the Glass Sailors. The five leaders swear allegiance to Erestem and to further her dark plans. Griffin and Skrum hatch the plan to ambush the Emperor's caravan, so that they can finally warn him of Axantheas' plot. They succeed in doing so, however the Emperor does not believe that Axantheas would actively work against him. He then orders his men to cut down the party, however Skrum uses the Dragonring to summon chromatic dragons and drive off the minotaurs. He then uses the dragons to declare himself a great master and powerful lord, as well as a minion of Erestem. Skrum 'encourages' the party to mount the chromatic dragons and then they all ride them to the edge of the lava sea. Erestem speaks with Riva, amused that the Solamnic Knight is here to do Fizban/Paladine's work. Axantheas arrives on a red dragon to reclaim his ring, however Riva's bronze dragon Ktarrh arrives to stop the dragon. Griffin decides to take the Dragonring and calls a blue dragon to serve him in aiding Riva. However Axantheas spears the blue dragon, which throws Griffin towards the lava sea. The warrior is saved by Ktarrh and the Dragonring falls into the lava and is destroyed. Axantheas falls into the lava during the fighting and perishes. The party pledges to follow Riva on the path of good. (Source: DC DL Comics #24-25)

Protecting the Dragon Eggs/Hith's Plot: Ktarrh vanishes shortly after, concerning Riva and her companions. They book passage on Captain Antara's ship, and travel with the Glass Sailors to find Ktarrh. The Legion officer Karranus commandeers a ship in Kristophan to chase down Riva and her friends. Antara sails her ship through the elven caverns of Rathna Vulghan, where the ship manages to survive the magical beasts inside and emerge on the other side. Karranus has his ship skirt the caverns and attempt to ambush Antara's ship. However a shardstorm strikes and cuts people on both ships badly, temporarily stopping any conflict between the two ships. Riva awakens after the shardstorm to find that Antara's ship has been led to safety and she finds Ktarr. The ship was led to the sanctuary of silver dragon eggs under the care of the elf Eron and his fellow keepers. The dragons try to convince Eron that he must not keep all the eggs in one place, however Eron will not budge on the point. Griffin and Skrum wander off and discover Karranus and his soldiers have also found the sanctuary. Antara's minotaur comrade Hester challenges Karranus to single combat, revealing that Karranus is his cousin. Hester slays his cousin as Griffin and his friends challenge the remaining minotaurs. Riva and Sulai return to the dragon egg sanctuary to witness Eron and his fellow keepers transform into silver dragons. The chamber has been overrun with ogres working for Hith, however the dragons easily dispatch them all. They find that most of the eggs are now destroyed and mourn the loss of their kin. Back in Thenol, Bishop Trandamere talks with his god Hith (Hiddukel) about the loss of the dragon eggs. Hith is greatly pleased that they are destroyed, since it means that neither Erestem nor Paladine can benefit from the use of the eggs. (Source: DC DL Comics #26-27)

The Glass Sailors: Antara's ship returns to the lands of the Glass Sailors. On arriving in a small town, they are met by Lord Aris and the tribal mage Krey. Shortly after arriving they are informed that a group of horax are running rampant in the wheat fields and must be stopped. The group tries to thwart the horax, however Krey intervenes and uses a fire spell which destroys the horax...but also the entire wheat fields. After decimating the village's food supply, Krey is punished by the village elders and exiled. Riva cannot allow the boy to die in the impending shardstorm. With the aid of Maraghiz and Ktarr, they find the boy and return him to the village. Lord Aris is enraged at the return of Krey and a fight soon breaks out. Krey attacks Aris however he is shot down and killed by the archer Tanal, who Riva saved during the fire in the fields. Antara and Riva talk briefly, before the pair and Riva's companions board the ship and set sail once more. (Source: DC DL Comic #29)

Erestem's Favor: The late Axantheas' cousin, Cantavian, murders and butchers his way to a position of power. He tries to gain the favor of Erestem, so that he may succeed in replacing the Emperor, where his cousin failed. He goes so far as to beat his way into a temple of Erestem and even bully the priests. Erestem appears and embraces the minotaur, only to be crushed and destroyed by her might. (Source: DC DL Comic #28)

The Powers of Feh: In the ruins of Aurim, the hobgoblin hunter Snonk returns to his tribe with a great slug. Feh is jealous over Snonk's popularity and forgets his duty of spreading sludge. In his musings, Feh comes across the hobgoblin shaman Hanuk, who allows Feh an audience with Erestem. The Dark Queen offers Feh the power he so desires. A force of Traag draconians assault the hobgoblin tribe, however Feh destroys them with his new powers from Erestem. Feh then become the tribal leader, making a decree that all hunters shall henceforth spread sludge, and all former sludge-spreaders shall henceforth be hunters. Feh then leaves the village, after Erestem orders him to hunt down Riva. Snonk returns and reclaims his position as tribal leader. Hanuk reveals that whilst Feh cannot be defeated from those who stand directly in front of him, he is quite vulnerable from behind. The hobgoblins plan a little 'surprise' for the great Feh if he ever returns and tries to make them cower in fear again. (Source: DC DL Comic #28)

The Cult of Mislaxa: In Southern Hosk, Riva, Maraghiz, Sulai, Griffin and Skrum run afoul of a minotaur patrol. The patrol batters the party, however they escape with a few injuries. Griffin bears severe wounds and Riva goes searching a local village for some aid. She comes across the healer Tykel, who is a cleric of Mislaxa (Mishakal). Tykel uses her medicine to heal Griffin, however he falls asleep as the healing medicine begins to work. Tykel then tells the group a tale about the first priestess in the Cult of Mislaxa, Miisia Genyei. After the tale is told, Griffin awakens and the party continue on their adventures, thanking Tykel for her aid. (Source: DC DL Comics #33-34)

358 AC

Raistlin as the One God - The Alternate Timeline: Tas and Caramon arrive from the past to find that Krynn is nearly destroyed by Raistlin's war against the gods. They find Tika's grave and also locate Astinus and Par-Salian. The old mage warns Caramon that he must go back to 356 AC and prevent Raistlin from entering the Abyss. If he is allowed to do so, he will have the power to challenge the gods and will then destroy the world. Caramon grabs the Tobril from Astinus, before he and Tas leave to stop Raistlin and journey back to 356 AC to alter the course of history back to what it should be. (Source: Test of the Twins)

Birth of Tanin: Caramon and Tika Majere are blessed with the birth of their first son, naming him Tanin, in honor of their close friend Tanis.

Jakster: The copper dragon Croesus and his mercenary comrade Stoic John enter into a cave. Inside they find a young girl called Jakster. Whilst Croesus contemplates eating the child, Stoic John implores that the dragon relents, thinking that Jakster might be the result of a tryst between himself and the mage Raslyn. Whilst Stoic John and Croesus discuss the possibility and also whether the dragon will eat her or not, Jakster cooks some venison for Croesus. As his belly is filled, his heart softens a little and the pair allow the child to join them on their adventuring. Source: And Baby Makes Three (Dragons of Krynn)

358-369 AC

Time of Peace: Peace returns to Ansalon. In the quiet times after the War of the Lance, the Knights of Solamnia flourish with new recruits and praise from those who welcomed the fall of the Dragonarmies.

359 AC

The Knights of Takhisis: Ariakan tells Takhisis of what he learnt during his imprisonment, and with her blessing he decides to create a new order similar to the Solamnic Knights, known as the Knights of Takhisis. He tells her he will make it impossible that this time evil will turn in on itself.

Sturm's Birth: Caramon and Tika have their second son, who they name after their fallen friend. Their child is named Sturm Majere.

The Kendragon: The kender Mapmaker Wanderfuss enters the city of Daltigoth and comes across the residence of the red-robe mage Myrthin and his apprentice Kharian. The kender finds a dragon statuette which turns him into a dragon. Mapmaker causes a bit of damage to the mage's roof before flying off. The kender turned dragon (kendragon) accidentally unhorses the Rose Knight, Sir Aric, causing the knight embarrassment and to challenge the kendragon to regain his honor. Not wanting to cause any more trouble, the kendragon flies off and leaves the knight behind. He later returns to find Sir Aric locked in battle with a large ogre. Trying to make amends, Mapmaker tries to help the knight, and almost kills Sir Aric instead. He then uses his breath weapon which sends himself, the ogre and Sir Aric all to sleep. Mapmaker is awakened by Aric, but is then addressed by the mage Myrthin who has come looking for his dragon statuette. The mage turns the kendragon back into his original form, as Aric leaves, choosing not to lower himself even further by fighting a kender. Mapmaker wanders off only to find another strange with yet another curious locked door. Now I wonder what is inside... Source: Scourge of the Wicked Kendragon (Dragons of Krynn)

The Albino Silver Dragon: Mercanyin is a man driven by honor and a desire to forget abandoning his wife in her time of need. He hears of a white dragon which is terrorising a local village and decides to hunt it down. The dragon refuses to fight, but the warrior attacks anyway and defeats it. As the dragon lies dying, it asks Mercanyin to care for the dragon's son. The warrior realises that the compassionate dragon is actually an albino silver dragon, and is horrified that he has done another foul deed. Mourning his actions, he retrieves the baby dragon to care for it, and also decides to return to his wife Dameernya and beg her forgiveness. Source: Honor is All (Dragons of Krynn)

360 AC

Moonsong's Birth: Riverwind and Goldmoon have a daughter, which they name Moonsong. They also lead the Plainsmen in rebuilding the dwellings of the Que-Shu people.

Papilla: In the small Solamnic town of Hollow, the Travelling Players of Gilean prepare to perform the play Papilla. The Bombyx family consider going, as young Livia is constantly tormented by her brothers Nando and Tal. As the brothers attempt to humiliate Livia on stage and in front of the entire town, Sebastius turns the tables on the two boys. Livia ends up joining the troupe, becoming a star actress, most notably in role of Papilla. Source: Papilla (The Players of Gilean)

The Jarak-Sinn's Assault: A company of adventurers are cast into a deep sleep, from which their remaining companions cannot awaken them. The remaining few seek out the aid of the local mage NoDen Silverfoot, who tells them that their friends are suffering from cavern fever. He also advises that only the Shadowpeople know how to cure it. The mage guides the party to the caves under Sanction where the Shadowpeople dwell. In Sanction, NoDen visits Skeech's Menagerie, where Skeech is fascinated by NoDen's owl and familiar, Enderbone. NoDen rejoins the group and takes them directly to the Shadowpeople, unknown by all, Skeech trails them. The Shadowpeople offer the cure to the cavern fever in return for the group's aid against Jarak-Sinn who have encroached on their territory. The adventurers cure their friends, only to learn that they were duped all along by both NoDen and Grok, leader of the Shadowpeople. The pair hatched the plan of magically sending the party to sleep so that they could get them to Sanction where they could aid the Shadowpeople. Even after learning of the devious manner in which they were hired, the heroes still help the Shadowpeople and engage with the Jarak-Sinn. The Jarak-Sinn are led by the shadow demon Deathtrip, who uses a magical amulet of Chemosh to control undead. The heroes challenge Deathtrip and kill the demon, also claiming the amulet. The undead turn to dust and the Jarak-Sinn soon find their leader has been defeated and they are facing foes in greater numbers. The Jarak-Sinn are forced back deeper underground by the heroes and the Shadowpeople. In return, Grok announces a feast to reward the heroes for their great victory, however it is soon discovered that Grok's daughter Wendilla has been kidnapped by Skeech, to use in his menagerie. The heroes once again take up the sword to rescue Grok's daughter. (Source: Mists of Krynn)

361 AC

Brightdawn's Birth/Usha's Arrival: Goldmoon and Riverwind have a second daughter, naming their new child Brightdawn. The baby Usha arrives on the shores of Irda Isle and is taken in by the kindly Irda known as Protector. (Source: Dragons of Summer Flame)

The Ghost of Carklin Hall: Sebastius' troupe arrives at Carklin Hall in the Nordmaar region, to perform the play 'Iron Collar'. Thronden gives the actors their parts that Sebastius assigned, all against type. Andura and Moku, a human female and an Aghar dwarf from the troupe, learn that Carklin Hall is believed to be haunted by the long-dead Thane Carklin. The two actors meet with the ghost and survive, learning of his tale. As the troupe performs 'The Iron Collar', Thane Carklin appears. Andura and Moku manage to work him into the play, so as not to frighten away the townsfolk. Andura convinces Carklin to finally rest in peace, ending the curse over the town. She is rewarded by two of the townsfolk, Havared and Bannur, before the troupe leaves town. Source: Enter, a Ghost (The Players of Gilean)

362 AC

Palin's Birth: Caramon and Tika are blessed with a third son, who they name Palin Majere.

Porthios and Alhana wed: In an effort to unify the elves, Alhana Starbreeze, princess of the Silvanesti, and Porthios Kanan, ruler of the Qualinesti, finally marry and attempt to unify all elves.

Lemborg's Spelljamming: The flying ship Spirit of Mount Nevermind, piloted by the gnome Lemborg, is shot down and crash lands in the Northern Wastes of Solamnia. The ship falls near a deserted city on the shore of Lake Cantrios. A brass dragon called Kalkon goes to investigate and finds Lemborg. The gnome tells Kalkon about his ship and his spelljamming, he grows concerned that someone might follow him and attack. On cue, mind flayers appear in a ship and attack the gnome and dragon. Kalkon destroys the mind flayers and their ship, before departing. Lemborg awakens in Mount Nevermind, to find he has recovered from his injuries. He applies for leave and goes north to find Kalkon in the Dragon Isles. Source: Through the Door at the Top of the Sky (Dragons at War)

363 AC

The Dragonlance's True Power: Tas is invited by Fizban to attend a celebration in Foghaven Vale, to commemorate the end of the War of the Lance. Tas learns that the ceremony is actually to honor the first use of a dragonlance by the knight Owen Glendower. As the honors are steeped upon the knight, he collapses. Tas relates his adventure ten years ago with both Fizban and Owen. The knight awakens and recovers. The group suggests that Tas should tell this tale to the knights, so they are aware that the dragonlances will stay true if the wielder has a true and noble heart...and most importantly, has a little faith. Source: The Story that Tasslehoff Promised he would never, ever Tell (War of the Lance)

365 AC

Golar's Shame: Close friends and actors, Heston and the minotaur Golar, have a duel onstage. As the two mock-fight, Golar notices a hooded figure in the crowd, suspecting a minotaur assassin from the Blood Sea Isles. Later the pair drink at a local bar, where Golar reminisces about fleeing from battle during the Summer of Chaos, and how his family were shamed and are now hunting him, as Heston talks of leaving his beloved behind with child over three years ago. Golar leaves the bar and is attacked by his young cousin Karas, in order to end the humiliation of Clan Barash over Golar's shameful acts. Golar knocks his cousin unconscious, hoping the minotaur will return to the Isles in peace. The next morning Heston tells Golar that his love has found him and leaves the troupe to be with her. Karas tracks down the troupe again and strikes down Golar. The minotaur leaves with Golar's axe as proof, whilst Golar recovers due to being an immortal actor of the troupe. Karas returns to claim Golar's body, however is shocked to see Golar is still alive. The pair fight again, where Karas finally admits he cannot kill Golar, admits defeat and wanders off. Karas journeys into the forest to end his life, after being shamed for failing his task. Golar chases him down and goads the younger minotaur into striking him. Golar truly dies, since he has left the Players of Gilean, as Karas mourns over his lost kinsman, finally realising what he has done. Karas takes his cousin's body back to Mithas, to be honored in death. Source: A Matter of Honor (The Players of Gilean)

366 AC

Gilthas' Birth: Tanis and Laurana are blessed with a son, who they name Gilthas Kanan.

Foryth the Historian: A young man known as Foryth Teel joins the Church of Gilean. He soon finds that whilst he is not the most capable of clerics, he greatly enjoys working as a record keeper. His studies turn to the cult of Fistandantilus that were powerful many years before. (Source: Fistandantilus Reborn)

Wun's Statuette: Two gnomes witness a meteor crash in the small towm of Gnomespile. The gnome Wun and his companion go to investigate and find a green statuette within the crater where the meteor struck. Wun uses the statuette in many of his devices which seem to be able to predict the future. Wun's friend grows more and more concerned as Wun himself receives various visions and dreams. Wun's invention explodes, destroying the town, although Wun is saved by his comrade. Wun believes that the statue has been destroyed along with his machines and the town. His gnomish companion keeps the statue safely buried in a part of the Tor that overlooks the town. Source: The Star-shard (Dragons of Chaos)

368 AC

The Rise of Chot: The minotaur champion Chot Es-Kalin rises to the position of Emperor of the Blood Sea Minotaurs. Having already been a member of the Council of Eight for some time, Chot establishes himself and begins a long and wise reign.

The Iron Dragon: The gnomish inventor Gilbenstock is approached by three men to do some digging for them, with his machine the Iron Dragon. Gilbenstock agrees and accepts their forward payment of diamonds. A man named Zorlen also approaches the gnome and tries to convince him to not do anything for the other men. Gilbenstock and his Aghar assistant Squib pilot the device, and also seem to cause a lot of destruction in the streets of Palanthas (including destroying a statue of Elistan and disturbing Dalamar). Eventually the pair reach the mining site, where they learn from Zorlen that the men are actually draconians, who are trying to free the powerful red dragon Bloodglitter, who is trapped in the mine. Gilbenstock detonates his own machine and flees, killing the evil draconians and forever sealing the mine entrance. Source: A Dragon to the Core (Dragons of Krynn)

369 AC

Armavir, Hero of the Lance: A gnomish article comes to light which claims that a gnomish warrior called Armavir was one of the original Heroes of the Lance, but was removed from all historical records due to his being a gnome and because of a cover-up. It is widely believed to be the mad ramblings of the author (a gnome by the name of Virumsortiticoporafurtimincludum), since no-one else can verify this, nor have any of the other Heroes of the Lance ever met a gnome called Armavir. Source: Into the Heart of the Story (Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes)

Frenzill's Recipe: The innkeep Frenzill prepares his latest batch of ale for the Hiddenhaven Midyear Festival, as people start to filter into the town. Three strangers come in warning of a red dragon who is headed for the town. Frenzill gets all the townsfolk to hide away, whilst he locks himself in the town gaol. The selfish innkeep leaves the three strangers outside and will not give them shelter. The strangers reveal themselves as the Cobben brothers, who were brewers in the neighboring town of Doriett. They find Frenzill's recipe for ale, take it for themselves, whilst Guyler Cobben walks away with his love Carlana, Frenzill's daughter. Source: Dragonfear (Dragons of Chaos)

370 AC

The Knights of Takhisis: Ariakan officially creates his knighthood and begins the training of his first recruits. All the new recruits receive the Vision from Takhisis, which tells them of their role in the knighthood.

Aureal's Revenge: The townsfolk of Lozlania are long tired of having to pay money to the mage Lozlan for his deed seventeen years earlier. The villagers turn against their leader Moin, blaming him for much of their troubles. Moin approaches the minstrel Aureal and the two journey to see Lozlan. Aureal charms the mage with a song as Moin strikes down Lozlan and kills him. The pair return to the village where Aureal plays a song for the townsfolk, where he reveals that the dragon killed seventeen years ago was his mother, and that she was not rampaging nor doing any harm to anyone. She was killed for no reason other than a lust for money by the mage and the actions of callous villagers. Aureal then morphs into his dragon form, destroying the village and it's inhabitants before leaving. Source: The Middle of Nowhere (Dragons of Krynn)

Borac the Assassin: The black dragon Borac, finds himself again in the guise of a human assassin. Borac is working for Malefiche, the High Cleric of Takhisis. The dragon is positive that Malefiche is likely to attempt to orchestrate his death, however he is bound to serve the cleric. He is given the assignment of killing a thief who has stolen a magical girdle from the cleric. With his two assistants Gray and Black, Borac tracks down the thief and his companions, who use dragonbane weapons, designed specifically to injure and kill dragons. Borac eventually tracks the thief down, who turns on Borac and demands vengeance for the assassination of his brother. Borac retrieves the weapons, but lets the man go, since the man filled Borac with hatred and therefore things got personal. An assassin must never let things get personal, and therefore walked away from the job. Source: Personal (Dragons of Chaos)

Icewall's Chief Scribe: On the edge of the Icewall, sightings purport of a white dragon in the area. The chief scribe of a remote outpost, Falon, orders his assistant Ander to go investigate the rumors. Falon also sends his dwarven ally Blot along to guard Ander, although he secretly orders him to kill his assistant after they find evidence. The pair head off and find a white scale, although Blot injures himself before he can follow through with killing Ander. The kindly assistant helps Blot and has him healed. The dwarf shamefully tells that Falon has been sending Ander's work to the chief scribes in Palanthas and long been claiming credit for it. He also tells the young scribe that Falon ordered the dwarf to kill him. Ander tells Blot to take his notes to Falon and pretend that he is truly dead. Blot does so and Falon initially rejoices. However the white dragon learns about the outpost, kills Falon and recovers it's lost scale. Ander returns and finds himself promoted to the position of chief scribe. Source: Nature of the Beast (Dragons at War)

371 AC

The would-be Investigators: In the city of Tarsis, Nistur the assassin is commissioned to murder a mercenary called Ironwood. The assassin accepts the job and tracks down the target. Whilst fighting the mercenary he notices that Ironwood is suffering from a paralysis effect of some kind, and relents with his attack. Ironwood then uses his magical ring, the Knot of Thanalus, to place a geas on Nistur so that he must work for him and save his life. Under the geas, Nistur tries to aid Ironwood and the pair are befriended by the thief Shellring. The thief leads them to the home of Stunbog and Myrsa (a human healer and an ice barbarian, respectively). Stunbog checks Ironwood and concludes that he is dying from slow-acting poison, probably from the bite of a black dragon. The city of Tarsis finds itself increasingly threatened by the united barbarian tribes of the Plains of Dust. Under the leadership of Kyaga Strongbow, the barbarians are demanding tribute from the city. The Lord of Tarsis concocts a plan in which he will allow delegates from the nomad tribes to enter the city, in order to sow deceit and strife between the tribes, thus lessening their effectiveness as a fighting force. The delegates agree and enter the city. Ironwood makes a slight recovery, and finding himself low on funds decides to try to hire on with the mercenary army being raised to defend the city. However he is turned away, and shortly after both Ironwood and Nistur finds themselves being escorted to the city jail. Shellring tracks them down and tells them about the recent murder of Ambassador Bloodarrow, a nomad delegate, and how Kyaga Strongbow is demanding justice or he will march the tribes on the city. Hatching a plan to get out of jail, the three decide to pose as investigators and are released and commissioned to act on behalf of the Lord of Tarsis. Soon after they realise they are trapped in the city and can't escape due to the mercenaries inside, and the barbarians outside. Nistur proposes to actually solve the murder, and both Ironwood and Shellring agree (after some convincing). (Source: Murder in Tarsis)

The Murderer of Tarsis: The trio investigates the body and uncovers a few clues with the help of Stunbog, Myrsa and Aghar seer Granny Toadflower. They interview both Kyaga and his chieftains, as well as the Tarsis councillors and learn nothing. The body of chieftain Guklak turns up next, and the Councillor Melkar is arrested, since the body is found on his property. The local authorities do a sweep of the city, locking up any vagrants, strangers or suspicious parties that they find. Stunbog, Myrsa and her brother Badar are some of those who are locked away. Shellring, Nistur and Ironwood get the aid of the dwarves who live under Tarsis and break their friends out of jail. Ironwood then explains how he was cursed. He tells of how he hunted a black dragon with his friend Boreas. He was greatly injured during the fight and blacked out, however on awakening the dragon was dead and Boreas was gone. He skinned the dragon and had a dwarf make the dragonskin armor for him. However the black dragon's mother hunted down Ironwood and cast a curse that he would always be jinxed as a mercenary. As such, no band will ever hire him more than once. On their escape from the tunnels under the city, a behir attacks the group and swallows Ironwood. Luckily his armor protects him and he cuts his way out of the beast from the inside. Because of being inside the beast, his armor is dissolved and the mercenary is then struck with the realisation of who the killer is. The group return to the Lord of Tarsis, where Ironwood accuses Kyaga Strongbow of the murders. He then reveals that Kyaga is actually his friend Boreas, who has been acting as both a councillor and barbarian leader. It is discovered that Boreas was using the heart of the young black dragon to magically control the tribes, and at that moment the mother black dragon appears, who had long been watching Ironwood. She realises that Boreas was the true killer and takes him and the dragon heart with her into the skies. As the heroes leave Tarsis, Nistur mentions that there are likely many other unsolved murders and crimes in many other cities. The group agree to become full-time investigators and ready themselves for their next adventure. (Source: Murder in Tarsis)

372 AC

Heroes of Boremium: A group of young adventurers become acquainted with one another in the small village of Boremium, which lies in the realm of the League of Minotaurs on Taladas. Fights are constant between the soldiers of the League and the forces are Thenol along the border. A raiding party steals into Boremium with a horde of undead, killing villagers. The adventurers fight off the raiders, who are fanatics of Usa (Hiddukel) and led by the cleric Eran. Balakas, minotaur leader of Boremium asks the adventurers to hunt down the raiding band, since no League soldiers are available, as they are all presently off fighting the Thenols. The adventurers find the ruins where the raiders dwell and defeat the survivors, including the leader Eran. They locate a letter from Bishop Trandamere of Thenol, who it seems organised the raid. The heroes return to Boremium where they are thanked and rewarded by Balakas. (Source: New Beginnings)

Hunting Borac: Sir Galen, Knight of Solamnia, tracks down the black dragon Borac in a large swamp. In the swamp he is attacked by the spectre of a Rose Knight, however he defeats it and continues. Galen locates the dragon and finds him dying. Borac watches Galen and explains that he is a spectre himself, who has been haunting Borac for a long time. Galen tries to recall his past and can only recall ever hunting Borac. Galen then realises that the spectre he fought as a living knight (which killed him) was a future manifestation of himself. Borac dies as Galen rages in fury over his cursed existence. Source: The Hunt (Dragons of Krynn)

373 AC

Laura's Birth: Caramon and Tika give birth to their first daughter, naming her Laura Majere.

The Thousand Years War continues/Fang of Orm: The Aghar Bulp clan led by Highbulp Glitch finally settles in the Vale of Sunder, after a long trek. However the Vale is in a perpetual state of war between the two small nations of Gelnia and Tarmish. Recently the Tarmish ruler, the Grand Megak had been made into a puppet ruler, as the mysterious Lord Vulpin ruled with his mercenaries. Similarly in Gelnia, the mysterious female Chatara Kral had taken the reins of power with her mercenary forces and served as regent to the infant Prince Quarls. In truth, both Vulpin and Chatara were the children of the late Highlord Verminaard. Vulpin has his mage Clonogh search for the artifact Viperis, also called the Fang of Orm. The artifact is said to be able to grant it's owner wishes only if they are innocent by nature. Clonogh hires the Cobar plainsman Graywing to protect him as they return to Tarmish with the artifact. At the same time, the thief Dartimien the Cat, leads a team of Gelnian mercenaries to hunt down a smuggler. The Gelnians find Clonogh and Graywing and launch their attack. Graywing cuts down the Gelnians and flees with Clonogh. During their flight, Graywing uses the mage's walking stick to throw at their pursuers. Clonogh is furious when he tells Graywing that the stick was the Fang of Orm. He simply hadn't told the plainsman what it was, to ensure that he didn't steal it from the mage. Graywing returns to the area where they were ambushed to find the staff is missing and he converses with his old friend Dartimien. The pair decide to team up and locate the Fang together. (Source: The Gully Dwarves)

Scions of Verminaard/Thousand Years War ends: The Aghar dwarf Bron walks off with the walking staff and shows it to his clan. Not realising it grants wishes, they accidentally teleport themselves into the Tarmish bedroom of Thayla Mesinda, an innocent young woman who is being held captive by Lord Vulpin. Reorx speaks with the dragon Verden Leafglow, whose scales are now partially bronze and partially green. The god requests that the dragon assists the gully dwarf Bron. Verden agrees and flies to the Vale of Sunder once more. Her presence terrifies both the Gelnians and the Tarmish, allowing Graywing and Dartimien enough time to free Thayla and inadvertently locate the Aghar in her room. Lord Vulpin mobilises his forces and recaptures Thayla, as well as fending off Clonogh's magical attacks, as his mage turns on him. Vulpin tosses the soultrap orb out of a window, which contains Clonogh's soul. The mage perishes and upon regaining the Fang, he gives it to Thayla and forces her to wish for Vulpin's sister Chatara to die, and for him to never be driven from this place. Graywing and Dartimien are assisted by the Aghar dwarf Bron in fighting both Gelnians and Tarmish. As Thayla makes the wishes, Chatara leaps for Vulpin. The two struggle as the Fang of Orm summons it's master to perform the wishes. The great viper Orm appears and impales both children of Verminaard, killing the pair instantly. Verden intervenes and drives Orm back into it's own plane. For her heroic actions, the dragon is made a bronze dragon. Glitch decides to step down as Highbulp, and Bron is chosen as their new leader. Bron's friend Scrib decides to become the first historian of the Aghar people, and directs the little people to write their history on a small obelisk near the entrance to Tarmish. Dartimien restores both the Grand Megak and Prince Quarls to power, and is named the crown regent of both nations. Graywing and Thayla fall in love and marry soon after. Verden oversees the Vale of Sunder, pledging to never become closely involved with the infuriating Aghar again. And Bron's Aghar get bored and decide to move on again, searching for the Promised Place. (Source: The Gully Dwarves)

374 AC

Dezra's Birth: Caramon and Tika have their second daughter, naming her Dezra Majere.

Manifestations of Fistandantilus: The red dragon Flayze attacks the small town of Waterton, destroying the town and leaving only a single survivor in the form of Danyal Thwait. Staggering away from the devastation, Danyal finds the scribe Foryth Teel and the two decide to journey together. Kelryn Darewind, who has lived through the last few centuries by using the Bloodstone of Fistandantilus, kills the Solamnic Knight, Harold the White, and then murders his family. Kelryn and his bandits come across Foryth and Danyal, and capture them. The kender Emilo Haversack, who has also survived the last few centuries after being struck with the skull of Fistandantilus, finds the pair and rescues them from Kelryn's grasp. Mirabeth, a young girl who is travelling with Emilo is captured by Kelryn. The bandit lord then forces the group to accompany him to the lair of the dragon Flayze. As they reach the lair, the bloodstone, skull, Thwait beltbuckle and dormant spirit of Fistandantilus in Skullcap all join, allowing for two manifestations of the evil mage to appear. The two forms of Fistandantilus kill Flayze, consume Kelryn's life force and then create a rift to another plane. Emilo, Danyal and Mirabeth travel through the rift, escaping the destruction. The two forms then fight over the Bloodstone, with a few promptings from Foryth. The two end up destroying one another, ensuring the total destruction of all currently known manifestations of Fistandantilus. Foryth records everything and is rewarded by having Gilean appear to him and making him a field researcher for Astinus. (Source: Fistandantilus Reborn)

The Vingaard Campaign: Now a senior scribe and academic within the Order of Aesthetics, Foryth Teel is commissioned by Astinus to compose a study of the Vingaard Campaign. Foryth does so, talking of battle strategies, Laurana's aid Mellison, and many other factors to do with the subsequent battles. Source: The Vingaard Campaign (The War of the Lance)

375 AC

Captain Eiril's Last Voyage: Frachier-Knol, the minotaur pirate, uses the female minotaur Cordelia who has been polymorphed into a human, as bait to woo the former pirate captain Eiril Thorvaldsson back into piracy. On returning to piracy, he is aghast on seeing his crew being killed, and also on learning that Cordelia is actually a minotaur. However just as Eiril is about to kill himself, his second ship Will o' Wisp rescues him, and the crew attempt to escape the minotaurs. Soon enough the ship is captured, and both Eiril and his crew are imprisoned in the town of Windbreak. Eiril's crew are placed in a strange maze with the promise of Cordelia and the rest of the crew being released if they can escape the maze. Captain Eiril, badly wounded, steals the keys to the maze from Frachier-Knol and gives them to the crew before dying. The adventurers escape the maze, fight and slay Frachier-Knol before fleeing from the minotaur nation altogether. (Source: Mists of Krynn)

378 AC

Sara's Tale: Sara Dunstan travels to Solace and pays a visit to Caramon and Tika Majere. She tells the couple about a long ago tryst that occurred between Sturm Brightblade and Kitiara Uth Matar, that resulted in Kit having a child. Kit left the child with Sara to raise, and the child was named Steel. She tells of how Ariakan recruited Steel as a boy into the Knights of Takhisis, and how Sara also joined to remain by Steel's side, whilst also becoming Ariakan's lover. Sara tells Caramon that Steel is on the verge of becoming a fully trained knight in the Knights of Takhisis and asks him to rescue Steel before he joins. Sara and Caramon fly to Solanthus on Sara's blue dragon Flare to recruit Tanis for the task. The trio then fly to Storm's Keep and kidnap Steel. Caramon and Tanis take Steel to the High Clerist's Tower and the final resting place of his father Sturm. On entering the tomb, an image of Sturm appears in which he gives the Brightblade and the Starjewel to his son. Caramon and Tanis then aid young Steel in escaping the Tower as Solamnic Knights try to stop the initiate dark knight. Steel decides to join the Knights of Takhisis and departs on Flare, returning to Storm's Keep and pledging his life to the knighthood. Source: Kitiara's Son (The Second Generation)

380 AC

Plainsmen Leaders: The scattered tribes of Abanasinia look to Riverwind and Goldmoon for leadership in the time of peace.

381 AC

Palin's Test: The heads of the three magical orders, Justarius, Dunbar and Dalamar, summon Caramon Majere and his three sons to journey to the Tower of Wayreth so that Palin can take his Test. On arriving the mages claim they have evidence that Raistlin is alive (marking the beginning of Palin's Test, even though he doesn't know it's already started). Palin enters the Tower of Palanthas and makes it inside Raistlin's laboratory where he fights his uncle and Raistlin gives the Staff of Magius to his nephew. Dalamar praises Palin for passing the Test and explains that everything he witnessed was an illusion. However Dalamar is stunned to discover that Palin truly does have the Staff of Magius, and wonders if perhaps Raistlin truly is still else would the young mage have gotten the staff? Source: The Legacy (The Magic of Krynn)

Assault on Storm's Keep: The Wizards of High Sorcery grow increasingly concerned about the Knights of Takhisis, particularly the Thorn Knights. They send a force of powerful mages to assault Storm's Keep, headquarters of the dark knights, and are beaten back. Justarius, Master of the Conclave, is slain in the attempt. Dalamar, Head of the Black Robes, is chosen to succeed him. (Source: Dragons of Summer Flame)

382 AC

Lord Gunthar retires: Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan decides to retire from the role of Grandmaster of the Knights of Solamnia. In his absence, he appoints Sir Thomas of Thelgaard as the commander-in-chief of the High Clerist's Tower and all outlying forces. (Source: Dragons of Summer Flame)

The Trenak Curse Continues: As with every year since they were cursed by Sargonnas in 578 PC, the Trenak clan once more hold a banquet and kill eachother. One of the youngest of the clan, Vrass, questions why this must always continue. However the result, as always, ends in everyone being killed until they rise again the next year. Source: Sargas' Night of Revenge (Rebels and Tyrants)

Chasing the Graygem: The three Majere boys begin their journey to Castle Uth Wistan for their knighting ceremony. On the way, Tanin and Sturm enter a drinking contest against the dwarf Dougan Redhammer, and even Palin is roped into the contest. As the trio regain consciousness, they find themselves on the ship Miracle, which is bound for Gargath. Dougan explains that they will assist him in recovering the Graygem from Gargath's castle. On reaching the island where Gargath's castle lies, the group finds a small village which contains only men and children. They tell the party that Lord Gargath decreed that all women must be sent to the castle as tribute, just over two years ago. On entering the castle, the Majere boys find that the women are quite happy with their new lifestyle in the castle and have even taken it over..albeit they are slightly amorous since they have not been around men for two years. The group continues their search through the tower and discovers the constantly shapeshifting Lord Gargath. On seeing the Graygem, it is revealed that Dougan Redhammer is actually the god Reorx, and how he lost it to Morgion in a game of bones. Gargath explains how he captured the Graygem after it was lost by his ancestor during the siege. The women in the castle capture the small group. Reorx has a wager with Palin that he can throw a hammer that will never fall down. The youngest Majere throws the hammer, which knocks the Graygem into Reorx's hands, and breaks the spell that bound all the women. Reorx tells the women to return to the village and live happily with their husbands and children, as the group returns to their ship. The three Majere brothers are aghast to learn shortly after that Reorx has again lost the Graygem. Source: Wanna Bet? (Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes)

Tanin and Sturm become knights: On their return from the Graygem adventure, Tanin and Sturm Majere are finally knighted and become the first non-Solamnics to be knighted in the post-Cataclysm period.

Elven Plots/A New Speaker: In Palanthas, a secret meeting takes place between Qualinesti Senator Rashas, Silvanesti General Konnal and the black-robed mage Dalamar. The meeting reveals that the senator and general are plotting to overthrow Alhana and Porthios to stop further possibility of unifying the Silvanesti and Qualinesti people. Gilthas, son of Tanis and Laurana, receives an invitation to visit Qualinesti from Senator Rashas. Tanis refuses to take his son, saying it is too dangerous. Gilthas runs away from home and makes it to Qualinesti. Too late, the young elf realises that he is part of the plot to remove Alhana and Porthios from power. Senator Rashas threatens to kill Queen Alhana if Gilthas does not accept the throne. Alhana is then branded a dark elf and imprisoned, as Gilthas becomes the new puppet ruler of Qualinesti, dancing to Rashas' orders.....for now. Gilthas makes peace with his father for his actions and accepts his fate, while determining to one day get rid of the senator. Source: The Sacrifice (The Second Generation)

Porthios destroys Lorac's Nightmare: Silvanesti General Konnal makes a pact with the green dragon Aerensianic to assassinate Porthios, as he drives the last of Lorac's Nightmare from the Silvanesti lands. Konnal makes it known to the Silvanesti Senate, that Porthios plans to mount another campaign. Porthios begins his final campaign with his commanders, sending his loyal comrade Samar to Qualinesti, upon hearing news that Alhana has been imprisoned. Porthios' army strikes out. Tarqualan leads the griffon regiment, General Cantal-Silaster leads the first regiment, and General Karst Bandial leads the second regiment. During the campaign, Porthios' first force is ambushed and killed, which includes the death of the noble elf General Cantal-Silaster. Porthios musters the second regiment and drives back their attackers, including the green dragon Aerensianic, thwarting his assassination attempt. (Source: The Puppet King)

383 AC

Ariakan's fleet: Ariakan, Head of the Knights of Takhisis, sends a huge fleet towards Ansalon, bent on conquering the entire continent. The fleet splits off and goes in different directions, to conquer various areas simultaneously. One ship is known to have visited the Isle of the Irda, however finding little of interest, it soon moved on. Another part of the fleet is known to have set forth for Enstar and Nostar under the direction of Halion Khargos, while the bulk landed on various shores across Ansalon.

Goodland's Chess Tournament: The town of Goodland is well known for having a great love of the game chess. Two wanderers appear in town, calling themselves Master Tall and Master Small. They offer a challenge to anyone who can pay a steel coin to try to beat them. The prize they offer is a chess set made out of jewels and obviously highly valuable. The townsfolk all eagerly take up the challenge and are progressively all beaten. The fearsome Blackshanks, renowned for being unbeatable at chess, appears. After a mighty contest, Blackshanks eventually beats Master Tall and claims the board. However Master Small appears in his armor and announces that he is actually Sir Michael Stoutbody, Knight of the Rose. Blackshanks begins to morph into his true form, that of a black dragon. However Master Tall (who reveals that he is actually the silver dragon Sheen Vlootshad) casts a spell to prevent the transformation, whilst Sir Michael strikes Blackshanks (or Basalt Blackdragon) a mortal blow. The two pack up and leave town, leaving the chess board behind as a gift to the town. Source: Master Tall and Master Small (Dragons of Chaos)

Chaos Released/Destruction of the Irda: On the Isle of the Irda, the Irda morph from primitives back to their true forms. They are concerned that the Knights of Takhisis have found them and discuss what to do. The Decider, leader of the Irda, decides to banish a human Usha, who has lived among them, and also to seal off their isle with the magic of the Graygem, which they recently captured. Protector, Usha's Irda guardian on the isle, convinces her to leave and sets her on her way. Whilst Usha sails away from the isle, the Irda break open the Graygem. The deity Chaos, who calls himself the Father of All and Nothing, and also claims to the father of the gods is released. First he destroys the isle and all it's inhabitants, just as the god Reorx (in the guise of Dougan Redhammer) reaches the isle. Reorx flees before Chaos, going to warn his fellow gods. (Source: Dragons of Summer Flame)

Usha reaches Palanthas: Usha arrives in Palanthas and is jailed for stealing. In the Palanthas jail she becomes acquainted with Tasslehoff Burrfoot. Tas is amazed with Usha's golden eyes, positive she must be the daughter of his old companion Raistlin Majere. He calls for the red-robed mage Jenna (also the daughter of Justarius and Dalamar's lover) who escorts Tas and Usha to the Tower of Palanthas, to meet Dalamar. Dalamar questions Usha, and on learning that the Irda were planning to break the Graygem, he leaves for Wayreth to assemble the Conclave. (Source: Dragons of Summer Flame)

The Godking: Captain Hayrn and his mate Gullwing, witness Chaos' release from their ship. Waves of fire emanating from the giant, strike their ship and they lose consciousness. When they awaken, they notice a strange moon with an eye in the sky. The pair sail back to Palanthas and are amazed by the changes in the city, even including the money. Whilst in the city they are served by a dwarf called Duggin who has no hands, and Gullwing realises that they are in city at the right time, but it is an alternate universe in which the Kingpriest defeated the gods. Duggin explains to the pair that the Kingpriest threw the gods from the heavens and imprisoned them upon Ansalon. Duggin leads the pair to Fizban, who is chained and insane. Fizban hands the Graygem to Duggin, which he had been hiding. The trio sail on Captain Hayrn's ship to the Isle of the Irda. However they find everyone dead and the Kingpriest (who now calls himself the Godking) demands the Graygem. Gullwing hands it over and the trio quickly leave the isle. The Godking breaks open the gem and Chaos escapes, destroying the Godking in his fury. Duggin (who is truly Reorx) regains some of his power with the Godking's passing, and returns Gullwing and Hayrn to their own universe. Source: There is Another Shore, You know, Upon the Other Side (Dragons of Chaos)

Dark Knights invade/Tanin and Sturm slain: The Knights of Takhisis land upon Ansalon and march on North Keep, Kalaman and Valkinord. In the defense of Valkinord, Sturm and Tanin Majere are struck down and killed, along with many other Solamnic Knights. Palin Majere is captured during the assault and held prisoner as Steel Brightblade asks to return the bodies of Sturm and Tanin to his father in Solace, in order to repay a debt of honor he owes to Caramon. The Nightlord Lillith, highest ranking Thorn Knight, allows him to go, in return for requesting that the portal in Palanthas be opened. Steel and Palin depart for Solace. (Source: Dragons of Summer Flame)

Silvanoshei born/Konnal takes control of Silvanesti: Porthios returns with his army to Silvanost, only to learn that he has been deemed a dark elf and is imprisoned as a traitor by General Konnal for the vast loss of elven life due to his campaign. Senator Rashas journeys to Silvanost and meets with Porthios, demanding his sacred Medallion of the Sun or he will kill Alhana or their unborn child. In the wake of Porthios' imprisonment, Konnal is made the Military Governor and acting Regent of Silvanesti. Tanis Half-Elven arrives and rescues Porthios from prison, taking him on griffonback to Solace, with news that he and Samar rescued Alhana from her Qualinesti prison, through the magical aid of Dalamar. In Solace, Alhana gives birth to a son, which the proud parents name Silvanoshei.This occurs at the same time that Steel and Palin return to Solace with the bodies of Tanin and Sturm Majere. Alhana, Porthios, Samar and their small force return to the forests in Qualinesti. (Sources: Dragons of Summer Flame, The Puppet King)

Gilthanas Imprisoned: Gilthanas hears word of Porthios being imprisoned and races to Silvanost to free him. On reaching the elven capital, he finds that Porthios has already escaped and is himself caught by General Konnal. The new military governor has the elven prince secretly locked away in the hill of Sol-Fallon. (Source: Odyssey of Gilthanas)

Dark Knights conquer Qualinesti: In Qualinesti, Senator Rashas tells Gilthas about bandits roaming the countryside, and gets Gilthas to approve the use of six hundred elves to hunt the bandits. The 'bandits' are actually Porthios' men, who have left Silvanesti after Porthios' escape. The Kagonesti chieftain Dallatar meets with Porthios and Alhana, warning them that Rashas has organised a force to hunt them, and also that many Kagonesti are now actively working as spies and sympathise with Porthios and Alhana's cause. As it appears inevitable that Porthios' men and the soldiers of Qualinesti will collide, the Knights of Takhisis appear and assault the Qualinesti force. The survivors of the Qualinesti soldiers are rescued by Porthios and his men, and most decide to join Porthios in his fight against the evil knights. However the stubborn General Palthainon refuses to join with Porthios, and leaves with several of his officers. At the same time, another contigent of knights attacks Qualinost directly. Gilthas tries to raise an army to defend Silvanesti from the dark knights, whilst also contacting his mother Laurana for aid. Senator Rashas gets the Senate to agree to a formal surrender to the Knights of Takhisis. The rule of the city is handed over to the knighthood, and directly led by Lord Salladac. (Source: The Puppet King)

The Dragonstones/Tandar's Secret: Lady Crysania grows increasingly concerned that Paladine is distant with her. She meets with Jenna and Dalamar with her friend Valin ar Tandar, who also confirm that their gods are distant. Dalamar gives Crysania two dragonstones, telling her that the other three lie in Neraka, and with all five they can contact a god directly. Valin's comrade Lagan returns from his journey, reporting the arrival of the Knights of Takhisis who killed his friend Nisse. Whilst alone, Valin admits his love for Crysania, however she turns him away, telling him that her god will always be foremost for her before any mortal. The rejected Valin turns to Dalamar, who offers to morph him into a white tiger. The magical gift has a price, which is that Valin can only become human again if Crysania declares her love for him. Dalamar then presents the white tiger 'Tandar' to Crysania, who reluctantly accepts the gift. (Source: Tears of the Night Sky)

The Battle for Palanthas: The hero Tanis Half-Elven, learning that the Knights of Takhisis intend to march on the High Clerist's Tower, races to warn the knights. Upon reaching the Tower, Tanis speaks with Sir Thomas of Thelgaard, commander of the Solamnic Knights. News filters in that Kalaman has already fallen. At the same time, Steel and Palin arrive in Palanthas, having flown directly from Solace, on the back of Steel's blue dragon Flare. In the streets of Palanthas, Steel and Palin encounter Lady Crysania and Tandar. Crysania offers her blessing to the pair, as they quickly head towards Shoikan Grove. Through the power of Steel's starjewel and Crysania's blessing, the pair pass through the grove and find Tas and Usha in the Tower of Palanthas. Tas and Palin manage to stumble through the portal in the Tower and into the Abyss. Dalamar returns and finds Steel, questioning the dark knight before sending him on his way. Steel returns to report of his failure to keep Palin as a captive, and is faced with execution for his failure. With all the others gone, Usha uses an Irda potion to escape the Tower of Palanthas, and teleports onto the streets of Palanthas. Eventually she becomes acquainted with the dwarf Dougan Redhammer, who helps Usha to join the Palanthan Thieves' Guild. Crysania, Dalamar and Tanis meets with Thomas of Thelgaard to discuss the defense of the city and the High Clerist's Tower before the assault of Ariakan's forces. Ariakan decides to stay Steel's execution until after the assault on Palanthas and the High Clerist's Tower. He then assigns Steel to a suicide mission as the first to commence the attack on the High Clerist's Tower, so that he may die with honor. The assault on the High Clerist's Tower commences. (Source: Dragons of Summer Flame)

Quest for the Dragonstones: Just prior to becoming a tiger, Valin had sent out a request for aid to his brother Jeril. Jeril ar Tandar arrives in Palanthas with his wife Kela. The pair join with Crysania, Lagan and Tandar in the quest for the dragonstones. Crysania leads the party through a mountain pass, to avoid the Knights of Takhisis who are currently laying siege to the High Clerist's Tower. During the journey Crysania and Tandar note that they can hear each other's thoughts. Crysania also learns that she can see things through Tandar's eyes. On the way to Neraka, the group is attacked by Brutes, however they overcome their foes and continue towards the dark city. (Source: Tears of the Night Sky)

Tanis Falls/Dark Knights claim Palanthas: The spirit of Sturm Brightblade appears to Tanis, asking his old friend to watch over his son Steel during the battle, even though they fight on different sides. Tanis promises to do so for his long lost comrade. During the battle, Steel is nearly cut down, however Tanis rescues the dark knight. Whilst protecting Steel, Tanis is struck from behind by a Brute and killed. Shortly after, the Solamnic Knights surrender and the Knights of Takhisis claim the High Clerist's Tower. Subcommander Trevalin commends Steel as a hero during the battle, however Steel insists that he be treated as a prisoner for his earlier failure. Trevalin reluctantly has his men place Steel under arrest. (Source: Dragons of Summer Flame)

Highmurf Blim's Rebellion: Knight of the Lily, Gell MarBoreth is promoted in the wake of the Battle of Caergoth, after the Knights of Takhisis claim the city. The dark knight learns of rebels in the Caergoth docks and is assigned to dispose of them and their leader, the red-robed mage Hewick. Gell leads a troop of Brutes to the wharves, where they are set upon by Aghar. The Brutes grow sick from gully dwarf bites, however Gell manages to capture the Aghar dwarf Glert. Interrogating the gully dwarf proves useless, so instead Gell frees the Aghar and follows him. The gully dwarf leads Gell to Highmurf Blim, who eventually tells the dark knight that Hewick can be found behind a secret door in the third shelf of the library. Gell returns to the barracks and gathers the knights to mount a raid. As the knights reach the library, Gell realises that he's been tricked, since Aghar cannot count above two. As the dark knights rage, Highmurf Blim and his Aghar, morph into Hewick and his men, who torch the garrison of the Knights of Takhisis, and flee Caergoth by boat. Source: The First Gully Dwarf Resistance (Dragons of Chaos)

Battle for Prada: Sir Dariot, a Knight of the Sword, swears to protect the small village of Prada as the dark knights swarm across the Solamnic plains. Learning of a nearby encampment, Sir Dariot approaches and speaks to the commanding dark knight, Reginald Asterlain, requesting the change to wage single combat to decide whether the dark knights will leave or conquer. Sir Asterlain appoints the Lily Knight, Sir Merek to face Dariot. The pair fight relentlessly, however soon come to a draw, each unable to strike down the other. Respecting the Solamnic Knight's valor, Sir Asterlain decides to take a portion of the village's food before moving on and leaving it in peace. Source: The Cost (Relics and Omens)

Lord Chrethon's Exile: The Knights of Takhisis begin to ride their forces past Darken Wood. The ruling clansmen of the centaur tribes, the Circle of Seven, decrees that the tribes will not wage war on the dark knights, and let them continue in peace. However Lord Chrethon forsakes the wishes of Chislev, the Forestmaster and his fellow members of the Circle, by leading his clan against the knights. The other chieftains exile Chrethon and his tribe, as well as cutting off his tail as a sign of shame. Chrethon rides off, swearing vengeance on the other clans and the Forestmaster. (Source: Dezra's Quest)

The Rebellion of Kendermore: The residents of Kendermore rise up against the Knights of Takhisis, determined to drive them off, after Paxina Thistleknot (daughter of the hero Kronin Thistleknot) tells the kender that the knights want to steal their possessions. Lord Ariakan himself, personally admits he is impressed by the courage of the kender, and decides to not exterminate their kind. He orders his knights to leave them in peace.

Idron's Treachery: Having just captured Qualinost, the forces of the Knights of Takhisis extend outwards through the outlying Qualinesti towns and villages. The Qualinesti senator Idron is abducted during one raid, however his apprentice Calarran escapes. Calarran comes across the camp of the rebel Porthios, and asks for his aid. The elven prince reveals that he has been waiting to hear from Idron, and asks one of his followers Dariel to aid Calarran in tracking down Idron. Dariel finds the camp of the dark knights, however Calarran foolishes rushes into the camp and is captured. In the camp, he learns that Idron has been aiding the dark knights, and soon after Dariel is captured also. Calarran and Dariel free themselves and start a fire in the camp. The pair escape into the forest to warn Porthios about Idron's treachery. Source: Lessons of the Land (Dragons of Chaos)

Deddalo's Prank/Halion's Invasion: A group of young gnomes attempt a prank on the Barium sisters, by having their comrade Phaistos pass wind within a silo containing dwarf spirits. The prank goes horribly wrong, causing a great explosion which kills Phaistos. The Barium sisters are also believed to have perished in the blast. The gnomes, Innova, Talos and Deddalo are tried for their crime before the the judges Harpos, Julius, Ballista and the High Justice Gordusmajor. Talos bribes the High Justice and gets off, Deddalo weaves imaginative lies and escapes justice, however the relatively innocent Innova is charged for his un-gnomelike behaviour and sentenced to repairing gnomeflingers for six months. Innova goes into the lonesome depths of Mount Nevermind to monitor gnomeflingers and finds a strange oily liquid. On further investigation, the young gnome is propelled down a tunnel and races further into the unknown depths of Mount Nevermind. Commander Halion Khargos receives a vision from Takhisis, which directs him to lead his fleet to Sancrist. Khargos consults with his lieutenants, Subcommanders Fleetwood, Stormont and Hanna, as well as the Skull Knight Oliver, ordering them to set sail where they shall lead an assault on Mount Nevermind. Innova regains consciousness after sliding down the tunnel, to find himself suspending in the air. The gnome cleric Lucretius Climenole informs him that Innova has a broken tailbone, and must stay suspended for a month so that it can heal. Lucretius informs Innova that he believes the strange oily liquid is the aftereffect of the Graygem when it was once suspended over Sancrist. The pair become friends as they wander about in the deep caverns below Mount Nevermind, repairing gnomeflingers. (Source: The Siege of Mount Nevermind)

The Paradise Machine: Halion Khargos and his fleet suffer from several disasters as his small fleet approaches Sancrist. First he suffers from insubordinate brutes, who he executes. Then the ship Cormorant is sunk by a mysterious beast, and the ship Kestrel is destroyed on reefs, taking down Subcommander Stormont and his men with it. Halion continues to have his men sail for Sancrist, albeit with a smaller group of ships. In his wanderings, Innova comes upon the gnome girl Meryl Barium, who amazingly tells the story of how she survived a silo explosion. Meryl tells how she saw her sister Beryl killed in the blast, and how she wandered in confusion for a while. Lucretius helps to transport the pair back to the upper levels of Mount Nevermind. Innova tries to take Meryl to her love Talos, however the gnome girl says that Deddalo will be able to help them and that she wants to prepare herself for her lover. As they reach Deddalo's quarters, Innova realises that the girl is actually Beryl, not Meryl, and masquerading as her twin sister for some mysterious reason. As Innova changes into a pair of pants (since the bottom burnt out of his other pair from sliding down the oily tunnel at a rapid speed), he overhears Beryl and Deddalo plotting something as well as finds blueprints for a lethal machines and a map of Talos' quarters. Confused over why Deddalo would wish harm on his friend Talos, Innova leaves to consult with his cousin Scymnidus about the whole affair. Scymnidus tells Innova that he believes Deddalo and Beryl are plotting to murder Inclime Barium to claim his fortune, implicate Talos for the murder, which will remove Deddalo's main competitor for a seat on the Philosopher's Council. Scymnidus then informs Innova of a contest being held for the best invention which explains the essence of being a gnome. Innova is struck with an idea for an invention. Halion and his men land on the shores of Sancrist, however disasters continue to plague his men. Shadow wights claim a couple of his knights, and Takhisis grows distant and does not respond to Halion's requests for contact. Halion takes Subcommander Hanna, Bone Acolyte Oliver and a host of his men to assault Mount Nevermind, whilst Subcommander Fleetwood remains on the shore with the rest of the army. During the trek to Mount Nevermind the army is attacked by mirago, creatures of chaos who kill people with illusions. At the foot of Mount Nevermind, Takhisis appears to her beloved commander again. She tells Halion that he and his men must wait, until they are aided by one who will betray the city and open it's doors to them. The contest for the seat on the Philosopher's Guild draws to a close. Deddalo, Talos and the gnome Dioptra show their inventions, however Innova bursts in and shows his invention, the Paradise Machine, which is a clear winner. High Justice Gordusmajor, so impressed with Innova, revokes his earlier sentence and awards him the seat on the Council. The Paradise Machine is left to hum along, as the gnomes continue about their business. (Source: The Siege of Mount Nevermind)

Dark Knights claim Mt Nevermind/Gnome Rebellion: A gnome calling himself Innova, approaches the forces of Halion Khargos outside the city. The gnome bargains with Halion, offering to lead his forces into the city, if they will only leave the Philosopher's Guild alone, but can otherwise run the city as they see fit. Halion agrees to the terms and his army mobilises to take over Mount Nevermind. The gnome also mentions that all machinery in the city is now working perfectly, almost too perfectly, after the implementation of the Paradise Machine. Subcommander Fleetwood and his men are summoned to the city to wage an assault from the rear. Inside the city, Incline Barium is found murdered near Talos' quarters. The young gnome is imprisoned for his crimes, after Beryl (still posing as Meryl) testifies against Talos. Innova tries to warn Gordusmajor about "Meryl's" true identity, however they are interrupted as gnomes discover the invaders. The gnomish army wages war on the invaders, however soon Generalissimo Hardly Panoramicus falls, as well as his generals Tarsus Metatarsus, Nonne Composmentis and a good deal of his army. Colonel Grex Pointillo takes commands and valiantly leads the militia against the knights. Generalissimo Glorius Peterloo becomes too inebriated to lead his men to reinforce the Colonel, and soon the defenders are defeated. As Halion takes control of the city, Subcommander Fleetwood is charged with rooting out rebels. The vicious subcommander starts killing gnomes, whilst Halion receives another Vision. Takhisis warns her commander about Oliver's ambition, and to seek out the true Innova, telling him that his gnomish guide into Mount Nevermind was not the real Innova. As the commander communes with his goddess, gnomes attempt to destroy the Paradise Machine. However the machine not only escapes destruction but immediately repairs itself. As Halion confronts High Justice Gordusmajor, the gnome reveals that he knows of Halion's shameful and secret past. The commander leaves his in peace. Deddalo and Beryl continue to plot, with Deddalo revealing that he was the one who pretended to be Innova and led the dark knights into the city. Beryl introduces Bone Acolyte Oliver uth Umbros to her lover, and the plot thickens. Innova flees into the lower levels of Mount Nevermind with the remnants of the gnomish army. Colonel Grex Pointillo escapes imprisonment and leads the forces with the aid of Sergeant Flurious Akimbo. Akimbo takes most of the remnant army to directly face the knights, whilst Grex takes the a smaller group deeper into the levels of Mount Nevermind to seek out the aid of Lucretius Climenole, on Innova's advice. Akimbo and his men stall the dark knights, whilst Subcommander Fleetwood rages High Justice Gordusmajor and Counselor Scymnidus over the bribery that occurs in the courtroom. Fleetwood is accidentally killed when the giant scales of justice crash upon him, and the gnomes stage a massive revolt. Generallisimo Glorius Peterloo is freed from his chains, and he leads his troops against the knights. (Source: The Siege of Mount Nevermind)

Mount Nevermind Explodes/Dark Knights leave Sancrist: Beryl convinces Deddalo to find the Graygem oil to hatch another scheme, and then decides to murder her lover, whilst igniting the pool of oil so that she has the only oil left in Mount Nevermind. At the same time, Innova and Grex's group are attacked by daemon warriors. Their gnomish companions Roundell, Triquet, Lozenge, Pillaster, and the gully dwarves Ragg and Shagg Karputt valiantly fight the daemon warriors, however Roundell, Triquet and Lozenge are cut down before the others can escape. Ragg and Shagg flee into the aqueducts and return to the upper levels of Mount Nevermind, whilst Pillaster, Grex and Innova finally find Lucretius. Lucretius explains that he believes the Graygem oil somehow brings machinery to life, whilst Innova determines that the daemon warriors only attacked when the gnomes blocked the flow of water to the Paradise Machine. The gnomish trio decide to destroy the aqueducts and to hopefully weaken the Paradise Machine. Takhisis visits Halion Khargos one final time, warning him to flee Mount Nevermind before he is trapped by the forces of Chaos. She then vanishes and cannot be contacted. Oliver uses Deddalo's automaton to kill Halion, however it kills Beryl by mistake instead. Oliver rages over the failure and then flees the area. Halion goes to the courtroom to warn everyone, gnome and dark knight alike, of the impending doom. He then organises everyone to flee Mount Nevermind. Innova, Lucretius, Grex and Pillaster destroy most of the aqueducts, but are ambushed by Oliver before the last one can be destroyed. Oliver is killed by the illusions of a mirage, however Pillaster also dies from a curious disease. Daemon warriors set upon the trio as they destroy the final aqueduct. The Paradise Machine stops and the daemon warriors flee, but not before one of them strikes down Grex. As Mount Nevermind erupts, most of the gnomes and dark knights escape, Scymnidus becomes trapped and Halion rushes back to save the gnome. Halion gets Scymnidus free but sacrifices himself in the taking. Halion Khargos achieves final peace as he dies, knowing that his father also loved him. A fire dragon erupts from the mountain, however Innova drives it off with some of Lucretius' inventions. Gordusmajor, Innova, Lucretius and the other gnomes discuss rebuilding Mount Nevermind, whilst Subcommander Hanna gathers the surviving Knights of Takhisis to retreat in defeat. (Source: The Siege of Mount Nevermind)

Liam, son of Huma: Rose Knight, Lord Stoddard, leads a contingent of fifty knights and four metallic dragons against a huge chaos dragon. The chaos dragon rips through the forces, killing most of the dragons and knights. Only Lord Stoddard, Sir Ferrin, Sir Crandel, and the bronze dragon Razer escape the monster's wrath. As the survivors gather themselves together they are approached by a young man calling himself Liam of Eldor, son of Huma. The knights believe the young man to be deranged and take his lance, which the lad claims is a true dragonlance. Stoddard mounts Razer and attempts to bring down the chaos dragon before it can attack the town of Aramus, however the bronze is struck down and killed. As Stoddard recovers from the crash, he finds Liam again near him, having somehow travelled hundreds of feet in moments and long passed Sir Ferrin and Crandel. Liam then transforms into a silver dragon and defeats the chaos dragon, before vanishing from sight. The city defenders find a wounded Lord Stoddard, who tells the warriors about Liam, son of Huma, who saved their town. Source: The Son of Huma (Dragons of Chaos)

The Female Draconian Eggs: The First Dragonarmy Bridging Regiment settle near the base of Celebund Mountain. Commander Kang and his men try to find a peaceful home, but suffer from attacks by the local Neidar dwarves. After several raids, Kang finds his medallion missing, after it was stolen by the half-Daergar dwarf Selquist. Angered, Kang plans a raid into the Neidar village of Celebundin. At the same time, Selquist decides to mount a small raid on Thorbardin with his comrades Mortar, Auger and Pestle. Kang's lieutenant Slith, notes Selquist and his men sneaking off and follows them into Thorbardin via an old mineshaft. The draconians successfully raid Celebundin and later find a small armed force of knights who command a red dragon. Talon Leader Huzzad speaks with Kang, informing him of the Knights of Takhisis and their plans. Kang eagerly agrees to join the new army, hoping for a new start rather than the demeaning roles granted to them in the Dragonarmies. Selquist steals a logbook in Thorbardin from the dwarf Chronix, whilst his gang steal some treasure. Selquist and his gang flee the mountain kingdom and return to Celebundin. Auger manages to translate the book which tells of a great treasure in Thorbardin. As the gang returns home they lose their treasure to a bunch of travelling kender, returning to their hideout without anything except for the logbook. Shortly after joining the Knights of Takhisis, Kang and his men discover that they are again being treated as second-class citizens, having been given the duty of latrina digging. Disgusted over their treatment, Kang's Regiment leaves the knights and decides to return to their village near Celebundin, rescuing the dwarves Mortar and Pestle along the way who have since been captured by dark knight patrols. On reaching their village, they discover that the Neidar of Celebundin have already burned down their home, and the draconians decide to sneak into Celebundin to learn of the dwarves' plans. Kang and Slith overhear Selquist during his meeting with his gang, and steal the logbook before escaping out of town. Moorthane, War Chief of Celebundin accuses Selquist of allying with the draconians, and the dwarf is forced to admit stealing the logbook and the treasure it contains, to defend himself against Moorthane. Selquist finds Kang and asks him to release the curse upon him for stealing Kang's medallion. At the same time Selquist also tells Kang about female draconian eggs which lay dormant with the dwarven treasure. Talon Leader Huzzad also finds Kang, asking him to perform a special mission for the Dark Queen, providing him with a magic wand with which to strike down Takhisis' enemies. Kang follows Selquist, Moorthane and the other Neidar into Thorbardin, only to find that the dwarven kingdom is suffering from internal fighting amongst the clans. Fire dragons assault the Neidar and draconians, killing Moorthane. However through use of the magic wand, Kang is able to drive the dragons off. Kang uses the wand to crush the nest of the fire dragons under a great pile of rock. Selquist steals the wand and leads his dwarven kind into the treasure room, where they accidentally hatch the female draconian eggs. Kang and his men arrive in the treasure room, where Selquist offers the eggs to Kang, if he will leave them in peace. Kang and his men recover the draconian eggs, leave Thorbardin and migrate away from the Celebundin region to find a new home. (Source: The Doom Brigade)

The Theiwar/Daergar/Klar Alliance: Hornfel Kytil, Thane of the Hylar dwarves, journeys to fight the armies of Chaos and investigate the Teeth of Chaos, which have arisen from the sea. He leaves his cousin Baker Whitegranite, as acting thane, and also informs him that his son Arman Kharas has since drowned in a boating accident near Palanthas. Baker's Daergar wife Garimeth Bellowsmoke, decides to leave her husband and return to Daerforge. Their son, Tarn Bellowgranite, is indifferent over the disappearance of his mother and spends time with Belicia Slateshoulders as she trains new recruits for the king's army. In the Daergar clan home of Daerforge, Darkend Bellowsmoke struggles for the title of Thane of the Daergar after using his assassin Slickblade, to murder his rival Khark Huntrack. Darkend's sister Garimeth arrives in Daerforge and presents her brother with a Hylar gemstone and the magical Helm of Tongues. Of more import however, is that she details the vulnerabilities of Hybardin and hatches a plan with which the Daergar can invade and take the Hylar home. Acting Hylar Thane Baker Whitegranite, concerned over a potential Daergar invasion, consults with Gneiss Truesilver, thane of the Daewar clan. Gneiss tells Baker that the Daewar cannot be of much help, since his clan is split due to the actions of the self-styled prophet Severus Stonehand. Baker then sends his son Tarn to speak with the Thane of the Daergar to inform him about the coming of Chaos and of why Hornfel is being delayed. Darkend uses the Hylar gemstone to blind his rival Gludh, so that he can ascend to the title of Thane of the Daergar. Once thane, Darkend eliminates any and all possible rivals and then make alliances with the Klar thane Tufa Bloodeye, and the Theiwar thane Pounce Quickspring, to form a great army against the Hylar. Tarn arrives in Daerforge and speaks with his mother Garimeth before going to speak with Thane Darkend. Garimeth drugs Tarn to stop him from meeting Darkend, however the young half-Daergar is awakened by an Aghar dwarf called Regal Everwise. Regal then assists Tarn in escaping Daerforge and makes his way into Agharhome, after learning of the Theiwar/Daegar/Klar alliance in which they will attack Hybardin. (Source: The Last Thane)

Chaos Forces assault Thorbardin/The Platinum Egg: The united dwarven army attacks Hybardin. Tufa leads the Klar in an attack on the upper levels of Hybardin. Baker and Axle Slateshoulders (Belicia's father) personally lead the defense of the Hylar city. The armies of Chaos arrive in Thorbardin and begin their attack on Daerforge. They sweep through the city of the Daergar and kill most of it's inhabitants, Garimeth is one of the few survivors due to her use of the magical Helm of Tongues. In the attack, Darkend's Daergar army is all but destroyed by fire dragons, led by the fearsome fire dragon Primus and it's daemon warrior rider Zarak Thuul. Slickblade warns Darkend about Garimeth's treachery, whilst Garimeth implicates Slickblade of treachery. Zarak Thuul notes the Helm of Tongues and begins to follow Garimeth, fascinated by the magical device. Tarn and Regal come across Slickblade's poisoned dagger and steal it along with a boat. As the Hylar soon find themselves under attack by the forces of Chaos, they discover that the shadow wights can be killed by blessed weapons. Baker has the royal armory opened and all magical weapons are distributed amongst the defenders. Darkend, Slickblade and Garimeth meet with Pounce Quickspring and the Theiwar army to mount a final attack on a weakened Hybardin. Garimeth orders Zarak Thuul to use Primus to destroy Hybardin. The daemon warrior leads the fire dragon in an assault of the city. Tarn and Regal find themselves in Hybardin and assist the militia led by Belicia in turning back the dark dwarves and forces of Chaos. Regal sees Garimeth and steals the Helm of Tongues from her, before racing to the Thane's Atrium with Tarn and Belicia. Baker takes the Helm of Tongues and translates the scrolls of Chisel Loremaster in the hopes of finding a weapon to defeat the Chaos creatures. Axel Slateshoulders defends the Atrium as it comes under attack. Whilst Baker, Belicia, Tarn and Regal escape, Axel is struck down and killed. Fire dragons decimate the Theiwar army. Darkend rages over the continued setbacks and kills Slickblade in a fit of anger. Zarak Thuul striks down Garimeth, whilst he resumes his search for the Helm of Tongues. Baker, Tarn and Regal find the Grotto where the first metallic dragons were born. Regal reveals that he is actually the scion Chisel Loremaster. Before using the Platinum Egg, Darkend arrives but is struck down. Baker asks Tarn and Belicia to leave the Grotto and evacuate Hybardin. Chisel and Baker activate the Platinum Egg which claims them as well as destroys all the forces of Chaos within Thorbardin. (Source: The Last Thane)

Sargonnas Appears/Defense of the Blood Sea Isles: The minotaur ship, the Kraken's Eye, comes under attack from strange lobster-like creatures from the sea. The creatures are covered by a thick fog and even though the minotaurs fight valiantly, they are soon overcome. The minotaur ship is destroyed and only a single minotaur survives the carnage. Arxyimaraki de-Orilg is picked up by the ship Vengeance, which is manned by Knights of Takhisis. The commanding knight, Lord Broedius, has Rand, a cleric of Kiri-Jolith, cure Aryx before setting him to the oars, after hearing the tale of the lobster creatures. Shortly after, the Vengeance and the other ships of the dark knights, pull into the port of Mithas. Lord Broedius tells the minotaurs that Mithas and Kothas are now lands under the dominion of the Knights of Takhisis. Naturally the minotaurs are enraged, however a strange minotaur emerges from the Vengeance, with burning red eyes, snorting at the minor dignitary of the emperor's who has met them at the docks. The minotaur transports himself, Lord Broedius and Aryx to the centre of the Great Arena, where they face Emperor Chot Es-Kalin and the Circle. The minotaur reveals that he is the mortal form of Sargonnas, god of the minotaurs, and berates the emperor and the Circle for his treatment. Garith Es-Istian, head of the Circle scoffs at the minotaur's revelation and is challenged to single combat by Sargonnas. The two fight in the arena, with Sargonnas being victorious. The god then proves his claim by bringing the statues in the arena to life. An assassin attempts to strike down the god, however Aryx deflects the weapon and is held in high favor with the god. Sargonnas warns the minotaur leaders that a great enemy is coming for them, and to ensure the survival of the minotaur race, the minotaur empire must work for the Knights of Takhisis. Sargonnas and Aryx then teleport to the Temple of Sargonnas, where the god takes up residence, and Aryx finally gets some rest. Sargonnas tells Aryx that he has the makings of a follower of Kiri-Jolith rather than a follower of Sargonnas, but still respects him as a warrior. The god then dismisses Aryx, asking him to return to the Temple of Sargonnas for further instructions. The priests of the temple grow jealous that a minotaur who does not even worship Sargonnas as his chief god, has become Sargonnas' favorite. Aryx wanders around the city and is soon rejoined by his younger brother Seph. Shortly after Rand and a group of dark knights approach Aryx, respectfully asking him to consider Lord Broedius' request to accept the role of Administrator General. In short, Broedius wishes Aryx to be the liaison between the Knights of Takhisis and the minotaurs. Broedius' niece, Carnelia, and the cleric Rand try to smooth the waters between the angry minotaurs and the dark knights. Most notably, those of House Orilg (Aryx's own clan) are quite enraged over the confiscation of the ship 'House of Orilg'. (Source: Reavers of the Blood Sea)

Chaos Armies assault Blood Sea Isles/Aryx Dragoneye: To further suppress tension, Aryx goes to his clan, beseeching them to stop their protests against the dark knights. Aryx tells them of the attacks by the lobster-like creatures. Torvik, head of the Orilg clan, allows Aryx to speak for the clan agrees to end any further protests. The clan leader then suffers from a strange coughing fit, an affliction which has been bringing low many minotaurs on an increasing basis. Next, a tremor shakes Mithas, causing the collapse of several major structures. During the tremor, Aryx saves the life of the female minotaur Delara Es-Hestos. Aryx then continues to the Temple of Sargonnas, accompanied by Delara, where he witnesses a conversation between Sargonnas and a mysterious woman, who the god seems to respect and even perhaps mildly fear crossing. Carnelia and Rand are concerned over both missing knights and minotaurs, and set forth to investigate. On finding a hand, the dark knights blame House Orilg, the emperor and entire minotaur nation for killing Knights of Takhisis. Aryx tries to get the dark knights to not go so far, however they will not listen and place the emperor under house arrest. Aryx and Seph explore the area where the hand was located, in search of more clues. Whilst searching, the lobster-like creatures attack the pair, however they are rescued by Delara at the last moment. Aryx races back to the city to warn the minotaurs and dark knights, who is truly responsible for the disappearances, however he witnesses strange lightning destroy the Temple of Sargonnas. In the wake of the peculiar storm, Aryx finds the Sword of Tears. The young minotaur warrior finds Rand and the pair interrupts Lord Broedius' war council. The Lord Knight tells Aryx that a murderer has come forward in regards to the dark knights, however the minotaur Kamex is already dead and therefore no trial is necessary. As fog sweeps in, Aryx realises that the chaos creatures are about to launch another attack. He requests that Broedius release the minotaur generals, however the Lord Knight refuses and orders Aryx into battle. The Knights of Takhisis use the minotaur as frontline fodder against the lobster-like creatures, however Aryx leads them with his magical sword, driving the creatures back. In one conflict, acidic blood from one creature splashes into his left eye, destroying it. When Aryx regains consciousness, he finds both minotaurs and dark knights alike, are concerned over his health. Again, the young warrior asks Broedius to release the generals, and this time the Lord Knight agrees. Aryx dreams about the gods fighting a great giant called Chaos. Kiri-Jolith speaks with Aryx and gives him the green eye of the great dragon Tyrannus Bloodbane. When the warrior awakens, he finds that the green eye has attached itself to his empty eye socket and gives him sharper vision. It also serves to unsettle those around him, enabling him to tell the minotaur generals to follow Broedius' orders without question. (Source: Reavers of the Blood Sea)

Sargonnas fights the Coil/The Kazelati: Aryx returns to the front to lead the defenders. A lone lobster-like creature is used as a speaker for it's master, the Coil, who tells the defenders that they surrender and accept oblivion, or face the Magori (the lobster-like creatures) and suffer. The Magori launch their attack and almost break the lines, felling General Geryl in one of their initial sweeps. Rand tries to call on Kiri-Jolith to disperse the fog, however his divine magic fails. With his dragon eye, Aryx sees Rand's magical aura and tells him to focus on the power within himself. Rand casts a spell, one of the first uses of wild magic in this age. The coughing sickness is dispelled, as is the fog. The Magori are driven back into the ocean. Shortly after, a fleet of ships arrives to aid the beleagured defenders. Minotaurs calling themselves the Kazelati, descendants of the great Kaziganthi de-Orilg, pour forth from the fleet. Aryx receives a vision from Kaz, who calls upon ancient heroes to guard the minotaur islands, whilst the combined forces sails to attack the Coil. The Coil attacks the fleet, destroying ship after ship. Magori also swarm over the ships, mindlessly killing those onboard. Seph is one of those struck down in the fighting. Delara is swept overboard and swims towards the Coil, fueled by rage as she wields the Sword of Tears. Aryx quickly follows to save her. Sargonnas billows forth from the Sword of Tears, wielding the blade against the Coil. Aryx joins the fight against the Coil, and is saved by Sargonnas. Magori continue attacking the ships, slaying Carnelia. However Rand uses a form of inner magic (which is later called mysticism) to revive his love. The god then renews his attack and destroys the Coil, chief servant of Chaos. Sargonnas vanishes as the Coil is destroyed, and the surviving Magori flee into the depths of the sea. Delara is struck down by falling rock in the ensuing destruction after the Coil's demise. Aryx receives a vision from Kiri-Jolith, who cannot tell Aryx what happened to Sargonnas. The god cannot be detected anywhere. Kiri-Jolith tells Aryx to return to his people and presents him with the magical axe Truth's Guardian. Aryx awakens to find Rand has been struck blind, Carnelia and Delara, who has been revived. Broedius and the leaders of the minotaurs contemplate forming a new colony called Sargonath, in memory of their unified fight against the forces of Chaos. The Kazelati are troubled by the new alliance and decide to return to their distant isle. Aryx ponders on the day of destiny, that Kiri-Jolith prophesied about. The time of the minotaurs is coming... (Source: Reavers of the Blood Sea)

Chaos forces assault Qualinesti/Fall of Porthios: Gilthas' Kagonesti servant Kerianseray, reveals that she is the daughter of Chieftain Dallatar, a spy for him, and that her father has direct contact with Porthios and Alhana. Gilthas and Porthios form a secret alliance where they attempt to break the knights hold over the city. Rashas' elven spy Guilderhand watches the two, and is discovered by Gilthas. To prevent the spy from reporting to Rashas, Gilthas chases and tries to kill him, however he escapes. Gilthas returns to Qualinost and learns that Salladac has already learnt of his alliance with Porthios, after Guilderhand went straight to the Lord Knight. He also discovers that Salladac has no time for Rashas or his spy, and had the spy executed before Rashas could hear his report. Lord Salladac tells Gilthas about the release of Chaos, and that he is mustering his knights to join Ariakan in fighting Chaos' armies. Salladac asks Gilthas to try and convince Porthios to ally with them also, and finally advises that his father Tanis was known to have died bravely in defense of the High Clerist's Tower against the dark knights. Shadow wights, fire dragons and daemon warriors ravage Qualinost and the surrounding forests. Laurana arrives amidst all the fighting and opens the royal vault so that blessed weapons can be used on the daemon warriors. The green dragon Aerensianic and his mate Toxyria take wing against the fire dragons who encroach on their part of the Qualinesti forest. As Porthios and Alhana fight against the forces of Chaos, Aeren rescues the pair, before they are overwhelmed by shadow wights. As Gilthas and Salladac stand united with forces of elves and dark knights against the minions of Chaos, Rashas tries to flee and is consumed by a fire dragon. Porthios and his griffon Stallyar lead a final strike against the Chaos forces. Toxyria is killed by a fire dragon. Porthios and Stallyar are also struck by a fire dragon and the dead griffon plummets to the earth. Salladac thanks Gilthas for his bravery and promises to send word to Lord Ariakan about his brave deeds. In the forest, Chieftain Dallatar finds Porthios. The elven prince is badly burned but manages to survive. Dallatar and Porthios retreat into the depths of the forest, planning to make guerrila raids against those who would keep the elves from ruling Qualinesti. Alhana, believing her husband to be dead, mounts a force with her friend Samar, to take back Silvanesti from the rule of General Konnal. (Source: The Puppet King)

Firegold communes with Huma: The spirit of Huma appears to the gold dragon Firegold, requesting that he prepare himself and his brethren for the coming of the forces of Chaos. Firegold and a flight of silver dragons come across Crysania and her friends. The dragons fly the group clear of Ariakan's forces and hear news of the taking of the High Clerist's Tower, as well as fearing the worst for Palanthas. Firegold also informs the group that the forces of Chaos are bearing down on the High Clerist's Tower, and have already assaulted Thorbardin. The group camps down for the night and Crysania is startled when she realises that one of her own travelling companions searches her as they believe she is sleeping. Crysania says nothing about it to her friends, instead trying to determine who did it and why. (Source: Tears of the Night Sky)

Raistlin's Return/Chaos Forces assault the High Clerist's Tower: After traversing the portal, Tasslehoff and Palin find themselves in the Abyss. Here they meet with Raistlin, who is still very much alive. Raistlin leads the pair to a secret meeting of the gods, who are concerned over the release of Chaos, and the danger he poses to them and to Krynn itself. Gilean decides to ally himself with Takhisis, since her forces can better take control of Ansalon and fight against those of Chaos, rather than let the fragmented forces try to muster a defence, if those of neutrality aid Paladine's forces in turning aside those of Takhisis. Palin convinces his uncle to return with them to Ansalon. The archmage does so, even though it means sacrificing his magic to walk with mortals once more. Raistlin and Palin first advise Dalamar and the Conclave of Wizards of the coming of Chaos, before journeying back to Solace, where Raistlin and Caramon are finally reunited. Palin goes to locate Usha, whilst the Majere twins continue to spread the word about Chaos, even to Nightlord Lilith. Palin arrives in Palanthas and speaks with Jenna, amazed at how the city has changed under the rule of the Knights of Takhisis. Tasslehoff informs Palin that he has found Usha, who is linked with Dougan Redhammer (who Palin knows from previous adventures as the god Reorx). Palin, Tas and Usha journey to the Great Library and speak with Astinus. The great historian tells them that Steel is to be executed for letting Palin escape his grasp. Palin rushes to the High Clerist's Tower to prevent his cousin from being killed, and is captured himself. Tas and Usha follow, in an attempt to rescue the young mage. Steel also decides to help them, and they are all soon captured by Lilith. Ariakan meets with the group as Lilith calls Steel a traitor, however a sudden storm wracks the tower, causing a porticullis to fall and impale Lilith. Raistlin appears and leads Palin, Tas and Usha away from the High Clerist's Tower, eventually leading them to the Isle of the Irda. On reaching the island, they receive assistance from Dougan Redhammer again, and find the island is near destroyed and inhabited only by shadow wights who guard the Graygem. (Source: Dragons of Summer Flame)

Fall of Ariakan/Chaos Captured: The forces of Chaos assault the High Clerist's Tower, throwing themselves upon the bulk of the armies of the Knights of Takhisis. The fighting rages back and forth, but eventually Ariakan's forces are decimated. Most of the dark knights and their dragons are killed, including Subcommander Trevalin and Lord Ariakan. All the knights also note that the Vision is gone, and that Takhisis can no longer be contacted. The spirit of Kitiara appears to her son, one of the few survivors of the battle, asking him to journey with her and the rest of Takhisis' faithful to a new world. Steel refuses, feeling betrayed by the goddess. The spirit of Sturm then appears to his son, telling Steel about Chaos and that the god must be injured to allow Palin and Usha to capture his blood in the Graygem to defeat him. Steel pledges his talon of knights to attack Chaos on the few surviving dragons. Steel and his comrades fly towards the Abyss and are joined by Solamnic knights on dragonback who wish to join the fight. For the first time, good knights and dark knights join forces against the foe, entering the Abyss to fight against Chaos. Palin casts a powerful spell of Magius' to blind Chaos, as Steel strikes a blow against the god. Chaos then strikes down Steel and his dragon Flare, however the god's blood is not caught. Flare dies in the fall from Chaos' blow, whilst Steel perishes soon after from his wounds. Tas then stabs Chaos with his dagger and Usha captures the blood in the Graygem, sealing it. Just before the essence of Chaos is trapped, the god plants his foot upon Tas and the kender is believed to have perished. (Source: Dragons of Summer Flame)

Paladine Appears/Tandar Transformed: Crysania and her companions reach the outer realm of Neraka, where they are attacked by daemon warriors. Jeril and his wife Kela become separated from the others during the fight, Lagan is struck down and killed. In desperation, Crysania uses the magic of the dragonstones to destroy the warriors of Chaos. With Jeril and Kela gone, and Lagan dead, Crysania and Tandar enter the Temple of Neraka to locate the last dragonstones. Kela appears in the Temple and tells how Jeril was killed, just as Crysania recovers the last dragonstones. Tandar is overcome with grief at the news of his brother's death, and reveals to Crysania that is actually Valin. The trio flee to Godshome, where Crysania shows the dragonstones to Kela. Tandar grows increasingly concerned that they are being followed. Kela takes Crysania hostage, to protect herself from Tandar whilst she tries to take the dragonstones for herself. She rants about losing her magical powers and how she believes the gods are abandoning Krynn again, just as they did at the beginning of the Age of Despair. Kela also tells of how she asked Jeril to help her in stopping Crysania, and when he refused she struck him down. Tandar is enraged and leaps at Kela, knocking her unconscious. Crysania then uses the dragonstones and calls upon Paladine. Takhisis first appears and tries to seduce Crysania to serve her, however the Revered Daughter rejects the Dark Queen and calls again for Paladine. The chief god of good arrives to tell Crysania that the war against Chaos is over, and that he and the other gods have pledged to leave the world to spare it from Chaos' wrath. The gods of magic retrieve the dragonstones, and whilst they are being gathered Kela regains consciousness and tries to take them. Jeril appears, bloodied and wounded and tries to stop his wife. Jeril is struck down by a mortal blow and Kela is sucked into the portal with the dragonstones. Jeril dies in Crysania's arms, and the Revered Daughter speaks with Tandar about his transformation. Tandar explains how he underwent the morphing to be with Crysania, and the cleric, touched by his affection, pronounces her love for Valin and the tiger once more becomes a man. (Source: Tears of the Night Sky)

Zeboim's Children: Angren, Knight of the Skull, leads his ship, the Ebony Fang on a journey during the Summer of Chaos. However the ship is blown way off course during a freak storm, and come across a small island. Exploring the island turns up a single gnome, who Angren decides to beat for information. As nightfall comes, Angren hears the screams of his dying crew and learns that all of his crew have been killed by the undead children of Zeboim who guard a great treasure which is kept on the island. Angren and the gnome Hudge are the only ones to escape the wrath of the zombies. The Skull Knight learns that Hudge has only survived by ensuring he stays in a cave which the zombies cannot reach at night. Angren learns that Hudge has two magical rings, which he takes from the gnome. The knight then moves the treasure magically into the ship's hold, and kicks poor Hudge overboard. However the gnome sneaks back onboard and unlocks the ship's hold so that the zombies will follow the treasure and get onto the ship. Angren then sails off with the treasure, unaware that the zombies are onboard, whilst Hudge now enjoys his peaceful zombie-free island. Source: Island of Night (Relics and Omens)

The Perechon rides out the Summer of Chaos: Maquesta Kar-Thon is given a job to deliver some cargo to the port-town of Cuda. The captain of the Perechon accepts and braves a fierce storm which threatens to destroy the ship and kill everyone who remains onboard. Maquesta, Bas Ohn-Koraf and the rest of the crew abandon ship, however the engineer and cook Lendle refuses to budge. The gnome uses one of his device, a rowing mechanism which explodes and causes the Perechon to fly throw the storm and into safe waters. Maquesta and the rest of the crew rejoin their ship, taking it into port for repairs so they can resume adventuring in the new age. Source: Tavern Tales (Dragons of Chaos)

Trek of the Hylar: In the wake of the destruction of Thorbardin, Tarn Bellowgranite leads the Hylar away from their mountain kingdom. With the aid of Belicia Slateshoulder and Barzack, Tarn guides the surviving Hylar to a bridge leading through hill dwarf territory. The local Neidar dwarves, led by their chieftain Katzynn Bonebreaker, refuse to stand aside and let the Hylar cross the bridge. In order to cross, Barzack makes a pact with Katzynn, offering to fight him for the right to cross. The bargain is agreed to, and the warriors face off. After a bloody confrontation, eventually Barzack is struck down and killed. The Hylar turn away in shame, however Katzynn relents and tells Tarn that he may take his refugees across the bridge and into safe territory. Source: The Bridge (Heroes and Fools)

Clamor's Rage: Shortly after the battle against Chaos, the blue dragon Clamor flies away from the carnage in the Abyss. During the battle, Clamor stood on a drop of Chaos' blood which has infected her like a disease. Only the blood of others can slow her pain, and thus the maddened blue goes on a killing rampage through ogre villages, then through Silvanesti. In the end, she remembers her beloved rider Jerle, a Knight of Takhisis who perished during the great battle. She decides to lay down and die, refusing to feed Chaos any longer. Ogres and elves join forces to kill the dying blue dragon, fearful that she may rise again to destroy more of their villages. Source: Eyes of Chaos (Dragons of Chaos)

Loss of Magic/Chaos War Ends: With the banishing of Chaos, Usha and Palin, some of the only survivors of the fight, appear in Solace where Raistlin offers his thanks for their efforts. Some of the changes wrought on the world are already evident. There is now only a single pale moon in the sky, as well as a bright red star. The constellations are also gone, and the Maelstrom in the Blood Sea has finally quieted. Most of the forces of Chaos have left with their master, however pockets of his servants remain on the world. Fizban (who is actually Takhisis in disguise) appears and tells the heroes that Chaos has been forced to withdraw from Krynn, but the pact to ensure Krynn's safety means that the gods must also depart from the world. Fizban proceeds to tell Palin that magic as he knows it, is now gone from the world, but that wild magic can be tapped from the world and possibly be learnt to replace the old magic. Fizban tells the heroes that this last age, the Age of Mortals will be the last age of Krynn. Fizban departs with an old friend, asking Raistlin to leave the world with him. Raistlin Majere passes into the afterlife with the god. Not realising that any of them have been tricked, Takhisis stole the world as the other deities were fighting Chaos. She drives the world through the Gate of Souls and through the Ethereal Sea, leaving it in an alien place where she can rule over it as the only god. However the stealing of the world drains even the goddess, and she goes into hiding to regain her power. (Sources: Dragons of Summer Flame, Dragonlance Campaign Setting)

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