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Currencies of Krynn

Krynn is a diverse world and the currencies that have been used are almost as many and varied as the people that walk the earth. Money....almost everyone wants it, usually as much as they can carry (or more).

The History of the Coin

The first Krynnish coins were created by the dwarves. In the Age of Dreams, the dwarves minted round coins out of refined metals and stamped them with the year and site at which they were forged. These first coins were initially used in trading, however when they were not accepted widely, they were later melted down and used as tools or armaments.

Many other nations used trade as their prime currency (and some still do), however it was the Istarians and the folk of Xak Tsaroth who introduced the usage of clay tokens. Clay cullis were tokens made of clay that were used in lieu of metal coins. Since metals were rare for the average citizen in a major town (since the prevailing governments normally stockpiled precious metals), the citizens used these tokens. Istarians introduced minted coins with likenesses upon them, when they began releasing coins with the heads of the Kingpriests and gods upon them. However with the destruction of Istar and Xak Tsaroth during the Cataclysm, the value of the clay cullis was also destroyed. People cast aside the worthless clay tokens and again took up metals.


In post Cataclysmic times, coinage is broken down into 6 main categories. Steel is considered one of the most valuable metals, since it became rare after being used in armament and tool making.

The most common metals used in coinage are (in order of value): platinum, steel, iron/bronze, silver, gold and copper. In terms of actual value, let's take the most valuable coin (a platinum), and compare how much each other coin is worth in comparison.

A single platinum is equal to the value of: 5 steel coins, 10 iron/bronze coins, 100 silvers, 200 golds, or 500 coppers.

This is the basic universal coinage standard, however certain individual nations have their own minted coins, and also use some other non-standard metals. The following is a listing of those nations who have their own coins, what they use and their worth.

Blood Sea Minotaurs

1 steel sabre is equivalent to: 2 iron wards, 10 bronze shields, 20 gold crowns, 50 electrum lances, 100 brass darts, or 200 copper arrows.


1 platinum weight is equivalent to: 2.5 iron weights, 5 steel weights, 2 bronze weights, 10 gold weights, 20 silver weights, or 100 copper weights.


1 steel disk is equivalent to: 2 platinum platters, 5 gold gilts, 5 iron rounds, 10 electrum ambers, 20 brassies, 25 silvers, 50 hacksilvers, 100 coppers, or 400 tinnys.


1 adamantine forge is equivalent to: 5 garnet chips, 10 steel anvils, 50 iron ingots, 150 gold crowns, 200 silver bucklers, 500 bronze gauntlets, 1000 copper slugs, or 2000 nickel rivets.


1 adamantine guard is equivalent to: 25 platinum florin, 50 steel brands, 100 iron stamps, 250 bronze dolars, 500 gold krones, 1000 electrum marks, 1250 silver stars, 2500 copper pence, or 10000 tin commons.


1 steel disk is equivalent to: 5 iron rounds, 10 bronze dolons, 20 silvers, or 100 coppers.

Seeker Lands

1 platinum moon is equivalent to: 2 steel emas, 4 iron hammers, 10 bronze plates, 20 copper helms, or 100 silver stars.


1 ivory tooth is equivalent to: 5 platinum moons, 10 steel crests, 50 iron rings, 100 gold crowns, 200 electrum solars, 500 silver stars, 1000 brass seals, or 2000 copper shells.


1 steel sword/silver monarch is equivalent to: 2 platinum florins, 5 iron dirks, 10 bronze donjons, 10 silver castles, 20 gold kronin, 25 electrum marks, 50 silver tharns, 50 silver shields, 100 copper commons, or 400 nickel quinces.


1 adamantine forge is equivalent to: 5 agate chips, 20 steel anvils, 40 iron ingots, 100 bronze gauntlets, 200 copper slugs, 400 nickel rivets, 500 gold crowns, 1000 silver bucklers, or 2000 coal pails.


1 jade chip is equivalent to: 10 steel bars, 20 iron bars, 100 bronze bars, 250 brass bars, 500 copper slugs, 500 silver slugs, 1000 tin slugs, or 2000 coal rations.

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