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"I think I will have the commander to dinner tonight after all. Send for him." Soth bowed his acquiescence, the orange eyes flaming with amusement. "We have many military matters to discuss." Kitiara laughed again, starting to unbuckle the straps of her armor. "Matters of unguarded flanks, breaching walls, thrust, and penetration..."
  —Kitiara Uth Matar, Test of the Twins

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Fandom: Recipes
by Trampas Whiteman, Posted 5/22/2015

Artifacts and Magical Items of Dragonlance

Fandom: Rules
by Raistlinrox, Posted 6/17/2013

Second Generation, The

Products: Reviews
by Josh M, Posted 4/1/2013

Treatise on Hylo

Fandom: Rules
by Dewshine, Posted 3/25/2013

Knights of Solamnia Chapter Preview

Fandom: Rules
by Gerrin, Posted 3/1/2013

A Timeline of Gunthar (Sancrist)

Fandom: Rules
by Gerrin, Posted 2/25/2013

Treatise on the town of Digfel

Fandom: Rules
by Sturm Brightblade, Posted 2/22/2013

Grand Master Michel Cataya

Fandom: PCs
by Gerrin, Posted 2/20/2013

Traveler's Guide to Digfel (Abanisinia)

Fandom: Rules
by Gerrin, Posted 2/18/2013

Treatise on the Elven Nation

Fandom: Rules
by BAAL the Goatlord, Posted 2/15/2013

Interview with Adventure Portal Team pt 2

Features: Interviews
by Trampas Whiteman, Posted 2/13/2013

Traveler's Guide to Gunthar

Fandom: Rules
by Gerrin, Posted 2/11/2013

Throne of Malediction "The Soulforge"

Fandom: Music
by Throne, Posted 2/10/2013

Treatise on Crossing (Abanasia)

Fandom: Rules
by Gerrin, Posted 2/8/2013

Interview with Adventure Portal Team pt 1

Features: Interviews
by Trampas Whiteman, Posted 2/8/2013

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